Xiling Empire Chapter 345

The 345th chapter

“Just sit and sit casually…”

I warmly greeted some ambassadors who were overwhelmed, so the latter was even more overwhelmed…

Next to Shandora, while holding a decent smile, swaying my waist in the back, the face of my face was instantly turned upside down, and the ambassadors across the country immediately expressed horror, saying that the guys who have always used us as Alien Wouldn’t you think I was going to change?

The ambassadors with weird expressions look at each other in dismay, and finally they have been seated under my instructions. I have to say that even if you have seen the Politics in the world, you have to throw him at Alien base. It’s not much stronger than Liu Wei.

“First of all, don’t say welcome to nonsense like Earth.”

I rushed to talk before someone spoke, so the team leader bowed his head.

“Then don’t talk about your coming for peace.”

A white man is embarrassed.

“And then don’t mention the unconventional things like cultural exchanges.”

Half of the ambassadors are silent.

“Finally, I am not a Korean.”

Everybody look at each other in dismay.

“Great, it seems that this World has no South Korea, I thought they have been to be everywhere.”

The ambassadors of all countries immediately listed the country of “Korea” as an extremely dangerous and annoying civilization in the Universe. Didn’t Alien friends have a cold on these words?

“I know that you have a lot of problems,” I saw a whole military medal that I couldn’t wait to hang on the front teeth. I raised my hand and wanted to speak. I decided to interrupt, although the other person might have been a soldier, but I have already been there. The size of the No. 1 sensation smelled the politician’s sour taste. In order to prevent the Politics from being told to fall asleep on the spot, don’t give a chance to speak. “But I am not used to your nonsense. As you can see, here are all The elite Empire Army, we believe in Supreme’s solution instead of spraying saliva with each other, so I don’t respond to any extravagant diplomatic rhetoric. I hope you can understand.”

Hum hum, I am doing a high-profile, but I looked at the Sci-Fi movie all the way, I don’t believe these guys dare to risk the Star Wars to play with me!

Ok, I admit that I am just awe of the politicians’ diplomatic rhetoric…

The ambassadors look at each other in dismay, and the politicians who are used to occupying the home are very uncomfortable for several times, but they have been repeatedly reviled by their own bosses before departure, regardless of the contact. Everything is as close as possible to avoid conflict with “Alien”. After all, Human Race is now being mad by biochemical viruses, and it is awful to provoke a group of Alien tours.

However, the words “Empire Army” that I mentioned also made these Human Race ambassadors have a tight face. At such a tense moment, it is not worth celebrating whether an alien army is stationed on the Earth. thing.

Slightly hesitated, the Asian man as the leader still spoke. After the initial surprise, the other party has resumed calm. At this moment, he said in a humble tone: “In this case, we are more willing to adopt simple and direct communication. … Well, the first formal contact between the two races, we are willing to choose an open and honest way of communication, and I hope that you can adopt the same attitude.”

I have a depressed expression on my face: “We are willing to be open, but two races like… Hey, for the friendly atmosphere, I hope we can ignore this problem.”

In fact, I want to say that I am also a Human Race, I am afraid that he does not believe.

At that moment, the white man sitting on the opposite side, who was slightly blessed, immediately seized the opportunity to speak and said in a less skilled Chinese: “In this case, the first thing we want to know, where are you coming from? Why did you come to this planet?”

These two questions can be said to be the most concerned things of these ambassadors. Even if they can get the answers to these two questions, the mission they have come to today has already been completed.

Although they saw the Empire patrols and the whistling fighters patrolling the base, they thought they had found the answer to the second question.

“The first question, I am afraid this will exceed your current scientific system. You can think that we are coming from another universe. Of course, parallel space can also explain. Although it is not accurate, it can also be used as an answer. We are coming from the ground… Hey, Xiling Empire, that is a civilization that can’t be explained by your science. My and my lovers are the current ruler of Empire. As for our purpose…”

Having said that, I used my eyes to signal Shandora, who was nodded, and then pressed a few times on the table: “We have received a distress signal from you.”

The Shandora voice fell, and the conference room immediately followed a call with a murmur: “…zīzī…we are…the zombies are already…someone is bitten…infected…zīzī ……”

The recording was interrupted, it could not be broadcast again, and there was background music in the back – I recorded it from Resident Evil.

The ambassadors looked at each other and then the black uncle who had just pulled out the lollipop stood up: “Are you coming after receiving the distress signal from Earth?”

“Yes, in accordance with the provisions of the Pan-civilization Protection Convention, any civilization with space navigationality has the responsibility and obligation to rescue when it finds an evolving intellectual race that is in crisis. Therefore, we have come to your World.”

This is not a nonsense. This pan-civilization protection convention, which sounds harmonious and heinous, is tangible, and until now many science and technology Worlds have been implemented as universally recognized laws, as for its original developers. – In addition to Xiling Apostle, who else has the ability to make laws for the entire universe?

The replies let the ambassadors bow a bit, and naturally some people raised doubts, but this suspicion soon proved impossible to establish: as an “Alien civilization” that has never had an exchange with Earth, we have no need to They quit this lie, and it is not good for us to lie this lie not Yes?

In the desperate Human Race, even if you see a faint light, you will have great hopes, compared to the Stars Bandit, who is in danger of smashing the Human Race civilization. They would rather believe in the kindness of Alien. To help others.

Although both guesses sound like the same.

As for the so-called distress signal, the ambassadors finally identified it as an extreme coincidence, a radio call that should have been exhausted in the atmosphere, and then spread to the Universe space, and exactly I was taken by Alien who passed nearby, and then we just dropped out from the sky.

As for the extreme coincidence of the damn, what is going on, let the scientists who have not died yet have a headache!

One thing worth mentioning is that the defense minister of a country has proposed to find the sender of the distress signal, and then the idea of ​​chasing him as a hero of the Human Race has been unanimously agreed by the representatives of the congregation…

“So, the consensus has been reached. First of all, we want to know where the virus first appeared. Is there a problem with biochemical research in a certain country?” I said, opening the Hologram projection in the center of the circular conference table. Presenting the entire planet in front of everybody, “In many of the carbon-based civilizations we have discovered, it is not uncommon for races to become extinct for such reasons.”

“We did have such a conjecture at the beginning of the disaster, but this possibility has been ruled out. The original location of the virus outbreak was in a desert,” said an ambassador, then pointing to a location on the Hologram projection. “There is no smoke here. We can swear that there is no biochemical research base in any country. In fact, we have some speculations about the source of this virus. They may be outside space.”

“outer space?” I raised my eyebrows and felt that things started to be interesting. Especially when I saw the serious expressions on the faces of the ambassadors across the country, it seems that this “outer space” is already a lot of government. The guess of identity?

“That was what happened about a month ago,” an ambassador in a white robe stood up, took off his eyes and wiped his forehead without a drop of sweat. “A…coming from the outer space of the organic substance.” Falling on the desert, it is very enmorous, with an average length of even more than 120 kilometers! And with amazing quality, the space mass impact of such a large scale will definitely lead to the extinction of the entire Earth ecosystem, but its falling speed is far Far below the theoretical value, it is like an emergency landing under controlled conditions…”

This time even Shandora came to the interest: “Emergency landing on the Universe spaceship on the Earth? This is a bit interesting…”

“We are still only guessing that it is an outer spaceship, but the real situation is still uncertain.”

The other party showed a smile and said so.

I was surprised: “No? You haven’t seen it in the past?”

“Of course we sent the expedition team to study the outer space material, but… no one came back alive, then the desert was the center, the zombie virus began to spread, and we also discharged several scientific research teams, but There is nothing to gain from the greater sacrifice.”

“The source of infection is coming from outer space…” I whispered. “This is really a dramatic development. Shandora, what do you have?”

The latter shook his head: “The carbon-based living thing is hard to survive in outer space. Even a virus that is a living thing can not withstand the long-term universe radiation, and even a virus that can survive in outer space, I have never heard of this kind of thing that can turn people into half-dead. There is segregation between the forms of living things. Even if they are also carbon-based living things, they are coming from two different planets. There will be an alien difference, in other words, the virus fromcoming from a planet is almost impossible to infect any creature on the b planet, and Bubbles has not passed the latest research data this morning? The zombie sample was not found. Any foreign gene residues, their genes are completely self-involved variations, then the possibility of being infected by the virus can basically be ruled out.”

“So, isn’t the thing that infects Human Race not coming from the crash?”

As the leader of the Asian men, he has no doubt about Shandora’s analysis. Compared to Human Race’s shallow science and technology, these “Alien” are definitely not knowing how many times, so all Human Race ambassadors have chosen to believe us. Judgment – there is no way to believe it, anyway, they can’t judge anything.

Shandora is still shaking his head: “I just said that the virus is ruled out, but if it is a toxic substance carried by the thing itself, or if the radiant energy causes a mutation in the Human Race gene, it is very likely.”

“The possibility that the source is the source of infection is as high as 90% or more,” I said. “But even if you can’t find out the secret of the crash, you should have collected some information? At least there should be one.” Pictures, with more information, we can work out a response plan as soon as possible.”

“This is of course,” the leader immediately replied. “Although we have not been able to collect practical research materials, we still have a lot of pictures taken by satellite and drones. I have the relevant information on my body… ”

The leader said, took a small u disk from the pocket of his shirt and then slammed it.

“This…” The leader hesitated to raise the u disk in his hand. “Do you use usb?”

The fifth type of contact code: When meeting with Alien, it is best to exchange information in the most primitive way and can be understood by both parties. An old photo is stronger than a u disk.

Obviously, this lovely leader has been don’t expect this before, he thought that he could find a computer with a usb socket in the Alien base!

“It’s really troublesome,” Shandora sighed, instructing a Xiling soldier to pick up the u disk and put it in a groove on the table next to her. “More than one civilization has made such a low-level mistake.”

The sound of mechanical synthesis echoes in the conference room with the closure of the groove: “Discover the unknown data carrier… constitutes the analysis… Analyze the carrier principle, analyze the carrier corresponding to science and technology… Analyze the encoding method… Decoding success, generating Corresponding interface… The interface is ready.”

Shandora rushed me nodded: “It seems that we don’t have to put windows xp in the little girl in my mother nest.”


Alien’s high science and technology is once again amazed. Human Race has been painstakingly researching decades of binary data retention techniques in a matter of ten seconds. As an Earth Xiling Apostle, I am crying at this moment or laughing. What?

The Hologram projection in the center of the conference table was replaced with a high-definition photo taken by Human Race, just like the leader said, satellite, drone, all angles, it seems that the harm of this thing is limited to the creature, those automatically After the machine is close, it is not affected by energy radiation.

“This photo is a picture we took through satellite,” said a country’s defense minister, pointing to a picture that immediately zoomed in automatically to the entire Hologram projection. “It’s shaped like an arc, with a length of 120 kilometers. Left and right, the thickness is only a few kilometers, and there are many obvious broken marks on the edge. It looks like a plate or a fragment falling from a ring… Hey, how can I exit the full screen?”

I added the amount by hand: “There is a small screen in front of you, click on the cross…”

After the defense minister slammed out of the full screen, another young man in a suit stood up. It seems that these pictures are not a picture taken by a country. Is this probably a proof of the solidity of the entire Human Race?

“This photo was taken by our drones. The distance is very close. We found that there are very complicated metal structures inside, and there are many hidden spaces that may not be known. It may be something like a cabin, but It’s all empty…”

“This photo was the last picture from our research team before they lost contact. They have come to the lower space and tried to enter, but they have been affected by some kind of radiation and they are the captain of Investigation Team. Dr. Feng pressed the shutter and sent back the photo in a state of mental sorrow. We saw a corridor and a lot of messy pipelines…”

I and Shandora watched a flashing picture, the expression was extraordinarily serious, the situation was not good, the mechanical structure… was too familiar.

Viska, who has been sleeping in my arms, didn’t know when she had woke up. She was watching the pictures of the broken wreckage at this moment, then suddenly licked the clothes on my chest and whispered. Say a sentence: “Brother brother, that … seems to be the star ring outside the Viska barrier star…”

I came down on the spot and sweated… The star of the Viska barrier star, where the radiant energy is released, destroying the ecosystem is absolutely easy and stress-free.

This… looks like the Resident Evil that Human Race is facing now, or is it Viska’s responsibility?

Oh, can’t you say that, after all, it’s not the result of Viska’s intention, or the fact that this crazy gimmick didn’t realize it at all, and why her star ring would fall on the Earth. No one knows. Pushing responsibility to Viska, who has never been in love from beginning to end, can’t be said in love.

Is this a result of littering the garbage and getting to the side of the road?

“Well, we have already understood the general situation.” Looking at the photos of the star-ring fragment taken from various angles, I waved my hand and said, “Is there more information?”

“If it’s about the outer space, this is all the information we’ve collected, and the rest is our research on the zombie virus, but those things…”

“We can’t use it.”

I said it plainly, and when I heard this sentence, the expressions of the delegates of various countries were very calm…

“The rest of the things we need to do internal negotiations,” I put Viska on the ground, and then announced the meeting. “You can take a tour of the base in the base of our staff, and then we will decide the best solution… …well, that’s it…”

After hurriedly ending the speech, I left without saying anything to pull up Shandora, and regardless of the expressions on the faces of the representatives of the countries behind him, Viska was too troublesome!

Let the ambassadors regard the act of drying the guests after the meeting as Alien’s customs and habits…

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