Xiling Empire Chapter 317

Chapter 317, Enlightenment and Pandora’s Little Tragedy

In the clear skies, the sun is shining, although the weather forecast has started to tell the general public that the city is about to usher in a week of strong precipitation weather three days ago, but when the gods are not giving power, meteorologists will still suffer from that sad reminder. Five misalignment rate, when I watched TV last night, I also found that the long hair mm that broadcasts the weather forecast was replaced by a creme that I didn’t know. I didn’t maliciously guess whether the original broadcaster was too stressed. Resign.

Under the detection of a fleet of lost shadows, we spent half a day to thoroughly study the depth of the 200-meter underground research base from the inside out. The 3D Projection image submitted by Sivis The half-volume toilet paper inside is clearly depicted. Then, it is the precise fixed-point space transmission. Under the circumstances that the teachers and students are completely unaware of it, we have already carried all the Xiling equipment in the underground base. After completing this task, more lost shadows will split into the depths of the earth, and they will expand the search to the entire kilometer of K City in the next week, just like I started. Imagine that since the people who built the base had to choose a place that was not safe, it proved that their research had to be done nearby, and after discovering a lot of Xiling equipment, the conjecture was more precise: K There are probably more Xiling items in the underground of City. I even wondered if we could find a Xiling relic. ……

This possibility is not without. According to the analysis of the recovered Xiling equipment, those old antiques have at least hundreds of thousands of years of history. For a buried underground relic, hundreds of thousands of years of crustal changes are enough for them to be Plugged into any corner of the ground, just think about the site of the Xiling outpost that was built on the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. It is possible that it is right next to us. This dramatic development makes me a little speechless. .

As for the so-called “spiritual events”, our current conjecture is related to those Xiling equipment. Although Xiling man-made things have always been known for their quality, but the quality of hard things have to have a shelf life, those buried in the ground already have The energy protection equipment installed on hundreds of thousands of years old antiques has been damaged more or less, and given the metamorphic energy storage of Psionic crystals, some of these equilibments still have some energy left. These constantly leaking energy may be the culprit of the old high school’s spooky events. At the same time is also the chief culprit that indirectly leads to Xiao Ling’s distress. Although there are still many unreasonable explanations, there are many other things. I can’t think of any more reasonable explanations. At least, Anveena’s genuine undead creatures have already confirmed that there is no energy body like Ghost in the entire K City and the surrounding area. I’m afraid that 80% of the stories that are portrayed are boring high The school student’s brain made up the things, and I really believed at the time. I even got the idea of ​​catching Earth’s original Ghost to be more powerful than my own maid.

Speaking of Xiao Ling and Liu Fan, they have already mentioned it before. They are now living with us for together. This is Lilina’s request: this pseudo Loli has been worried that Medusa, who had escaped, will appear again, and then kills his baby sister. Although I know that the possibility of this happening in the case that Medusa’s brain is not burned out is quite small, but two more risottos… cough cough, the refuge of the Student itself is not a big deal, as a child before the age of seven Taking the uncle Lei Feng as an example of the former pure otaku, I very much agreed to Lilina’s request.

Although I feel a little sorry for the tragedy of a small student, but in fact Lilina asked me to help protect only Xiao Ling, Liu Fan this unlucky guy is completely Lilina as his own Younger Sister’s subsidiary items to see… …

And Lilina, the individual twisted guy, really made me worry for her in the past few days.

The family members who knew that they had just met each other were in their next door. It was obvious that they had been in front of the other’s bedroom for a long time, but this girl couldn’t make up their minds, and they were alone there to die and die. Every day, they just got rid of it. Xiao Ling’s face was immediately more sorrowful than the Korean drama, so that now, in addition to a few heartless little brats at home, even Shandora had to worry about this guy after eating and drinking.

I just can’t understand what Lilina is afraid of…

It’s like now, Lilina, who has a tangled face, walks in front of me again. I can see that the guy has just come out of Xiaoling’s room when he looks at the small face that is frowning.

“What? Didn’t make up your mind?”

I put down the phone that I was playing with and was modified by the Bubbles. I claimed that I couldn’t do anything except the Ultraman ray, and I had a helpless smile on the fake Loli that was already ghosted.

Lilina’s bad character seldom converges. She just sighs long and then sits beside me weakly, burying her body in the thick sofa back.

“I don’t know how to face Aling… Is it very useless?”

I thought about it, then nodded.

After three seconds, I left a perfect Rolex on my arm. Looking at Lilina’s lips, I am likely to plan to bring me another watch.

“I want to say it and say it,” I said quite incomprehensible to Lilina’s awkward thoughts. “It’s uncomfortable to be so stunned. What are you afraid of?”

“So you are called a heartless guy.” Lilina said with a sullen expression, in the voice to be full of exhaustion.

Hey! What is the atmosphere that can’t be used for jokes or poisonous tongues? Oh! If you use such an expression to say such rudeness, it is simply an insult to my personality from the most fundamental humanitarian level. !

But considering the mood of the other party, I still have to endure…

It seems that no matter what time I am forbearing…

“I can’t understand at all,” I grabbed my head and said that I didn’t understand Lilina’s thoughts. “You should really want to meet with the former relative? And I can see that Xiao Ling is also very missing from your sister.” Why can’t you recognize it?”

In fact, I still have a sentence to say: Isn’t the study of psychology just like the horns of the horns?

However, it is also possible that even her own can not open the situation, it must be a major heart of non-twenty years of professional psychologists declined to participate.

“I am already dead,” Lilina suddenly turned to the side and lay down on the sofa, looking at the ceiling. “From Mommy and Younger Sister’s life, it disappeared completely and became a memory. I don’t know how to resurrect in the face of death and become I look like this, they will be happy or will treat me as Monster, relative death will naturally be sad for everyone, but if the person who has died for many years suddenly stands in front of you, will you be happy or surprised?”

“Don’t shift the topic, the story of the corpse reviving the past is so much, the acceptance of your mother and your old sister should not be so bad?”

“That’s not on you – do you think my sister can accept a dead and resurrected sister?”

“If I am too happy to come, and you seem to have forgotten one thing: Xiao Linglian has seen it. Do you think her acceptance has not improved? When you directly hang your resurrection to our gods, you won’t have it? ”

Lilina sat up and sat down, then looked at me slyly, and I saw my hair daring – if I let Qianqian see it, I would have to prepare to write it… It is estimated that there is no time to write a will, and I have adulthood. The pseudo-Loli of the mind, Qianqian, but regarded it as a strict target.

Five seconds later, Lilina finally slammed up and grabbed my neck and shouted: “Why don’t you remind me of this bastard!!”

I was at Sparta at the time… Is this the fan of the authorities in the legend?

Lilina jumped from the sofa to the ground like a gust of wind and ran to the stairs. I shouted at the back: “What about crazy heads?”


“Come back! You don’t have a mouthful of Oh!?”

So Lilina, who had just swept to the stairway, swept back again, glaring at my collar.

It was nothing more than a dying soul who was taken by Angel passing by, and then sent to the relevant department of the heaven court for review. It was found that the sorrowful soul had been a good man of eight generations, and this world should be ranked in Xianban, and then there was a bunch of leaders at Tiangong. In the dark-box operation, Lilina, the last half of the body, was crowned as the chief priestess of Goddess of Life… What do I think about this story?

“You at least give me the separation of Angel from the heavens, bastard!”

The story of the egg pain made by Lilina’s excitement, I can only roar like this.

But overall, the script is like this.

In addition to the painful part of the egg, nearly 90% of the story is true. We are the lively Lei Feng gods who are willing to be brave, and Lilina is the lucky one chosen by God. You can’t say that I can lie. Right?

The problem with the confession was solved. The rest was to find a suitable time for the sisters to recognize each other smoothly. The original Lilina meant that I immediately rushed upstairs to hold Xiaoling’s acquaintance, and the horn of the hoe was smashed. After the break, this event has already shown an unprecedented enthusiasm, but in my opinion, such a big thing has to create an atmosphere to create, not to mention a hundred and eighty tables, you have to find a family. The situation is not Yes? At least one-on-one shopping, Onee-sama, come back and share this historical moment together, right?

The so-called good things, I feel that if I don’t grind this thing, it’s not a good thing…

Lilina’s mood was unprecedented after her heart was untied. She finally became interested in the mobile phone at hand. He took it and shouted: “I play… Hey? Is this your photo? Playground?”

I took it over and saw that it was the last time I took a photo of a bunch of beautiful girls at home playing on the playground. On the large-scale screen of 3.5 inches, Shantora smiled brightly, and the background was written with twenty yuan. Self-service Mala Tang booth – the very creative Mala Tang boss at that time sent us away with tears.

“what is this?” Lilina looked for a moment and suddenly pointed to a small piece of curved black shadow around Shandora, at the bottom edge of the picture, which was a shadow that was only as big as the edge of a small fingernail. On the look, it’s really hard to guess.

I was silent for five seconds, then spit out three words: “That is Pandora… Strictly speaking, it is Pandora’s head…”

Really, when I pressed the shutter, I found that Pandora didn’t appear in the camera, and then saved this photo with a spit in the spirit of entertainment, but for this matter, I dare not let the girl move me. The phone is…

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