Xiling Empire Chapter 352

The 325th chapter is the most in the history of Research Institute

In the face of curiosity, the girl in the flowerpot, I casually sweared a degree, but I couldn’t help but nod my head and cast all kinds of envious and hateful eyes, so that the ugly lie was successful!

Also, in a place like Academy City that specializes in the production of a capability, even if only a small part of it can get superpower, it is enough to cover me.

After excluding the danger of another explosion in the store, Uiharu Kazari and I quickly arrived at Saten Ruiko.

“How is her situation?”

Despite this question, I have already seen the situation: the seriously injured short-haired girl is now in a serious coma, and the blood of the big beach is gathered under her body. The bad guess is really true. She The heart was stabbed.

With the fragility of Human Race, the vital organ of the heart is fatal even if it is just a tiny wound, not to mention the fact that it is pierced by a sharp metal object from behind, although there is still a last breath, but such damage Already can be equal to death, even if the medical staff contacted by Uiharu Kazari is now available, they can only return to the sky.

“What to do… what to do…”

Even if it is strong, Saten Ruiko is just an ordinary female junior high school student. She should enjoy the life of her life on campus every day. At this moment, a living living thing is about to disappear in front of her eyes. This kind of impact is far from her. Beared.

“She insists that no medical staff can come.”

Just a glance, I came to the conclusion that the blood almost saturated the light blue attendant uniform, not to mention the fatal wound on the heart, just the amount of blood loss, it is already fatal.

And don’t say that insisting on the arrival of medical staff, it is too late to send her to the “Xiling Research Institute” that makes me sad, the conventional means of transportation is not fast enough, space transmission equipment will instantly kill such a weak Human Race – – I don’t have a modified space transmitter for the average person.

“how come……”

Hearing my assertion, the two young girls can only whisper in such an incredible way.

“Alaya, can ordinary Human Race bear your coming?”

Since I am hiding in my spiritual sea now, I can easily understand my thoughts and immediately give a positive reply: “If it is just a ‘hosting’, there will be no problem in a short time, but the other party is here. In the process, you must completely lose your consciousness, or even enter the state of ‘pseudo-brain death’. Otherwise, any subjective rebellious behavior may lead to the collapse of the host’s soul.”

“This is good to say.”

I gently put my finger on the forehead of the dying waitress, the other body trembled a little, and then calmed down.

Directly aiming the spirit of Energy Freeze, producing a more “spiritual death” than brain death, except that the soul still exists, the body is no different from the dead, so it should meet Alaya’s requirements.

“what have you done?!”

Feeling that the body in his hand suddenly sinks, as if he had lost his vitality, Saten Ruiko suddenly lifted the head and said to me with a terrified expression.

“Reassured, this is saving her.”

I said a short sentence, then put my hand on the forehead of the target, under the palm of my hand, a white light fainted into the other’s head little by little.

After a few minutes, Alaya has entered the other with the body in the form of divine energy.

Somehow, a very interesting proposition suddenly appeared in my mind: energy state, light state, material state, is this a three-state change pinch?

“Elder Brother Monarch, I have temporarily replaced some of the child’s biological tissues with divine energy, but she is afraid that she can only insist on fifteen minutes, otherwise the child will be irreversibly meased into light.”

“Time is enough.”

I whispered, then took off my coat and put it on the girl who had begun to breathe smoothly. At the same time, I picked it up: the wounds of her large and small wounds began to be filled with white light. I must prevent it. Someone saw such an abnormal situation.

And at the same time, a white van with the Research Institute logo slammed shut around us, and Onee-sama quickly got off after getting off the bus.

“What happened? This girl is…”

While holding the victim to the car, I replied with a spiritual connection: “The accident victim of a bombing has died, but Alaya is continuing her living thing by coming. The life is really rich and colorful. of.”

“I thought it was a very harmonious place.”

Onee-sama groaned, then reached out and said a little dazed Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko: “Get on the bus!”

“Why let them come over too? What if the leak is broken?”

Looking at the two female students nervously sitting in the back seat, while watching the seemingly good victims from time to time, I asked my sister through the spiritual connection.

“There is no difference between us leaking secrets and not leaking secrets.” Onee-sama is very clear about the level of the sudden whims of Qianqian these days, which has raised our level of attention to the level. “And these two girls should be just now. The closest person to your station, it is difficult to ensure that they have discovered Alaya’s existence, taking them to the Research Institute is also to observe, more importantly, if you throw them there, it feels a little inappropriate.”

“That…” Uiharu Kazari’s weak voice interrupted me and “talked” to Elder Sister’s. The girl with the garland hesitated and said, “I have informed the Guard and the Disciplinary Committee, and I am also a member of the Discipline Committee. It seems that I should stay at the scene…”

Do you think about this now?

“Reassured,” I comforted the girl who looked down from the sky like a flower pot. “The life is alive, they will understand.”

“Hey? Are we not going to the hospital?”

Saten Ruiko suddenly glanced out of the window and found that the car was heading in the opposite direction to the nearest hospital, and asked in surprise.

Onee-sama, while driving, answered without a reply: “Let’s go to the Research Institute.”

Two girls exclaimed together: “Ah?”

“We have the most advanced treatment equipment and medical staff, well, that’s right! We are here at the Medical Research Institute! So bringing the victim there is definitely safer than bringing it to the hospital, and from a distance perspective, it is more economical to go to the Research Institute. Time…oh…”

The van wiped the road lightly and steady. When the local stop at the entrance of the Research Institute, my nonsense also came to an abrupt end: the brand that was less than two meters away was on the top of the line – Xiling philosophy and cultural morphology and botany and Promote the Mandarin research center.

I almost pushed the door and killed it on the sign! When was this thing placed here?

“Brother brother!”

This cheerful call is undoubtedly the voice of Viska. I just pushed the door down and hit it with a black little figure. Then I realized what I just wanted and didn’t do: hit the piece. On the far-sighted sign.

“How about this?” I don’t know if I just flicked my cat’s eye, Loli, from my arms, and then proudly pointed to the brand behind me. “Viska did it himself! The word above It’s all written by myself!”

I have a good sister.

Due to the special nature of this World, Viska does not have to worry about riots caused by his own eyes problems. Little brat quite strangely open eyes to observe the two girls who followed me off, naturally let the latter make a small exclamation. But it is just an exclamation.

“First rescue the wounded,” Onee-sama finally couldn’t help but remind us of what should be given priority now. “Living thing keeps the warehouse ready – but because it’s not known how serious it is, it may be exaggerated. point.”

Exaggerated… point?

Looking at the so-called living thing that exaggerated the “point” in the mouth of Onee-sama, I held my head, slammed, orz.

It is a huge body, occupying an area of ​​more than 100 square meters. The frontal and tangled mechanical structure is like a suspiciously different wall. The energy flow of the dark red is pulsating between these mechanical structures. Thing, and at the bottom of this hill-like complex machine, it is to gather all the energy streams together, and the heart beats slowly to maintain the entrance of the warehouse. Well, when you hang it, you can lie in it. Body place.

“I always feel that… when I get close to this thing, something very dangerous happens…”

In a treacherous tone, Uiharu Kazari immediately stepped back two steps after seeing the dangerous black mechanical Monster in the hall.

“This device is really subtle. Was this the living laboratory equipment that was never disclosed in the Research Institute?”

I continue to hold my head, squatting, orz.

Coming from Xiling The top scientists are dedicated to the universe’s cutting-edge science and technology theory and occult concepts, perfectly embodying the “thickness of carbon-based living thing” created by the very poor aesthetics of some very different Xiling designers. Equipment is abbreviated as ttt, but I don’t even understand why I use these three letters for short. “The series of living thing to maintain the latest model of the warehouse, with the shape alone can make people “when jumping in, will it be turned into Kilian? Come out, “This strange idea, this thing, is really exaggerated.

Looking at the two Xiling technicians wearing white robes carefully pushing the girl who was being slain by Alaya into the entrance of the maintenance bin that flashed the evil red light, all of us couldn’t help but squeeze the cold sweat.

Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko are worried about what I don’t know. Anyway, I am really afraid to push an Ultraman out of it. The Xiling technicians who always like to add various additional features to their products are the best.

“Elder Brother Monarch, the situation of this child has stabilized,” Alaya’s voice sounded in my mind. “Living thing maintains the warehouse and saves her soul. Now it is gradually repairing her body, probably to work tomorrow. The staff is routinely treated.”

At this same time, a soft female voice is also heard in the hall: “living thing to keep the living conditions in the warehouse normal, enter the second repair stage.”

This voice is to make the other two girls present at ease.

“Great,” Uiharu Kazari took a long breath and had a happy smile on his face. “It’s really amazing.”

“That is, of course, our Research Institute has mastered the most advanced medical science and technology and is committed to using these technologies to benefit the fullness and care of the entire Human Race…”

“But are you studying philosophy and botany and linguistics?” Uiharu Kazari dim-wittedly asked, “Although such research projects are so rare in this Academy City.”

Me: “In fact, we are a comprehensive research institution, philosophy, and that is the latest research topic.”

I can’t imagine how Qianqian would let Pandora put the computer network of Academy City black to the point where it would make such a painful place open for business!

“That… are you studying the issue ofability development? For example, technology that makes it easier to upgrade the level of capability.”

I haven’t talked, just quite strangely watching the busy Researcher’s busy Saten Ruiko suddenly said, although the tone is dull, but with a hint of unpredictable expectations.

I stumbled and immediately figured out the joints. This girl really cares about this thing.

And seeing her now say such a saying, what “fantasy hand” event should have not happened yet, no, it should be said that because of the difference between the projected World and the real World, whether the event will happen is still unknown.

“Saten-san, something that can’t exist, urban legend, urban legend.”

That thing, really appeared…

“If we are developing the research, we have done a period of time,” and I found a seemingly interesting idea in my heart, and after I received the unanimous approval in the instant spiritual meeting, I said with a regretful expression, “But Since the hiring ability to cooperate with the research terminated the contract early because of family reasons, and the research itself has achieved most of the results, the plan was stopped a year ago, but personally, I still feel that regret.”

Saten Ruiko in the eyes flashed a glimmer of hope, but it was fleeting. Obviously, she knew that she was so unremarkable and that she is still only a level0 person, and that she is not eligible for participation in this research. .

“But I recently planned to start another experimental project for capacity development.”

I intentionally or unconsciously looked at the black hair young girl in front of him, and weird uncle halo was fully launched – on the level of buying Loli, you can adend the em in the legend, although this kind of saying has an inexplicable sense of sorrow.

Saten Ruiko is not Loli, but a small junior high school student, you have just left the scope of the Loli race!

Seeing that the other party still has no reaction, I have another dose of medicine: “Now, as long as you find the right partner, that is, the ability to cooperate with the research, the project can be launched immediately.”

“Excuse me, the partner you are looking for must be a capability?”

Uiharu Kazari finally couldn’t help but look at what his friends looked forward to but didn’t have the courage to say anything, and had heard something from my tone.

Good job! I decided, just because of this performance, the young girl named Uiharu Kazari has been removed from the title of the flower pot woman and rose to the flower terrace girl!

“The ability is not specifically for people above level1? For our researchers, the talent that has the ability to become, even level0, can be called as a capability. In fact, our research needs The test subject is fully experienced development training still fails to awaken his own ability, and has reached the age of thirteen, into the level0 that is not suitable for the age of development, well, if possible, it is better to be near the school district. Student, because this project may require a full-day trial, it can be very convenient to go to school nearby.”

If this is not yet hooked, I can only kill one!

“Really?!” Finally, Saten Ruiko realized that an opportunity for enormous was placed in front of her. This opportunity was never imagined!

Most of the research institutions in Academy City are built around the ability. The direction of their research is naturally to improve the reliability level of the ability or to find more effective superpower training methods, and the resulting extension areas, although the essence The above is being studied as a test article or a more straightforward “white mouse”, but there are still many people who are willing to cooperate with such experiments. The high reward is on the one hand, and more importantly, such research is indeed The improvement of the ability level is very helpful. Saten Ruiko is not a blind pursuit of power, but the friends around him are far more “excellent” than themselves, and they are always a protected, even a burdensome role. This kind of thing makes the young girl who values ​​the most friendship feel very painful, so even if it is only one percent chance, you can get the reliability. Even the unreliable things like the urban legend, Saten Ruiko is willing to try, but Some research institution fancy and separately develops such things, but she is never I have thought of.

The reason is simple. No one will invest a lot of money and energy for a goal that is almost impossible to achieve.

Of course, it doesn’t include a group of idle moldy Empire leaders…

Now, an opportunity is placed in front of oneself, even though it is a seemingly suspicious Research Institute, and the research it conducts is to be full of such a sloppy point, but at the very least, it seems that this place is really …very Research Institute Oh!

More importantly, the man in front of him seems to be a good person…

Is a good person…

Is a good person…

Inexplicably, I felt like I was chilling all the time, as if I was launched by a rather bad thing on the spiritual level, but I found that the attacker did not find the feeling of coming from the hp.

“Is this research really done?!” After all, it’s just a middle school student. The black girl with long black hair will not hide his feelings at all. “So, can I? Can I participate? I will work very hard. !”

I have to say that it is not easy to get you hooked.

“wait a moment!” Uiharu Kazari suddenly interrupted our conversation. “Your research will not be dangerous, right?”

“This is of course,” I smiled brightly, “10,000 percent safe!”

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