Xiling Empire Chapter 311

Chapter 371 Ghost’s attack

After a few minutes, Lilina and I were quite polite to send out the rusty old iron gate.

Lilina, who screamed at me many times and dismantled the table, looked at the Zheng Teacher and led Liu Fan to disappear across the iron fence door. He immediately held the chin and made Holmes: “It’s abnormal… Hey! You Lolicon again. Hit me!”


Hand the knife again.

“Oh… I don’t know the Lolicon of the pity.”


Decisive hand knife.

“You are a bad pseudo Loli and give me a little subordinate conscious Oh!”

Awkward, named Lin Xue’s big devil head because of the level gap is difficult to deal with it, you pseudo-Loli, which is one centimeter shorter than Pandora, also wants to rebel! More importantly, if you don’t take the opportunity to re-educate now, in case this pseudo-Loli really evolved into a second Lin Xue or even Lin Xue 2.0, Lin Xue Gold Edition, Lin Xue Anniversary Collector’s Edition and other terrible creatures, then It’s definitely the end of World, the end of World!

“You look like the Empire Chief of state in this lazy million-year-old house. It doesn’t make me feel like an employee Oh!”

A fatal blow, the pseudo-Loli of this deep psychological weakness attack is a fatal blow on the biggest flaw of personality, and it also comes with various debuffs that continue to drop blood, such as tearing and bleeding.

I really miss the little and sensible, polite and courteous little Lolita that was just rescued by us more than a month ago! Didn’t expect that the nature of this guy was exposed in just one month…

After completing the precise spit, Lilina smashed the big bright eyes, slightly licking the little tiger teeth, and constantly looking for a place to be able to sip on my arm, as if looking for an opportunity to report the enemies that had just been hit by the chain knife. This pair of people will bite like a move…

Sure enough, is it a creature created by the pocket goddess that always “bite you bite you” to prove how powerful it is, even if it is a non-original soul, is there a personality variation under the powerful power of a goddess? ?

“Lilina, what do you think of that ‘Zheng Teacher’?” After I held the small Loli’s head with a small mouth and a small mouth, I suddenly asked in a serious tone.

“Are you planning to divert my attention in this way?”

Lilina swept away my face with a look at the prisoner’s eyes.


“…I am not the type of Onee-sama that can only think about one thing at a time and always be interrupted by any accident! Oh, trouble you at least change the focus of the high-level point!”

Cut, so the Loli class creatures are big and serious, especially my Lolis who are not affiliated with the Human Race League…

“Anveena, what did you find?”

“Now it looks normal, the woman is going with Liu Fan in the direction of the dormitory, I am following behind.”

After a few seconds, Anveena once again transferred his perspective.

It can be seen that the young woman, whom Liu Fan called Zheng Teacher, is carrying a thin male student through the scrap yard between the experimental building and the dormitory area. There seems to be no suspiciousness.

But in fact, walking through the scrap yard is itself the most suspicious place.

Regardless of whether the spiritual event is recognized by the school, at least two students are mysteriously missing on the scrap yard. This is an undeniable fact. Under normal circumstances, no one in this weird area will take the initiative to approach, and we also got from Liu Fan. This scrap yard has been classified as a “best not to be close” to the school. Although the rules of this place are often ineffective, as a Teacher, why shouldn’t you take the initiative to lead Students through the “forbidden land”?

“Oh? Stop?”

In the aerial view shared by Anveena, Zheng Teacher and Liu Fan, who had just walked to the middle of the scrap yard, stopped without warning.

Liu Fan seems very curious why Teacher wants to stop by himself. He turns his head and seems to want to ask questions. Then the young woman across the mouth spoke something. Liu Fan suddenly showed a strange look and began to walk unsteadily. Go back.

“Master! The temperature around the woman is dropping rapidly, and there are very strange energy fluctuations!”

Anveena, an energy creature, first sensed the changes in the situation below and immediately reported to me.

Although I can’t see what the woman did from this perspective, the original suspicion has been confirmed and I have to do it.

Liu Fan is really a tragedy. In the end, it is still involved in such an event. However, it is a matter of time before this guy is involved in the “spiritual event”.

“Anveena, attack!”

After issuing such an order, I immediately pulled Lilina next to it, crossed the wall and ran towards the scrap yard.

The perspective turns to the scrap yard.

“Liu Fan Student, you seem to be wandering here all these days.”

The female Teacher who took the head suddenly stood still and said in a very strange tone.

In the face of such questions, Liu Fan, who has always been a good student, immediately felt nervous, so that he did not notice that the usual familiar Teacher tone had changed something that he did not understand: “Hey… Sorry for Teacher, I know the rules…but…”

“Although a little regrettable,” the woman in front of me took a step forward. “But your actions have become a certain kind of instability. Generally speaking, our aim is to hide the action as much as possible, but it must be Leaving the city, so there is no need to worry too much before leaving – just kill you.”


The inexplicable words that the woman suddenly said in front of him made Liu Fan feel a little worried, and some inexplicable sense of crisis. Then, the temperature around him suddenly began to drop drastically.

“Teacher? Oh, I am really the Teacher here… but now, you should call me Medusa…”

The young woman said that the corners of her mouth had begun to gradually fade out of the faint white, while the surrounding steel and concrete slabs quickly condensed a layer of frost at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Even people who are slow, at this moment should know that the situation is wrong.

Liu Fan is just an ordinary high school student, and even honestly has some degree of weakness. At this moment, in the face of such changes that he can’t understand, he can only choose to step back in extreme fear and confusion.

Then, a blurred shadow of to drop out from the sky suddenly appeared in his field of vision, and instantly disappeared into the head of “Zheng Teacher”.


In the vagueness, Liu Fan seems to see the shape of the shadow. It seems to be a dark purple translucent ornous Raven?


Suddenly pouring from the top of the head, the deep cold of the soul made Esper, who should be handy, suddenly lose control. Medusa slammed involuntarily and then began to watch carefully and cautiously – was attacked, this is for sure But where is the attack coming from?

“Ghost…Ghost…” Liu Fan, who was retreating, suddenly fell to the ground, his horrified eyes staring straight at the woman in front, and a trembling finger pointed at the front. This action immediately reminded Medusa. Come, then involuntarily bow your head.

“Oh! ”

Even Medusa, who has experienced all sorts of different Esper battles, couldn’t help but scream after seeing what happened to him.

In my abdomen, actually… actually… there is actually a girl… No, it shouldn’t be said, it’s a girl from the position of her abdomen!

It was a pale color with a translucent and strange “thing”. Her shoulders were drilled out of Medusa’s abdomen, and through the vague face, Medusa could clearly see the ground below.

“Ah…” Medusa couldn’t help but whisper, and then stepped back and tried to hand out the weird “thing” out of his body. “Damn! What is this ghost thing!”

Medusa’s hand passed through the shadow that was gradually crawling out of her body, and she didn’t touch anything except the extreme cold.

“Damn! Damn!” The strangeness of the situation allowed Medusa to whisper in this way, but no matter what method she used, she could not drove the ghost-like thing out of the body, Ghost from her belly. Still looking at himself calmly, and the bitter Sen Han is flowing in every nerve of his own.

It’s not the cold of temperature. As a freezeability, Medusa can even face the ultra-low temperature of minus 70 degrees, but if this coldness is coming from the soul level, even Medusa feels that it is going to freeze.

At this moment, the Ghost girl who had been quietly watching her vain struggle had an action: she suddenly opened her mouth, revealing a twisted and terrible smile, resentment, madness, despair, fear, anger, all kinds of negative The emotions were condensed on the face in an instant, just a look, and Medusa almost fell to the ground.

Ghost girl, with a sly expression, gradually drilled the entire upper body from Medusa’s abdomen, and then slowly climbed up the body of the latter.

Medusa struggled in vain, trying to push the other side away, but each time she could only touch the illusion of cold air mass, she tried to use her own ability, but the cold cooling of the soul made the thinking a problem, let alone Concentrate on launching Esper.

Finally, Ghost with a crazy expression finally came to her ear.

“The host certainly doesn’t like to see what I am doing…” The cold voice screamed through the hole in the ear, and then pierced the brain like a sharp blade, making Medusa feel dizzy, the voice of the undead has a soul for the living. Irreversible damage, just like the talentability that Anveena launched at the moment – the banshee screams, “However, before the owner arrives, I can have fun…”

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