Xiling Empire Chapter 33

Chapter 33β€”The Eroded Shandora

Looking at Shanora in front of me, I suddenly realized that even the “War Song Princess”, known for its militant, experienced nearly 60,000 years of war, and now it should be tired.

I was a little addicted and replied, “Of course you can leave, but where are you going after you leave? Pandora should have told you that the Xiling Empire… is actually in name only, and whether the territory you once ruled is still a problem.”

Shandora said without hesitation: “Of course, walk with you – go to the carbon-based civilization planet called Earth.”

“Hey?” I was stupid.

Shandora wants to go back to Earth with me? Who wants this script? ! After the Pandora Heavy Armored Regiment, another Alien army is going to rush into Nanfu Street?

“Shandora, aren’t you kidding? You so many people…” I tried to make Shandora change her mind, a Pandora Heavy Armored Regiment has refreshed one third of my surroundings, and then a Shandora team, I am afraid I will not count on it later. Going out can see earthling. Although Shandora’s army is like the other Legion of Empire, the middle and lower members are unintentional units that can be recycled into different spaces, but even if they are taken back, the rest of the Commander is not a decimal, so Many people have brains to buy pirated disks on the Earth… cough cough, it seems that I was a little nervous by Carrow…

“Are you worried about my Xiling Emperor’s identity? You can rest assured that I am only temporarily staying with you, will not interfere with your sovereignty – I can swear in the name of Empire!”

… I am not worried about this problem at all. I am worried that if there are a number of pirate traffickers like Carrow, I am afraid that the first Star Wars will happen between the Empire Army and the city management.

But looking at Shandora miserable, I couldn’t bear to reject her – she had nowhere to go.

In addition, is the Empire Supreme Chief of state really like this? Has this Shandora been somewhat abnormal during the 60,000-year war years?

In the end, I still feel soft: “Well, you can go back with me, but you have to promise me.”

“Yeah–” Shandora cheered, then stood up and stepped back two steps, happily rushing up…

β€œkā chā ——” a loud bang, β€œah—” screamed.

Broken, broken again…


It seems that what Shandora told me has helped me strengthen my body. At the very least, my recovery ability is much stronger…

Today is the third day we came to this World ruled by Demon Beast. In Shandora’s base, I have a more detailed understanding of their experiences.

It turned out that about 60,000 years ago, when the Shandora expedition Helen Galaxy returned, he happened to discover the planet. At that time, Shandora only planned to play in this place for a few days, so he led his personal Guard off the main force to come here. The result was unfortunate. The next day they landed on the planet, the contact with the outside world was interrupted (Empire was in a deep sleep). Not only that, but the various equipment they carried also inexplicably failed, not only could not leave. Here, even the normal fighting strength has been greatly weakened, so that it has been struggling with the local Demon Beast for 60,000 years, even though most of the individual fighting strengths of Demon Beast are no match for Xiling Empire’s soldiers, but they The sheer volume and rapid reproduction make it even more difficult for Shandora and her Commander to understand that these Demon Beasts seem to be incapable of killing. No one knows where they came from, only know that every a period of time will have A lot of crazy Demon Beast came from all directions, leaving countless bodies We have a collective retreat. Since she came with only a small amount of military power, Shandora and her men were just struggling to tie in with these Demon Beasts, not to mention the decentralization of the sources of these Demon Beasts. For 60,000 years, they The only understanding of the enemy is that the other party seems to have been eroded by some kind of power called the “abyss”, so it becomes so violent.

β€œThe abyss is the most dangerous thing in the universe,” Shandor said with a particularly serious expression. β€œIt is not an energy or substance in the ordinary sense. To be precise, it represents a strong will, full of pure Destructive desire and destructive desire, this power constantly wanders in the universe, and whenever it stops, this will begin to affect the surrounding things – whether it is carbon-based living thing, silicon living thing or energy living thing Even our half-energy storage thing will be affected by this power. What is even more incredible is that it can not only affect the living thing, but even the unconscious thing. Doom – When the ‘abyss’ comes, the planets will deviate from orbit, the stars will burn wildly, the gravitational force will be abnormal, the various constants will be disordered, and finally they will go to destruction… It can be said that the abyss, it is destruction itself.”

When I went to Pandora about the abyss, little brat’s face showed a dignified look. She said: “Although the information I can call is incomplete, it is certain that Emperor Shandora mentioned it. The power does exist, and according to the information I currently have, the abyss has always been the main enemy of Empire.”

…I don’t think of the Xiling Empire and the glorious history of maintaining the peace of the universe.

“Fortunately,” standing on a cliff near the base, Shandora looked at the distant mountains, and said, “It is finally over, leaving this damn place.”

“It’s unbelievable, you can hold on for so long,” I exclaimed sincerely. “If it were me, I am afraid I will be crazy.”

“I’m crazy,” Shandora turned to smile at me, a flamboyant curly hair with a golden glow. “Do you know? As the spiritual pillar of these warriors, I am under more pressure than anyone else. Even Xiling Emperor’s mental power volume can’t stay awake for a long time in this case, so when the war lasted for 50,000 years, my spirit collapsed once, I even planned to let the whole army collectively explode, and this The planet is gone…”

I looked at Shandora awkwardly, the other with a warm smile, and it was not like a joke in my eyes.

“Fortunately, at the last minute, I recovered a moment of sobriety,” Shandora said with a warm and happy smile. “At the time, I thought that if I continued to live, I might bring an extraordinary disaster to my soldiers. They are too Obeying my orders, even if I am crazy, I want them to commit suicide, they will not have any doubts, so I decided to terminate myself.

“I entered the abyss…”

“Abyss?” I became more and more surprised. “You mean the kind of power that puts people in the universe everywhere?”

Shandora heard me and couldn’t help but laugh out: “Oh, that terrible thing is called the power of the plug, it’s really interesting… you are right, that thing, although in most cases the abyss is just I can’t see the power that I can’t touch, but they also have their own nest. When Abyss power is materialized, this entry will appear… As a Xiling Emperor, I naturally have some special capabilities. With this capability, I am alone. I found a materialized abyss entrance, and then rushed in. Even if it was dead, I would give them a bit of a taste!

“In the abyss, I have seen a lot of things that you will not see in your life, and the evil forces beyond your imagination. I don’t know how many enemies I killed, and I don’t know when I will die and die. Fighting day after day.

“I thought that the amount of mental power that I had already faltered would soon collapse completely under the influence of the abyss, and then turned into a war beast that lost all thoughts or was torn into a fragment by a strange enemy in the abyss, but – you guess, later what happened?”

I swallowed, nervously watching the smiling Shandora, whether it was her performance before or if she suddenly repetitively and I said this, it made me feel very wrong, this Xiling Emperor’s state of mind seems really Some are not normal, maybe her last sensibility has been completely eliminated in the abyss? Now she is actually controlled by the abyss? Or is she simply a madman who looks normal?

I didn’t answer for a moment, and Shandora didn’t mind, but said it myself: “Later… I was really Abyss Corossion…”

Shandora said that suddenly, I smiled at Qianqian, and then slowly raised my right hand. Immediately, the black, flame-like materialized energy spread from her fingertips and quickly surrounded her entire right body. After only a few seconds, Shandora’s right body was completely transformed into a black flame. This strange energy flame burned fiercely, and the shape of the human body was completely invisible, and the right hand she had just raised became a The black smoke and the horrible claws that are half a meter long…

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