Xiling Empire Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Aleister

In the waiting room of the Research Institute, several familiar female students are waiting for Saten Ruiko’s to appear in their own way. Uiharu Kazari is sitting on a slightly farther sofa and drinking green tea quietly, although it looks very laid-back, but in the expression There is a thick helplessness and a big head, but not far from another sofa, a young girl with short brown hair is sitting on the sofa. The super-electromagnetic gun on the long table is full of depression and is doing a very good body and mind. Healthy things: Hit Shirai Kuroko, who is constantly coming in various names.

The daily life of the three people is so colorful.

This is what I saw with Qianqian in the waiting room with Saten Ruiko.

“Ah, Saten-san!”

Uiharu Kazari in the tea mode first saw the appearance of a friend, but the first thing that came to us was Shirai Kuroko, who came over the space transmission – in the form of our feet.

“Ah, under the whip of Onee-sama love, the sunspot feels that the body is involuntarily…”

Shirai Kuroko swayed up from the ground and smashed it twice in general, and the electric light visible to the naked eye.

… This is really a stubborn creature. Here I am paying tribute to your fighting spirit as an Empire Chief of state. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Shirai Kuroko Student who is at the forefront of Lily as an otaku…

“Why do you feel that your eyes are going to be full of all kinds of things?”

Shirai Kuroko’s eyelids pulled down and said to me slowly, then pulled up Saten Ruiko’s hand and said happily: “Saten-san, you are finally appeared, saying that you have to go shopping together after the end of the trial today. You have never been there. Come, the phone can’t get through, so come over and see, nothing is great…”

Say you are subtly vilifying my Research Institute? Where is the IQ high help me analyze and analyze Shirai Kuroko’s words in the deep sense of bastard!

“Ah, sorry, sorry, because today’s important experiment was carried out, and the result was urgently extended…” Saten Ruiko smirked with a sorrowful smile and took out his mobile phone. “Well, it may be shielded in the test field.” The signal.”

“Important experiment?” Shirai Kuroko looked at me with suspicion. “Isn’t it a very strange thing?”

“Do you think more about your way of thinking??”

I had a blue vein on my forehead, and then I was unceremoniously smashing a chestnut on the head of a lily girl. These days because several female students often come to play, we are already familiar with each other, similar jokes are open. How much, but my favorite, it is still chiseling this collection of various singular attributes in a lily woman Oh!

Qianqian smiled and approached Shirai Kuroko, who was holding his head, and said with a sullen face: “Is there still any doubt about the Student’s ongoing project at our Research Institute?”

“I am very sorry to have caused you such a big trouble, please be sure not to put it in your heart!!!”

Shirai Kuroko said the words aloud, and then a space transmission disappeared, exactly behind Misaka Mikoto, and grew a breath: “Call – it really is Onee-sama’s back to be full of solid sense of dependence.”

The electric light flashed and the World was quiet.

“Speaking of it, tears seem to say in the morning that it is only a routine routine test,” he got his own “sister”, Misaka Mikoto’s tired face, and suddenly remembered something like it. “Is it a temporary increase in pilot projects?”

“Almost,” Qianqian pointed his index finger. “Because of the power and scope of the new ability of Saten Ruiko’s, several projects have been added temporarily. After all, if superpower does not know ahead of time and find out the requirements for use, Whether it is for yourself or for others, it can be dangerous.”

“Oh, that’s it,” Uiharu Kazari sighed nodded.

After three seconds.


Triple exclamation at the same time in the waiting room – say Shirai Kuroko, are you really Xinchun?

“Saten-san, you…”

The flowerpot woman reached out in disbelief and pointed at her friend’s incoherent words. On the other hand, Misaka Mikoto rushed to grab Saten Ruiko’s hand and excitedly asked: “Tears, is this true?” Is your ability awakened?”

“Well… yes…”

It was shocked by the excitement of the friends. Saten Ruiko replied in a panic, but the tone sounded a bit uncertain. It seemed that the things that he suddenly grasped were not sure whether it was superpower, well, This can be understood, after all, the Storm Commander skills are mostly “pseudo-rules” between science and Magic. According to the general superpower expression, they have too many anomalies, and more importantly, the Academy City development. The superpower that comes out needs to be “calculated” to play, and the Saten Ruiko’s Commander skill tree is fully automatic, and the launching method is completely different from the one taught in your education. It is no wonder that Saten Ruiko will have the doubt that “this is superpower”. .

“Saten-san !Saten-san! What is your ability? Let us see it~~” It seems to be more exciting than the initial mastery of superpower, Uiharu Kazari clutching Saten Ruiko’s hand, eager to face The garland on the head even blooms, right, there is a chance to let Della come over, it seems that there is a living thing godly believer reserve.

Saten Ruiko gave me a look, I yelled at her nodded, these three girls are trustworthy people, and presumably Saten Ruiko did not want to hide too much from them. After receiving my affirmative reply, the other party immediately showed a happy smile. Then, pick up a glass cup from the side – do you not realize that it belongs to the property of Research Institute?

In the tense gaze of the three young girls, Saten Ruiko took the glass in his hand, then…

Young girl accumulates hate values.


Under Saten Ruiko’s gaze, the glass as a single-material single-layer structure is quickly covered with cracks, because without any armor, its body is used as something that needs to be destroyed, and the execution rules of the target command are so specified, regardless of It is the fragile structure formed by glass, or the steel that weighs more than ten tons, which will be wiped out in the face of this skill attribute determined by the “pseudo-rules”.

After a few seconds, the hard glass was turned into a scattered powder by Saten Ruiko, and slowly floated along the fingers of the young girl.

“I don’t know what the probability is,” Tears said, “The target that seems to be looked at by me will become very fragile. It doesn’t belong to the existing superpower system. I am afraid it will make the ‘bookstore’ The recorders have a headache.”

Even so, Saten Ruiko’s face is very difficult to cover up, the thirteen-year-old heart can not be as sophisticated as adults, and in front of her friends, she completely exposed her feelings. .

“Good… great!”

Uiharu Kazari swallowed a slobber and said with a shocked expression. Compared to this thermostatic pot, Saten Ruiko’s superpower is indeed quite amazing.

“This kind of capability is really very interesting,” Shirai Kuroko also showed a serious expression. “I have never heard of such a thing… the uncle, the director, please… Oh!”

“To call the elder brother Oh!” I once again smashed a chestnut on the other’s head.

Shirai Kuroko held his head and promised: “Yes, yes, my brother, is the Saten Ruiko’s ability level measured? Should it be level1? If a cup is fragile…”

“It should be level2 or higher, and close to level3,” I thought a little, and then gave this inaccurate answer. “In a concentrated situation, you can make a larger volume easier to damage, and the launch of this capability. The point seems to be ‘concern’ rather than ‘gaze’. If you break through this, Saten Ruiko only needs to pay attention to one thing to break it down, but now she must also look at her attention to produce enough concentration. After breaking this point, this capability can be called level3.”

This is certainly not true. In fact, Saten Ruiko’s current power is close to level5. It’s never been possible to be born from Viska’s “God” technology, and Storm Commander’s skills are mostly “enforced”. The effect, even if it is a metal block cast from thousands of tons of titanium alloy, as long as it is a single structure, it can be destroyed by Saten Ruiko’s “target command”, and the mental power consumed is exactly the same as destroying a glass, but This is still judged by “personal strength”. If it is in team battle, Saten Ruiko’s ability will probably be more than level5, but unfortunately, according to the superpower concept in Academy City, such capability cannot be detected. – And I didn’t plan to make Saten Ruiko’s things so big.

Although my statement is very conservative, I still let a few female students exclaimed: “Close to level3!? Great!”

From an original non-ability person, I suddenly awakened the superpower of level3, and it is no wonder that they are so surprised.

“What method do you use…” Misaka Mikoto fired back and forth on me with the eyes of rare animals. “This development is too unexpected…”

“Scientific research secrets!”

I said with a serious expression, but didn’t expect this sentence to come out, the three girls who were still asking about the tears situation immediately quieted down, then carefully nodded to me, hehe.

Should you sigh that the child really deceives?

After knowing that Saten Ruiko has obtained the ability, several female students must celebrate it. In this case, we “outsiders” should not mix well, so there is not too much to do with the Uiharu who are going to leave. The retention, we sent four happy little female students out of the Research Institute.

“Unexpected development,” Qianqian gave a sigh of relief and then leaned in my arms. “It seems that as long as you are around A’Jun, there will never be a variety of gods to launch Oh.”

“I am very sorry for this and all kinds of depression.”

“Haha!” Qianqian smiled happily, then took my arm and walked in the other direction. “Having eaten and eaten, our Savior adults also need to add carbohydrates~~ Today, I have Lin and I have a hard time. The self-confident work of Oh~ ~”

I am awkward: “wait a moment Qianqian I suddenly remembered that I had met my twin brother who had been separated for many years on the street today, so I am afraid I will lose my companionship and don’t bite me Oh!!”

After that, it was two days of calm, at least for us. It seems to be very calm. Saten Ruiko, who has just been promoted to “ability”, runs happily every day to test various kinds of capabilities. When I rest, I am going to me. Telling about the interesting things that happened in school, after the biggest knot was solved, the girl was obviously more cheerful. It was no longer the kind of smile that was a few days ago, and a student who had been level0 suddenly got close to level3. Superpower, even a brand new powerful Esper, has made a little sensation in Teacher’s School in Saten Ruiko school, but it is not this that makes young girl happy, but she is no longer friends. Bao Zheng – Under my explanation, I know that my ability is more suitable for the assistance of friends than to fight alone. Saten Ruiko is not only disappointed, but very happy, although not incomprehensible, but it is really different from my mentality. However, I thought that at the beginning, I was only the priest who chose tears under the pressure of the two fats.

But we are calmly here everyday, but an old fox should not be able to sit still?

I don’t know why Aleister hasn’t reacted to our unusual “invaders” until now, but as we move more and more, and continuously lead to things that cannot be explained by common sense, even if Aleister is a calm , at this moment should also be shocked?

As a result, on the afternoon of the third day, a man who claimed to be a member of the Academy City Concealed Action Class found our Research Institute and informed me that the President of the Academy had a request.

Please call me as the prophet in the future, thank you, and remember to separate me from Lin Xue.

At the heart of the Academy City, a black building made entirely of special composite materials that can withstand nuclear explosions. There is no design of doors and windows at all. Access can only rely on special space systemability as the “leader”. This is where Aleister is located. local.

I think that people who choose such a place to be a local must have suffered from extreme mental damage when they were young. Can you design a nest with such a painful heart without a strong autistic heart?

However, from the point of view of design concept, this thing is really close to the Space-Time management center in the city of Shadow City, especially the security measures that have no windows and doors and must rely on space transmission to enter. Switching to an oral coffin is a perfect match for Tavel’s concept.

“Is it enough? If we are ready, we will go in.”

Little Girl, who is next to the “leader”, said in a voice of indifference, and I was shocked: “Oh, you also have the line Ah?!”

Little Girl: “…”

“Okay, let me go to see the old fox – don’t look at me with this kind of look, you should know that many things don’t require you to participate.”

I noticed the strange expression on my face when Little Girl was listening to the name of my “old fox”. I said so mysteriously, then the latter was nodded and grabbed my arm. It is very easy to lie to a child.

I was so sighed in my heart that in the next second, I felt that the scene in front of me had an enormous change.

It is not Xiling science and technology that replaces space for transmission purposes, but directly rewrites its own three-dimensional coordinates to achieve positional changes. Although this limits the size and number of transmission units, it is a rather novel space. The transmission method, maybe Tavel will have a little interest in it.

Feeling the speciality of the ability to carry out the space transmission, I sighed in my heart, then lifts the head, looking at the light green test tube in front of the fallen male.

The “leader” around me has left, as I said, what is going to happen here is not what she should be involved in.

Gloomy and strange places, this vast space is full of strange machines and pipelines. Numerous flashing lights are hidden in the cracks of these things, just like the bright eyes of the beasts in the dark night, the complicated lines are intertwined with each other, and finally Gathered in the central light green glass container in the center of the room, the same tube of the same color lcl solution, the main ingredients are formalin and hydrogen peroxide… mouth Hu! In this way, in the middle of everything, a “biological” wearing a light green surgical gown, which can hardly distinguish the gender of the other from the face, is so quietly inverted and suspended in a large test tube. It seems that it will never be in the eye. Will be calm and calm.

Aleister, once the most talented magician, took a moment to spy on the existence of truth, the true founder and authority of Academy City, and it is obvious that he is trying to cosplayBubbles, but unfortunately failed… Well, this is still awkward… …

Your sculpt is so much that I am ruined! Nothing cute, you guy! Any creature that dares to hang in the tube besides the slumbering Bubbles in the crystal prism should be smashed by the scorpion!

“I have been following you for a long time.”

Just as my heart spit in the air and I used the Bubbles’ cute image to play in my head, I suddenly heard such a strange synthesizing sound from all sides of the room, Aleister, which gave all the living thing activities to the machine. To complete, to become the “biological” of the purest thinker, even the way of speaking is so modern.

“I also pay attention to you for a long time,” I waved to the other side to know, and then frowned and looked around. “Do you have a stool in this place?”

Silenced in the air for three seconds, then the electronic synth sounded again: “You really are a person I can’t understand, and your friends, I can’t even know how you got into the school…”


I waved the other’s words and took a Mazar in Aleister’s slightly curious eyes – why did I really find this in my voice space? Originally, I still want to vacate a cannon shell as a round stool.

After solving the problem without a stool, I rushed to the other party nodded: “Okay, let’s talk about it!”

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