Xiling Empire Chapter 325

The 325th you are a toy

The special team members of Olympus suffered a ruin in the Chinese territory and were taken back in a rather humiliating way. Such an event caused a lot of waves in the entire dark world in a short time.

The appearance of Olympus was accompanied by a strong sense of complacency. They first threatened a small grade-sized organization that was still in the dark World, and then destroyed the latter with the thunder. And after the conflict with several organizations, they completely eliminated the other party, and then they threw out the “new era is coming” cowbow declaration. From the appearance of the face, the image of the big boss is reversed. The strong appearance in the instant has killed almost all of the opponents. For this new emerging threat, everyone knows the details and shrinks, but at this time, another organization is born in another way: big love Nothing, an eccentric studio that relies on illegal pop-ups on the Internet to solicit business. Although the organization declaration is very formidable, everyone knows that they spend most of their time helping Old Lady find kittens, helping out-of-fighting men and women to match and help. Crazy parents bring children from Internet cafes… Such an organization makes it difficult to link it to the word “strong”.

But it was such an organization that, in the encounter with Olympus, completely destroyed the latter’s vanguard, and also used a humiliating way to stuff it back in a container with a pile of pirated discs. Customs…

This is like Kil’jaeden? The toilet suddenly got out of the sun well in advance, and it was easy to shoot down the main t 2 t 3 and Healer, but suddenly it was brushed down by a burst of water, but where at This moment, the people of the land reclamation are not desperately 骂gm is stupid sitting in front of the computer and dropping the chin.

So I lost the chin on the ground in the world – of course, the international refers to the world of the dark world, we are fortunate to have this mouth before Olympus announced the “I am God” to the full Human Race. Fighting, what has happened so far is still controlled outside the lives of ordinary people.

The organizations of the Dark World didn’t react, and Olympus didn’t seem to react. Or the big guys didn’t expect that they would touch the nails so easily. At this moment, we released the news: In China, a middle-level cadre of Olympus was captured in the battle, and the great non-profit organization “Great Love Without Borders” announced responsibility for the incident.

Therefore, the name “Great Love Without Borders” sounded extraordinarily strange and once again became the focus of the Dark World, but this is only the beginning. Now that I have decided to make Olympus “surprise”, then I am prepared. Color heads are indispensable.

“Chen Ge, I have already done it.”

Lin Feng came from behind and said next to me.

I am nodded, then put the line of sight in the distance – there is only a small town hidden in the jungle.

Now we are in a position above a cliff, surrounded by criss-crossing rocks and covered with dry grass. Looking around, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the sky above is clean and clean. The plate that Shandora has smashed – well, I admit that this metaphor is not reasonable – and below us is a large jungle surrounded by mountains.

Presumably everyone has discovered that the climate in this place is not like China’s K City in the late autumn.

This ghost place is deep in the Andes. According to Pandora’s accurate measurement, I have to walk more than three meters from here to just step on Earth’s waistband.

And the reason why Lin Feng and I are going to appear in such a place is entirely because we have to implement the plan of “Olympus self-respect and trample the big battle” that we agreed to, and I believe that everyone can do it without me. I guess the name of the person who is completely new is the thinking circuit.

In the jungle in front of me, there is a base of Olympus, which is a town that looks plain. In fact, the whole town is disguised, and the residents inside Up and down are the enthusiastic supporters of Olympus after brainwashing. This town, which never communicates with outsiders, exists to completely cover the underground base below it. Olympus is extremely close to the equator. The place found a well-preserved Xiling relic. Now, from the underground scale reflected by the energy radar, my initial guess may be… Anyway, it is the wreck of a Xiling Base. I have to say that the Xiling old people of that year really Energetic, Medusa confessed to several sub-base positions from the equator to the poles completely covering every climatic zone of Earth, and these sub-bases are built near the Xiling relics excavated below. I really don’t. I dare to imagine what it would be like Earth in the hundreds of thousands of years ago. Is it true that the colony of the great Empire is not successful?

However, the way of building bases by Olympus also provides us with great convenience. Olympus believes that “the remains of God” is sacred and inviolable, even for research, because of the unfortunate religious fanaticism. Neither should destroy any part of the ruins, which would cause them to dare to take down the things in the ruins and study them, so the base they built will never leave the nearby Xiling ruins one kilometer away, so that we can find The base of Olympus is actually to find an ancient Xiling ruin, a double-edged sculpture – let us come, even with advanced detection equipment, to make the entire Earth to the ordinary Human Race without disturbing the ordinary Human Race Scan I am afraid I have to spend a lot of time.

Now, Lin Feng and I are preparing to destroy this base. In fact, as long as I can get it by myself, Lin Feng has to follow the experience to see the true strength of Xiling God. Lin Xue is also capable of Let me feel trouble is the square of good things, and the younger brother who made his own inability to see the world’s banner will force me to join the people, and the result will be like this.

There are still ten minutes to the agreed time. If I am standing next to a beautiful woman, then it will be very easy to spend ten minutes, but if there is a big man around, then I can only stand. Boring the plateau wind on the cliff…

“Chen brother, it should be almost the same.”

I watched it boringly on the cliff for a few minutes, and Lin Feng looked at the watch behind me.

I looked back and took some uncertain tone: “So fast? It’s near the Andes, the pressure is low and the temperature should not be enough.”

Lin Feng smiled a little: “Chen brother forgot my ability? Air can be said to be the best partner for me. Esper can do a lot of convenience with a little improvement.”

I suddenly realized: “How do I get didn’t expect?” Then I happily told this cheap temporary job: “Get it for me.”

Lin Feng immediately ran back to the temporary station behind us and took the thing to me. I took a deep breath and a satisfied smile on my face.

“To tell the truth, the instant noodles are still good Master Kong, the old brand is the old brand, sucking, sucking…”

“I am still used to the 6-chome, but my sister likes Master Kang… sucking, sucking…”

In the Andes, the bleak and desolate cold wind whistling, the two men who are not familiar with the noodles, do not know anything, the tragic man slid into the face of a 51-pack instant noodles, you say who can think of a base of Olympus is about to be destroyed in this What about people?

I really regret that I didn’t bring Anveena’s omnipotent maid at the time. If she was there, I’m afraid that I could pull out the Manchu-Han Imperial Feast by pulling a few grasses from the ground, but now the situation is, I Standing in the cold wind of Lin Feng, Lin Feng sucked the half-baked noodles in a blank expression. Although Lin Feng successfully boiled the water, we obviously did not expect the cooling rate of boiling water in this place…

“Chen brother, they should come over.”

Lin Feng satisfactorily sucked the last bite of soup, then wiped his mouth and said.

I believe that Lin Feng said that although the distance is so far, the means of Esper Organization can never be measured by common sense, and with the caution of Olympus, two strangers are constantly observed on the cliffs not far away. There is no reason not to draw their attention. I took the awning in my hand and looked far away – I didn’t see it.

This is the difference between professional and unprofessional – to find a few small targets of action from a large piece of dense woodland, it is impossible for me to look at it.

I took out my phone, right on time, and then started to concentrate.

Lin Feng also knows that a spectacular scene is about to appear, and the screen is quiet, waiting to see how powerful the city is.

Our goal is to stand up and use a series of extermination strikes to completely ruin Olympus. Therefore, this time I plan to use the most gorgeous way to attack. The Super Space-Time artillery is powerful but it is The elimination of white light is hard to make people feel a sense of panic. In comparison, the disaster of nature is more likely to arouse the awe of Human Race Innate.

I close my eyes and seriously feel the flow of energy in the surrounding space. The mutated mental power gradually goes deeper into the earth. Compared to the spiritual connection across Space-Time, such attempts are at the same time at the loss. There is a lot more precision, but that’s not a problem. Soon, in my mind’s horizon, the spherical space within a few hundred kilometers of the circle forms an alternative three-dimensional map, marked on it. Then there is the landmark of the material World, but the distribution of energy. A few kilometers in front of me is a small energy meeting point, where is the small town hidden in the mountains, and below it is a piece of more The bright energy cloud, faintly showing a hexagonal spider web, should be the underground base established by Olympus. Next to this energy cloud is a prismatic dark area. The Xiling relics they found were there, and the Psionic crystals there should have blocked the flow of energy around them, which led to a darkness in my “line of sight”.

I concentrated mental power on the hexagonal energy cloud and then slid down. Gradually, the powerful energy of the planet itself hidden under the earth appeared in my perception.

It’s a long time to say, but it’s only took a second. In Lin Feng’s opinion, I just licked the eyes and then opened my hands with a solemn expression, like the Jesus Christ in the mission. Cried: “The guilty person Oh! The lava of the abyss will come out from the ground!”

Look, 咱 more eye-catching! !

The low voice of “Rumble…” really began to sound as my voice fell, and it was coming from the ground.

In front of our eyes, there was a little commotion in the seemingly peaceful town, and then the faint smog rose from every corner of the town, accompanied by an increasingly large rumbling sound, the land of the town. Finally cracked gradually, revealing the scarlet light below – the magma broke out!

In the face of strong pressure in the depths of the earth, the fragile crust decisively chose to compromise. The extremely high temperature magma began to slowly ooze at first, but after a few seconds it began to erupt like a fountain from every crack above the earth. The town of Xianghe moved to the mountains and shook the flames of burning fire, and then gradually turned into magma in the magma.

It’s just the surface. In the ground, the deep base is more thorough and faster than the town.

A minute later, there was only a small magma lake in front of us, and a forest fire that gradually burned.

However, I am not worried about how long this kind of fire will last. Once, it is surrounded by mountains. The forest at the bottom of the valley will not have much impact on the outside. Secondly, I have already played with Della. Say, although the little one can’t directly intervene in the battle between Human Race, if there is a banner to protect the environment, she still has room to do it – I really have never seen anyone who can be as deliberate as Della. Drilling my own space, first to help Lilina to do ID Card, and now bypass the “God does not disturb the world” ban to help me deal with the mess, this guy really has been completely transformed into a domestic by lollipop?

“Go, I haven’t seen it.”

Seeing the forest fire illusion in front of me is generally extinguished instantly, I waved in front of Lin Feng’s eyes.

Lin Feng turned his neck and said a word: “Chen, don’t you want to fly in the day?”

I slammed a slap in the back of this kid: “Twist, you want me to rob you!”

At the same time that the base of Olympus was destroyed at the same time, the Bubbles at home stayed in action. She easily took over the entire communication network of Earth and then successfully invaded Olympus with this network. Sri Lanka’s internal computer, and left a sentence on their server: Given that a member of your organization shouted in public and did not oil the shoes as required, I decided to destroy your base one to punish a little – The “Great Love Without Borders” Ministry of Culture announced.

This will also benefit from Medusa’s intelligence leak, otherwise even if Bubbles can take over the entire Human Race information system, she may not be able to find the network entrance of Olympus, it is not a pure technical problem, but to deal with Human Race’s sacred nature, Medusa is only a middle-level leader of Olympus, but we just need a breakthrough. The little information that she leaked to us is enough to be magnified into a deadlock in the hands of the formidable Xiling experts. The break of the embankment.

But guess, you know, the guys at Olympus will not believe such a strange news at first, and will definitely attribute the destruction of the base to an accident, although there are many contradictions in this explanation, but compared to Being stared at by an organization that can artificially create natural disasters, such an explanation is obviously more acceptable, and it is not difficult for people in Olympus to find out in detail. This Warning information is after a few minutes of base destruction. It also gave them a little room for self-hypnosis…

But all this is just the beginning. Three days later, another statement was placed on the desktop of every organization leader, including the madmen of Olympus. It is still a way of talking: because of your organization. The person in charge of the European area had a long beard and brushed his teeth without seriously gargle. I decided to destroy your base in the Pacific Ocean, in order to make a little bit of Warning – the “Great Love Without Borders” Ministry of Culture.

An hour after the announcement, an island in the Pacific Ocean evaporated and the real Human World evaporates. When the people of Olympus follow the latitude and longitude coordinates to find it, the rest is just a sky. The sea, not to mention the island, is the disappearance of the land frame under the sea level.

This time, our statement was issued before the attack.

Needless to say, Space Twin made an indelible contribution to the action of this horrible thief. Now the island is still floating in the sky of Shadow City, sealed by an enormous energy barrier. Pandora’s means using this. A way to test the hungry ability of Human Race – of course, I was strictly forbidden.

Then, such a similar blow began to start one after another, each time starting with a spoofing statement that was littered by Lilina. For example, because the weather was too cold, the price of fried cakes in the alley was increased. There are too many strokes in the “Olympics” of Lin Pius, and so on. The reasons for the “big love and no boundaries” are slightly uncomfortable, and then “I decided to destroy your base at xxx.” A little bit of “Warning” is completely the kind of street gangster. “Hey is watching you are upset, I want to marry you.” I have to say that Lilina’s character is really bad and twisted to the extreme, so the tricky tricks are even Lin Xue. Said hail as the best, and Lilina said that she is already very kind…

A series of actions are circling a message for each of Olympus’s madmen who think they are super-Human Race: you, but our toys.

Of course, this process can also be described in a comparative literature: “Big Love Without Borders” began to bully Olympus friends like a rogue.

I really want to know what the heads of Olympus are now, but I can’t get anywhere, I’m afraid even the most unreliable fantasies can’t think that “great love” will be jokes in this way. Destroying the power network of the ultimate anti-Human Race organization one by one, the reason we used and the means we used together are so incomprehensible, it’s like a naughty child is abusing his toy, this behavior is placed A powerful Esper Organization is simply too unconstrained – who can think of the “big love and no boundaries” leadership is really a bunch of guys who don’t care?

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