Xiling Empire Chapter 340

The 340th long-lost rotten meat

In this empty and desolate wilderness for more than half an hour, we finally saw the shadow of the city, and the high-rise buildings that appeared far away also added some changes to the unchanging sight in the field of vision.

Viska is collecting all the information from the surroundings, basically in addition to the satellites, the information collected by this gimmick is enough to fill two British libraries, from air components to gravitational constants, from plant composition to atmospheric density, From the residual rays of the universe to the light intensity, this gimmick even boringly calculated the radius of our “Earth” from our feet based on the measured data…

Thanks to Viska, which is obviously a bit too exaggerated, we have a general grasp of the basic situation of this World. Overall, it is almost the same as Earth’s environment. The living thing form is also a regular carbon-based creature, except I found that one or two monocots that were extinct on the Earth, even if it was another Earth, couldn’t be overestimated, so I was not surprised when I saw that the city in the distance was quite familiar.

It can be said that no one expected that the city we arrived did not have any trace of anger. After 700 billion quietly entered this seemingly modern metropolis, only four weeks of nearly solid ice were ushered in. -cold and dead, slowly driving on the empty streets, I couldn’t help but create the illusion that I was being quietly peeped by this dead city. This feeling is not the first time, in the former Dreamland, The sleeping Xiling Origin Star is also so silent, but the latter is only awakening in the sleeping junior grade, and now the city in front of us is dead.

It doesn’t seem to be the place where Lin Xue in the dream appears. I walked all the way. I made such a conjecture. Lin Xue in the dream. The broken body and the scattered resistance traces did not appear. It seems that it is being destroyed here. What I experienced before is an orderly evacuation rather than a chaotic and ineffective resistance. Of course, it may be that we have not seen such a location. After all, it is only the edge of the city, even if it is a big disaster. As for a harmonious street, don’t leave it?

“Brother, I found an unusual living thing in front of me.”

As we drove slowly on the streets of the city, Viska’s severe red light flashed past and then reminded.

“Is that kind of ‘beast” that caused disaster…”

I whispered, and then parked the car steady at the door of the store. I didn’t start any camouflage system, because I couldn’t do anything about the Human Race that mastered the high science and technology. I am also very curious about the “beast”.

According to Dream Xue described by Lin Xue, although she could not see what the “biological” that killed the public looked like, according to the scars on those bodies, the attacker is a beast, no doubt, such a low-low and low-energy World, maybe Does it produce something that advanced guns can’t fight?

Soon, the answer was revealed to us. From the corner of the opposite street, several staggering figures gradually appeared in our sight…

The other person looked quite awkward and seemed to have no eyesight, but I just touched the door a little and made a little noise. Those things quickly found our position, then suddenly accelerated and ran over here.

But even if you run up, you are still clumsy…

We didn’t even get off the bus, and 700 billion would automatically lock in the hostile target. After a few beams of laser light were cut, the enemies rushing to the face were cut into two segments, but even this fatal injury, Those things did not die immediately. They made a stern call, and then only the upper part of the body struggled to struggle, and continued to move closer to us. The dirty plasma and organs dragged on the ground.

“It’s disgusting.” I whispered a few words, but we didn’t need us to shoot. We found that the 700 billion built-in tactical loop that failed the first attack has quickly calculated the best solution, a deep red light curtain. Spreading from underneath the lights, a thin layer of ground with a radius of a dozen meters in front of us, together with several Monsters, is steamed together, leaving only one of the farthest Monsters because of the slow speed and not fully entering the attack area, except that the head is evaporated. In addition to the body, the body has been retained.

Of course, this is also what I deliberately made. The farthest distance of the 700 billion Psionic radiation can cover half a small town…

“Do you see what you just had?”

When the few things that were powerful were destroyed, I turned to ask Shandora.

Shandora frowned, his face was disgusting: “I saw… a disgusting guy, that rotten meat.”

“This time, things are really going on.”

I shrugged and then started the car, at the same time, let Viska adjust the living thing to the maximum power to search for possible survivors in the city.

What we have just destroyed is a zombie… Oh, it should be a zombie?

The ugly overall image, the rotten and necrotic rotten flesh, the naked guns under the ragged clothes or the wounds left by the bites, are directed at the thing that should be dragged out for five minutes, at Azeroth. Known as the zombie, in the Resident Evil is called the zombie, in our eyes called the streaky, well, this is a bit disgusting.

“Maybe the World of Resident Evil,” after turning around a shopping street that has been almost smashed, I whispered, “It may be another biochemical end, no wonder the end-of-life literature is so hot now, look The reason is the projection effect of this World…”

“I don’t think it’s another thing,” Shandora frowned slightly, with doubts on his face. “Zombies are often seen in the fantasy novels of Human Race, but in fact, a low-key and low-energy science and Technology World is impossible to produce such things, they have the characteristics of the undead, and the way of existence is not in line with normal biology, Viska also scans the World’s living thing form, exactly like Earth…”

At this time, Viska, who served as a radar function, suddenly opened and interrupted Shandora’s analysis: “Brother, left three meters ahead, there are three normal living thing reactions, and six abnormal living thing reactions.”

The gray car, which was still moving at normal speed, paused a little, and then suddenly the blue halo overflowed from the exhaust pipe in the tail. The entire body illusion shook and disappeared on the spot.

After a second, 700 billion had already jumped to the target area marked by Viska. After parked in a hidden alley, we followed the sound and ran forward.

At the entrance of a shop on the corner, a siege is going on. Six rotten zombies are swaying around together. From the point of view, the five of them should be ordinary citizens, while the rest are Wearing a security uniform, two of the six zombies have been cut off by an arm, but the damage is obviously not enough to be fatal, and even the unintelligible guy can’t be slightly retracted, but in the encirclement, It looks like a family of three. A man with a strong body is waving a blood chopping knife. He is constantly cutting back the Monster that is close to him. At his feet, one has been cut off and half of his head has been cut. The zombie should be the long knife’s credit. Behind the man, a long-haired woman in a casual casual outfit is guarding a little girl who looks like only eight or nine years old, constantly scanning her eyes with horrified eyes. Then she saw us.

Seeing our appearance, the man in the desperate situation could not help but reveal a pleasant expression, but when I saw Shandora and Viska from behind me, the surprise expression solidified.

Ok, I admit that the temperament and the Shandora, which is like a pampered giant, and the Lolita, next to the eyes blind person, are not like the strength of the strength, and in a sense, the way we are composed of the three The family of three in the front is really to be full of various subtle coincidences…

From the appearance, it seems that it is no exaggeration to replace Viska from a younger sister into a daughter. It is that I am too young to look at the “parents” of Shandora. Now the youngster is ah… If I say that I am going to this level, no one will stop it! ?


At this moment, the long-haired woman in front of us who was obviously in high spirits and was on the verge of collapse suddenly shouted loudly here, as if she was afraid that we would immediately turn around and run away. In such a world, it would be too normal. The choice.

However, the woman’s call for help first caught the attention of the zombies. The things that even rotted their ears had a keen sense of hearing. They made a slight meal and then chose to circumvent the fierce machete uncle. The mother and daughter behind him rushed to see the situation. The man who chopped the knife almost collapsed and shouted desperately, trying to re-engage the attention of the zombies, and the long knife in his hand was madly squatting. The zombies are on the head, but the absolute disadvantage of the number is already doomed to save his wife and daughter in time.

“Uncle, this kind of blame doesn’t ridicule.”

I greeted me far away, and then made a snap: “Detonation.”

The six sly zombies are now leaping forward and will be thrown onto the mother and daughter, but in the next second, the red flame will burst from their with the body, almost in a blink of an eye, these Monster will The amazing high temperature that was ejected from every cell burned to ashes, and finally fell on the long-haired woman, only one or two points of ashes.

After easily destroying Monster, which is terrible for ordinary people but not energy-resistant in fact, we quickly walked to the front of a family of three who survived, and the latter is still in a dull moment. The obvious thing is that they have never seen it before – well, being besieged by zombies should in fact be an unprecedented experience.

I took a hard shot on the shoulders of some strong men who couldn’t respond. The latter immediately screamed at Ah, and screamed, and even the machete in his hand couldn’t hold it steady, and jingle fell to the ground, then Finally woke up and looked at us with a horrified look, then subconsciously blocked in front of her wife and daughter.

“It seems to be treated as Monster…” I shook my head in tears and shook my head and said to Shandora. “Hey… Viska, close the eyes… forget it, it doesn’t make sense.”

After a long time, I really scared the other’s to be Viska’s eyes, a pair of bloody red cats. On this World that has been ravaged by Monster, everyone’s nerves are highly nervous, and anything other than Human Race is enough for ordinary people. In panic, not to mention Visa’s bloody variability due to the energy of the abyss – to be honest, sometimes I would be scared when I accidentally stumbled at night and couldn’t sleep.

“Don’t care, my sister is Innate.”

I took a picture of Viska’s little brain, and I smiled and said to the man in front of me, the other party at this moment also saw that we were not malicious, and it was obviously saved by me just now – although the process is incredible – Then I finally showed a little relaxed expression, then I squatted and slowly fell to the side.

… This story is too bloody, right? The man who fought his blood and defended his family lost his last spiritual support at the moment when the rescuer finally arrived. Eventually he fell on the battlefield where the blood flowed into the river. After giving his wife and daughter to the man who appeared mysteriously and saved his family, he smiled. Go, and the little daughter who witnessed this tragedy has planted the seeds of hatred in her heart. After the cruel training, she finally became the most powerful warrior of the man who appeared mysteriously on that day. When she crushed one enemy after another, finally After uncovering the truth of the day, I was shocked to find that all the behind-the-scenes black hands turned out to be their own foster father… This is the story of the bastard, but I interrupted me…

“My mother, I am exhausted…”

I have already taken a break in my mind and turned it into a sad tombstone that is covered with paulownia leaves every autumn. I fell down on the ground and said a long breath.


Although I don’t know why this family of three will stay in this very dangerous city, it is obviously not a place to stay for a long time. The man who calls himself Zhao Leisong naturally knows this, and after being attacked by zombies, they are also urgent. I hope that I can have a strong helper. It is definitely a smart choice to be able to walk one more person in this chaotic world, even though these helpers are really unknown.

When we knew that we had a car, the three people were obviously overjoyed. When I asked, I realized that because of the orderly evacuation of the whole city after the disaster, almost no transport was available in the city. Walking on a place where zombies are rampant, if you don’t have the strength of Uther, you are looking for death. Besides, Uther is not letting the dogs of Alsace swallow cough cough…

But when I saw what the car in my mouth was like, Zhao Leisong’s face was almost desperate.

I understand that even if I don’t know the facts, I will be surprised to see that this car has been modified by a certain Loli general to be patched and patched. Can you get out of the wheelchair speed…

However, I have no time to explain, because in Visa’s to scan, there are already more abnormal living things wandering around here.

“I can’t really see it from the outside. The space inside this car is so big…”

When the seven hundred billion roads started smoothly on the road, Zhao Leisong, who was sitting in the back seat, was completely relieved. This guy just didn’t believe that this thing under the butt could really move!

If I am not worried about being too shocked, I really want to open the space expansion module and let the other party experience what a base car is!

“I can still put a group army in the past.”

I said half-jokingly, while setting the auto-cruise mode, according to the topographic map of the city that Viska has scanned, 700 billion will patrol the city with the best route, since the adopted Zhao Leisong family was accidentally stranded. Then maybe we can find more survivors.

I sat in the front seat with Shandora, and Viska squeezed together with Shandora. It wasn’t that there was no space behind, but Viska’s rejection of strangers was beyond my imagination. The three rescued family were quietly curled up at the moment. In the back seat, the tired face and the joy of the rest of the life, and the man who impressed me, although the previous battle was very brave, but now it is the same wolverine, even that just Still holding the knife in the right hand is shaking slightly, of course, even so I can still give him a very high evaluation, the other party is obviously just a slightly stronger ordinary person, that is, the usual honest work to rely on physical strength to eat and feed an old family Small little people, but after the disaster, they can fight so bravely, even protecting several families under the siege of zombies who are not afraid of death. This is already brave, even Shandora, and gave each other a “This person can become a warrior”, you must know that it can be recognized as a warrior by War Song Princess. Merely on the strength of the powerful.

Zhao Leisong did not ask for a few zombies that suddenly turned into fly ash after we appeared. I could see the look of doubt and speculation on his face, but in this dangerous world, there is a stranger who is willing to stretch out. It is already a great fortune to help out. When life is the greatest hope in life, all questions must be stood by. Since we have not taken the initiative, Zhao Leisong is not good at asking.

In a short conversation, I also know each other’s names. The long-haired woman who has been tired of sleeping on the seat is called Song Yao. She is the wife of Zhao Leisong, an ordinary small clerk, and is her own. The little girl, about seven or eight years old, who is hug in her arms, is their daughter, Zhao Xiaoxiao, this is an ordinary family of three – if not for the nonsense of the end of World.

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