Xiling Empire Chapter 303

Chapter 303 is very violent

“It doesn’t look so hot!”

A lazy voice suddenly sounded in the air, and the two thought that they had easily ended the battle immediately became nervous. Looking at the sound, the public face standing on the wrist in the air… cough cough, the three Don’t want words…

β€œFirst of all, it’s pretending to be an Earth Element Mage’s egg violent daisy…”

I licked my wrist – failure, but it didn’t ring…

“Flying…” The middle-aged man who used the Earth Element ability had just pulled out such a short syllable, and the oncoming fist had already slammed his face.

So fast… this person has been hiding for a long time…

This kind of thought flashed away, and then the whole person vacated in an instant.

“Dangdang” a loud bang, the middle-aged man who was shot by me, crossed a straight trajectory in the air, at the same time with a 17-and-a-half-week high difficulty A pile of scrap steel brackets dozens of meters away, the impact of the ennormous even broke two steel bars that looked like the thickness of the fingers, and the bleeding caused by the straight fist hitting the nose formed a red parabola in midair. As the middle-aged life slid down unconsciously, it landed at the same time.

Sudden changes caused the arsonists to react for a time. The enemies who had thought that they had been smouldering in the siege of the stone walls and the high temperatures of the flames had extremely rare flightability, which greatly exceeded his expectations. Is it the duality of physical reinforcement and energy system?

“God is not a good habit,” I controlled the flow of energy in the air to make a perfect lightning reentry, and then appeared beside the other side, “especially at this moment…”


The explosion of enormous is coming out under the feet, Fire Element’s Esper is so evasive in such a dangerous way, when my line of sight is slightly blocked at the same time, the other party has already vacated by the impact of the explosion, and then wrapped up The smoke and flames of the big group fell next to the middle-aged people who had just been kicked by me.

Despite being an enemy, I still have to praise the other’s fighting consciousness, using an explosion at my feet to interfere with the opponent and quickly get out of the battlefield. This reaction and determination is definitely not a rookie for three or two days.

However, although successfully and I have opened the distance, the other’s condition is definitely not good. Even if it has high resistance to its own ability, such a short distance is not a flesh and blood can withstand the flesh and blood. The opposite youngster stood barely on the rusty iron shelf next to it, and the clothes on the body were already ruined in the moment, the legs were bloody, and the skin that occasionally appeared under the broken cloth showed a semi-ripe black. Red.

Although he knew that his strength was not an opponent at all, he did not intend to wait for his plans. Instead, he raised his right hand again and tried to condense the flames. The result was a sudden headache that fell to the ground and was miserable.

Although he escaped by blast, his Esper talent has been completely destroyed in the collision with my mental power field.

“The human body’s resistance to external shocks is very strong, so the uncle over there doesn’t have to pretend to think about sneak attack…”

I walked forward and broke through the little tricks of the middle-aged who had been stunned and stunned from the beginning, and then suddenly stood still and stepped on the ground.

“I said that sneak attacks are useless.”

“V… cough cough…”

Ability The middle-aged man who suddenly had a backlash could no longer disguise. The severe pain of the internal organs caused him to suddenly rise up and twist into a series of weird angles. The blood seemed to splash from the mouth like money.

I won’t die, but in this life he doesn’t want to use any Esper anymore.

The above series of things are complicated to say, but in fact, it is all within ten seconds.

From the middle-aged man being kicked, the Fire Element Esper fleeing, and then the two completely lost the strength in the role of mental power backlash, all in less than ten seconds, two in the Esper world Perhaps the guy with good strength is almost defeated after I started to take care of it.

“Now you are left.”

I turned my head and looked at the last remaining Olympus member, the proud youngster.

Well, I just said that I just thought of the Olympics…

“ε•ͺ…pā pā ……”

Facing the fact that the two men lost in an instant, the other party did not care about it. Instead, they patted their hands and said with a sigh of relief: “Good strength, even with the pressure of mental power, forced the opponent to happen backlash, I Guess… A-class Esper? Esper Organization hidden expert? I feel that I am strong? Hey!”

Along with the last coldly snorted, the youngster’s face in front of him suddenly changed to the ice-cold look, and then, a bit more powerful than the Esper I have seen and the weird energy fluctuations suddenly swept.

“I am different from them! In the face of accepting the ‘blessing’, I still honestly kneel down and beg for mercy!!!”

Instinctively driven, I instantly vacated and jumped to a large stone with a height of more than seven meters, and at the same time, the ground I just stood was covered with criss-crossed enrmous cracks. .

“Not finished yet!”

A trace of warning suddenly appeared in my heart, although it is estimated that such an attack will not pose a fatal threat to me, but I do not understand the strength of the other side, I still chose to dodge.

And just in the moment I just left, the piece of granite that is probably more than a dozen tons will be turned into hundreds of layers of smooth, smooth stone.

“That’s my ability,” the youngster not far away looked at with arrogance and disdain. “Material segmentation – as long as it’s in my sight, I can be split into two – you feel like How long can I escape?”


Suddenly behind me, a series of metal breaks were heard. An unknown machine was cut into two sections from the middle, and then the upper part of the metal parts, such as the dumped mountains, slammed my face down. .

The strength of this guy…

Surprised, it was so amazing – I just tried to use my mental power to forcibly cut off the “cutting” he made, but the result was only the deflection of the cutting, so the strength of the mental power is definitely far beyond the conventional Esper If you have to say a comparison, the light from the intensity of mental power, this youngster has reached the level of Qianqian!

Of course, in terms of strength, it is impossible for the other party to confront the Qianqian who controls the time, but the intensity of this mental power is too abnormal!

Qianqian’s mental power is mutated under the radiation of mother nest crystal, and ordinary Esper is impossible to achieve such a degree due to the genetic thinning!

Is it related to what “blessing” is mentioned by the other party?

Must catch this guy!

With such determination, I pressed a direct satellite cannon to evaporate the other’s impulse, and then the mental power is fully open, looking for traces of the other party’s ability to launch.


Surrounded by energy fluctuations, on my sensory level, it seems that countless sharp blades are looming in the air.

The mutated space ability is like this…

β€œvoid infested!”

As my voice fell, the surrounding air suddenly filled with criss-crossing black lines. The original invisible blade suddenly lost control under the influence of the void energy, and it broke into a dangerous Space Crack. The control of these energies is handed over instantly.

Void energy is really a baby. The void energy with super-swallowing and assimilation properties can be used to rob the enemy’s energy in this way with a little control.

Of course, there are also shortcomings. The energy that is plundered will be assimilated into space energy and ancestor energy regardless of its original properties, and its stability will be greatly reduced. It is basically equivalent to a three-second detonated bomb.

However, three seconds is enough.

The external mental power was swallowed up by void energy in an instant. The opponent in front of me immediately stunned his head, and the arrogance and highness of the moment before it was only a few seconds later turned into a wrying cry.

Then, hundreds of Space Cracks around me swept away like heavy rain, although under my control, just passing the other person, this is enough to make most of the muscles break, personnel Not saving.

Of course, in order to prevent accidents, I slightly considered it and used my mental power to destroy the other’s Esper talent.

At this point, all the three Olympus members are all settled.

Although there is no use of satellite cannon or other super weapon, this battle is definitely not a grand scale, but it is a few technical battles that I rarely have… a certain poisonous tongue of the province Prophet I am a rib that can only bully a small bowl of friends with a level…

Solved here, the rest is the Bubbles over there…

I turned my head and saw that Lolita, a violent insider, stared blankly at the ankle of a white man, waving the other side like a windmill for a few dozen laps and then shoosh threw it a hundred meters away.

At the foot of Bubbles’, there are already two unlucky ghosts with their noses and green faces. Look at the look of the skin, not to mention their mothers. I am afraid that they have to be scared in the mirror.

It seems that this organization does not have the so-called “blessings”. Their strength is obviously not enough. Even the three white men who follow the class are just trained ordinary people.

I’m struggling with the violent Loli who is waking up.

“There is one more?” I looked around, but did not find the black man.

“Running away,” Bubbles rubbed his hand on me, pouting. “It may be body strengthening, speed and agility are high, you know that I am not good at fighting, and the result is not paying attention. Let him run away… but there are people there who are guarding, so they are not chasing.”

“Oh…” I was nodded, and then pointed to a humanoid object that was not as far away as bloody bones. “Make a living thing, keep things like that, and get the guy back…”

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