Xiling Empire Chapter 304

Chapter 404, Tower of Babel

Damn… How is Monster on this World suddenly so many…

Should the guys of Olympus die? Just the corner of my eye, but I can clearly see that the plain youngster just made a mental headback that is close to a-level Earth Elementality become a waste. It is a mental power gap that needs to cross two levels. The effect, in other words, the young man who seems harmless to humans and animals is very likely to be a s-class guy… so young…

However, compared to another Little Girl who seems to be only ten years old, it is the real Monster.

Obviously, it’s such a little bit of a little brat that I even put a b+ level body strengthener’s face on my face…

I remembered the little madman who rushed up and added his fists and then threw himself out of Little Girl, a hundred meters away. The black man who was running away was a shackle.

I am a physical strengthening Oh! I can easily remove the front armor of the main battle tank out of a large pit of the physical strengthener! It was even a ten-year-old Little Girl who had a smashed fracture of his left arm, and that power was at least a+!

If the other party is not just a child with little experience, the power of Innate can only be played without any rules, and he will definitely be killed alive today.

As for the three subordinates that I bring… I don’t have to think about it. It’s not the same as Olympus, who uses a special means to get a lot of rapid prototyping. The organization that I belong to can be wasted without so many Esper, so this The three people brought by myself are just ordinary people who have been specially trained. Although they are much stronger than the average person, they can only be unilaterally killed in the face of Esper, especially a close violent violent person. The end of the game…

The speed of the physical-enhanced Esper running at all is absolutely not to be underestimated. Although the dozens of bones that have been broken off the body have affected the speed of the black man, he still sees the distance far away in less than ten minutes. Expressway.

Of course, I can’t go back to the city now. Here is the site of the Esper Organization. Coupled with the power of the local government, I am afraid that this kind of respect will be caught as soon as I get close to the suburbs. The expressway in front is actually considered before it happens. The route of accidental escape – unfortunately, the car that came over when it was used as a weapon used by the violent Little Girl to become a weapon has become a pile of scrap iron, this time I am afraid I can only grab a car.

You can pick up a car on the expressway and you can only do it with a strong body reinforcement.

However, before this, you must take a break.

Although there is still physical strength, the broken bones and muscles must be repaired as soon as possible, otherwise I am afraid that there will be unrecoverable damage, and with the current body condition, it has reached the limit…

Although it is known that the danger of stopping in this situation is very high, there is no way to complete the recovery as soon as possible.

Although I have experienced a lot of plots, but because I am lazy, I still can’t get the name until now. It is only treated as Passer-by A. The black man who has been describing for a long time, holding the injured left arm, comes to a big one who doesn’t know how long it has died. Under the tree, sitting on the ground laboriously, then gritted his teeth, crushed the bones of the left forearm that had begun to deform, and began to repair from scratch.

The familiar tingling sensation gradually spread from every wound in the body, and the muscles of the body involuntarily stretched as hard as cement, and then gradually relaxed.

“what is this?”

During the rapid repair of the wound, the black man tried to find something to divert his attention, and the result was really found by him – in the soil beside him, he found a piece of white paper that was buried half.

“Children’s boring graffiti?”

After picking up the paper from the soft land, the black man looked at a twisted circle and said to himself.

In the temporary headquarters a few kilometers away, Onee-sama, who enjoyed the refreshment with Young Lady Lin, immediately fell into a chill, and then showed a dangerous smile, licking the eyes and saying: “Suddenly felt like being a certain People say it is rude…”

I just sat back with Bubbles and the 700 million Ultra Space-Time jump. I couldn’t stop the last piece of snack from falling into Lin Xue’s claws. I immediately felt that the temperature around me suddenly dropped by more than ten degrees – it seems that this time I don’t know. Who is going to be unlucky…

While I was sitting down and taking a break with Bubbles, there was a knock at the door.

Lin Xue immediately switched to the serious mode and was sitting in danger: “Come in.”

The NPC man who has been exposed several times has once again appeared in front of us: “Reporting the forest team, you may have found the trace of the target!”

“Possible?” Lin Xue frowned and looked at each other with dissatisfied eyes. “How come there is no past confirmation?”

“…this…” The NPC man hesitated, and then truthfully reported that “the area near the 77th road with a prescription of 100 meters suddenly suffered a strong lightning strike five minutes ago, a small earthquake, a sudden tornado, Acid rain, hail, miniature meteorite attacks, and… and sudden appearance…”

“The sudden emergence of a large number of bee stingers, horses, etc. large scale wild animal riots is it… I understand, wait a few minutes to calm down and send someone to see if the guy is still alive…”

“To tell the truth, I think it should be dead.”

After the NPC left, I spread my hand and said to Lin Xue with helpless expression.

“Don’t underestimate the living thing of the physical strengthener – well, although I also think that the guy is dead, how to look at the miniature meteorite is exaggerated.”

“It seems that the power of the disaster beacon has been played very often. It has clearly paid attention to weakening the power of the curse…” The sister showed a sorry smile. “It may also be the reason for the two cursing overlays. After all, I used the remote curse before. Give the other person a hint that ‘will soon be exposed to the disaster beacon’, but to say that the two curse overlays should not be enough to attract the rock…”

No one can think of it all because of the consequences of a tragedy of African uncles.

Ten minutes later, we got a very unexpected news: the guy who escaped was still alive.

After experiencing lightning strikes, earthquakes, storms, meteorites, snakes and large groups of animals, the cockroaches are still alive…

A member of the Esper Organization has a subtle expression when reporting to us: “His agility is so high that he has successfully escaped most disasters, including lightning strikes and the deadliest meteorites, but unavoidable tornadoes and acid rain attacks. It damaged 90% of the skin and superficial muscles in his body. When we found the other’s, he was very poisonous, the whole body was broken, and the internal organs were under the trample of a large land animal whose weight might exceed five tons. Breaking… To be honest, we have no way of understanding what kind of Esper attack can achieve this effect…”

Our evaluation of this is: the physical strengthening of the guy really hard Oh!

A total of two prisoners, one is the Olympus member who has already abolished Esper’s talent, and the other is the one who is tossed by Onee-sama’s curse to the semi-dead black man, both of whom are in some positions in their respective organizations. Characters, although far from being high-level members, are definitely qualified to touch secrets that are not accessible to low-level members. Soon, we get what we want.

I have to say that in the confession of torture, cough cough, the means of interrogating the criminals, the experts of the Esper Organization are indeed much more brilliant than the savage soldiers who have basically no second nerve except the snoring.

“Tower of Babel?!”

After getting the confession from the prisoners sent by his subordinates, Lin Xue couldn’t help but sigh, and then his brow wrinkled slightly.

I immediately became curious. This Babel tower must be the organization of the black man. The name sounds like listening, and look at Lin Xue’s. She must have known the existence of this Babel organization before she knows. What?

“Babel Tower…” Lin Xue’s brow still did not stretch out. “I have heard of this organization, but didn’t expect they would blend into this incident…”

“’Discover World World not discovered by Human Race’, this is the declaration of the establishment of the Tower of Babel. This organization was founded 30 years ago and is rooted in Europe. It consists of a small number of Esper and a large number of ordinary people. Organization, their purpose is the same as their declaration, focusing on discovery, archeologist, geology, astronomy, deep sea survey, just like a group of never tired explorers, to discover the mystery of this planet and even the planet is their responsibility, In the first ten years, this organization has indeed made a significant contribution to the exploration of Human Race. Many precious cultural relics, geological landscapes, and outer space wonders are presented to the world with their efforts. ”

“A nonprofit organization led by Esper?” I quite strangely interrupted Lin Xue’s description. “It sounds good.”

Lin Xue gave me a glance, it seemed to be quite dissatisfied with my mouth, and then patted the file on the hand and said, “It’s really good – at least until their original leader was killed by a knife. From ten years ago This organization has already begun to deteriorate.”

“The Babel Tower, which has been replaced by a new leader, has now completely turned into a huge smuggling gang. They steal cultural relics, dig ancient tombs, snatch valuable samples of meteorites, smuggle everything that can be snatched and someone intends to buy something at a high price. They are even arrogant. It is announced that as long as it is on the Earth, as long as you can afford the price, you can buy it from the tower of Babel… Of course, we all know that this is a crime, but what is the point? The ordinary justice of Esper’s organization is rarely binding, and many large organizations and the Tower of Babel have secret transactions. Under such a protection network, those smugglers who have completely lost their money are now Chad is quite happy, now you think this organization is good?”

“Oh… well, I’m taking back what I just said, then what about their transactions? Is there anything to gain?”

“About this, the vigilance of the guys of Babita is really beyond our expectation. They have concealed their own people. From the black man’s mouth, we only got the thing called the “Treasure of God”. The intelligence of meaning, and more, what is the use of that thing, where does it come from, even he does not know.”

“Oh, that’s terrible, but isn’t Olympus still having three captives? How much should they know?”

As soon as I mentioned this topic, Lin Xue suddenly became silent.

There is a kind of… not too good premonition…

“It’s all you Idiot Oh!” After less than three seconds of silence, Young Lady Lin broke out. “You Idiot bad thing Oh!”

Sure enough, the hunch is true…

“I have told you to keep your hand! Do you guys need to understand this person? You need this Ojou-sama to translate Oh! Stay – hand – Oh! !!”

“Isn’t the three members of Olympus alive?”

I am quite innocent to defend.

“Alive… Of course alive…” Lin Xue’s expression was very gnashing. “The question is what do you use to turn them into Idiot for me? Oh!!!”

Lin Xue said this, I finally realized that it seemed to be a little heavy at the time. Under the mental power backlash with more than two levels of strength, the three unfortunate members of Olympus have become Idiot… …

Even more important, the thing in the metal cylinder that traded between Olympus and the Tower of Babel was evaporated by Human World, which was finally released by my void energy…

“Well…” I slyly smiled. “This…there is always a chance, at least this time, a Babel tower is coming out. Our progress is still quite big…oh! Wait! Calm! Impulse is the original sin of Human Race!!”

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