Xiling Empire Chapter 306

Chapter 306, Great Love, No Borders

With this at the same time, far away from K City, etc….cough cough, it’s a little rest after the mission is completed. The Empire Military Officer is naturally unaware of the stalking behavior of a dull Angel. What kind of impact has occurred, but once again entered the daily sitting and other moldy state.

Ok, I admit, in fact, I am alone when I wait for the mold.

It seems that in our team, only me is the most okay guy. Even Little Bubbles started to follow her mother’s manufacturing process of the conventional vehicle production line these days. Viska helped the Xiling technicians continue to finish. The discovery and organization of the lost science and technology, and my nominal organization Supreme leader can’t find anything to do.

So, it’s not a good thing that the girls around me are too formidable, well, although I still like this kind of life…

Since the last time they destroyed the trade between Olympus and Babel and killed several of their high-level members, the two organizations seem to have quieted down, not only not trading again, but even Babel. The members of the tower in China have also disappeared overnight. Of course, the Esper Organization is not ignorant, but the problem is that all the guys have gone through immigration procedures through normal channels. And most of them belong to people who have influence in the international arena or in their own country. It is difficult to evaporate a few of them by Human World by unconventional means, and the small fish and shrimp that can be caught are really hands-free. Significance, many simple questions, once they are involved in the country, will always be complicated in complexity, so that the parties can’t grasp the tricks.

Well, although Pandora creatively suggests that “Let’s sweep Europe down” sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime approach…

Of course, it is certainly not realistic to say that it is completely quiet. At least on the other side of the Babel Tower, it is impossible to swallow the loss in one time. A little trick is inevitable, but after all, it’s all things that can’t be seen, Babel It is impossible to openly declare that it is necessary for a certain organization to be responsible for this incident. If it is too big, they can only do it in secret, and more importantly, it should be a headache for the Esper Organization. Complex intrigues will be handed over. It’s solved for the experts who are old and savage. After all, except for the few guys who know how to think with their brains, I’m basically a dangerous molecule filled with high explosives in the brains trained by Pandora. In addition to stumbling the other side in the negotiating field, the guys rarely make constructive moves.

As for Olympus, it really can be said to have disappeared.

Not only did it stop communicating with several other organizations, but it did not create any attacks on Esper. Even some of the industries that have been identified on the bright side are gradually moving underground, in the more restrictive China. Even more so, it seems that the entire Olympus has evaporated completely in a few days.

Naturally, we wouldn’t be naive to think that such a suspicious organization from the very beginning and to be full of conspiracy was because we were turned into a crouching by a positive blow, and what changes have occurred in their interior, resulting in The entire organization has changed its course of action, and as a result, the few clues that the original Esper Organization has been able to investigate have basically been completely broken…

However, whether it is us or the Esper Organization, it is clear that the above is definitely only a superficial situation. In the dark, whether it is the Tower of Babel or Olympus, they are definitely still in action, just conspiracy. What the family is best at is always a hidden trail. When they are fully lurking, it is not so easy to get out.

However, anyway, it is not something I am worried about, it is a headache for the experts of Esper Organization.

So, after handing over the responsibility of saving World to the Esper Organization, we were free again.

Since I have been idle, a lot of big and small girls in the family are starting to do their own things. As I said above, Little Bubbles is following her irresponsible otaku girl mother to learn how to become a qualified Xiling Host. Every day, I created a pile of grotesque metal structures in the city of Shadow City and then happily pulled me into the “Yiyi Yeah” introduction. Shandora said that I am afraid that the first Apostle in Xiling Apostle is good at art. It will be born…

Viska will extract the data from his own memory core as day-to-day work, disappearing on time after dinner for more than half an hour, and then sleepy and swaying through the entire research center to eliminate the lethargy effect caused by memory extraction. At other times, I had a daily “duel” with my sister Pandora. The relationship between the two awkward little sisters has been completely shaped into such a weird pattern. They obviously care about each other. After meeting, they must definitely put on a fight. Two Empire high-level generals smashed their ears to each other on the ground, and then two dirty little angels came to me or Onee-sama to complain, but whenever I always use two lolipops Can get everything done…

Repeating again, compared to the old Pandora, it is still a lively Viska more like a normal sister…

In the past few days, Della has been busy preparing for the “primary creation certificate” that is extremely incomprehensible. Every day in the Shrine of World Tree, various experiments are encouraged. The entire Shadow City city is exploding every day, in careless little goddess. Unnoticed, the various ancestral creatures with divinity made the Xiling soldiers responsible for the city guards busy.

Although Della rarely creates dangerous living things, even if it is safe and gentle, the creatures that carry it are “not hurt by mortal forces”, and the nature of heaven defying is absolutely enough to make it an enormous trouble. How many mythical legends have proved one thing, even a pet dog at the feet of the gods, to Human World is the heaven defying giant beast.

Thanks to these trials by Della, Lilina is now changing her new pet every day, with the title of “living thing shrine chief priestess”, a pseudo-Loli has fully played his own little power, all day long. Privately stealing all sorts of weird things from shrine’s test site. Sometimes is a mini version of the Hell three-headed dog with three heads but 30 cm in length. Sometimes are a pile of tails that look like nine. The tail fox is only a mysterious creature called “Wang Wang”, sometimes it looks like a mini calf but with a golden horn on his head and a “unicorn” flying with white wings on his back…

Well, sometimes is a mysterious little thing that only reveals a pair of shiny emerald green eyes that can’t help but mutter “This is why this is why?”

Anveena and Alaya, the special singer “sisters”, suddenly became interested in the “Great Love and Nothing” studio established by my sister and Qianqian from the name to the business scope. Mobile Light source turned into a formal employee of a funny studio. Every day in Shadow City, it is known as the “Big Love” office, but for me it is like the one-sama dedicated game room in theenom room. From the tons of spam, check out the less frivolous commissions, and then hand them over to a group of Xiling soldiers who are being pulled to complete the search for kittens and puppies, to kidnap a country’s Chief of state, etc. A variety of tasks, but to be honest, I quite doubt that an airhead and a double airhead together can make some performance…

What I am more skeptical about is who will send a task entrustment to such a studio that sounds completely unreliable.

“I said, Qianqian, is your studio really open?”

One day at noon, watching Qianqian and my sister gather together together and discuss the things in the studio, I finally couldn’t help but speak.

Responding to me is Qianqian’s fierce white eyes and Onee-sama’s not too heavy one.

I shrugged: “A studio that guarantees the peace of the family and the maintenance of World peace, who believes Ah?”

“Of course, not many people believe,” Qianqian admitted without hesitation. “So we are looking for someone who is good! Oh, think about it, a deeply troubled parent who is suffering from a terminally ill brother, a disabled sister who is lost and still has a huge debt. The lonely young girl clicked on the mysterious window that popped up on the screen by chance, and then dreamed all the way to the next day. The terminally cured brother and his younger sister went home and the debt disappeared. Even the parents promised to dream at 3:30 every night. One, how warm this is…”

No matter how you think about it, one person’s sad reminder to that kind of realm should not be in the mood to go online…

Also, the mysterious window popping up suddenly? Why do I think this setting is so dazzling?

Looking at the subtle expression on my face, Qianqian immediately panned with rage and turned around, but after a few seconds, this always energetic girl once again thought of a new idea: “Speak up, A’Jun, yesterday we still I received a very interesting commission. Would you like to come over and see?”

“No interest, and I want to sleep.”

It was obvious that Qianqian was just a whim. I immediately stated that my only wish was to go to the nap that had been delayed for a long time.

“Well, that’s it, let A’Jun, who is occupied with nothing, participate in the great cause of public welfare! A’Jun, let’s go, let’s hurry up!”

Saying… my opinion?

Your self-talking gimmick is to give me a good listen to other people’s words and then make a decision Oh!

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