Xiling Empire Chapter 334

Chapter 336

“It’s not like this.”

Shandora and Viska said in unison.

I immediately swept the curious eyes on the two, not knowing why they had such a strange reaction.

Shandora took a long breath and pointed to the crystal prism in the middle of the room not far away. He said, “Look at the things above, I am afraid that the situation was not as simple as we thought.”

Viska’s face changed a few times, and finally bowed his head, just holding out his small hand and clutching my cloak.

I and Qianqian had an inexplicable expression on my face, and I looked at each other, but I couldn’t figure out why, but Pandora, who was next to me, came closer and finally whispered, “Stupid sister…”

Things are not unusual, Pandora seems to be the first time to call Viska “sister”, and the latter is now doing the wrong thing, it is too abnormal.

Onee-sama at this moment has been directed by Shandora’s instructions to the crystal prism that is constantly floating with data and characters, and strangely observing the above.

“what happened?”

I went over and asked in a fog.

My sister pointed to the information on the above and said: “Look at it yourself… This information can be a bit strange.”

“Oh,” I promised, and then I followed the text on the crystal prism – I couldn’t understand the numbers, and I firmly believe that Onee-sama, which has been seen for a long time, is now starting to see. Qianqian also can’t understand, at least I can find a psychological balance in this area…

I struggled to identify the Xiling texts that look like ghosts, although I can understand every word above, and it is not strange to the strange grammar, but after all, it is completely coming from another civilization system. It’s still very hard to read. It’s not the same as a foreign language like English German. At the very least, it’s the game created by Human Race, and Alien… Anyway, I never understand why Xiling text has eight syllables. ……

However, despite the hard work of reading, I gradually understood some of the above contents, removed the too professional terminology and some theoretical arguments that were difficult to compare before, and then ignored the inconsequential test body description…喵Nothing left…

“This looks like an analysis of the weaknesses of Human Esper?”

I am not sure, can do nothing about it, remove the useless things, just read a title…

Shandora nodded and said: “Not only the analysis of Human Esper, but also the disposal measures for various kinds of capabilities, the methods to eliminate them, the experimental data of the equipment that disables superpower, and the actual scale of some large scales to eliminate Esper. data.”

The more I listened, the more surprised I was, the more my face was the question mark.

The older sister turned back and pointed to the Hologram projections that were still quietly suspended. I was surprised to ask: “In other words, here is not how to produce Esper, but… how to destroy them?”

“How could this be?” Qianqian was confused. “Is the original Esper not created by Xiling Apostle? Why are there ways to eliminate Esper?”

I felt that Viska was suddenly stunned and then Little Girl whispered: “Because…because I am an intruder…”

“It seems that the early Esper was not created by Viska.”

Shandora sighed with a complex look, then leaned over, the sea-blue big eyes with a firm radiance, looking straight at the eyes that Viska tried to dodge.

“Viska, can you say that?”

The little girl hesitated, but in the end, she told us the story—of course, it was all about a complete spectator’s perspective.

Earth, hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was a Human Race country that had sprouted the glory of civilization. They created a splendid culture, studied astrology, architecture, art, and had a perfect system of text and knowledge dissemination. They established slavery. The kingdom of the country, which gradually became the most powerful Empire in the world by conquering and assimilation of the surrounding tribes and city-states. They established a law that was strict and benevolent at the time, and even declared that slaves also survived. Power and the opportunity to gain freedom through warfare, this ancient Empire has amazing cohesiveness and stable social order, the flower of civilization is gradually blooming on the ancient land, according to what is known as Atlantis The historical fragments left by the kingdom, they even began to realize the amazing fact that the earth has arcs.

While Atlantis was constantly evolving and ushered in a glorious era, the gods finally paid attention to these hardworking and kind people and brought them the greatest glory: the gods personally descended on the earth.

They came by giant ships surrounded by lightning and smoke, and landed on the earth in endless brilliance. God’s warriors could summon long guns that would ignite flames and release thundering bows. They used such weapons to destroy the northern part of Atlantis. The eternal beasts of the mortals and the horrible sea monsters that make waves in the sea, and seal the thunder in the sky, help Human Race to sweep the mountains that block the rain in the south. To express gratitude and reverence, the king of Atlantis hopes to build a great foundation for these gods. The shrine for them to live, but the gods declined such offerings, because they have far more than the imagination of Human Race imagination, two young girls who come from God’s Domain claim to be builders, and in the West of Atlantis Wangdu within seven days A city made of steel and lightning was built.

Although very powerful, the gods are kind and willing to help mortals. They help the mortal to sweep away the threats around them and begin to teach them knowledge, teach them how to smelt alchemy more efficiently, build houses, tell them the secrets of the stars and How to divinate the weather, when the enorous sea monster in the ocean was wiped out, the gods also helped Human Race to build a fleet, to guide them to leave Continent, to go across the ocean to find a wider World, these gods call themselves “observers.”

With the help of the gods, Atlantis has developed rapidly and ushered in its most brilliant era. People are not afraid of natural disasters, hardworking and brave. They have extended their country to every corner that World can explore. The kindness and wisdom are conveyed to every backward and barbaric nation, and they live in strict accordance with the laws of God. The whole world is in order. They gradually learned to make simple machinery, using the magical creations of coming from God’s Domain. To do a lot of things that were previously unimaginable, that is the most powerful peak of the Atlantis civilization.

Then, the chaos came.

The evil gods finally felt unbearable for the thriving world. They smashed the sky, rushed to the earth in a chariot burning black flames, splashing the magma of the hell and the violent lightning. Many mortals who are not determined are also evil spirits. Under the arrogance, it turned into a black Monster, launching a cruel attack on the orderly Human Race camp.

The gods immediately organized a counterattack. The city of steel rose from the ground and launched a glare of white light to the invading evil spirits. The boats they took came out with fangs, fighting with lightning and flames, and the most powerful The gods have joined forces to create a powerful barrier that isolates the war of the sky and the plague of the sky.

But even though the power of the gods is very powerful, the evil spirits occupy a quantitative advantage, and their fallen energy is constantly turning the animals on the ground into the monsters of the enemy. These monsters attack the Human Race and let the gods run out.

Then the wise gods began to choose powerful warriors from the people, and they were led to the great shrine, let them receive the light of the heavens, and gave these devout believer the godhead. These created gods are very It quickly reversed the number advantage of the evil spirits to the gods, and the war between the two sides entered a stalemate.

But one day, the enorous disaster suddenly came down – the deceitful evil spirit designed to ambush the Luna, the power of the moon as its own, and for many years to shine and bless the golden moon of Human Race with the blood color, and Two ominous red red light rings formed around the moon. This halo flashed, and the low-sounding red light was to drop out from the sky. Overnight, Continent was broken, the ocean began to boil, and the sky ignited a raging fire. The fabulous Atlantis civilization is instantly destroyed…

In the record of the ancient Human Race, history is here.

When Viska finished the “story”, the information center was silent, although she did not say it, but the gods and evil spirits in this story represent what we can easily think of.

Another version of this story should be easier to understand: Earth had a primitive civilization since hundreds of thousands of years ago. This original civilization has attracted the interest of a group of Xiling expeditions. This expedition team came to Earth and tried to help. Those energetic Human Races, but not so good, a… cough cough, crazy Xiling Apostle led a large number of rebels to follow this expedition team to Earth, the enemy met, and Xiling Apostle and Fallen Alliance broke out. The largest scale of the history of the galaxy, the number of inferior scientific expeditions was defeated at first, but the scientists would be martial arts… In short, the brains of scientists are very scary, they even found it on The Earth’s fragile indigenous intensification into a super man method, the superman who wore shorts was produced, and reversed the disadvantages of the war, but unfortunately, there was a leader Apostle in the rebels, she summoned the planet forforts, It may be a crustal destruction gun, or it may be an atmospheric evaporation bomb. In short, the expedition team was The ……

“and then?”

Seeing that Viska was in silence, I instinctively felt that the story should not be finished yet. At the very least, why did Viska leave his star carrier on the Earth track? If at the time of Azeroth the hoe was carrying the mothership with it… Oh, now Earth should have 2012.

Viska recalled a bit, and it seemed that she was still a little fuzzy about the memory, and then slowly said: “Then, the reinforcements of the expedition team came, I was beaten, and the memory was chaotic again. , and other Fallen Apostles. What’s the truth… To be honest, I still remember that coming from a star ship…”

We are all together.

Viska’s madness era, I really don’t know how many days of anger and anger in the time of this gimmick – she was destroyed by the previous season’s Human Race civilization.

As a result, Viska’s ability to specifically target Esper is explained: as early as more than 700,000 years ago, this gimmick is already dealing with Esper!

Then, the technology that Olympus has mastered to deal with Esper, especially the interference equipment that can shield Lin Xue’s line of sight, is probably also found in the remains left by Viska.

At this moment, we finally understand why Viska has been quite uncomfortable from the very beginning, and even appeared a lot of abnormal reactions, as the culprit main culprit that destroyed the ancestors of Human Race, who is at this moment can not be calm. .

But I really want to say hostility. This girl really wants more. Although I know that what Visa has done is a little unexpected, but for the ancient civilization that was destroyed hundreds of thousands of years ago, it is very difficult for me to have the same feeling of enemies. It is as if we know that the dinosaur was destroyed by a meteorite. We will only be the same.

“Stupid girl,” I snorted at Viska’s soft little face. “Thinking too much.”

“Stupid sister.” Pandora repeated again in a low voice. This time I understood her meaning: As the longest Xiling Apostle with me, Pandora probably knew that Viska did mystery hundreds of thousands of years ago. I will not blame her, so in the face of Viska’s uneasiness, she has the evaluation of “stupid sister”.

Viska stunned, then suddenly burst into a peaceful smile and whispered something he never said: “Sister is a fool…”

I am absolutely certain that Pandora has been overloaded for a moment – this has already started to smoke on his head!

Just then, the Xiling soldier who went to search for the Artemis trail suddenly sent back the message: “Number st-32 report! The third data center found traces of intruders, a small team is approaching!”

“Starting work!” I whispered, then pull Viska, “Taro, lead the way!”

Under the leadership of Visa, who is familiar with the terrain, we quickly passed through the labyrinth of the information storage area, directly approaching the location of the data center, which is quite close to the core control room, just in our original direction.

“The third data center did not find the target, and the other party may transfer.”

“The left emergency channel has an abnormal temperature residue and is expected to be three hundred meters away from the target…”

Hundreds of well-trained and powerful warriors gathered under the guidance of an information to form the same goal. Gradually, a three-dimensional network was formed in this spherical complex. All possible passages were blocked one by one, and the excluded areas were already There are very few, can be directly affiliated with the leader Xiling Apostle’s elite troops to pursue, I am afraid that even the most dangerous interstellar criminals have no similar honors, and that Artemis should be proud of this.

“To find the target in the scan area,” Pandora suddenly stopped in the corridor leading to the core control room, whispering, “The target is expected to appear six seconds later… five seconds, four seconds, three seconds…”

All sorts of energy filled the entire corridor in an instant, and all of us focused our attention on the corner of the front. It is still empty, but the slightest footsteps have been passed.

“Two seconds, one second… the goal appears!”

“Time Stop !”

A black figure that ran fast was just around the corner, and he was still in the air without any suspense.

The entire pursuit process can be said to be no suspense, easy and happy.

“Weakness.” My sister applied a simple curse to Artemis, and then Qianqian unlocked her ability.

The woman in the black robe fell on the ground, and she seemed to want to struggle, but obviously no such strength.

“Don’t bother, Elder Sister’s curse and even the Demon leader can’t hold back,” I came to the other side and leaned over to pick up the weird white mask. “Hey, look at Spitz to tear you down?”

“Which people can’t understand you?”

Qianqian is very helpless with his hand, and he does not know who was with me. Every English class must be punished. As a result, the two together are called English killers, foreign language Idiot Twin, ultimate patriot, oh, finally Please mark an title underline.

Just as Zeus confessed, the behind-the-scenes black hand called Artemis was indeed a woman, and this time I saw the other’s looks, we even found out that the other party might only use the girl to describe it – she should not be able to see it. Seventeen or eight years old?

It is an exotic young girl with long blond hair, beautiful looks and a stubborn expression. Although it is an enemy, I still have to say that such a girl who looks harmless is really difficult for me to make it with an evil organization. Behind the scenes, black hands contact together.

“didn’t expect you can track it here,” the blonde girl stumbled on the ground, and although she was in desperate situation, she did not have any fear. “You also found the astrolabe manufacturing and startup method left by the ancient civilization? ”

“I thought you were going to tell the remains of the gods,” I said.

Although she has been captured, the blonde young girl has always been indifferent. At this moment she has a mocking smile and shook her head and said, “The gods? It is only used to lie to the idiots. How can there be a god on this World?”

Yes, I live in one of my homes, and it is still a goddess at the end of the crane that has been ranked last in countless retakes. Is it a bit redundant in the last sentence?

It’s a bit ridiculous to think about it, to pursue the footprints of the gods, and to create a new mythical era for the Supreme goal of the Olympus Organization. Their true controller is actually an atheist. Is it true that fate is impermanent?

A variety of metal boots and slamming sounds came from all corners of the crisscross corridor. A team of black armored warriors came in from all directions. In the sound of kaka in the collision of guns, the blond young girl has been erected. The long gun and short gun at the same time aimed at the head.

“It seems that your research on the ancient civilization’s remains is more successful than Olympus,” the blond young girl looked at the futuristic ice-cold future warriors with a slightly surprised look, those obviously not belonging to Human Race science and The advanced weapon of technology made her sigh. “Maybe I should treat you as a partner at the beginning…”

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