Xiling Empire Chapter 321

The thirty-one twenty-one chapter is completely extinguished

In Nancheng District, a strange battle between Esper and the alien science and technology is going on fiercely.

At the attack, there were more than a dozen Esper in gray long trench coats who used various peculiar capabilities to fight. They were quite tacitly distributed into a loosely-structured ring, using their special abilities to carry out enemies in the center of the ring. Violent bombing, Esper of various remote types shines here, flame, electromagnetic, wind blade edge, like the Magic effect in the movie, which covers the area less than 100 meters, with sharp steel bars or heavy The slabs of the slabs are involved in such bombardment with the whistling wind. Esper, which is the controllability of the energy system, supplements the defects of the physical damage of these energy system attacks. This violent and precise hybrid attack shows the ten The tacit understanding between several Espers seems to be that they usually have undergone a considerable amount of specialized training to be able to integrate their own distinct and even opposite attributes into such intensive bombing.

If the people of Esper Organization come here, I am afraid I can’t help but scream: Is Esper worthless now?

This is the metamorphosis of Olympus. They have mastered some of the basic Xiling science and technology. Now they have found effective means to greatly enhance low-levelability. Compared with the high-level Esper, those have a little special. The ability, but the ability to show almost impossible, can be described by people. These people are gathered by Olympus, and after brainwashing, they use the various reinforcement techniques they have developed to transform them. Such a large number of middle grade Esper, in this World, only the Olympus lunatics can have this capital to use Esper as a normal Soldier.

Under the joint attack of more than a dozen Esper, Little Bubbles’ situation can only be described with bare support.

At the beginning, Little Bubbles’s attacking method of everything in disorder really made the dozens of Olympus members around me busy for a while, but it didn’t take long, Esper who had some combat experience and was commanded. I found the law of this little girl attack and her many obvious weaknesses, and then came to the conclusion that it was just a little girl with a stubborn strength, and the heart was absolutely no more than five years old except for the strength of fighting strength.

So, after the initial little panic, Olympus’s Esper quickly organized an orderly battle formation, using the advantage of the number to form a dense fire suppression, successfully interrupted the Little Girl’s Doraemon “Summoning”, and now, they think they have won the game.

Although the fighting style itself has endless variability, Little Bubbles is still only a child. Under the overwhelming attack, the little girl suddenly stumbles and can only build a small and flustered panic. Bunker, then hide inside and hold his head to ask for help.

At the end, I forgot my own portable space. There is also a fighting force. This is the strength of the super special forces behind the Xiling Royal Guard…

Xiling Host’s protection is really powerful. The temporary bunkers created by Little Bubbles are undoubtedly poor in appearance, but with a dozen bombings by Esper, a series of defense systems have started to alarm.

Esper, which is catalyzed by drugs and radiation, is of course weaker than Esper in its normal class. However, under the balance of number and compatibility, the attack power they can break out is not Little Bubbles. It is not specialized in combat. Xiling Apostle can cope, in just a few minutes, the latter has already fallen into a situation of almost defeat.

“Do you want to catch it?”

Seeing that the situation was fixed, the physical strengthener standing next to Medusa asked.

Medusa nodded without hesitation. “Of course, such a cherished sample must not be missed. Her ability obviously does not belong to any kind of Esper. If we can analyze the source of her strength, the harvest will be you and I will never imagine. of.”

Medusa answered this, but there are some words she still hasn’t said: I think of the strange events that happened in the city recently, she can’t help but connect the mysterious Little Girl with those things, if there really exists If Olympus never knows and has a mysterious organization that is completely different from conventional power, then the Little Girl in front of us is definitely the breakthrough point for everything, and this is one of the reasons. The more important reason is Medusa. I always feel that the “equipment” of the every in the use of attack in the attack gives me an inexplicable sense of familiarity. Although I can’t recall that I have experienced any similar things, she still can’t familiar with it. Feeling behind the head.

This familiarity is of course because the things that Little Bubbles created are Xiling equipment, and Olympus usually studies the Xiling remnant of the ancient times.

It can be seen that Little Bubbles’ “productionability” is still at a desperate level…

However, just when everyone thought that everything was coming to an end, it would be a perfect victory, and Medusa suddenly had a feeling of uneasiness.

There are enemies close! ?

Medusa flashed such thoughts in his heart, then looked back at a brown-haired foreign man standing quietly standing away, and then dispelled such doubts.

Looking at Dubai, his ability should still play a normal role. Medusa still trusts the Esper, a mysterious system temporarily transferred from the Americas. His “fake” ability can make things happen within a certain range. Being completely concealed, everyone will subconsciously neglect this area of ​​action. Before the failure of Dubai’s ability, let’s not say that there are more than a dozen Esper besieging a fierce Loli, even if there are two group armies facing each other. The missiles, even a policeman, couldn’t be alarmed, and even if there was a painful film policeman coming over, he couldn’t remember that there was such a place!

However, despite this thought in mind, Medusa felt that the sense of crisis was not far away, but it became more and more obvious.

People like her who often deal with dangers are absolutely unfamiliar with such a sense of crisis.

When the growing sense of ominance finally reached a peak, Medusa finally felt vaguely felt that the ground beneath her feet was trembled slightly, and then she saw the ground beneath her feet suddenly bulging.

“Get out!!”

Medusa only had time to make such a warning, but it was too late, and the surface of the change was like a mine that was detonated under it. It was swept away by a large amount of sand and gravel. A tall figure was like hell. The rushing out of the smashing out of the ground, the three Olympus Esper did not even react, it has become a red smoke.

“Task, execution!”

The black shadows that broke out of the ground fell heavily from the air to the ground. The hard alloy limbs nailed a few pieces of Olympus Esper, which had no time to escape, and then spit out these two words ice-cold.

After recovering from the short-lived disappointment, Medusa saw the enemy’s appearance, and then the pupil tightened into a small point for a moment.

A mechanical beast of a half-man and a half-scorpion – originally thought it was a rumor, actually turned out again!

“Strange…Monster Oh! !”

An unlucky member of the Olympus, who was less than half a meter away from the mechanical scorpion, looked up and looked at the figure that was more than two meters high. Then he finally reacted and made a frightening cry, but the next For a moment, his voice came to an abrupt end, and then the whole body vacated and landed in batches in the next three seconds.

During this period, the mechanical scorpion only lifted the arm slightly.


The sound of the rotation of the metal joints was struck in the heart of the Esperus Esper in the silence of the moment. The degenerate woman was like a moving stone carving, turning her face blankly and then toward the encirclement. The central part went there, where the hemispherical fortifications built by Little Bubbles were slamming with electric sparks due to energy overload, which were filled with scars from various Esper attacks, and around the fortifications, Intertwined with twisted steel bars and broken cement boards, those are the ammunition used by the controlability to attack Little Bubbles, but now it seems that despite the poor technology, Little Bubbles created something Ruggedness is still relatively reliable – those “munitions” that are stronger than the shells are now turned into construction waste on the ground, and the post-modern site has been placed in the streets of Iraq under the war.

“Task, protect the host, complete!”

The scorpion observed it next to the scarred but still intact fortification, and then nodded.

“Task, destroy the enemy, start!”

From the sudden scorpion out of the scorpion to a few Esper cut into a red pigment by the slashing knife, it took less than two seconds, and now the mechanical Monster is turning its sight to its side, standing The physical strengthener next to Medusa finally reacted and immediately shouted: “What are you doing!! On Oh!”

Under this shout, everybody finally came back, even though there was some worry in his head, they instinctively used their best ability to start unreservedly to the one that was not slow. The smashing woman who came here came to attack. This time, unlike the previous one, their goal is no longer to succumb to a wild Loli who is bullying a cockroach, but to escape under the hands of a strange mechanical child. Then, there was no reservation, but although the number of people had been lost, the attack they sent was even more fierce than just now. In a flash, the place where the mechanical scorpion stood was easily overwhelmed by the overwhelming explosions.

“Ah–” a stern horror suddenly sounded in the outer layer of the encirclement, followed by a series of tragic calls, mechanical scorpions that should have been completely destroyed by various Energy Attacks, somehow have already rushed out of the bombing area, even Appearing outside the encirclement, he began to cut the fragile Human Race body with a pair of lightning-like double-knife.


In less than a minute, there were only a few survivors left by a dozen of his cronies. Medusa finally remembered what should be done at this moment, but she also vaguely thought that I can’t escape today. It is.

After hearing the boss’s order to retreat, several survivors who were still madly rebellious and violently regained consciousness, so that the painless counterattack had no effect at all. The speed of the scorpion was completely beyond the naked eye. The limit, they have not even touched each other’s hair until now!

And just in this moment, several Esper fell into the sonic charge and moments of the mechanical scorpion – although from the attack ability, these Esper are not completely incompatible with mechanical scorpions, but the vulnerability of Human Race Innate The flesh allowed them to have no room for resistance in the face of a high-speed meat grinder.

Therefore, what is the data flow is really a cloud, a cloud…

“Severe winter shock!”

A cold female voice suddenly sounded, and then a light blue glow flashed across the sky, and the steel and cement slabs that caught the eye hanged with crystal frost immediately after the flash of light, just like the cold The harsh winter came to this ruins in advance, turning everything into the world of snow and ice.

As a target of severe winter shocks, the body of the mechanical tweezers quickly condensed a layer of ice armor, especially the alloy limbs of the six clams, and the whole body was caught in a thick layer of ice.

“You first withdraw!” Medusa said palely to the two remaining men around him. It seems that she has been subjected to such skills and she has suffered a lot. “I will drag her down… Don’t talk nonsense! Withdraw!” ”

“Medusa adults…” One of the men hesitated and opened his mouth.

“Kara…Kara…” The mechanical scorpion in the ice trembled slightly, and the super-strength iceplate that Medusa made all-out was quickly covered with cracks at a speed visible to the naked eye. Seeing such a scene, I also want to see the loyal two subordinates on the spot and become the old cabbage in the collection for 83 years.

“Medusa adults, please take care!”

After such a sentence, the two “loyal” subordinates have already smashed the dust and rushed into the distance.

“Oh… oh…”

The sound of ice shattering recalled Medusa’s attention. She turned her head and saw that the upper part of the mechanical scorpion had completely got rid of the ice. The nearly three-meter-long alloy tail swayed slightly, pointing The two members of the Olympus fled in the direction, and then the armor at the end of it opened like a bud that bloomed in an instant, revealing a red crystal that was constantly brightening.

The ominous feeling just passed over the heart, and the red crystal tip of the blood burst out two red laser lights, burning two Esper that have not yet run far into a burst of blue smoke.

The sound of ice cracking continued to sound, and the armored cockroaches finally broke free from the heavy ice condensed on the mechanical joints, and then walked towards Medusa at a slow speed. The double knives in her hand were already Killed more than a dozen Esper, but at the moment it looked a little bloodless – on its surface wrapped in blue and white electric light, all the blood was evaporated in an instant.

On the opposite side of the armored scorpion, the face of a young woman surrounded by several ice shields showed a desperate expression. Although she was brave, she could judge from that expression, now she is What kind of disadvantage is it.

In all fairness, Medusa’s strength should not be so passive. Her Esper can affect the local weather to a certain extent even when she is fully engaged. The extremely cold temperature can make the steel on the Earth become like sand. Fragile, if her opponent is Human Race, even if that person has Level SSS Esper, it will be fierce at such a low temperature, but when faced with an armor, her Esper is seriously weakened – The super alloy of coming from Xiling science and technology is not afraid of low temperature, Medusa can freeze an organic living thing, but it does not freeze a mechanical tweezers.

Just like Medivh’s battle against the top of the game.

Just when Medusa was ready to make a desperate fight, the opposite mech Monster suddenly stood on the spot, and then as if to report to whom, screaming powerfully: “Task, annihilate the enemy, unfinished One person is alive!”

“Task changes, capture the enemy, Vega accepts the mission!”

Although I don’t know who this mechanical scorpion is reporting to, Medusa still understands that if she is dead, she can’t help but feel relieved. Although she has already had the consciousness of war death when she joined the organization. But inexplicably being killed by a mechanical monster or making her somewhat unacceptable – self-deception, Medusa is now really a sense of happiness.

Vega put the unresisting Medusa corona on the back, then came to the Little Bubbles hiding squad, and banged a military salute: “Senior Officer, Xiling armor 蝎Vega reported to you! The enemy has all been wiped out You are safe!”


After a moment of silence, there were some grievances and depressed voices in Little Fort.

The straight-minded Vega didn’t understand Little Bubbles’, but repeated it again after a sigh of relief: “Senior Officer! The enemy has been eliminated! You are safe.”


Little Bubbles replied ambiguously in the language she invented, and then began to pat the fortifications of the alloy armor in the inside, and the sound was a little anxious.

“Senior Officer?”

Vega stunned his head in confusion, and then suddenly his own Supreme Senior Officer heard a crying voice: “…Vega, you can help cut the iron shell, this little fool forgets the door…”

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