Xiling Empire Chapter 34

Chapter 34โ€”False

The change in front of me made me feel overwhelmed.

Shandora, which was eroded by Abyss power, has now risen to midair, looking down at me in a condescending manner. The black energy flames are constantly rising outwards, as if trying to get rid of some kind of restraint, even if the perception of various energies is slow, like me. From this flame, I felt a crazy and violent will, but in stark contrast to this, Shandora still had a warm and happy smile, as if he did not know the eenomous changes that occurred on his body.

I’m afraid no one can think of it. The Shandora who has been fighting the warriors and Abyss power for so many years has already become a part of them by Abyss Corossion.

I tried to contact Pandora. As expected, all my connections to the outside world were interrupted.

It seems that today is to be accounted for here, an earthling that can only complete the most basic Xiling remote attack and a Xiling Emperor that is eroded by Abyss power, I am afraid that even the re-blowing novels will not dare to defying on this kind of story. Itโ€™s a pity that this book is over…

I don’t know why, at this time my heart is calm, is it that I have already prepared some kind of mental preparation before?

Qianqian, Elder Sister, and Pandora, I am sorry, it seems that I have to say goodbye to you…

“Hey! Wake up! How are you in a daze?”

Just when I was saying goodbye to my friends and relatives in my heart, a voice with a low echo but some familiar sound suddenly sounded. I suddenly came back and saw that Shandora, who is still in a black state, changed with her own. The black claws carefully pinched my collar and shook it. The flame of Abyss power almost burned on my face.

“Call – you finally noticed me,” Shandor said happily when he saw me coming back. “You are really powerful. You can ignore it and I dare to be so dazed.”

…I was scared to stay well!

Wait, now this situation seems to be not quite right?

I carefully observed the expression of Shandora’s, and I couldn’t see the other person hurting me. If I ignored the horror form of her right body, now Shandora’s looks like a child who is showing off her new toy…

I feel that my mouth is twitching, and for a long time, Shandora just wants to show off my abyss form to me? She used this deepening as her new toy?

โ€œIs it fun?โ€ Shandora raised his paw. โ€œAlthough I was turned into a half abyss by Abyss Corossion, I not only lost my mind, but I got a new life. Can you help me study whatโ€™s going? On Ah? โ€

Research… What I want to study most is what you are thinking about in your guy’s head Oh! Is this guy really Xiling Emperor? Should this character really appear in you to be full of the attributes of the sister and the Queen? If you are a Lolita like Pandora, I can barely accept it…

“Shandora,” I carefully avoided the other’s “paws.” “You don’t just want to tell me that you deliberately open up other people and come here with me?”

“That’s it,” Shandora said of course. “Only you can communicate with me here?”

“Oh?!” I was stunned by the words of Shandora. “So many people here, how can I only communicate with you?”

Shandora gave me a strange look and said: “They are not enough Authority. Here you are the same as Xiling Emperor, so only you can communicate with me. The relationship between low authority and high authority is the command to send and receive. Not called communication… Ah, yes, in an easy-to-understand way, itโ€™s full information sharing.โ€

I finally understood why Shandora is so weird in my eyes that it doesn’t fit a Xiling Emperor’s identity.

Xiling Empire’s hierarchical Authority system is far more rigorous than I thought, although the connection between them is as close as family, but on the other hand, the level of consciousness between them is so strong that in Shandora in the eyes, Authority is lower than its own individual is another species that cannot be exchanged equally. Of course, the “communication” here and the communication we usually talk about are not a concept, but should be said to be the sharing of information, obviously, a high It is impossible for the Authority’s individual to disclose all of his information to the low-Authority individual. It is precisely because of this that Shandora is a high-profile Xiling female emperor in front of others, but she completely changes in front of me with the same Authority. Become a naughty cute and serious off-line girl next door…

I want to understand this, my heart will be clear, for a long time, just a false alarm, Shandora showed me that my abyss form is just sharing information between Xiling Emperor, um, often used with earthling In terms of words, it is to show off new toys…

“God knows you’s going on.” I might know how this state of Shandora was formed. So far, my understanding of the abyss is only at the stage of a fantasy story, just knowing that there is such a danger in the universe. Things, what can be analyzed for Shandora.

Upon hearing my answer, Shandora nodded in a loss and said, “Yes, lacking the necessary information, you can’t analyze anything.”

In fact, even if I gave enough information, I couldnโ€™t analyze anything…

At this moment, I suddenly remembered one thing, so I asked: “Shandora, do you have any missing Soldier or something?”

โ€œThe missing Soldier?โ€ Shandora stunned his head. โ€œAll members of the Xiling Legion are under my mental connection, and there’s no obvious situation where Soldier is missing… ah, yes, there is one!โ€

“Are you sure? How many years ago?”

“One thousand and two hundred and thirty-five years ago, a Heavy Armored Striker Machine armor was destroyed by Space Magic’s Dragon Clan. The driver’s whereabouts are unknown. How do you know that we have Soldier missing?”

“In fact…” At the moment, I told Shandora about the ruins, and I highlighted the empty spirit signal that brought us to this world.

“An empty spirit signal, and a grave ruins with a Xiling defense system…” Shandora indulged. “It seems that our missing Soldier has come to your World in the Space-Time turbulence, due to the empty spirit signal. Damaged, he can’t return smoothly, but he definitely sets the beacon’s return coordinate to this World, so when Pandora’s empty spirit signal and the fighter’s empty spirit signal produce resonance, you are transferred to this World – so it seems The warrior really made a great contribution. After waiting for your World, I have to go to the ruins to see… Wait, Chen Jun, Earth should be ruled by carbon-based creatures?”

I nodded said: “Of course.”

“The strength of their individual should not be so good? At least I can see you from a serious injury before, your physique is quite fragile.”

I replied a bit slyly: “Human Race’s body quality is really not good. Even on the Earth, Human Race is a very fragile species, but because of the science and technology, we are still at the top of the Earth species.”

“So, with Human Race 1,235 years ago, is it possible to kill a Xiling Soldier?” Shandora asked suddenly.

“Impossible!” I did not hesitate to answer, not to mention that more than 1,300 years ago, with the current Human Race science and technology, to kill a Xiling Soldier, at least use a middle grade scale. Forces, as for the Xiling Apostle of Xiling Commander or Pandora, I am afraid that any army of Human Race will not be able to deal with it.

“So, how did the Xiling Soldier who arrived in Earth unexpectedly die?”

Shandora immediately reminded me, yeah, as a living thing of semi-energy and semi-material, Xiling Apostle’s lifespan is almost limitless, and their individual strength is more than a thousand years ago, Earth is an invincible existence like God. Then the grave we saw was very problematic.

Just then, I saw an aurora-like light beam suddenly rising in the base not far away: the Legion Transmitter is ready.

“This problem is put aside,” I said, waving my hand. “Now let’s leave this unfortunate place.”

Shandora nodded, said: “It is also time to say goodbye to this place. According to the agreement, you should go back first. I will go to meet you in a few days.”

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