Xiling Empire Chapter 315

The thirty-fifth chapter is big

After a few minutes of short-term recovery, the rescued girl finally got a little bit more spiritual, and now is devouring a bowl of steaming preserved egg porridge – comping from Qianqian’s collector’s edition craft, originally collected by me in the portable space Prepared to say breakfast, the result was eliminated in five minutes by the starving ghost in front of him.

And Liu Fan Student can not only summon the twin beauty young girl, but also can change the meal to express a high degree of admiration.

Through Lilina’s introduction, I know the name of this girl – Xiao Ling, a name that sounds a bit boyish, and it really fits the other person’s personality to explore the ghost school alone, and according to Lilina, this sister also It’s really a crazy slap in the face of a bunch of wild boys. From a certain point of view, this girl full of male student and Liu Fan’s lifetime is really a pair of heavenly creations, at least from the outside. Both of them can be regarded as the opposite sex…

“Snoring… sucking…”

Under my sorrowful gaze, the last bite of lean egg porridge was finally wiped out by Xiao Ling, and then the latter hid in Liu Fan’s arms, looking at us with very curious eyes, looking at be full of exploration.

“Kill him, kill him…”

Lilina, sitting next to me, gritted and looked at Liu Fan, a happy smile in front of her, Little Girl’s anger.

“You… is a god?”

Quite strangely After looking at us for a long time, Xiao Ling finally hesitated to speak, and her eyes remained on Anveena who still kept Angel.

Liu Fan, who was next to her, immediately cast a gaze on her search.

Although urban geeks or modern myths are liked by many people, they are like Ye Gong Hao Long. When it really falls into your eyes, the first reaction of most people is “Impossible? How could things happen in Real World?” Then, it’s panic or fanaticism, but when the facts are determined, their own security is guaranteed, and the initial curiosity calms down, and the curiosity of the humanity in Human Race’s nature will be motivated. I can’t wait to get close to the mysterious World, even if I’m still an ordinary person, but just experiencing it all is enough to make them excited, and it’s “if I’ve experienced such a thing, if it’s just over, isn’t it too? It’s a pity that this kind of thinking is difficult to protect whether Liu Fan and Xiao Ling have such an idea.

Originally in accordance with our habits of action, all the secrets of Xiling people can’t be known to ordinary people. After the end of this incident, I am afraid I will find in the hope of finding Lin Xue to help anyone who has Esper to eliminate their memory or use other methods. To ensure the secret, but this time the situation has changed – the characteristics of appearing Xiaoling, so that we must consider the feelings of Lilina.

Although I have not said that I am not prepared to face my family after my rebirth, everyone knows how Lilina misses her family.

It’s really a twisted guy. In my opinion, those are not problems at all. Going home directly to recognize a pro is not enough—well, I admit that it’s just that things don’t happen to me.

“We are not gods, but we are very familiar with the gods… Hey, we don’t discuss this issue,” I yawned and drove out the drowsiness that had just come up. “In short, you need to know that this World really exists. As a thing of the legend, we are right. We are the special organization of the special organization ‘Great Love and No Borders’. We accepted the entrustment of your boyfriend and came to investigate the spiritual events happening here and search and rescue you… oh, The official rhetoric is too awkward, oh, you just forgot the last half of the sentence.”

Xiao Ling Yi Le, the tension immediately eased a lot.

“Our things will be said later, when it will naturally let you know something, now answer my question first: How did you run into a research base 200 meters deep underground? According to Liu Fan, you It should be in the four–oh, now five days ago, when I went to the haunted place in the school alone, I was missing. What happened at that time?”

As soon as I mentioned the experience of a few days ago, Xiao Ling obviously had some lingering fears. She unnaturally tightened the body and said with her knees: “I… I was chased by people…”

“Hunt up!?”

Liu Fan first screamed, then Lilina decisively ran away, and the body burned with a real black murderous aura: “Send the army, kill them, send troops, kill them…”

“Cough cough, calm, restraint…” I cried and stunned Lilina, who had already written on the ground to write a declaration of war. “Okay, chase, I guess this, but who are you chasing?”

“I don’t know,” Xiao Ling replied quite simply. “I just felt dangerous.”

“My sister was very sensitive to the crisis from an early age,” Lilina explained through a spiritual connection. “But this should be just a gift, definitely not Esper.”

I understand that there are many people in the real world who have such a similar talent, strong intuition, can even feel the gaze of hundreds of meters away, or feel uneasy about the diseases and disasters that are about to happen to them. Of course, it can’t be Esper, but it should be classified as the potential enhancement of Human Race itself. Just like Xiao Ling said, five days ago, when she waited for the strange event on the haunted scrap yard as usual, she suddenly Pre-feeling a strong danger, just as someone is about to come and kill himself, this sense of crisis is so strong that Xu Ling escaped to the groves of the back hills of the school as quickly as possible under the stimulation of this feeling. And there, she found a hole that appeared to have appeared recently because of the collapse…

There is really enough way to spread the dog’s blood.

The powerful Esper Medusa, the underground base entrance that I couldn’t find for a week, was discovered by a normal high school female student—but I could only complain that Medusa had a bad luck. According to Xiao Ling, the hole was quite ” “Fresh” is most likely to be exposed in a small earthquake two days ago. If not, a research base that was buried 200 meters underground and has been abandoned for nearly a decade, it is estimated that Medusa will spend a few more I can’t find a clue about the time.

However, Xiao Ling’s luck was not much better. After a long time of escaping into the passage, she lost her way in the darkness. In this way, she was trapped for four days.

Not even crazy, I can only sigh that Lilina or Xiao Ling are quite strong guys.

As for the so-called chaser, a little Lenovo today can be associated with the attack of Liu Fan who was attacked when he visited the scrap yard.

It seems that Olympus really cares about the underground things in this school, but what exactly is there?

Anveena has explored a third of the entire underground base, and the places that have passed have already gone to the house. I don’t want to have any interest in some empty houses, and the remaining two-thirds. Basically, it belongs to a completely collapsed area. If there is something left in the underground base that will make Olympus interested, it should be there.

“Anveena, I have to work hard for you, sorry.”

Ghost Maid immediately waved her hand: “The host is not so polite, Anveena is very happy to help the Lord!”

Panicly expressed his loyalty, the little Ghost fled to the height of ten meters, and quickly swooped – hehe!

“It hurts ……”

The off-line Ghost maid slammed into the ground, then crawled up on her forehead, dissipated the whole body’s holy light, and turned into a dead body form, and finally succeeded the bandits.

A medium with low permeability will block the spread of light, and a small Ghost should really be used to supplement the physical knowledge of tutoring.

Facing Liu Fan and Xiao Ling’s momentary stiff face, I smiled: “Oh… actually quite cute, isn’t it?”

When Anveena left, we fell into a short cold state.

Liu Fan and Xiao Ling still hold together. This is not a sentence for the lovers who have just experienced the death of death. I am naturally not good to join in the fun. Lilina always sweeps the complicated sight on the opposite side. I went to sweep it, and I stopped talking a few times, but except that it made me more and more painful, I didn’t open my mouth. Behind me, a pair of Twin sisters who were seriously self-centered and couldn’t figure out the surrounding situation still fell asleep. The atmosphere of the surroundings is even more fascinating.

At this at the same time, I began to sort out the things I have encountered so far.

A mess.

This is my first feeling. Well, I admit that my IQ does not reach the level of leprechaun like Lilina, but the confusion is absolutely not wrong.

First of all, there is a research base under the old campus of a century with a history of about 20 years. This base is obviously not visible, so the first question is applied: Why did those who established the base choose the address? Such a place?

As a professional wrestling tactical master, I can tell you very clearly that the best place to build a base should be a wilderness that no one can think of or find, not a famous one that was famous twenty years ago. Under the school, this place does not have any conditions for establishing a secret base except for the convenience of buying paper.

In addition, the explanation is that it is not a necessary condition to establish a secret base.

Theoretically, a group of scientists who can build a research center 200 meters underground will definitely be a little taller than me. In other words, since I can think of things, those geniuses have no reason to think about it. It proves that this research base must be built here – perhaps leaving this position, their research can not proceed?

Then, this base, which was established and abandoned by an organization, caught the attention of Olympus. Even when the whole organization turned into a crouching state, one of their lower-level cadres would have to lurk in the school to find this. The clue of the underground base, then what kind of secret does this base hide?

Olympus has a very advanced science and technology. They even developed the space transmission equipment that Human Race could not manufacture in the future for centuries. What can be found in a research base established 20 years ago? The eyes of such an organization?

In addition to these two questions, there are actually many things that I don’t want to understand. This Olympus comes from the very beginning with a conspiracy to subvert the face of World. It is a suspicious shadow from beginning to end. What do you say about what I am fighting here is talent, but I want to talk about intrigues and tricks – can I have a few talents from Pandora?

Strictly speaking, Xiling Apostle, which has always been able to do everything with the iron fist policy, may not have any intrigues in this mind. They are all strategists, but basically none of them are conspirators…

I am thinking about it here, but I feel that my thoughts are getting more and more chaotic. In the end, I can only accept my life: seeing comping from is really not subverting World’s material. I can reason about the reasonability. I am afraid that I will conquer World and provide a point for the passing Ultraman. Experience value…

But at this moment, Anveena’s sudden emergency call interrupted my thinking, and then a picture directly hit me with five thunders…

“Master! Master!!” Anveena’s anxious call sounded suddenly in my mind, and then I didn’t wait for me to react. A picture has been passed through the shared vision. “Master! This is what I just discovered! You See if this is…”

But I haven’t listened to what Anveena said below, because in the view of the dark blue undead, a rectangular quirky equipment completely attracts my sight, and on the front of the equipment, four diamond-shaped patterns make up the mark. I am familiar with it.

A Xiling military emblem…

Anveena’s eyes moved slowly, and a room like the Xiling weapon showroom gradually formed in my eyes.

For a moment, many of the ideas and mysteries of the disorder are connected, and vague guesses are beginning to take shape.

Oh, this time, I’m afraid the problem is big…

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