Xiling Empire Chapter 343

Chapter 343

“Viska likes to destroy!”

The cat’s Loli had a dangerous and excited expression on his face, looking far away at the silhouette of the city that had been blurred in the eyes of Human Race, and then licked his lips.

At the same time that Little Girl’s voice just fell, the unrestrained space energy has been frantically surging around us, and Viska is gradually covered by a cracked electric spark, and then burns in a fierce black flame. Later, the beautiful dress of Little Girl has turned into a black cloak decorated with blood red stripes.

Black cloak, black cloak, you are a kind of existence that makes me sad! Oh!

The changes that have taken place inevitably have caught the attention of all, and the survivors who are gathering together to enjoy the peaceful times that have not been easy to get have turned their stunned eyes to a position where terror is constantly evolving, where A small figure completely covered by a black cloak is gradually leaving the ground, slowly floating into the air, black lightning is constantly moving around the figure, from time to time a lightning bolt into the air, and then near the target point A wave of transparent ripples swelled.

“This girl is still so easy to get out of control,” I said with a headache. I waved to support a pan-energy barrier and protected more than one hundred refugees at the same time. “When it comes to destruction, the whole person is Spartan.” It’s up.”

“Although it’s a full-fledged child,” Shandora’s tone and helplessness when he brought a big sister who didn’t understand things in his tone, “it’s a little bit less in the head, and Pandora is much better than this girl.”

At the moment, Viska, who was in a state of excitement, has been surrounded by layers of black lightning and flames, and behind her, half of the sky has been occupied by undulating transparent ripples. The barriers formed by a water are rippled, so that the full power output, even the Xiling Apostle, can only be done with the Pandora Series. You must know that Pandora III in Xiling The word, another explanation is the meaning of the metamorphosis of the “single soldier group army” Oh!

“td-mourners, space implosion bomb matrix!”

As the voice fell, the nearly transparent corrugations in the air immediately emerged as a solid, and a circular metal shutter with a radius of more than ten meters emerged from these ripples, and then gradually extended outward, revealing the alloy launching tubes at the back. The blood-like dark red light pulsates on the surface of the launch tube, causing the edge of the metal shutter to gradually illuminate an unknown red halo. Hundreds of such missile silos cover the sky and let us half the sky behind. Both are covered by this launch array.

Just destroying a city, even if it is to be destroyed at the molecular level, there is no need to exaggerate it…

But I haven’t had time to vomit, and Viska has already launched an attack. In the harsh screams and rumbling sound, hundreds of metal valves open at the same time, and the odd-shaped missiles carrying the powerful power bombs are like The bee colony of the nest generally rushed out of the silo and fiercely rushed to the silhouette of a distant city.

In the ray of light bursting into the sky, the entire city was completely covered by a white hotenomous light ball, which quickly expanded to twice the size of the city itself, and then quickly disintegrated in less than two seconds. Suddenly disappeared into the sky.

Along with the city, all of them disappeared silently in the collapsed ball of light, leaving only one elementary deep pit equivalent to the area of ​​two cities.

It’s gorgeous enough, and once the space itself has been reset once, it’s absolutely at the molecular level…

“Viska, don’t you think it’s a waste?”

When Little Girl slowly fell back to the ground from the air, I asked with a sullen look.

The latter had a happy smile on his face. I had a flower in front of me, and the black cloak of the sorrow was changed back to the beautiful Princess dress. The little girl said cheerfully: “I don’t think so, it’s hard to have this. The opportunity~~”

This girl, it is really a completely unplanned attack, should it be said that it is Pandora’s sister?

When the silos with the ambient energy radiation in the sky finally returned to their respective space slits, I removed the flooding shields from the surroundings and then went back and said, “Okay, the pollution source has been eliminated. Now everyone Prepare, then we will not rest, go directly to the nearest Human Race Refuge, according to the information sent back by the detector, it should be less than four hours drive from here, this afternoon will be able to arrive … amount, what is the problem ……”

The problem is big, it seems that Viska scares the survivors…

Also, ordinary people have the opportunity to launch a missile group that they watched all day long. It is still a mysterious way of launching. When Visa’s barrage performance is over, we have more than one hundred stone sculptures behind us…

However, this is only a small episode, and it is also very beneficial. After such stimulation, several refugees who were slightly less well managed were immediately and completely honest. It seems that they finally realized what we called “to solve this world.” The question is what it means.

The closest Human Race Refuge is a small town in the east of the city. It is located at the foot of a mountain. It was originally an inconspicuous town, and because of the inconvenient transportation, the economy is not at the same time. However, after the outbreak of the zombie virus, the natural barrier became the only place in the vicinity that was not invaded. In order to reduce the meaningless loss, some of the citizens evacuated from the city were placed nearby. Time is also stationed here by some of the local armed forces, including armed forces SWAT and a group of resident troops. The sudden influx of people has nearly doubled the size of the town within a few days. There are tents and simple board houses for temporary resettlement of refugees. These dense emergency buildings have almost covered every inch of land in the ravine.

Since the zombies may wander into the wilderness at any time, even the Refuge surrounded by the mountains is set up with a layer of defense on its periphery, and the guardian of the checkpoint is a Soldier with a live ammunition.

However, despite the existence of such a level, it still describes us as a fake. Shandora easily controls the Soldier on the whistle, so that the other party has the illusion that we have been closely examined. Then we have more than 100 people. The magical private car swayed into this temporary refuge town.

Originally, I thought that suddenly more than one hundred large living people will definitely attract the great attention of the manager here. As a result, I really entered the town. I discovered that such fears are superfluous, and there is no omen of the disaster, leading to the government. Many of the contingency measures in the past have already lost their manpower to implement them. The towns that have expanded in a few days have been almost filled with refuge residents, except those who were temporarily placed here. There are still quite a few of the refugees who have come here since then, and even more than half of them have not had time to register and receive relief items. In the face of the rapidly increasing population, the armed police and Soldier stationed there are obviously understaffed, and More importantly, the government departments that have never had any experience in dealing with such a catastrophic disaster can still establish temporary management institutions suitable for this situation in the future. The situation in the towns can be described as chaotic. The managers here can guarantee the basic society. It is a miracle to have order and spare no effort to accommodate new refugees.

However, such a situation should not last long. Within a few days, a sound management plan and access system will be established. The current situation is entirely due to the temporary chaos caused by the sudden outbreak of this unprecedented disaster. Refuge The manager must not allow the place where he is responsible for the self-destruction because of the chaos, but it is a matter of a few days later. Now we are very glad that when we came here, it is still in chaos, let this one hundred survivors The placement does not cost much weeks.

Under the influence of Shandora’s weak Mind Interference, we successfully mixed more than 100 people in the car into the refugee group waiting to register and receive relief supplies. Under such a bad situation, even if someone finds a strange face that is suddenly appearing around, I am afraid I won’t be curious to be curious.

The Zhao Leisong family was finally placed. As the survivor who first contacted us, they have always taken the initiative to act as our assistants. This also saved us a lot of trouble. After all, whether it is Shandora, Viska, me, or somebody. Everything in disorder goddess, we are not very good at organizing refugees. It is really easy for us to help mediate among survivors.

“You will stay here and wait, everything should be done within half a month.”

I promised Zhao Leisong that this is not a big deal. Just collect more samples, rely on the speed of Bubbles’ processing and the researchability of the blood scientists, and generate the reverse compilation of the zombie virus within a few days. The gene weapon should be fine. It takes time to fill the entire atmosphere and wait for them to take effect. The half-month has already counted the biggest chance of accident.

“You…” The tall man in front of him had a complex expression on his face, and then smiled. “In any case, it should be something I can’t understand. To be honest, I never believed in the gods before this. But now… I can only say thank you God, and sent us a savior.”

I smiled a little and handed back Della, who had already sneaked out, back into my pocket: “I really encountered such a disaster, and praying to the gods is actually a way out. Some things can’t be trusted but they don’t believe it… Oh, right. If you really believe in religion in the future, pray that you will tell God that you are shouting…”

Zhao Leisong’s face suddenly disappeared.

I didn’t explain much, but I bowed my head to Zhao Xiaoxiao’s head. This is a strong girl. I never even saw her crying once. I think it would be such a strong child to survive from that experience. .

Even Shandora has made a good evaluation of this child.

After thinking about it, I took out a small crystal cross and gave it to Zhao Leisong: “This is left to be a memorial.”

After leaving Refuge again with Mind Interference, we drove to the wilderness.

“And then,” Shandora sneaked into the eyes in the autumn wind. “A’Jun, what have we been doing these days? Waiting for Bubbles to research genetic antibodies? It’s boring.”

“Of course I can’t be silly waiting for,” I sat down on the front of the car and looked down at Della’s seven hundred billion surroundings, happily planted with Divine Artifact’s flowers and plants. “How to say it’s their own World, you have to make it here.” Aboriginal activities and activities?”

Viska immediately jumped over: “Well, I am going to tie the heads of state…”

Me: “… don’t learn from your sister!”

Shandora at this moment has laid out the tablecloth on the grass, busy layering the cake layer by layer, and lifts the head to say to me: “How do you plan to connect with the government here? If only Local leaders, in this case, I am afraid that it won’t work much, unless you can let the most high-level guys come to us… Hey, it seems that there is no difficulty.”

“Of course there is no difficulty.” I smiled a little, then raised my hand and summoned a Loli… The details were not considered.

Along with the fluctuations in space, there is a Little Girl who looks exactly the same as Little Bubbles, but unlike the former, which is always an ancient spirit, the little girl has a dull expression on her face. Just look at the front as if there is no focus. If you don’t pay tribute to us when you appear, you have to say that it is a Doll.

Production Bubbles, copy Xiling Host – With the continuous improvement of the base in Shadow City, we now stock at least dozens of such pure logical hosts, they are usually in various functional buildings in Shadow City. In the role of the core computer, since the target World is detected as a non-threatening low-minded and low-energy World, the Bulbles of Wannian House naturally refuses to follow the time wasted, and the result is given me a copy for the unexpected. It’s really used now.

“I don’t believe we can build a nuclear base here. No one can control it!”

Shandora is full of black lines: “I can really defeat the family…”

The defeated family is defeated, but even Shantora must admit that it is a good idea to use this method to get the government department of the World to come to the door.

I took a picture of the cottage Bubbles’ cerebellum, and the vast wilderness in front of the heroic cloud: “Shantou, build an Empire outpost here! No matter what function, don’t ask for the bigger the better, the more you look The better the murder, the more strange the surrounding atmosphere, the better. It is best to form a long-lasting lightning cloud on the base. I want this base to look like the 25 copy at a glance. Can smell the taste of the Dragon Quest!”

Copying the host’s eyes and looking at my eyes is full of confusion.

Shandora flies in the blink of an eye: “Do you want to attract heads of state or intend to encircle the entire Human Race?”

Me: “…then let this girl come by program…”

Xiling Host’s productivity is amazing, especially since this eliminates all irrelevant functions, leaving only the copy host for construction and calculations. Even if the shelf view is built, even the genuine Bubbles don’t necessarily have the speed of the copy. Fast, after all, the biggest advantage of the mother machine is its ability to create and evolve, and the only role of the copy is only work, the focus of the work can be seen.

Almost overnight, a prototype Xiling outpost was established in the wilderness. The cottages finally understood my construction requirements, although I didn’t understand what this completely wasteful construction plan was for, but thinking about The weak copy still chooses to obey the command, centered on a pure black Xiling Base. The newly created outpost stands everywhere with a fierce and aggressive storm spire and whistle gun. The extra large Psionic coil makes the entire base enveloped. Under an almost saturated ionization cloud, the exclusive Hologram projection of the base outer barrier circulates a carefully edited Xiling recruiting advertisement from Pandora. Every screw that appears inside can smell the irony smell – of course, this The advertisement was not deliberately released for two minutes and I was decisively withdrawn. This inflammatory and Politics had a passionate and fascinating thing to spread. We can really recruit the Human Race coalition…

In short, we have really created a copy of 25 people…

Shandora’s evaluation of this is: a good outpost is hard to be built like the evil spirit castle.

The effect of this kind of action is very obvious. After only two days, base’s anti-detection radar found at least dozens of observations from unknown targets, and several times, snooping from outside space satellites, despite the zombie crisis. This World’s Human Race social system is unlikely to collapse immediately. I estimate that the world’s leaders have already been attracted by this mysterious architectural group that appeared on the Earth overnight. The tense atmosphere has gradually filled the entire Human Race society. – Well, they are already nervous enough before this.

“Well, the first is the outbreak of the zombie virus. Now it is the turn of the suspected Alien aggressor. It’s really a disaster-ridden Human Race World…”

In the command room, Shandora comfortably leaned into the large seat, watching the intercepted information so sighing, and several similar Hologram screens next to her were still rolling similar information, these are all from the atmosphere. After intercepting the unrelated signals, the rest is not only reporting the latest zombie movements, but also discussing the mysterious buildings. At present, the “Alien aggression” is absolutely absolute. The upper hand…

After a long day on the chair, Shandora sat up and said: “I think the chance of the Human Race coalition should be higher than that of the heads of state.”

I replied unanimously: “The purpose of causing them to pay attention is reached anyway, and then it is to send a message asking for… well, asking for a formal official meeting.”

“Official meeting…” Shandora’s mouth smirked and then the kittens came together. “I used to do this kind of thing… Ok, A’Jun, I know, this time. It’s not an invasion of war. I won’t take the opportunity to kill the heads of state.”

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