Xiling Empire Chapter 360

Chapter 360—Storage Commander

The wide underground test site was quickly emptied, vacating a site with a radius of 200 meters, and then the soldiers under the leadership of Vega, the Research Institute Temporary Guard Captain, set the place into a simple recruit training in a matter of minutes. For the standard Xiling soldier, it is obviously quite fun to arrange the shooting range. The enthusiastic sister-in-law even suggested that I push the boring Research Institute and then change it to a barracks. At a glance, you can see the difference between Soldier and the general. Pandora’s suggestion is to let me push Academy City down and change base, but from a headache, the rigid scorpion and war-maniac’s Loli don’t seem to be. How big is the difference.

“I… really mastered the ability?”

Saten Ruiko stayed in the lounge for a while. When I came out, I saw that the original test site was completely unrecognizable. However, this change was continued by me using “new technology”. Now she is most concerned about herself. Is it true that we have mastered superpower, because looking at our response, it seems that our own development test has achieved what is the ultimate progress.

“That is of course,” I have a mysterious smile on my face, but my heart is a bit strange, although I don’t think Bubbles will make misjudgment on such a simple question, but the soul structure of a Human Race turns out to be a Xiling person. The same, this is too illusory, “tears, do you really feel nothing?”

Black hair young girl shook his head and confused: “No, according to the reliability development course, once you wake up the superpower, you should be able to find this yourself soon, but I really don’t feel it.”

“Nothing, anyway, we have prepared the relevant information, and you will be able to do it by then.”

I said, and then I patted it on the head of the tears – it looks like Loli has raised more, and there are always some very strange habits…

“Yes, the director…”

Saten Ruiko was smacked by me, and then my face was reddish.

“The first is the test of the ‘target command’,” Vega ordered to place an elemental piece of steel about 20 meters away, and then said to Saten Ruiko, “That piece of metal is your target, focus on it. Above, then think of it as something that needs to be destroyed, in other words, hostile to it.”

Saten Ruiko gave a sigh of relief, but the eyes were to be full of confusion. Obviously, she couldn’t understand why the pretty sister who was originally the Research Institute Guard captain suddenly participated in the experiment, but thought The variety of our Research Institute is not reliable, and it is relieved.

Regardless of it, there is never an experiment anyway that I can understand.

Opened the strangeness in my heart, black hair’s young girl, according to Vega’s instructions, stared closely at the target not far away, and then began to work hard to accumulate the hate value of the steel plate, which is not easy to do, because generally In this case, unless you are caught in your head, it is difficult for you to hate a piece of metal…

However, Saten Ruiko, who has been experimenting with various capabilities, is obviously very good at doing things that require a little self-hypnosis. I don’t know what she thinks. In fact, in our instrument records, the steel plate itself immediately produced a lot. Unable to parse the information, which indicates that it is already Saten Ruiko “pay attention”.

“In fact, you don’t have to stare at it… forget it, anyway, the effect has been reached.”

Vega shook his head, saying so, then picked up a small piece of metal next to him and threw it at the piece of steel.


A loud bang, a steel plate that was several tens of centimeters thick was hit by the gently thrown metal block, which instantly burst into a large piece of metal dust.

“Oh!” Saten Ruiko was busy concentrating, but was shocked by the noise of this enormous, could not help but exclaim, and then stared at Monster’s eyes and stared at the Vega next to me, I read this information from it. : Even if this sister is a garrison captain, is it too much strength?

“Don’t look at me,” Vega said faintly. “That’s because of your strength.”

“I?” Saten Ruiko tipped his fingers out of his nose and asked for an explanation.

Because it wasn’t his own superior, Vega didn’t mean to answer Saten Ruiko’s question, but Lin Xue read it with the information just printed out: “The target command is locked, the group is reduced by the Defense Ability, and the monomer is Defense Ability is cleared. If it is such a single metal object, as long as it is locked by you, its structural strength will become zero, and it will only guarantee that it will not collapse without being subjected to external force, but it will be affected by any attack. Something that will be destroyed, this skill is called: remote three armor…”

Should it be called by you? None of us will use the name of such a nonsense skill to name the superpower Oh!!

Is this the storm Commander’s ability? Sure enough, as recorded in the data, it is a bug-like existence in the group battle. It is like this skill called the target command. The most high-level Storm Commander can even use one gaze to make the armor of the entire battleship. The land collapses, but its most powerful place is not to make the armor of a single target zero, but… it can halve the enemy’s Defense Ability without a limit.

In the war, is this deadly debuff not the same as the golden finger?

However, Saten Ruiko should not have such a capability, group armor is only theoretically feasible, but even the real Xiling Apostle, there is a limit to the goal of locking at the same time, as Saten Ruiko, who is earthling, can It is not easy to turn a steel plate into tofu.

“Then the second test, the instruction focused.”

Vega continued to serve as the announcer, and let the men move the second piece of steel to the field. In other words, the steel plate, today is really hard for you.

“Well, this may be complicated,” Vega said to Saten Ruiko, who still has some ignorance. “First of all, you still have to treat this steel plate as a target, and then mark the other side as a ‘crosshair’, giving it a ‘coming from Can all of our ultimate bearers’ senses be able to do this?”

“I… try to,” Saten Ruiko hesitated and nodded. “But why do I think this is not the same as the general ability to use superpower? And what should this be like?”

“This thing is called a talent tree,” Lin Xue said, holding the Saten Ruiko’s shoulder solemnly. “You will become a qualified Ultraman – even if you don’t have a bunch of small monsters that are stunned by your face.”

This gimmick is not much better than running a train!

“It will probably be a big move, you better have a mental preparation.”

Seeing a team of Xiling soldiers wearing security uniforms, the machine gun strode over, and I hurriedly reminded the tears that were trying to anger. The latter turned and looked at it and immediately shocked: “Would it be a real gun?” ”

“Theoretically, yes,” I borrowed Tavel’s famous quote, “Because the power of the ability sometimes requires special means to test, so some Research Institutes will be equipped with various armaments. You should know?”

“Oh… it’s really the first time I know…”

Well, these are the “regular weapons” that were specifically created for testing. You have to know that there are two Empire fleets in our inventory that don’t know what it would be.

After the Xiling soldiers who were armed with the machine guns were ready, Saten Ruiko had been staring at his target for a few seconds, and it was estimated that he was trying to imagine it as his own father-in-law, but on our instrument record. It has become an information fountain, and a large number of unprocessable encrypted information continues to blow in various ways, constantly modifying the definition of the metal by “World” itself.


After the information burst on the instrument peaked, Vega raised his right hand high and then slammed it down.


“The sudden process…”

The heavy machine gun suddenly gave a rush of screaming, and the fire tongue splattered in the violent rain and the bullets were in a hurry… pouring in all directions.

Yes, in all directions, more than a dozen Xiling soldiers, none of them aimed at the steel plate that was targeted. They arbitrarily poured firepower around, but the result was that the unlucky steel was quickly covered with potholes. crater.

Not a guide weapon…

I first ruled out the possibility that the bullets did fly straight out, but they all disappeared shortly after leaving the muzzle and then sneaked deep into the steel plate marked by tears.

“Try to punch the air.”

Lin Xue said to me while looking at the data refreshed on the handheld.

I didn’t know why I waved at random, and then suddenly felt that the fist hit something in the air, accompanied by a loud “When–“, which was sag in the metal plate more than 20 meters away. Go down a deep pit.

“Can you direct 70% of the attack power if the target doesn’t resist?” After the gunshot calmed, Vega nodded. “It has reached the average level of the General Storm Commander.”

“Is this… is it a correction that already involves the World Law?”

At this moment I have roughly guessed the property of this ability, asking with some doubtful expression.

Lin Xue is still eager to study the skills introduction, and does not raise the head to answer: “Who knows, Storm Commander is a very special Xiling unit, the ability is between science and mystery, just like this instruction focus, is dedicated to To combat the enemy’s high-mobility target’s surgical strike skills, the target is judged as the attack bearer, and then all the attacks sent by the enemy will have a 100% chance to hurt it, but the attack power will be reduced to a certain extent, and can guide There is an upper limit to the force of attack. There is a usage record as an example. Let a top storm Commander sneak into the enemy and mark a city. Then the Xiling people put fireworks in their base… What do I think is similar? The method of destroying Dalaran? A’Jun, do you have an Akron in your hand?”

“Don’t pull.”

I took a picture on Lin Xue’s head, but my heart was already confused.

Saten Ruiko’s ability was discovered by us. No wonder we always thought that she didn’t have the ability. For a long time, it needed this special method to launch, but…

How can a Human Race master the skills of Storm Commander?

Storm Commander, that should be a branch tribe in Xiling Apostle, is quite special for fighting strength extremely low, but members of command ability and team assistability exception forformable, even have a nickname they are “mobile fire control towers”, their The attack power of itself is not even as good as an elite soldier, but on the battlefield, which skill of a Storm Commander can make our army’s fighting strength several times, but as the Human Race, Saten Ruiko is also the Storm Commander – you have to say She is actually a Naimei star who pretends to be a Human Race. I believe Oh!! Saiyan people are at least still in the category of carbon-based creatures, right?

At this time, as the party, Saten Ruiko finally reacted, and then pointed at his nose: “I am… double ability?”

“Hey, it shouldn’t be…” I said quickly, this time letting Saten Ruiko awaken the talent that should be owned by Xiling people. It is beyond our expectation that it was just trying to help each other, but now the situation The sub-complex is a hundred times more complicated. I have to think about how to deal with this. I can’t let Saten Ruiko generate too much suspicion before. “How to say, your ability should be related to changing the properties of the target substance. We will continue to study, yes, I have a request for your ability.”

“ēn?” Saten Ruiko showed a curious expression.

“Before our research draws conclusions, try not to fully expose your ability, because… well, because this belongs to the research secret of our Research Institute, which is explained in the original contract, and you show your ability to the outside. One way to use it, as far as the capability is concerned, the Research Institute will help you prepare it, which will also reduce your troubles…”

I think my explanation is quite confusing, even to be full of contradictions, but the black hair young girl in front of me nodded very happily and said with a smile: “Well! I know!”

“The ultimate sister halo?”

Lin Xue sighed aside, and then waited for me to react and re-entered the experiment with Saten Ruiko ability.

The entire experiment lasted for three full hours.

The result is shocking, except for a few of the skills that only Xiling Apostle’s special body constructs can achieve, and now Saten Ruiko, its level of performance is exactly a trained primary storm Commander!

What’s going on here? What is crazy is that I am still this World or the uncle who is coded in front of the computer? I have never considered the normality of world outlook at all! ?

Well, the spit is finished.

In order to get more information more quickly, we kept the connection with the Bubbles throughout the experiment, thanks to the SuperSpace-Time Empire information link that never crashed, at the same time, including at the experiment. More than a dozen Xiling Hosts in Bubbles have been in a high-speed information processing mode, and the results of the calculations have been communicated to us synchronously. For the fact that Saten Ruiko has mastered the Storm Commander skills, Bubbles will calculate the top priority. Sex was sent in order of priority. The possibility of ranking first was that Saten Ruiko had a variation in mental power in the process of receiving the mother crystal radiation, and it overflowed under uncontrolled conditions, resulting in a dormant cabin. The preservation equipment failed to intercept the diffusion of its mental power in time, and the mental power bound from the physical bond was repulsed by a nearby Xiling Apostle’s soul, and then mutated into a “pseudo? Xiling soul”, which sounds like a copy. The possibility is that Bubbles is the closest one to the truth, and the probability of its occurrence amazing……

One hundred and ten thousand zero zero zero one…

Then I just didn’t look at the other things that my hair came over.

“Since you are allowed to have a remote Xiling Origin Star’s brain, why can’t Saten Ruiko have a soul that can use Xiling’s ability?”

In the end, Lin Xue ended our suspicion of the “Saten Ruiko phenomenon” with such a sentence, and then Zealot, who said that he was very detached and calm, was once again put into the test of tearability…

“And then, what are you going to do?”

Looking at the training field and happily experimenting with the tears of his “superpower”, Onee-sama suddenly whispered.

“I want to help others, but it comes to the power of personal creation of Apostle and Saten Ruiko. It is special.”

I am also a headache, really.

Saten Ruiko is awakening which is good, even if she really becomes a 100,000 horsepower that can pull out the Thunderbolt from the pocket in front of her stomach, I will not have a headache, but she turned into a Xiling Apostle? False, in this way, it is somewhat difficult.

That is definitely not the power of this World, and even part of the World rules rewriting, and the way of launching, energy fluctuations is completely different from the existing Magic, superpower, whether it is Aleister that hanging man or Lola that fox girl, they Saten Ruiko will soon find this special girl, and then… our original kindness will be distorted.

But the seal is the power…

I can do this with my ability very easily, but looking at the tears that are not far away, I can’t completely get this heart Oh!

“Let’s take a step and take a step.” In the end, I can only sigh and sigh. “If you are too big, you will be convinced by the two camps of Science Magic. Anyway, to save the world’s great credit, we should not overcharge the fees.”

“Sure enough, A’Jun can make the decision,” Onee-sama smiled softly. “This decision that is completely undecided makes my sister happy Oh.”

Sister, your evaluation makes me feel very delicate Oh!

“A’Jun, A’Jun ~!” At this moment, Qianqian’s voice suddenly rang from the side. “The guard at the door just said Uiharu Kazari. They came over. Can you see if our test can be paused a little?”

Uiharu Kazari?

I glanced and looked at the watch.

“Rely! Is this time?!”

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