Xiling Empire Chapter 357

Chapter 357, Who are you?

“Hey, hey, Alaya, are they looking for you Ah?”

After hearing the other person mentioning looking for Angel, I immediately strangely asked an Angel sister who was fighting in her own spiritual sea.

Then a uniform and gentle snoring sounded through my mind.

Is the biological clock sleeping at 9:30 every night on time? Alaya, you are a child, tears…

But if you think about it a little, you can know that the “Angel” mentioned by the few people in the distance is not the Angel sister who is sleeping in my Mental World and sleeping in the nose and bubbling. Alaya’s arrival is completely hidden, she I have never been hidden in my Mental World. It is currently known that even Xiling Empire’s technology can’t find a crouching Angel from an Emperor-level Xiling Apostle’s spirit sea, let alone the probe created by this World Human Race. And, even if Alaya appears in the main material plane now, as long as she does not want it, it is impossible for anyone to perceive the existence of this gimmick: the true Angel is the purest light and energy, the World’s original creature without artificial traces. Although she is a legend race, it is definitely not a so-called Magic creation. You can’t find any magical fluctuations from Alaya, just like the most powerful Mage can’t imagine to accurately perceive a certain light from the early morning sun. I call this situation: pure natural, no pollution.

I always feel that there are very subtle things that have slipped through my mind.

The “Angel” mentioned by the blond priest may only be something in this World religious legend.

Perhaps Star Domain God’s Domain’s projection of the Thousand Worlds may be the realization of the power of billions of believer beliefs, or it may be the “divine” form that World’s own power can be recognized by the world under the intervention of religious concepts. This World has the concept of “Angel”, and there is something corresponding to its existence. Every Angel represents a kind of power, law or order that the world understands. In general, it exists only as an idol of faith and cannot be changed. It is also not allowed to appear in this world at will, because the position of the sky and the position on the ground are full, no extra space can be inserted, Angel can not become a mortal, mortals can not spy on the position of the sky, naturally between the two Itโ€™s impossible to walk around like a door, but there are exceptions to everything. Some powerful so-called taboos have even the power to make Angel fall to the ground. This technique may require tens of thousands of believer to be sacrificed. The big curse of completion – if you can find so many believer that you are willing to sacrifice, also It can be done with the power of World itself, such as the ancient secret of the action of the stars – if the planet in the sky is exactly where you want it to appear, it may be a call that requires extreme coincidence and amazing good luck. For example, make a hotline call – if Belludendi is just free.

Well, Iโ€™m here.

Then, according to the blond priest, there is an Angel who has fallen, and the place where he was hiding after the fall is in the Academy City?

This is what Lin Xue said, and the story of the runaway has begun…

“Hey, Agna, how long?”

Stewar, who had waited for a long time without seeing the end of the ceremony, screamed at the cigarette, and said very dissatisfiedly to the blond priest next to him. It seems that the colleague of this colleague is one of the daily hobbies of the fire.

The priest of the blonde did not bother to deal with each other at the moment. His hand held something like a compass, but it was not the pattern drawn by the compass of the feng shui in the east, but a little bit of starlight, which was filled with The artificial sky made of magical diamond crumbs, driven by the invisible magic, these little “starlights” slowly move, gradually showing the constellation picture that this ritual place can see, just like the whole sky After zooming out and copying it onto the chart, the invisible Magic Force Field is built into a complex formation around the blonde priest. In my perception, these turbulent energies are actually the three-dimensional of the Academy City. Structure diagram.

However, there are many uncoordinated scenes in this picture. The proportion of some places has been seriously distorted. Many school districts with an area of โ€‹โ€‹enoutment have only a small piece of open space marked on this “map”, and an insignificant Flower terrace can occupy several blocks of area. If it is not rich in association, how can we connect such weird things with Academy City?

“That’s not the real scene of Academy City,” as an energy creature, Alaya’s perception of the surrounding magic structure is necessarily more accurate than I am. “That is to observe the earth from the perspective of the stars, and then use astrology to eliminate the useless information inside.” What is formed, all places that are not related to divination will be gradually weakened or even ignored, and the target of divination will be clearly marked on the ‘map’. Although this method looks awkward, it borrows the power of the stars. However, it can achieve some of the super strong presence of divination without being noticed by the other party, and few people can avoid the gaze of the stars. If they are looking for the ‘Angel’, then it is appropriate to use this technique. but.”

Indeed, as Alaya said, in my perception, with the magical fluctuations of the blond priest, the projection of the Academy City formed by the invisible magic is constantly changing, and the blocks are gradually disappearing, while some school districts are changing. It has become the focus of magic gathering, and those places must be the areas where “Angel” has been active.

But everything doesn’t seem to be so smooth.

Without warning, I feel that the various energies that have been detached have lost contact for a moment, and that feeling is like being thrown into a vacuum environment from a pool filled with water, even if it is only for a moment, maybe even only A few milliseconds of time made me scared.

“Energy vacuum?”

Pandora’s body was not noticeably stiff, and then the tone was serious. “Brother, I recorded a seventeen millisecond energy vacuum. All the specific energy here just disappeared – including my with the body’s Psionic. โ€

Along with this inexplicable burst of energy, the astrology performed by the blond priest known as Agnas was naturally interrupted: Magic is inherently quite rigorous, and most of them are not designed ups… …

“Cut, is this the case?” Steyr spit out a ring of smoke. It seems that this sudden power failure is not the first time. “It seems that even if the ceremony is held in Academy City, it won’t take much time.” What is the magical disruption?”

“Itโ€™s much better than last time,” the blond priestโ€™s face had an unusual flush. The magical power out of control was interrupted by the energy vacuum, but it still caused him to sigh with blood. “At least we can be sure A few general positions that Angel has been haunting recently, and know that the power of the other party may be related to ‘prohibition’ or ‘blocking’…”

“And more importantly, this time you didn’t lie on the ground for an hour,” Steyr continued to carry out the style of sarcasm to his partner, but then looked at the weapon battle in front of him… cough cough Weaving, “God split, what did you find?”

The young girl with the sage title is very serious at the moment, but with a hint of confusion, she stares at a landing billboard not far away, then suddenly reaches out and presses on the long knife, whispering: “Who? Come out!”

Oh, I was discovered.

It seems that just the moment the energy vacuum appeared, Pandora within the body relied on the Psionic-driven shielding device appeared for a short time to leak, revealing our breath, but our figure has been hidden behind this billboard, and that shield The time of failure was only a few ten milliseconds. It was discovered by the other party relying on intuition. What kind of things are the sages synthesized?

“Hey!” Scratching her hair, I led the two sisters out of the back of the billboard, and Steyr and Agnas showed no doubt on the face, because we were hiding from them. So close, being watched for so long in such a close distance has not been discovered, which has to be said to be an incredible thing.

On the face of the raging fire, the face showed a more dignified expression. Her eyes were swept away on Pandora and Viska, and the long knife in her hand became tighter and tighter.

I can’t feel…the breath of Human Race…not even the breath of living thing…

โ€œBrother and brother,โ€ Viska sneaked and pulled my sleeve and whispered, โ€œThis woman with a knife seems to be able to perceive the flying thing. Just now my anti-detection system intercepted a source like a living thing detector. .”

Sages are really rare materials, special manufacture? Why are you so a lot of talent in disorder?

“Spirit?” Steyr was surprised to find that his colleague, who has been with his partner for many years, is constantly concentrating on the momentum he has rarely seen. It is the reaction that comes in the face of a deadly threat, and in the partner. For so long, there have been only two records of the reaction of the gods.

“What are you guys?”

The blonde’s priest reversed the star plate in his hand and secretly accumulated magic.

Still not waiting for me to open, the next Visa has stepped forward, the bloody red cat is staring at the opposite man, although the tender but incomparable ice-cold sounds, using the same question: “You guys Who is it?”

“It seems to be a non-cooperative attitude…” The blonde priest put out a pose to fight, “but I won’t do it for the kids, Steyr!”

“Why should I start Ah for such a small girl?!”

The named red-haired priest complained loudly and dissatisfied, and then I heard a whispering sound from the side.

Pandora and Viska, the Loli sisters who have not grown up for hundreds of thousands of years, are finally irritated by some subtle adjectives.

Itโ€™s too late to hold on to these two impulsive little brats. I have lost the latter, and Pandora and Viska disappeared instantly, then jumped to the place where Steier and Agnas were less than half a meter away, at the same time. Stretching the little finger at the chin of their respective targets, and looking up at the little face, “Who are you?”

So fast!

This was the first thought of the raging fire that had not been able to pull out even the knife. Then she slammed at a speed of almost teleporting and then jumped more than ten meters, holding the handle in one hand and making a knife. Start-up, slightly bowed, sweeping away between us with vigilant eyes – she did not choose to rush, the two Little Girl just was incredibly fast, and did not feel it from the slightest The ability to launch the superpower fluctuations, the young girl sage subconsciously regards it as the speed of the twins’ pure flesh, so that their own shots may have harmed two colleagues who are already within the absolute attack range of the enemy.

Stewart and Agnas, who were instantly close to Pandora and Viska, had just had to put their hands in their arms and take out the cards with Rune, which had not even had time to lift them up.

“What are you guys?”

For a few seconds, Viska and Pandora asked in unison with a completely non-fluctuating tone.

“It’s shaped like a sword…” With a chance to speak in front of the weird Little Girl, Steyr suddenly jumped half a step, then quickly took out a small piece of red paper and screamed so loudly. After the simplified mantra, as his voice rang, a cluster of bright flames immediately circled around the small card, and then extended into the shape of a flame sword in the hands of the red-haired priest, at the same Time, the blond priest also quickly released the astrolabe in his hand. It looked like a whole piece of obsidian made a blast that suddenly exploded in midair and turned into countless tiny silvery white debris. I waved over to Viska.

“…there are stars shining on the earth, all living things…”

Shining silvery white debris at the same time bursts out of glare, and then spins up quickly, like a magnificent galaxy that usually surrounds Viska. It seems that as soon as Viska moves slightly, it will be sharper than the sharp edge. Just tear it into a fragment.

But it is here.

Pandora once again jumped to the half a meter in front of Steyr, then stretched out his right hand casually, holding the flame sword with thousands of degrees of high temperature, gently pinching, the powerful Magic creation turned into a scattered Red Firefly, the expression of Lolita destroyed the other’s weapon and then entered the interrogation mode again, asking in a rigid and rigid tone: “Who are you?”

On the other side, Viska first strangely looked at the small pieces flying around, and then he did not hesitate to extend the white hand, inserted into the high-speed glare torrent.

Suddenly, the blonde’s priest didn’t even have time to withdraw the high-speed blade that was originally intended to trap the other’s, but he expected that the scene of plasma splatter did not appear, and the small, delicate hand was easily caught in the air. A few crystal black obsidian fragments and small pieces of diamonds, then the cat’s eye girl looked at them in confusion, suddenly opened his mouth.

Hey, hehe…

Viska chewed the pieces in my mouth and Agna’s gaze for a long time, then vomited and yelled back to me: “Brother brother, Elder Sister Shandora lie to me!”

Your eating habits should not be close to the unreliable off-line Queen.

โ€œNot good,โ€ Viska spit out the debris in his mouth, muttered, and then a Space jump came to the stunned blond priest and continued pointing at the other person, asking for a few seconds slower than Pandora: “What are you guys?”

Accompanied by this sentence, the flying bright star disk fragment also fell to the ground: after the integrity was seriously damaged, this spiritual dress has been completely scrapped.

These two little brats have actually played…

At this moment, I suddenly realized that the sound of the air being cut was flying to this side. In the lingering light of the corner of the eye, several bright lines that were invisible to the naked eye had already cut through the air, and the moment was close.

The attack is the young girl saint who has been paying attention to the situation not far away. After seeing two weird Little Girl effortlessly defeating two bishop-level Mage, she decisively put the attack target on me. In her opinion, it may be the only possibility to defeat the mysterious man who has never shot before.

Although the other side is also carrying such an extremely dangerous feeling, at least the other side should be a Human Race, compared to the two “Monsters” that have no living thing.

With such a rather rude thought, the brave weapon slashed the knife and launched the armor attack on the boss not far away – why do I think my thoughts are a bit messy?

For those “thin lines” that I don’t know what is made, I have no idea of โ€‹โ€‹hard resistance. The physical strength is not what I am good at, and I am hit by that thing. Even if I don’t hurt, I have to hurt for a long time. Destroyed at the same time of the half-meter concrete floor, I also flashed a few sharp lines like a blade.

In the sound of the ground cracking, the place I used to stand was already covered with deep cuts, which made me more convinced that I was dodging.

“Not finished yet!”

It was not an accident that the attack of the attacker was on the attack of his own attack. Instead, he immediately rushed forward and pulled the knife, looting like a lightning bolt.

The speed of sound is achieved by the power of the body alone?

The talent of the saint is too bt!

And I perceive the amazing energy that quickly condenses on the edge. I even suspect that this attack is not a problem for the Eiffel Tower. It is really a joke that the young girl with the title of “Sage” is serious.

In this way, if you simply try to be able to achieve overwhelming victory, then the remaining options are –

Slightly sideways, flashed the first sniper of the raging fire, and then instantly blocked all energy changes within two meters of the range with mental power, even including the biological current in front of the young girl within the body, to the “sage” In this case, such an instant control may not last long, but time is enough for me.

In the gaze of the other person, I easily grasped the long knife that had been slowed down by the owner’s index finger and thumb, and then “squeaked” it into two pieces.

You shouldn’t play close combat with someone who comes with a long-lasting paralysis halo.

“What are you guys?”

I asked the section of the violently banned banned piece as a small piece, and asked it plainly.

“You can’t say something else?!”

I have gradually recovered my mobility, but I just cautiously jumped a few meters away. The sorrowful fire woven and heard my questioning. I almost planted it on the ground, then shouted at me with a crashing face – from the moment I met Now, my two sisters and I have not said the second sentence except this one!

She even forgot to mourn for her love knife…

“Say something else,” I scratched my hair and then nodded. “That, who are you?”

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