Xiling Empire Chapter 332

Chapter 323 Our Moon

The moon is hollow.

Is there anything more frivolous than this?

I used an unbelievable gaze to ask Pandora for a more accurate answer, while the latter rushed me to nodded: “Brother, the moon is empty.”

“This is really awkward,” I shrugged and turned my eyes to Shandora. “You used to have the habit of hollowing out satellites to build bases?”

But Shandora’s reaction was a bit strange. She ignored my questioning, but frowned, revealing the look of thought.

“What’s wrong, Shandora?”

“Nothing…” Shandora shook his head, but his brows didn’t stretch much. “Maybe I think more… If the moon is built with a giant base, then the thing that happened in this galaxy 700,000 years ago would be It’s a bit complicated. Pandora, have you found the cross section of the interference layer?”

“A total of four sections with suspected entrances were found, and the nearest section is about one kilometer from our current location.”

According to the direction indicated by Pandora, we successfully found the place called “fault”. On the surface of this gravitationally weak geological planet, the distance of one kilometer is definitely a challenge limit for Human Race astronauts. Walking distance, but for us, it is just a short time, because… we have a car…

You don’t know the difficulty of walking on the moon. The fluttering roots are at the extremes of the movement that I originally guessed and jumped 100 meters away. The real situation here is that you are standing. I didn’t leave a jump, but when I fell, I basically experienced a vertical displacement. At the beginning, I tried to promote the free energy of the surroundings, and I also experienced a high-speed flight in the vast sky. Pleasure, but the result is that Viska had to bring me back from the moon’s synchronous track…

The environment with weak gravity is too unaccustomed.

Pandora’s “fault” is located under a crater. The crater on the moon has a very interesting feature, no matter how large its area is, no matter how much the outer space of the crater is striking, the strength of the meteorite impact, its The depth will be very shallow, much higher than the average depth of the crater observed by Human Race on any planet surface. If you look at it from a high altitude, the craters are like the dense plates on the moon. Now this phenomenon The cause of this can already be explained: the thickness of the moon shell is only 30 kilometers, while below it is a super-alloy inner shell that is strong enough to resist starburst.

We carefully came to the bottom of the crater, which looks different from the surrounding environment. The sun’s rays shine directly through the unobstructed Universe space on the moon, and the sunny place is completely horrible, while on the rocks. The shady side of the back is completely black and dark, and the diffraction effect of the atmosphere is lost. The surface of the moon that is spread over the gravel is so clearly interlaced with light and shadow, and because there is no atmospheric buffer, the temperature difference between the two regions More staggering: up to Baidu!

“The interference layer has a gap of about half a kilometer in diameter here,” Pandora’s eyes sparkle with ice blue light, and the same ice-blue hair dances with the flow of energy. “Depending on the scale, It may be the supply channel for the base within the month.”

I looked at the dirty “ground” under my feet and began to try to imagine what an Alien base would be like on the moon, but after thinking about it for a long time, it seems that I know the Xiling buildings…

“Is there a way to open it?”

Pandora nodded, and then took out his signature top pillar Psionic gun, kaka released the insurance equipment.

This time, before I started, Shandora had already smashed a chestnut on a Lolita head with no brains: “You are crazy! In the month of the base, there is a defense system that you can use. You can get Oh! ”

At this moment, Viska suddenly broke the silence along the way. She gently rubbed my clothes and then gestured for us to retreat.

“What’s wrong, Viska?”

After returning to the edge of the crater, I quite strangely asked.

“Brother…” Viska showed a sigh of expression. “Big brothers don’t hate me?”

“What a stupid thing!” I said inexplicably, while licking the other’s cub, “Do you know how to open this door?”

Qianqian seemed to want to say something, but I took the first step to stop her with her eyes, and then we looked at Viska with a calm look.


Viska silently finished this sentence and then hid behind me.

Without expecting me, the slight tremors came from the depths of the earth. The soil in front of us quickly covered the cracks with the tremors. Then, the bottom of the crater collapsed in front of us. The void of enormous.

I comfortably pressed the button on Visa’s head and jumped forward first—too hard, skipping…

The two detectors that were released as scouts safely reached the bottom of the cavity and sent back all the normal signals. Then we gathered a few talents, and the Pandora, which has the strongest reaction speed and fast coverage, is naturally the most In front of the road, followed by Shandora, Qianqian and sister each entered the Esper state and behind the Shandora, and I was obviously behind some of the restless Viska.

This dark passage is not vertically downward, but has an inclination of nearly 45°, which also reduces us a lot of trouble, but in contrast, we have to go longer: according to Pandora’s to scan, The interference layer below the moon shell is formed of high-strength n-stone alloy, which has strong hardness and certain energy shielding effect, but also shields the energy-sensing system of a leader-class Apostle, the conventional fortress The thickness of the armor is not enough, so the thickness of this solid metal inner shell is at least five kilometers. Plus the thickness of the 30-kilometer moon shell under our feet, plus the 45° tilt angle, we have to be damn low. Going under gravity… Well… Anyway, it’s a long way to go…

Fortunately, we have a car…

When I found out that I would have to walk through such a long distance in the moon shell, I decisively summoned 700 billion from the air. The hole exposed after the crater collapsed was quite large, and our mini private car was inside. It’s not a problem to fly back and forth. The first part of the journey is really easy and pleasant except for the black ones. However, as the depth continues, the surrounding walls gradually become narrower. After passing the moon shell, we are in front of us. It is a narrow door slit that only allows two people to pass.

The door made of silver-white metal is the dividing line between the outer surface of the moon and the inner base. For some reason, it is not completely closed, which gives us the opportunity to enter this ultimate fortress.

The next section seems to be walking, but fortunately, although the slope of 45° is very steep, it is not too difficult for us to walk in the low-gravity environment.

As we move forward, the front of the passage is faintly appeared with a ray of light, at the same time that proves that the passage is coming to an end, and it proves that the ancient Xiling Base inside the moon has a formidable energy life system…

“Say, I seem to have forgotten something…”

Walking, Shandora suddenly broke the silence and talked to himself in the spiritual connection.

I kept on foot and turned and asked: “What?”

“I always feel that it’s not very important,” Shandora pointed his lower lip with his index finger, and the blue eyes slammed twice. “But it seems to be important now…”


I just promised, I felt that my footsteps suddenly sank, and then some very familiar feelings once again acted on the limbs, only to have such a short exclamation, I threw the whole person forward, and then I was embarrassed The ground… rolled down.

Followed by the Qinqian and Onee-sama’s exclamations from the far star port, and then the two girls squatted on me.

Broken… I feel that at least half of my bones are broken.

“Oh! I remembered it!” Shandora slid lightly beside me, and I fell to the ground with my wolverine – the Qianqian – sister trio was more than one percentage point more elegant. “Looks like this kind of space.” The interior of the fortress will automatically generate artificial gravity!”

“You think of me early Oh!!!” I jumped up and slammed into a Queen’s head.

After the training, I was beaten by Qianqian and my sister, and I was able to look at the environment of the four surroundings. You know, the high-speed rotation and dizziness are hard to see. Clearing the things of surroundings…

“This is too… too storm forforts…”

This is the only words I can say after I see the surroundings.

Our current location is a straight overpass. Its width is visually at least twenty lanes. The whole is made up of a silver-white metal with a faint glow. It is only a very strong strength. The unique halo that can be produced by the Kelly alloy, and above the bridge is a pipe-like shell made of light blue crystal. In other words, we are standing inside the pipe, this crystal I I have seen it several times. It is said to be a metamorphosis that only grows near the mega-nuclear nucleus. From hardness and energy resistance, it is arguable. It can even directly bear the star-level energy transmission when it is used to build a pipeline. The extreme conditions of the generation of conditions, even if the value of the entire universe can only be described as extremely expensive, and only Xiling Apostle can be extravagant to use this incomparable crystal to serve as a supply pipeline for their fortress – because they I have mastered the technique of using stone to synthesize this crystal…

In addition, this crystal called a rough stone has been used as a new collection target by Little Bubbles because of its shiny characteristics. The accident of a rough stone warehouse in Shadow City is frequent…

Through this transparent outer wall, we can clearly see the outside of the pipe.

I want to ask how I describe the scene I see – grand, spectacular, mysterious, weird, and no word is enough to describe one tenth of what I see. It is huge, or even just relying on it. The super-enormous space of your own volume can create a sense of fear. Behind us, the alloy armor covering the base throughout the month spreads in all directions like a sudden vertical horizon, supporting a whimsical World in the planet. Numerous enorous alloy skeletons, towers, and criss-crossing crystal clusters grow freely in vast spaces, at least a distance of more than a kilometer. The straight pipe we are in is just an inconspicuous part of the forest. The branches are just a thin white mist that permeates the space outside the pipe, leaving the distant “forest” with only a phantom that is blurred like a ghost. From time to time, the lightning of the extraordinary sounds silently across the space. Two pieces of alloy skeletons that may be several kilometers apart are connected together, then the skeleton and the tower of their surroundings Mobile ensued, according to some law to form a new array, though do not understand the significance of this change, but I know it is proved within this month base is still in a state of normal operation.

“It’s spectacular…”

Qianqian and her sister looked at the magnificent scenery in front of them and muttered to each other.

Shandora seems to have already expected such a reaction. She smiled and said: “This is the buffer of the space-based fortress. Strictly speaking, we are not inside the fortress now, because the buffer is still in the armor layer, when it is attacked. This will be the last line of defense for the Fortress ontology, but in general, very few external attacks can destroy the buffer area of ​​this ultimate fortress.”

I think so too – anyway, I can’t think of what kind of firepower can penetrate the 30-kilometer moon shell and one-kilometer-thick alloy armor, and then have the ability to be such a super-strength that is tens of kilometers long. The buffer supported by the skeleton is destroyed. Anyway, the moon bombed the meteorite in space. So many years have not seen it explode, right?

Pandora took out a small transport boat from his carry-on space – finding someone in a planet-sized fortress is a too brain-destroying thing to walk. If you don’t say anything, it’s just under our feet. The pipeline has an absolute length of nearly 35 kilometers. If there is no means of transportation, we are afraid that we will be exhausted before we find Artemis…

Along the way, both Qianqian and her sister were amazed by the spectacular and mysterious scenery around them. This area, known as cushioned armor, is not static, but is constantly changing, with criss-crossing alloy skeletons and crystal clusters. They are constantly moving, they occasionally form a fairly neat matrix array, and sometimes they will become completely loose and loose structures. Every time the dramatic changes will lead to Qianqian excitement, even the consistent Onee- Sama is no exception, as for me, of course… followed by the two of them exclaimed, after all, this scene has not been seen yet, right?

However, despite the deliberate slowdown, we passed the buffer area half an hour later, entered the main part of the base in the month, and landed on anenomous platform suspended in the air.

“This should be the place for medium-sized warships to be overhauled,” Shandora quietly hovered in the air about a few tens of centimeters from the platform, with a nostalgic tone. “It’s been a long time since I saw such a scene.”

The last one I got down from the transport boat, and then I accidentally slammed the sliding door of the transport boat: “Without locking, is this nobody stealing?”

Everybody looked at me with contempt.

What is the base in the month? This is a bit more difficult to describe. In a slightly more light way, this is a “three-dimensional” city.

As far as the eye can see, there are huge war factories or functional buildings floating in the boundless space, and I can distinguish the chariot assembly workshop, the battleship dock, the tactical calculation center, and the Psionic recharge. The tower is only a large facility that will be built on the land base, and more is a weird building that I can’t see its function, but according to my guess, those should be related to the R&D and manufacturing of war vehicles, after all… …in front of us there is an electronic signpost in the “carriage production area” marked with Xiling text…

But now those buildings are obviously dormant, without a trace of light, one by one like a steel monster that quietly peers into the ground. Between these buildings, various large and small warships also hover silently in the air, it seems that the whole month In addition to the overall lighting and maintenance system, the internal base has fallen into a flaw.

“Well, Viska, where are you going now?” Shandora looked around and suddenly turned his head and tapped on Viska’s head. “Don’t go, little girl.”

Viska’s face showed a flustered look, and then hesitated his eyes on me.

At this time, we have actually guessed more or less things, but how can we say that, anyway, I personally do not think that this is important, so I faced the weak and helpless gaze of my sister, and I decisively chose to surrender: “Hey, you tell us how to go. Just get this mess up and I will lead you out with Pandora for a few days.”

This answer seems to make Viska finally let go of his heart, little girl’s face reveals a faint faint, and then began to explain to us the structure of this unknown base.

“First of all, the name of this fortress is the 7535 barrier star. Well, 7535 is my previous name, but now my brother gave me a new name, so the current name is – Viska Barrier Star!”

“Name it by name!?” When I hadn’t had time to speak, Shandora was already surprised to say, “Glory?”

Viska is proud to be in the head: “Well! This is glory! This is Viska’s own glory ship, the Viska Barrier Starship!”

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