Xiling Empire Chapter 322

Chapter 322, Lilina’s Psychological Destruction Act

Although the situation of Little Bubbles being besieged by a dozen Esper is somewhat unexpected, when the scorpion is out, everything is still quite easy to solve. In front of a heroic combatant with a fighting strength comparable to half an armored division, those standing in Human The Esper at the peak of Race is not much stronger than a piece of tofu.

When we finished eating, the strongest tofu had been thrown by Vega into the most defensive Prison in Shadow City.

Oh, not tofu, it should be called Medusa.

To be honest, I think that in order to hold a Human Esper, the most high-level space Prison in Shadow City can be used and the entire elite squadronโ€™s elite combat soldiers can be wasted. Itโ€™s like putting a community police station. The owner of the radiator was thrown into the 51 area and handed over to more than a hundred black people to see the same egg hurt. Now Medusa enjoys the treatment of such a prisoner far beyond the specification: she is in the mirrored prison set in a different space. In the middle of the room, there are seventeen sets of energy-pressing coils running around the clock. These babies claim to be able to suppress a nuclear bomb explosion within the range of force to a level similar to a fart, and at every pass of this Prison, at any time. Xiling soldiers with at least three armed forces to the back molars are patrolling without interruption, and they can smash the heavy firepower killer of any Human Race infantry company in ten seconds. As for the outside of Prison, the layers are stacked. The stacked radar system and the energy-sensing field are nested in each other, that is, a mouse enters, and when it comes out, we can grasp every turn on its dna. The amino acid long-sawed, so strict alert level to almost nonsense, with Shandora’s words, it is a World Destruction can not be escape prison.

And in this ultimate Prison where I listened to the dizzy, Medusa was the only prisoner.

This is a waste of Oh! If it is not in the City of Shadow City, there is no money for electricity. I said that I will not agree to the transfer of radiators and small handcuffs.

However, I really regret the Xiling soldiers who are in charge of the prisoners. Because Earth is too peaceful, the Human Race has not jumped out of the heroes who are passionately fighting against the Alien aggressors. Military buildings have never been used since they were built. Arsenal and other facilities are good. They have at least two chances to move, but the Prison is really watching the fleas. This place is also almost … is the coldest part of the entire Pandora Heavy Armored Corps. Think about it for me.

The Commander, who is responsible for the prisoner’s custody, is a black-faced man who grows bigger than the governor of California and is more wide than Carrow. When he heard that the bird was not pulling, the first prisoner was finally ushered in. This stood up and the top two Pandora’s uncle grabbed my hand and trembled, and it was all in tears.

At that time, I wondered if I was looking at Prison or opening a hotel.

In short, after being forgotten by everyone, the Xiling wardens who suddenly ushered in the first “customer” are now excited, and Medusa “luckily” enjoyed hundreds of highs as a class 1 prisoner. Level The cordial care of the Warden, when Wali Marthas was not so high-profile.

As always, after the end of the lunch, just like the World War II lunch, I led the little Bubbles and Vega who made the merits. They claimed to be proficient in various criminal psychology, and volunteered to be responsible for this torture… Oh, it is humane. Lilina, who was inspired by the mission, came to the city of Shadow City to visit the Olympus prisoners who were imprisoned by the history of Supreme specification Prison.

On the way, I began to plan how to use this opportunity to find Lin Xue to show off, save the girl to say me all day long… I will not say it, anyway, everyone knows that it is not good, right?

Medusa is in a single room that looks ordinary. Except for the surrounding walls reflecting the metal texture and without any doors and windows, it looks like a clean and tidy hotel standard. There is a white single bed in the room, a silver-white square table in the middle of the room, and even a small vase on the square table. A white flower with no name inside is twisted and twisted. Itโ€™s a twist to see it – itโ€™s a new species that Della has researched at first glance, and the little things donโ€™t work, and the creation capacity is rising.

Needless to say, these things are specially prepared for Medusa.

It seems that although it is regarded as a key prisoner and has such a strict guard, Medusa has not been subjected to any abuse here, and can even be described as being specially taken care of. For the reason, Xiling Apostle has no habit of abusing prisoners of war. They are in the eyes, as long as they are warriors, even the enemy should be respected. Secondly, for the Xiling wardens who have been sitting on the bench for so long, now suddenly to drop out from the sky a prisoner… That is really precious…

When we entered the cell with no windows and doors floating between the various dimensions at any time through the special space conversion equipment, we just saw Medusa sitting on the ground with her knees, and the booth eyes staring at the center of the room like petrified. The white flowers that twisted and twisted, even without us appearing, she did not react.

It wasn’t until Vega made a slight departure that the unique mechanical movement of the body made the mysterious woman a stunned, and then looked at us with a watchful look โ€“ but after only a few seconds, her eyes returned to the center of the room. On white flowers.

I, Lilina, Little Bubbles, Vega, we four and this woman can be said to be only one side, and the atmosphere is not very friendly every time – well, it is very unfriendly, and that is not very friendly The contact definitely left a deep impression on both sides, so when we saw the four of us appear together, Medusa in the eyes crossed a lot of complicated information in a flash, but I only saw a little bit of ignorance.

Lilina, the pseudo-Loli of deep psychology, must have seen more… Hey, this girl and Little Bubbles went to the table and teased.

“Your warden is definitely a genius psychologist,” Lilina teased the teacher from Michael Jackson’s crazy flower, but suddenly said to me through a spiritual connection. “With this kind of torture, I am afraid to use it.” Without me, this woman will collapse within three days.”

“What do you mean?”

I am listening to the fog – you don’t look at me, I am versatile, powerful, and powerful, Yushu, and I am still a little lacking in psychology.

Say no one can come over and shoot a brick?

โ€œLook at this room, itโ€™s blank,โ€ Lilina explained to me as the idiot Loli Little Bubbles tossed the magical flower that had begun to dance. โ€œWhite beds, silver tables and chairs, and silver white. The walls, ceiling, ground, these monotonous colors and the grayish hard lines make up a kind of extremely depressed suggestion, and then this crazy dancing flower will become the only one in this white hell to take your breath. Something, but it will also be a catalyst to make you mad. For three days, this repressive psychological suggestion is enough to make an ordinary person’s mental breakdown – her in the eyes will only be white, the mind will be There is only a crazy flower, and then you ask what you want to ask. This woman will even tell you when she was a few times when she was a child… Ah!”

I don’t know if the gangsters really understand this kind of psychological tactics, but one thing I can determine is that one percent of Lilina’s conscience has been thrown into a corner of Azeroth. .

However, after the other’s reminder, I also found the difference in this room. The surrounding white environment looks very neat at first, but because it is too monotonous, it is a lot of uneasiness. Itโ€™s like slowly falling into this white space without borders, and that little flower is really eye-catching… Itโ€™s no wonder that itโ€™s only a few minutes before I enter this room, I feel that my mind has a burst of inexplicable irritability, and my eyes are also Always involuntarily attracted to the eccentric flowers…

However, this should be the unintentionality of the Xiling Wardens. For those who advocate simplicity and efficiency, such a room is a perfect place to be a cell, but where do they understand the complex and subtle mental world of Human Race… …

I looked at Medusa, who had been attracted to the strange flowers on the table again, and then made a snap. The white walls around the room suddenly collapsed like the mercury that lost the reliance. It was silently scattered all over the place. The place immediately changed from a pale World to a small forest space under the blue sky and white clouds. Little Bubbles screamed and ran away. The space barrier in this room didnโ€™t work for her at all, then I started to contact. All the wardens took the time to get the little Princess back…

“For basic humanitarian considerations.” In the face of Medusa’s horrified look, I said that I am a good person.

“This guy wants to see a woman, so you don’t have to… Oh! You hit me again with Lolicon!”

Lilina’s conscience was left behind in a corner of Azeroth! Oh! !

However, the small fight between Lilina and I didn’t let Medusa divert her attention. She just stared at Vega, who was standing naked, and then slowly asked, “Who are you?”

I glanced and shook my head and said, “You seem to be mistaken? Now that you are a prisoner, it should be our first question.”

But Medusa seems to have been completely immersed in his own world, turning a deaf ear to me: “You are not Human Race.”

“You are awkward, we can… well, at least I am…”

“Me too!” Lilina reminded me.

“Have you seen the Human Race coming out of the flower?”

“Oh, yes, you Lolicon also looked at the human body…”

When I found out that Lilina was a challenge, my thoughts never went smoothly.

“Okay, or business,” after two seconds of trade-offs, I wisely chose not to bicker with Lilina, the black belly guy – I am not an opponent anyway, “Medusa, I know this is not your real name, I think we should be open and honest first, my name is Chen Jun…”

When I talked about it, I was discouraged – the other party didn’t listen at all, it turned out to be a guy who didn’t get into the oil.

However, this person is still not guilty of imprisonment!

“Give it to you,” I tapped Lilina next to me. “Don’t you say you are a psychologist? Let her speak.”

“Small dishes, torture…cough cough, I am the best at the director.”

Did I hear something very subtle and factual?

Lilina confidently made a “everything with me” expression to me, then came to Medusa and grabbed two things from her portable space: a golden pug and a delicate Pistol.

In front of Little Girl, she suddenly took out the things out of the air to make Medusa’s look slightly changed, but there was no more movement – seeing so many surreal things, she seems to have developed immunity.

“Look, this is a dog, I call it a live dog.”

Lilina lingered in front of Medusa with a naive smile on her face, like a wild Loli with no harm to humans and animals. Only I know that whenever she shows such a sweet expression, it is basically someone who is unlucky, well, basically Refers to me…

Medusa’s expression was indifferent, as if it didn’t open anything, no matter what happened – so I hate those who use brainstorming to teach people, and they are stinking and hard like the stones in the pit.

Lilina didn’t care about Medusa’s disregard, but raised the pistol and placed it on the head of the puppy.


When the plasma splashes, the puppy’s head fireworks generally dissipate in the air.

I have didn’t expect this guy to be so embarrassed! But according to the character of Lilina, should she still have the following text?

“Look, this is a dog, I call it a dead dog.” Lilina raised her small body in her hand, and the small face stained with blood still had a faint smile.

โ€œFear me in this way?โ€ Medusa snorted. โ€œDid’t expect you with such a mysterious power so naive.โ€

Lilina shook her head, and the double in the eyes suddenly floated green, and a little glow of the stars emanate from the corpse of her puppy, and the puppy that had already collapsed her head miraculously Completely restored!

“Look, this is a dog, I call it a live dog.”

Lilina smiled and put the gun in her hand on the puppy’s head again.


“Look, this is a dog, I call it a dead dog…”

The same scene was repeated again, and Lilina threw the unlucky puppy, who had been killed twice in succession, into her carry-on space, but placed the pistol on Medusa’s forehead.

Lilina’s face has an innocent smile, as if a little girl who is not guilty of the world is showing off her new toy to her sister: “Well, living thing is precious, but the kindness of God may give you more. I am very kind to the opportunity to come back again… And, I will kindly give you a sweeter death, but this is a precious experience that many people can only enjoy once in their lifetime, but you have the opportunity to experience more – – painful death, long death, terrible death, humiliating death… We have a lot of time to try a lot of novelty. In our journey to destroy World, there was once a heroic mortal emperor who insisted on a total of twenty-seven. In the year, I bowed to us after 4,324 deaths. He really brought me a lot of happiness… Hey, big sister, can you tell us your secret? Lilina is a very curious Child Oh~ ~~โ€

To be honest, at this moment, I have been sweating all over my body!

Lilina, this guy, is it because of the psychological abnormality caused by death?

“You Lolicon said that I am bad?” Lilina’s spiritual connection rushed into my mind for a moment. “I don’t have to look back, I know how your face on this guy’s face is! I am a psychologist, cut. … I will go out and say, now you have nothing to ask.”

That’s right, just ask. – Medusa’s face can’t see a little light at the moment, instead it’s a deep fear. She looks at Lilina’s eyes completely like a helpless rabbit in the face of a A hungry tiger, or a helpless person, is facing one โ€“ Demon.

You ็žงๅ’ฑ this summaryability!

I slid aside Lilina, who still had a pistol, and kept the distance from the little madman who had turned off the moral module. Then she showed a kind smile to Medusa: “Reassured, I am a good person…” You are still my bad person. Tell me now, what is your real name? The name Medusa is so awkward.”

“I don’t have another name,” Medusa’s voice still trembled. “We were all washed away from the previous memory, and then used the code name as our real name.”

I was slightly surprised: “No? Your Olympus is not a thing. If you say such a non-intentional organization, are you still loyal? Can you tell me that you were the enemy of Olympus before you were washed away?” โ€

“Everything is for that lofty idea! Washing away the dirty memories of the past is to welcome the new world!”

My voice just fell, and Medusa immediately said excitedly to me, and in a flash I decided that Olympusโ€™ brainwashing education was really in place…

However, although Olympus’ brainwashing is in place, they obviously have no ability to turn their members into ruthless saints and fearless heroes. Under Lilina’s psychological tactics, Medusa’s spiritual defense has long been Save, in just ten minutes, what the Olympus Organization has unveiled before us, the other’s purpose is also clear.

And after hearing this purpose, Lilina and I were silent.

These crazy people who are delusional… Their purpose is to become the new god of this World!

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