Xiling Empire Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Rescue

“Master! Someone in front!”

Anveena suddenly exclaimed.


This time I was amazed by Lilina.

In the base of research that is two hundred meters underground and ruined for many years, may there be someone? Wouldn’t it be an old god who cultivated to the Great Principle Golden Immortal? Then the old god was disturbed by me, and I found that the inferior bones in the lower bones are really a genius. I will teach my life all the power and my last soul, and I will hold my hand and tremble. A line of words: Remember, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility… Say I run the question so many ε’‹ no one will come up to shoot a brick?

Cough cough… I will bring back the brain that has already been driven.

There are people there – in the vision shared by Anveena, a short-haired girl in a thin fleece and jeans falls on the ground not far away, although it doesn’t move, but according to Anveena’s sensitivity to the living, the other is still Living, just fainting.

Is this the missing “Sister Ling” in Liu Fankou?

Subconsciously, I think of this possibility.

“Well, it seems that this underground base does have an entrance to the ground.”

Lilina smashed the idiot to understand what was coming, and then asked a Ghost maid who was wandering around the mysterious victim aquite strangely: “Anveena, can you save this person?”

Little Ghost replied apologetically: “I can’t carry anything in the soul state.”

At this moment, the beautiful idea that I just made to let the little Ghost steal the Lin Xue’s diary to carry out revenge is instantly destroyed.

“Master, this person is not hurt,” Anveena said after a moment of observation. “But her body is very weak now, probably because of long-term hunger and hypoxic environment. If she does not treat it immediately, I am afraid she insists on it.” ten minutes.”

Little Ghost floated around in the air and turned around for a few laps, but there was no way to confirm that the goal was alive. Although I have always been the world’s first maid as my life goal, it is obvious that Anveena has not yet reached She described to me the kind of cooking cleaning gardening flower tea ceremony, the fighting knife, the sword, the sniper, the assassination, the first aid, the dragon, the tiger, the martial arts, the martial arts, the martial arts, the martial arts, and the martial arts. Girl, little Ghost is helpless.

Another question, is the series of fighting qualities that can make the Terminator burst into tears? Is it really a necessary skill that a maid should master? Why does Anveena put in these “everything in disorder” Oh in her “first maid essentials”?

“Try the holy light first,” eventually, Little Ghost came up with a good idea. “Although I can’t fill my stomach, it should be able to keep her awake, at least to prevent the deterioration of the body.”

Find out the problem with the undead physique, use the power of holy light to solve the problem, Anveena is a magical synthetic creature Oh!

The golden light gradually emerged from Anveena’s body. The unique light blue halo around Ghost was instantly dispelled by the pure light of pure and holy. When the Holy Power was strong enough, Anveena’s gradually opened a pair of extraordinary light wings.

Ghost Maid Super Evolution – Divine Anveena! ! !

After changing to become god, Anveena immediately leaned over and picked up the fainted girl. The soft holy light gradually filled the dark underground corridor. After a while, she began to immerse herself in the body. The latter’s body trembled a little. , followed by a low embarrassment.

The fainted girl woke up under the influence of the holy light. She opened her eyes with difficulty, a warm glow, and a beautiful young girl with a pair of elegant white wings gently fanning in front of her eyes.

At this same time, as the dark underground corridor is gradually illuminated by the holy light, the twisted undead vision that I shared in the eyes is gradually replaced by the normal scene, by Anveena. The girl that was discovered was always clear because of the unintentional vision.

“Angel… I was already dead…”

Seeing the pure and holy figure in front of me, the weak girl muttered to herself and then fainted again.

At this moment, an exclamation suddenly sounded in my ear: “A Ling!?”

I went back and saw Lilina’s eyes wide open, her face was incredibly shocked, and her eyes sparkled with a faint blue glow – it was a shared vision with Ghost. In her other eyes, she gradually filled with crystal tears.

Then, the big drops of teardrops slide down the little Little Girl’s face silently.


I immediately thought of something, but I was not sure.

Not long ago, Liu Fan’s words that I said to me suddenly echoed in my mind: “… Ling sister, she… There is a sister who has been missing for several years. I heard her say that the sister is so abnormally missing. No one can see the dead, so…”

“My sister…” Lilina’s body trembled, then slammed up and shouted at my waist. “My sister Oh! That’s my sister Oh! Save her… I beg you … she is dying…”

Lilina, who has always been calm and strong, is completely confused at the moment. She once thought that she could perfectly control her whole feelings. But at this moment, she finally realized that even after so many things, she still feels like that. fragile.

But this can’t blame her, think about the things that Lilina has experienced, the sorrow that has been suppressed in my heart, and the impact of the death that is now on the verge of death. All this adds together, who can be better than her. how much?

“Calm down, calm down!” Seeing Lilina’s emotions out of control, I can only grab the latter’s shoulders and use this method to let her focus. “It’s okay! Anveena is already there, right. For us, it is not a problem to save your sister!”

“Lolicon, you hurt me…”

Lilina suddenly changed back to the usual tone of the dead man.


I thought I had an illusion for a moment, but when I came back, the tears on Lilina’s face still stayed there.

I wiped away my tears hard, and the “Little Girl” in front of me tried to show a smile: “But still thank you… I was a little out of control, and it seems to have caused trouble.”

Sure enough, there were already a few lights on the dormitory building not far away. It must have been that Lilina’s voice just awakened the student who was staying at the school.

Should I say the mental adjustmentability of formidable? However, this time, I rarely have the feeling of spit.

“It seems to be a different place.”

“Really,” Lilina nodded, then turned back and waved to Liu Fan, “Waste wood! If you want to see your girlfriend immediately, just keep up!”

After saying such a rather rude, Lilina whispered again: “This guy is going to be my brother-in-law, cut, I haven’t admitted yet, but look at this silly boy’s look, it seems to have to give He arranged for a hell trial to make this guy die…”

The tragedy of Liu Fan Student, I wish you all the best in the future storms and bumps.

Ten minutes later, we have come to a wasteland behind this old school. Because of the urgency, Lilina’s sister doesn’t look like she can stick to the normal rescue work. I have to sleep. The Twin sisters in the dream came to say hello, and I have to say that Xiling people’s work efficiency is extraordinary. My order has just gone down, Acida-Acidora is already standing in front of us – wearing a childlike childlike pajamas One person is an enormous hug bear.

Should I sigh that this pair of sisters who are always in a hurry and have a low sense of existence have such a childlike side, or should they first sigh that Xiling people adapt to Earth life?

There are two spaces that can space the space like a mud, and the two-meter deep rescue work is as easy as the Ultraman playing a little monster. In just one minute, Anveena in Angel state is once again in a coma. The girls were sent to us in front of us, and then Twin sisters took a sleeping bag from the portable space under my gaze and watched each other, and they went into a dream.

From the time the sisters appeared to the present, the whole process lasted three minutes.

Sure enough, as Pandora introduced to me at the time, the sisters in the little World, which are always silent in each other, have reached a tearful degree of indifference to the external environment.

In the process, Liu Fan Student has always been stunned, whether it is to see the ghost girl just turned into Angel in front of her eyes, or the two great people who will have space transmission of Great Beauty performance, let The honesty of the honesty male student is on the brink of collapse, but in the end, his attention was drawn to the past by the female student in Anveena’s arms, completely forgetting the existence of the Angel-like creature nearby, just screaming: “Sister Ling “The whole person rushed over.”

As Anveena said, this is called Liu Ling by Liu Fan. The real identity is Lilina Younger Sister’s female student. The reason why he is unconscious is that in addition to hunger, the big reason is the low oxygen-deficient environment in the underground. When it came to the ground, with the addition of fresh air, the latter quickly became awakening, and then just saw Liu Fan who had rushed over.

After a little waking up, the girl who was just rescued frowned and said, “Waste wood? How are you here?”

World, in an instant, was turned into two halves by an extraordinary lightning, half in hell and half in hell’s sewer.

“Well, even I started to sympathize with this firewood.” Lilina grinned and sighed.

But what happened in the next second still made me understand that the World is so vast that the lovers who have a lot of pain have their own way of being…

The weak girl was held tightly in her arms by Liu Fan. The happiness and satisfaction of her face: “Although it is a waste wood that can’t do anything well, it is really reliable…”

For a long time, the word “Wood” is still a special sweet talk for the inside of the lovers. Should I say that Liu Fan is really a guy?

“I will not ask him to waste wood again in the future.”

Lilina looked at the face of the flies and said with great regret. I was happy at the time: “Nothing, I guess the number of people who call him is more than double digits. You have nothing to lose…”

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