Xiling Empire Chapter 358

Chapter 358, looking for Angel, looking for Angel

“What the hell are you?”

I grabbed my hair and asked with a puzzled face. I was already happy in my heart. It was said that this kind of thing that only made people would make me feel happy from the heart. This moment seems to understand Lin Xue. Shantou’s way of thinking…

On the other hand, the Pandora and Viska sisters at this moment are still asking their opponents in a sentence: “Who are you?”

“Big sister, I am going crazy!!”

Finally, the young priest of the blonde showed a serious collapse on his face. I guess that with his strength, it should be a small head in Magician, but now it is being played by a little girl who is not taller than her stomach. After a complete defeat, and then interrogated in such a sentence, this kind of deficit is not so good.

“We are the Mage of the evil church,” and finally, seeing that even the power of the “sage” has been defeated, and Steyr understands that the general trend has gone, and he bit the cigarette and said, “The people of the Magician camp – – Well, I think you have the strength and the Authority in this Academy City to know these things.”

Authority hair, Laozi ID Card are forged by my sister!

“Oh, that’s it,” I nodded in a big way, then greeted Viska and Pandora. “Go back to eat dumplings.”

Everybody :”…”

The first thing that collapsed was the blond identity Agnas. This poor man has been desperately desperate by our brothers and sisters’ abnormal thinking mode. At this moment, they are holding their hair in a desperate manner. The tone is sad: “Is this finished?”

I am nodded: “Yes, it’s over.”

Viska’s voice sounded in my mind, with a hint of happiness: “Brother is really bad heart ~~~”

Not far from the Pandora, which is still controlling the red-haired old cigarette, it is slightly invisible to the eyes, and the corner of the mouth pulls out a little arc that is almost invisible – the bad factor in the depth of the skull is no less than Viska.

“Then why are you fighting with us Oh! !!”

The madness of this time is the cresing of the gods, didn’t expect Steyr’s spirit to last until the end.

I showed a pure smile: “Because you don’t answer our questions Oh!”

Petrochemical, all the petrified yeah!

“I said, is it really interesting to tease us like this?”

Steyr’s voice passed from afar, and I looked at it with a little surprise, just to see that the red-haired priest was still smoking cigarettes under the control of Pandora’s, the depressed face .

Didn’t expect, this guy is quite keen.

“From the very beginning, we are monitoring us nearby. Are you really just passing by?”

“Call–” I sighed and waved Pandora and Viska back, then smiled. “Didn’t expect Steyr’s IQ is still above the horizon.”

The red-haired priest couldn’t help but be amazed at the face. The cigarette in his mouth fell to the ground: “How do you know my name!?”

I smiled mysteriously, and my eyes swept through the other two: “Agnas, the gods cracked the fire, and longed back to the two names.”

“Who are you?!” With such an unanimous voice, the three Magician members once again put on a fighting stance, the expression is extremely serious, “Why do you know our name!?”

Me: “I just eavesdropped on the side.”

Three people: “…”

Steyr’s expression twisted to the side of Agnas and said: “For the first time in my life, I agree with what you said – superpower development is really harmful to the human body…”

“Hey, tell me now, what do Magician people do in this place,” reluctantly thought of violently smashing one red and one gold priest, and I asked questions that I care about. “I think you should not be able to Want to die unyielding? Anyway, there are many people who have the ability to read minds in Academy City, and surely one or two of them can open your mouth.”

To my surprise, I thought it would take some effort to get the other person to open his mouth. As a result, Steyr almost did not hesitate to say everything – because this thing will soon spread on Magician. And the Cityer’s ruler probably already knows it all the time. Even some of Steyr’s sneak into Academy City seem to be carried out under the other’s acquiescence. In this way, the secret is not important.

An Angel came to the ground.

For the cross-discipline of God, the importance of Angel’s appearance is naturally unnecessary. That is the same thing as the Jehovah’s miracle, but no one knows why, this Angel came to the ground. Later, he stayed in the base camp on the scientific side.

The purpose of the three Steyrs is to find this Angel. In any case, Magician’s forces will not allow their idols to settle in the enemy’s nest.

Of course, Academy City will not watch the Magician camp grow out of thin air, but Aleister does not know why the three members of the United Kingdom Puritan have entered their territory. God knows between the old fox and a fox What kind of agreement has arisen…

“Even the biggest bishop can only be sure that Angel’s current position is within the scope of Academy City,” said the old smoker Steyr’s face with a depressed expression that was uniquely spread after the chore. “We are in the United Kingdom. The faction was the first to know the news. At this point, the Roman Orthodox Church is a slower step, but now it seems that we are all on the same starting line. Soon, the power of Magician will get such news. It will be very lively.”

A secret that is about to be made public, so this old cigarette gun is so happy. According to him, the entire Magician will soon be attracted. What is the reaction of Academy City?

The creature in the petri dish must have known this for a long time. Although he is not very interested in the evil taste of the guy, he has to say that in terms of a Human Race, his strength cannot be ignored, but he has not Any movement, even acquiesced to a few Magician personnel came in to find Angel, is not ready to sit on the mountain or take a profit, it is not known, after all, is the genius Mage who once summoned “Angel” by the body of Human Race The brain is not understandable by our mortals.

I didn’t have much interest in such a thing. After all, the main purpose of this time is that we have a holiday… cough cough, save World, except for the star-shaped fragment that can break through the World barrier and hit Earth at any time. Not in my concern, but the words that Lin Xue said before suddenly came to my mind:

The existence of the original World does not come suddenly, resulting in an abnormal change in the direction of the entire World. All events are distorted and then pointed to this “foreign object”. If it is not handled properly, even the end of World will happen…

The current situation is that at least Magician’s recent actions will point to Angel, who doesn’t know whether to pay for public money or to travel at his own expense. In the original “plot”, this Angel does not exist…

Have to drag the three people in front of you!

As soon as I thought about it, I quickly isolated all the energy flow in the nearby space. At the same time, Pandora interfered with the information interaction here. Together with the “airback loop” of the to be everywhere, we did not let us go. The entire area of ​​more than a dozen meters disappeared instantly in the monitoring system of the Academy City.

“You…” Steyr immediately discovered an abnormality in the surrounding environment, but when he took out the Rune card, he found that he couldn’t call the magic.

“Alaya, don’t sleep! Come out.”

I didn’t care about Stewart and Agnas, who had a big change, and the slashing fire that was not far from the fighting posture, but greeted the air.

The golden light feathers appeared in front of us, accompanied by the fascinating hymns, the bright halo filled the “clean earth” of a radius of more than ten meters, and a figure gradually emerged in the halo, and at the Same time, the amazing light of the holy light began to flow freely, and even the space around this figure was abnormally distorted in the random pulsation of theeno energy.

Alaya, this girl, really understands the requirement that I must “strongly appear and instantly shock each other”.

With a pair of wingspan reaching three meters of the ultimate wing instant instantiation, and then suddenly opened, the holy light energy raging in the space disappeared, all gathered into the young girl that appeared out of thin air, let the latter’s body wink The quality change from energy to entity is completed.


Alaya, who was taken from the spiritual level to the main material plane, yawned lazily and then slammed it lightly.

Oh, fell to the ground…

I took back the words I just said. This girl didn’t understand it at all. She was purely because she was sleepy and led to the loss of control when she was out!

I don’t know how many times Alaya has been crawling up, and then “pā pā” patted her long skirt, and the wings behind it trembled as if it were a real pigeon, all of a sudden, just now The easy and holy atmosphere of the majesty is gone.

But it didn’t seem to change the shock of the Magician trio. Just as Alaya kept slamming the dust on his body, the three Steyrs had already exclaimed in unison: “Angel!?”

Although it is a question, it has already affirmed the meaning, not only the image is unbiased, but more importantly, the appearance of Alaya just born from the light, is exactly the same as the Angel legend in the cross. Moreover, the powerful energy of the other side, the at the same time of the magic accumulated by the faith, is not the thing that the power of the scientific side can copy. The biennial girl in the glory is definitely the real Angel!

Although the move is a bit strange…

“Sure enough, it was the same as the fox girl said.” After recovering from the shock, Steyr whispered, “Angel came to Academy City.”

“But is it bound by people on the scientific side?” Agnas took a small silver cross from his arms and his fingers were slightly white due to excessive force. “This Angel’s state looks strange and how the man is.” It’s going on…”

“Hey! There are three over there, what are you doing?” I tapped a little on the still confusing Alaya head, and the move immediately made the opposite three look blank. “Don’t show that expression.” This is not the one you are looking for. To say it, I am also looking for the guy. The Angel you are looking for may be our lost companion.”

Agnas squeezed the cross in his hand, but because of the interruption of the energy, he couldn’t release any Magic, so it sounded a bit lacking in tone: “The scientific side is also looking for Angel? Even one of them has been controlled. Name, although I don’t know what kind of despicable means you use, but commit such crimes with the body of Human Race…”

“Don’t pull those who have nothing,” I waved and interrupted the faithful guy, and then showed a pretty headache. “I just want to tell you, if you find the lost little, don’t remember to tell me, No, I am very responsible here. Really, I finally led Angels to travel down. As a result, I still lost one team. You don’t know how serious the Jehovah is with us in these few days!!”

As my voice fell, Pandora also launched a camouflage system under my instigation. A lovely little wing was opened behind the moment and then dissipated immediately. The process seemed to be that the bird unconsciously stretched out. A lazy waist.

Pandora certainly doesn’t have the ability to use Magic power, but if you use Psionic to simulate the sacred energy of a moment, it’s basically a Xiling Apostle, and now the three Magician people on the opposite side don’t seem to be How much energy to pay attention to the authenticity of this sacred energy.

They are busy licking the chin from the ground.

“Who are you?” The slashing fire woven the turbulent mood, but the tone was still a little trembling. “Is it from heaven…”

“Almost,” I ran with my train. “I didn’t have a long vacation in the sky recently. I set up a ‘Human World Half-moon Tour’ tour group. The result is didn’t expect that the usual Angels in the sky will be honest. So unpleasant, I lost one day in a few days. In order not to disturb the mortal, the heavens generally prohibit us from using World-class power at will, so now I am also a headache.”

“Let’s take a long vacation…”

Agna’s five thunders.

“tour group……”

Steyr covers his face and cries.


The gods smashed into the wall.

I endured the urge to roll around, and my expression was still serious: “What is your reaction like this? Well, I recently looked at the mortal sect’s concept of heaven. I have to say that the heaven in your faith. It seems that there are two places in the real paradise, and the gods of your faith are not quite like the broken reminders of the Lord. It can only be said that the human race has imposed its desire on the gods and formed the delusion, the real god… Anyway, it will be a far cry from your legend.”

I can tell the truth…

Such remarks can definitely be described by the great bereever of the bishop. Even if the Pope wants to say such a thing, it may cause the anger of the believers. But the Mage of these evil churches that belong to the necessary evil church. It is essentially different from those of mad believer, and their acceptance is obviously stronger. Second, the person who said this seems to be a high-level leader who can lead Angels to travel, so the effect of this is Very subtle.

What’s even better is that there is also a genuine Angel, the Angel who still can’t help with my words – even though it’s just a certain punctual baby who can’t help but snoring – so Despite saying “this is impossible”, several famous figures of Magician still have to crash the default.

Saying that I will not cause their faith to collapse? Stewart and the gods of the fire, such as “sense believers” to say something, but the golden lion over there … priest seems to be quite firm.

When I think of it, I am not euphemistic about them. I am euphemistically persuaded: “Well, you should not be too lost. It is the fans who suddenly find that their idols have their own shortcomings in life. This is inevitable. Things, even the gods have to have human rights, not Yes? Hey, what am I wrong?”

“Fans…human rights…” Agna Student burst into tears and then suddenly said to Steyr, “Hey, smoker, you kill me.”

The red-haired priest, nodded, took out the flame sword and promised: “Oh, that’s fine.”

“Hey! You bastard! Don’t really cut Oh!!”

It seems that the fears just now are completely redundant. They have no faith collapse, and they have not rushed to blame me for smearing God’s Demon, the necessary evil church? It’s really a place to raise interesting people…

“That’s it,” seeing the goal has been achieved, I smiled backwards backwards. “We first withdraw, find the way to tell me to tell me…”

“wait a moment!” Suddenly smashed the fire and suddenly stopped me, but opened his mouth, still did not say anything.

At this moment I have led two mobile forts and a idiot Angel to run away.

Huh, this feeling of teasing the original character is really subtle.

“Brother,” on the way home, Pandora suddenly broke the silence. “Why do you want to do this?”

I smiled slightly: “Of course, not only for fun, I want to use this way to expand the chaos with us as the center.”

“Remember what Lin Xue said? The existence that should not have appeared on this world has become the source of all confusion, so that all kinds of disasters happen. Now I guess, the source of this confusion should be that. Filing of Angel.

“Understanding the fact that the other person is hiding or not knowing what the other party is like, it is quite difficult to eliminate the confusion. Since it is impossible to avoid all of this from the root cause, it is better to let the chaos take us as the center. Exploding, this can at least change the less optimistic future. With Lin Xue, all our actions can be said to be planned.

“And I am also curious, an ‘Angel’ that can trigger the whole world chaos, what kind of reaction will be made after discovering us who are more unexpected than the ‘outsiders’.”

“It turned out to be like this,” Viska didn’t know if he didn’t understand it. He was screaming at the small head and proud of his face. “Brother is so smart.”

“And this is not the main reason,” I shook my fingers, mysterious face. “The main reason, really is still –

“This is really fun Oh! !!”

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