Xiling Empire Chapter 331

Chapter 331, above the moon

At this point, Olympus can basically be said to have been completely destroyed.

Seventy percent of this short-lived organization has been littered by our lightning attack on the bases of all parts of the world. The remaining bases have also been placed on the next action schedule by Xiling Commanders. They are located in the big Goss. The headquarters under the reef of the bottom island was transformed into four scattered basic particles along with the ancient mother nest, which was completely dissociated by Bubbles. Four of the six so-called “Olympus gods” were killed, one was Turned into an ordinary person and then closely monitored by the Esper Organization, the only remaining Moon God Artemis is missing, such an ending can be said to be an absolute victory, at least from Lin Xue, the news, not only Esper Organization The entire dark world has a feeling of relief.

But for us, the trouble is about to begin.

Olympus Organization, for a long time is just a smoke bomb, even if all their bases are uprooted, it just makes the real behind-the-scenes black hand reach the purpose of delaying time, that Artemis is the guy who makes us headache.

After returning home, I first announced to Qianqian and my sister the good news that the original goal of the action was achieved, and then announced a hidden task that could not help but talk.

It’s natural that a bunch of girls are amazed.

Ah… above the moon…

What a god is this, Oh!! !

Even if the result of the analysis is that the Meikexing or Centaur or even the m7 nebula is completely fine, even if you tell me that Artemis has been robbed by a lightning bolt to the outside world, there is no problem, but why do you want to tell me? The picture on the damn plate is actually a star map over the moon 170,000 years ago. Oh!!

Do you know how much resentment I have about the moon now? !

Do you know that it is a tearful thing for your own Angel to be miserable in the crater of the moon on average every week because he lost his way?

It’s not too bad, but the tears of my memories are nothing else: you know how bad these two super idiots have caused me when Anveena’s idiot was brought to the moon by Alaya and the back of the moon. Trouble?

That day because Anveena’s was not present, I was convinced that Lilina “I am cooking very well” is obviously a lie made up for deliberate murder. As a result, I was almost killed in a four-hit ball!

Ok, I admit, this time it’s too far…

In short, now I am really having a very serious allergic reaction to the moon. I can even say that because Alaya has recently lost more and more to the enormous satellite, I am completely desperate at the same goal of my own Angel. Time, the moon and Lin Xue have been put into the same collection, all marked with the “enormous trouble source not close” label…

However, it is speechless. This is the data analyzed by Bubbles. It is exaggerated to say that if the results simulated by Bubbles really differ from the reality, then the world is wrong…

It seems that this star plate has a connection with the moon, and the deduction made by Viska’s correction of the benchmark coordinate also proves this conjecture – what Olympus calls God’s Domain, which is alleged Moon.

I really don’t know how they found the Xiling relics on the moon. If you think of luck, the luck of this Olympus is too heavenly defying, saying that Artemis should not be a passer.

When I think about this, I will be a shackle. No, it’s too dangerous to go through this kind of thing. It’s said that the magical creature that can only use the bricks to dry down the Dragon King is not my own. The ordinary Chief of state can compete against the guys, or you have to find a way to pull a few strong from Azeroth, or let Lilina on the line, the passer should not be a problem for the passer, Lilina is also worn to wear and aggravate The kind that is born, two turns to the full level is easy and no pressure…

“You are so extremely Lolicon’s eyes blinking in the wretched eyes of what’s in the brain to add something in disorder, bastard!”

Noticing the sight that I suddenly swept away, Lilina finally couldn’t restrain the soul of the poisonous tongue deep inside, and jumped out to carry out the routine ginseng cock.

Qianqian slid Lilina aside and then happily scraped it together: “A’Jun, are we going to the moon on Ah?”

I reluctantly reloaded my hand: “There is no cockroach and rabbit on it…”


“There is no Princess from the bamboo.”


“There is nothing in the relationship with the beautiful young girl warrior.”

“咔嚓”, Qianqian finally made up his mind to bite on my arm, and two sharp little tiger teeth gave me an ankle strap.

Lilina’s ghosts came together: “That!”

The news that the enemy may have gone to the moon has brought Qianqian and her sister into an unprecedented state of excitement. The two Xiling mothers, who are exaggerated but still maintain the ordinary people’s mentality, have been given a plan to “explore to the moon”. The stimulating heartbeat, I just can’t understand, how can the characters who have been to the World have been so interested in a stone ball that is so far away from home?

Ok, I admit, I am also very excited, more accurate, it should be novelty, after all, I heard from childhood, “This is a small step for me…” Such a famous science of growing up is not a good youth?

In addition, I am completely admired for the activities of Xiling’s seniors 700,000 years ago. On the moon… What did they do when they arrived on the Earth? Another study of Esper is to build a bunch of base.

At this time, just disappeared in the kitchen, did not know that his first few meals today, Shandora walked over with a burp, and then thrown himself on the sofa without any image, while still licking his lips.

“It’s full…” Shandora groaned, “The little pudding cake is the first delicious of Human World…”

I was shocked: “You won’t eat all the twelve pounds of cake?”

Shandora satisfactorily touched the little belly without any bulging, licking the eyes and nodded hard: “Well!”

This is what its magical amount of Oh! Is the main thinking organ of this girl really a stomach?

“Is the result of the to scan of the moon coming out?”

I couldn’t help but knock on the high-healthy Your Highness the Queen’s head, and then turned my eyes to Pandora, who was sitting on the couch and swimming in the outer space.

Upon hearing my question, Pandora immediately turned over the unfocused, gray-eyed eyes and answered meticulously: “The lunar surface to scan has been completed, no artificial buildings have been found, and the second to scan result will be in three minutes. After uploading.”

Onee-sama also spoke at this time: “A’Jun, although the Xiling building has always been strong, I also doubt that the Xiling Base built on the moon 700,000 years ago can still be saved to the present – that place after all Is there no atmospheric protection?”

Indeed, I have also thought about this issue. Don’t say that there is no moon on the moon, even Earth with satellite and satellite protection. Most of the Xiling relics of the ancient times are seriously damaged, and even some are left to indicate that they used to The existence of the wreckage, a Xiling Base that bombarded the meteorites in outer space for 700,000 years, is still a thing that we are very suspicious, if Olympus’s “God’s Domain” is Xiling moon base, then Artemis guy…

“The absolute tragedy is gone.”

Lilina is confidently nodded, indicating that she is convinced of her own judgment.

The joy of becoming a god is transmitted to the surface of the moon with high radiation and absolute vacuum. If this is the case, then the position of the tragic emperor of Poseidon, who was accidentally killed by Pandora, will be in jeopardy. Artemis will definitely become this century, no, it should be Primates The most tragic villain since the animal was opened.

“Deep to scan is done, coming from the data of the third space probe,” At this moment, Pandora suddenly faintly opened, and then threw a blockbuster, “the moon found internal hollow and high energy reaction.”

Bombshell, a bomb that was even heavier than the 300s were coming!

Qianqian and her sister, who were whispering, found that they were surrounded by a sudden silence, not just strangely lifted the head, just to see that I was as stiff as a stone on the spot.

“Not what I did.” Qianqian immediately cleared his responsibilities.

“Sister, and Qianqian,” I said, “I am talking about the confused Onee-sama and Qianqian. “Say to you, the moon on our head, it has stuffing inside…”

The moon, this one should have been hung on our head for hundreds of millions of years, just as old as Earth, carrying many Human Race fantasy and mythical legendary planets, and inside it, there is also a base built by Alien…

My initial reaction was naturally not to believe, because it was too much, but it really made me say why I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t talk about it. This is probably the so-called thinking inertia and stubbornness. It has long existed in Human Race consciousness, and it is unacceptable that something that is almost truth is suddenly overthrown. However, as more to scan results are uploaded to Pandora, we have to accept that “there is an interior space inside the moon”. fact.

“In summary, there may be a Xiling Base Outpost inside the Moon’s only natural satellite belonging to Earth.” After Pandora shared all the information with us, Shandora made a concluding remark, “If it is based on Stars The internal base, with the durability of the Xiling military building, should not be completely damaged in the past 700,000 years, and according to our habits, this outer space base relying on the main satellite settings usually exists as the final fortress. Most of them are extremely strong and have independent Psionic wells. It is not impossible to maintain hundreds of thousands of years of continuous operation, and considering the close connection between the Xiling Apostle and the ancient earthling 700,000 years ago, the base in the moon It’s very likely that it has also been transformed into an environment suitable for Human Race’s survival. The Artemis is probably alive now, if she is really curious to press a button… we don’t have to look at 2012.”

“In other words, want to explore the moon?”

Qianqian said with a beam of eyes, full of enthusiasm, for this girl, as long as it is a fresh thing that she has never experienced, it is enough to cause her maximum enthusiasm for participation.

“It seems that we really need to look at the moon and the interior of the moon,” Shandora nodded, reaching out for a big round. “There may be an ancient Xiling Base, although the Science and technology of the Human Race civilization is still I can’t explore it there, but the development of Human Race is something I have to be sure. They will master this technology sooner or later. Now we should be dangerous for the future Human Race. I don’t want such a dynamic race. It was destroyed because accidentally dug up the garbage dump of Empire.”

It seems that Shandora has lived with us for so long, but it has changed. If it was a year ago, I am afraid that it would be on the Earth. The 7 billion Human Race will not let her feel any relationship with her.

I was naturally interested in such a novel experience. I couldn’t help but say excitedly: “That should be prepared, let me see, let’s make a spaceship first, then a spacesuit, and…”

Shandora confusedly licked eyes: “What are you going to do?”

“Hey? ”

“Don’t you go to the moon?” Shandora scratched his hair and seemed to be quite difficult to understand. “If you are too lazy to go, it will be OK to drive your car. You can hurry back to eat the next meal. And what about the spacesuit, your genetic enhancement should have reached the level of resistance to the radiation and vacuum of the Universe? The short-term anaerobic environment is not a problem, and Sivis seems to be organizing research to make carbon-based Biogenes use their own cells to convert radiant energy genetic enhancers, and wear goggles if they feel uncomfortable, but I don’t think those are needed. If there is a base under the moon, we should not be exposed much. The opportunity of space… Hey, and the moon is not suitable for a picnic…”


Experienced killing Oh! How can I forget that for Xiling Apostle, this short-distance space travel is as easy as writing a soy sauce on the street?

As far as our genetic enhancement has reached a level that can survive in the universe for a short time, this has surprised me a bit. Although I have known that the Empire scientists are all Monster-level researchers, they have done it for us. Has genetic enhancement already reached this level?

Although I feel self-conscious, it seems that there is no difference except for the greater strength…

In short, just half an hour later, a small expedition composed of my sisters Qianqian, Onee-sama, Shandora and Pandora came to the surface of the moon.

There is no unexpected novelty process, no countdown, no bunch of instruments in the disorder of disorder to help you, no one called the ground station to surprise you, there is not a large group of so-called ground staff to give you With all sorts of bad ideas, we sat on 700 billion, and then… arrived…

The process is simply simpler than going to the department store – there is no traffic light at all!

This also led me to brew a half-day “one small step” before I got off the bus.

“This is coming.” Qianqian sighed a step, followed me and got out of the car, listening to the tone did not know whether it was disappointment or discouragement, perhaps both.

But although the process of “moon landing” was quite disappointing for Qianqian, it did not dispel the excitement that the young girl first came to the moon. After a little adaptation to the low gravity environment on the moon, Qianqian pulled on Onee. -sama began to wander around and explore the stones she had seen with unprecedented curiosity. For her, an Alien ball carrying many legends and different environments and grounds is even more than the world. Of the value of exploration, if it is not the dirty moon dust everywhere, I am afraid that this hoe will start to roll on the ground.

Qianqian and Elder Sister’s are surrounded by a faint blue energy shield, which is a super-barrier formed by the physicalization of mental power, although Shandora says that the genetic enhancement we have experienced is resistant to the radiation and vacuum between the universes. However, Qianqian and her sister still believe that space radiation will affect the smoothness of the skin…

“It’s strange to not breathe.”

Onee-sama followed the eager Qianqian with the great cause of “exploring the moon” and “speaking” with a quirky tone – there is no air on the moon, and the communication between us can only be done through spiritual connections. .

However, I feel that this soft and low-gravity environment is even more unfamiliar than not breathing. There is always an illusion that it will fly into space with a single jump and never come back.

“This is the first step. Let’s look for the passage into the moon.” Shandora has no feeling about this environment. I guess she can calm down the gimmick in the stellar core. “In addition, Don’t look directly at the sun, there is no atmosphere to buffer, even if you are genetically strengthened, you will be blind and tired.”

“The moon shell is very thin,” Pandora slammed his feet and raised a moon that slowly drifted like a slow motion. “There is an interference layer under 30 kilometers, the thickness of the interference layer is unknown, and the detector is ready to be released.”

The 700 billion that has been following the cruise mode accepted the command and immediately landed on the ground. The trunk slowly opened and revealed a honeycomb-like launching equigment inside.

The blue light flowed around the “honeycomb” launching surrounds, and then a swift black shadow flew silently out of it, disappearing into our field of vision at a speed that the naked eye could not capture at all.

… This car is really powerful, even the trunk can be used to launch satellites…

The one-time detection satellite, known as the “worker bee”, is extremely fast and has a small Space jump equipment installed. In less than two minutes, the entire moon is under our temporary satellite network.

Pandora has acted as the main server of the temporary satellite network. The massive information has flowed into the little brat with the establishment of the connection between the satellite groups. Although the efficiency is high, but the little brain is basically not used, although it is in the sound. Unable to spread the vacuum, but I still vividly heard Pandora within the body suddenly burst into a series of “drops” in my mind.

As a result of entering the high-speed data processing mode, Pandora’s black straight hair and the pair of gray big eyes instantly turned into a mysterious ice blue, in the dark universe background, like the water Elf is generally beautiful and refined… Who is it? I can drive the broken car with a patch!

“The moon-side has not found the channel-type entrance, and the deep to scan… there is no obvious weak point on the moon shell, the interference layer still exists, hehe…” Pandora said, suddenly a very short burst of surprise The mechanical me-cold has never been able to speak. “Brother, I found a very strange phenomenon.”

My old face is red: “Do not worry, I will feel very strange no matter what you say…”

“The thickness of the moon shell has been determined to be 30 kilometers, and the interference layer… is spread all over the moon…”

I licked Babel’s eyes and finally understood: “You said… the whole moon, it’s hollow?”

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