Xiling Empire Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Angel

Here is a very strange hall.

Dark and faint light, strange stone carvings, and twisted mysterious patterns on the walls, and the suspicious red paints on these patterns, all add up to make this hall in the same hall to be full of A kind of meaning like the evil religious base camp.

On the ground in the center of this gloomy hall, a silver-white line depicts a six-pointed star with a radius of about ten meters. The golden lines and the small pieces of the gemstones representing the planets are the same as the constellations. The regular distribution is in the eleven triangles separated by the six-pointed star, but if you know it, you will find that these patterns are unheard of. They are just the shape of a constellation. It is definitely not any constellation that can be seen on the Earth.

In the center of the six-pointed star, the equilateral hexagonal area is a sunken cave, which is dark and completely invisible underneath the cave.

Six figure-like figures, like stone carvings, stand at the six corners of the six-pointed star. They are dark and temperamental and want to write the words “I am a big villain” on the back of myself.

Their dresses are very strange. They are all black robes. From the appearance, it seems to be a modified version of a certain missionary. It is hard to imagine that in this era, there will be people other than the church. As a daily dress, these six people have a weird white mask on their faces. There is no facial features on the mask. It is just a smooth curved surface. There is only a red gem-like thing in the central part of the mask. It looks extraordinarily weird.

“In the past few days, our actions in the Chinese region seem to have had a little accident,” a figure suddenly broke the silence. From the eccentric mask, it was a disgusting voice that was not male or female. “Poseidon, that Is the area you are responsible for?”

“Well,” the mask in the southeast of the six-pointed star replied in a low voice. It was also a strange tone that was not male or female. “Strictly speaking, the area under the responsibility of Medusa has failed, not only for multiple actions. Exposed, and lost a member of the gods class yesterday.”

“The god level?” The masker who had previously asked questions paused. “Although the fighting strength of the god level is not high, and we have not yet gained the true power of the gods, it should at least be equivalent to the s-class Esper. How could it be so easy to fail? Was he killed by the Esper Organization?”

Poseidon gave a slight hesitation, and then replied with a less certain feeling: “No, the information sent back from the gods, the other party seems to have only two people, a young man with a normal appearance and a look that is only about ten years old. Little Girl, but initially estimated that the man’s strength is likely to be above the ss level – the probability is as high as 80%.”

“Ss level…” Another mask man whispered. “Esper, who has reached this level all over the world, is probably only double-digit, and they are all in our surveillance, but now they are appearing one is not in our list. The ss-class Esper, can it be said that China’s Esper Organization has always hidden such strength?”

“It’s not yet certain whether the other party is a member of the Esper Organization, but the Esper Organization’s hidden power is unquestionable, and we suspect that this hidden power is not simply reflected in Esper,” Poseidon spread his hands in his tone. Suddenly, “the special faction who came to contact with Medusa by the Babel Tower was attacked and seriously injured after completing the first transaction. As far as I know, the muscle-enhanced commissioner was The weird mechanical Monster was hurt.”

“Mechanical Monster?”

Several masks look at each other – well, although it’s really weird to make such an action through a glorious mask like a mirror–a mirror-like look, then the person with the shortest body shrugs and says: “They have mastered such a technology? Made a robot that is enough to fight Esper? It is impossible, even if we have not studied the strength of this kind of thing…”

“But that thing does exist,” Poseidon interrupted the other’s statement. “And please note this: Mechanical Monster, even if it is a big fear, it is unlikely to cause an Esper to be cognitively confused, so I am afraid that Things are not Robot in the conventional sense, the Chinese are probably studying what is specifically used to deal with Esper…”

“Don’t make this kind of blind speculation before getting enough information, which is likely to get us into an erroneous misunderstanding…”

The relationship between the short mask man and Poseidon didn’t seem very friendly. He interrupted the other’s speech again and blamed it unceremoniously. However, just halfway through when he was half-timed, he was stunned. The sound that suddenly sounded was interrupted.

The first section of the Symphony of Destiny suddenly sounded in this gloomy hall with an unprecedented soy sauce party, and disappeared after playing the short, strong notes of the classic four notes.

be quiet

Cold field

As if the bleak autumn wind blew in the air, every suspicious mask person was appeared on the forehead with a drop of pretty cold sweat, and then the tall mask man standing in the east suddenly said: “Artemis, your cell phone rang… …”


The short figure is not moving, but just a short sound from the mask.

“It’s just a text message…”


“I booked a weather forecast…”


Then, it was the collective silence, a few minutes. The deepest axis of World’s most evil in the deepest base of Olympus was completely in a subtle silence. Then, the mask of Supreme reached a sudden low. I spoke up: “I always feel that there is a sudden feeling of crying…”

“…ah, yeah…”

“Artemis, later, mute it, this is too tearful…”

Just as this sinister and serious atmosphere, which can be called the greatest evil axis organization on the Earth, is twisted into a rather subtle state by a text message that comes out of soy sauce, suddenly in the empty gloomy hall. Resounding a respectful voice: “Several Lord God, we found something.”

“What? Want to bother us at this time?”

Poseidon said in a dissatisfied tone.

The voice immediately brought with obvious fear, but still firmly said: “Please forgive me, but this discovery is too important, and several Lord Gods will be interested in this…”

The voice has unmistakable excitement and firm self-confidence.

Artemis has recovered from the shackles caused by SMS time, then lifts the head and says, “Okay, let’s see.”

Along with a slight “zīzī” sound, the six-pointed star under the mask people suddenly changed, and the lines and constellations gradually emerged with a faint glow, while the six-sided star’s most central equilateral hexagonal cavity gradually floated up. A smooth mirror-like thing, this smooth mirror gradually brightens during the floating process until it suddenly forms a clear Hologram projection above it – it turns out to be a three-dimensional equipment.

“what is this !?”

After seeing the picture appearing on the projection, almost all the mask people couldn’t help but make a cry.

When the projection just appeared, the picture above was dark, only a few distant stars, and then the picture gradually deflected, and gradually a little blue-white light appeared from the left side, and the light and shadow gradually expanded to form an arc— That is Earth!

This picture was taken from outer space!

But this is not enough to make a few people who are the leaders of Olympus Supreme scream, and what really exclaims them is that they suddenly flew from the screen after less than five seconds on the horizon. A dazzling white object.

“Fast… Put the picture back! Slow down! Damn… Is there a clear image?”

Excited, the masked and proud temperament masker has always given up the restraint, and the Supreme big mask man almost shouted out. At the next moment, his order was executed.

The picture on the projection quickly reverses back to the moment the horizon just appeared, and then slowly advances.

The white object is appeared, this time, very clear.

It is a young girl in a white dress with silvery white hair and mercury, a golden cousin that is definitely not a Human Race, and a beautiful face that is even less of Human World. The young girl has a face with a Qianqian’s smile. As if forever immersed in the faint joy, all the sadness and sorrow of the person in this world can not pollute her, the soft halo lingers around her, just by the Hologram projection, it makes people Endless sense of pure and holy, and as the picture progresses, the white wings behind the young girl are finally fully present in front of everybody…

Even if it was slowed down several times, the image of the young girl only lasted for less than ten seconds on the screen, and then with a brilliant tail flame… well, it was a halo… disappeared into the eyes of everybody .

The short picture is over and the entire hall is still immersed in silence.

“You… what have you seen?”

Daddy, Poseidon said in a different tone, but this speech is not a real inquiry. In the next second, he made his own answer: “God…the messenger…we have been working hard all the time. The first line of the dawn is coming! They are still there! They really are not dead! We…”

“Calm!” Supreme’s big man suddenly shouted, but despite such a big drink, his voice was not as calm as it was. “Poseidon, calm down, we are not sure, nothing can be sure, even if the gods really Living, we can’t be sure of anything… they don’t necessarily accept us, they don’t necessarily allow mortals to become god again…”

“Zeus, you are right,” Poseidon’s voice gradually stabilized. “But we have to act… Human Race’s exploration of space has already begun, but only for the first time we hit Angel in the universe. This must be the deliberate intention of the gods. They are making friendly hints to us in this way. We all know that in the age of ancient mythology, the gods of Supreme have helped the mortals to become gods many times, perhaps after a time. Many years, they finally decided to continue this work again, we have to make a statement, and respectfully accept the expression of such a gift… Where did Angel go? Is there tracking? We must find more coming from Shenming Instructions…”

Poseidon’s voice just fell, and the hall replied with respect and excitement: “The messenger’s speed is extremely fast, far exceeding the limit of any vehicle known to Human Race. We can only pass her last. The direction of disappearance is to infer that her final destination may be – the moon.”

“The moon…the moon…” The tall masked man known as Zeus repeated in a low voice. “Yes, we should have thought of it. The one that has been hung from the ancient times on the top of the Human Race has carried countless mysterious moons… plan Change, we immediately go into the action, and the transaction with Babel is suspended…”

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