Xiling Empire Chapter 365

Chapter 365, madness and destruction

The worst situation finally happened.

The experience of the Misaka sisters has always been the thing we dare not mention in front of Viska, but I thought that the whole plan had been solved by a certain god, we did not worry too much about it, Viska Occasionally crazy, but she can still restrain herself most of the time, but now look, the bastard plan is still going on?

Damn, if you know it, you should let Pandora thoroughly check the database of Academy City. If you find this plan early, you can avoid such a crisis earlier!

The birth of Viska stems from a similar experiment. In order to create an inexhaustible Xiling Apostle that can be resurrected infinitely, she was created as Pandora’s soul container, but due to imperfections in the plan itself, tens of thousands of replicas Pandora took place. Violently, only one life in the fratricidal life, that is, the mad Madska, it is because of such an event, Viska madly defected to the camp of Fallen Apostles, experienced hundreds of thousands or even millions of years In the dark years, although the reason has been restored, the terrible memory of that time has always been in her heart, especially in the place where she first obtained Artificial Intelligence, the core of the Death Star filled with the wreckage of the replicas, and countless Let this poor girl wake up from dreamin the dream. If the warmth of the family is not gradually healing the tragic scars, Visa, who is regaining consciousness, will soon become more crazy than ever.

What happened to the Missaka sisters?

A cloned person who is produced in order to create a more powerful capability can be produced continuously from the culture tank with a single button. The sole purpose of its existence is to become a “strongest” to become a god. The stepping stones, after opening the eyes, are faced with the fate that will be killed, countless flesh-and-blood bodies, countless pairs of unspeakable eyes, intertwined into a network of horrible destiny, such things, if already It’s okay to get it done, but what if it’s still happening and it’s exactly what Visa knows?

“Sister,” I can only contact the Research Institute if I can’t call Viska many times in a row. “Is Visa now at the Research Institute?”

“The child went out half an hour ago and said that he was going to the shopping street to find you. What happened?”

“The most serious state of affairs!” I heard that the other party ran over, I almost shout abuse. This bastard has arranged for her own luck, how to fear what, Viska is so obedient, this time suddenly The whim came out! And it seems that she has probably met Missaka sister by chance, and no matter how she meets the other side, the most important thing now is that she is very likely to have contacted the party who came to “test”!

In addition, I really can’t find a reason for her unilaterally blocking contact, rejecting my call, which is absolutely impossible for Viska under normal conditions!

“Pandora, can you contact your sister?”

“The contact was interrupted and the search failed. She has left the identification area.”

β€œA’Jun,” just disconnected from the Research Institute, and Qianqian said to me in a dignified manner. β€œThe City of Shadow City sent an urgent message, and a strange identifiable unit bypassed our certification system, trying Calling the Empire fleet and three powerful weapons that can lead to the extinction of the race, Bubbles has rejected such a request.”

“Oh…” I fell in a breath of cold air, didn’t expect that the development of things would be so sharp, Visa really has gone crazy?

I did not hesitate to connect the Empire Army Supreme command line that I had never used before, and released the same message to all Xiling military units: “Notify all armed forces control units now, forbidden for two hours from the current time. In any form of military mobilization, all military, weapon, and special units enter a semi-freeze state, stop responding to all dispatch signals, and reinforce. Except for Bubbles, Xiling Host enters the data monitoring state and intercepts any strange signals in the data link! ”

This is not enough. I am afraid that there will still be loopholes in stopping the external response of the general forces. Viska is a copy of Pandora’s. She has a way to disguise her identification signal as Pandora. I don’t know if Visa in the crazy state still has such wisdom. But I know that as a quasi-tragic emperor who has always been in trouble, the chances of any unfortunate things happening to him are not zero, so after considering it, I still informed Sivis: “From now on, I am freezing all of Pandora’s military command with Emperor’s Authority. Her cronies are now under your command, and I am not allowed to respond to any orders issued in the name of Pandora without my order!”

β€œyour majesty !?”

Just a moment after my order was released, Sivis sent a shocking call, and suddenly received a series of ridiculous orders that made the cautious and loyal Empire Military Officer feel a little helpless, especially the last one, if Without explanation, this is almost an announcement of Pandora’s treason!

“Don’t panic, Pandora is fine… well, the situation is a bit complicated, I don’t want Pandora to be hurt, understand?”

Even though I know that even if I don’t say that, the Empire Military Officer will unconditionally execute all the commands issued by the superiors, but in the end I chose such an ambiguous explanation, but even though it is just saying something equal to nothing, Sivis’s answer is still with The feeling of a clear breath, simply replied: “Yes! Your majesty!”

But before I let out a sigh of relief, I told Vega to step up the search for abnormal energy in the Academy City. Shandora suddenly picked up the Super Space-Time connection: “A’Jun, what happened? Just all the stars in the barrier. The military factory suddenly started running, and its Ultra Space-Time engine array seems to be charging!”

“I rely on!!!”

This time I really depended on it! It’s still not letting people live. This is just the beginning. Does Viska’s gimmicks even use the planet forfort? You at least give the Human Race civilization a bit of buff time!

“Let Tavel and all the technicians under her work, you must not let the barriers out of control, Shandora you stare at yourself, as long as Viska can control, no matter what weapon, as soon as it starts, it will be turned off immediately… Viska is gone! ”

“A’Jun, still can’t find Viska’s position,” Elder Sister’s voice passed from the wide-ranging spirit channel, with a 12-point anxiety, “Pandora also personally dispatched, but Viska cut off between her and her Mind connection…”

“Hey! I grew up… cough cough, the uncle, what the hell is going on, why are your expressions suddenly so serious?!”

Since our conversations were all done on a spiritual level, in the eyes of Misaka Mikoto, in the last few seconds, we suddenly changed their faces, and then collectively fell into a strange state of silence.

Regarding that hesitated or the title of “Uncle”, I still didn’t hear it.

“There is a good news and a bad news now,” both at this moment. Qianqian is still joking. “The good news is that one party is hanging fast, so the trial is about to stop. The bad news is… Academy City will probably hang up. Drop it.”


Misaka Mikoto just made such a strange sound, and a distant explosion interrupted our conversation.

The runaways began to attack.

“That direction…” Qianqian frowned and looked at the position of the explosion. “It seems that it is far from here. How is the battle going out there?”

“I can’t manage that much,” I grabbed Qianqian’s hand and informed Pandora to use the barrier to cover up the area where the explosion occurred. “Vega’s smashing fast-moving force has already passed, and now we’d better find a way. Separating the place from the surroundings, God knows that crazy head will bomb together with Academy City.”

With this at the same time, in this distant undeveloped zone, the earth-shattering bombing is sweeping across the entire land.

“Run! Bug! Hahaha! Run away!! The king of the end is here!!”

With such crazy screams, the overwhelming deep red laser beam is like a stormy rain on the ground, and the earth-shattering explosion destroys the ground over and over again. Hundreds of black red floating like the shape of the enormous seed The guns traversed in the sky, constantly splattering the deadly beams to the ground. Under the rainstorm, a seemingly thin teenager was running, pale hair, turbid red eyes, Academy City The strongest, level5’s ability, can control the side of the vector at random, but at this moment, fleeing in this semi-melting hell with such awkward attitude, and all this is the crazy laugh in the sky. Petite figure.

“Hahaha !!! Resist Oh! Rebel ah you worm! Your vector reflection? Your strongest ability!? Invalid?! Great 7535 orders you to resist idiots!!”


The explosion of enormous broke out less than two meters from the side of the passage, followed by successively larger scale explosions. The quantum bombs fell like rain, quickly drowning a passing figure in the rolling smoke, but next Second, the white-haired boy who should have died in such a fatal explosion rushed out of the smoke, his face with a sly expression rushing toward the “girl” haunted by the black mist, with a hysterical roar: “Don’t be a kid, Oh! You Monster!!”

Looking at the lightning-stricken side, Viska’s face was covered with an extremely excited smile. The girl’s eyes were completely filled with chaotic blood red at the moment, and thick and bloody things were madly twisted in those eyes. As if trying to break through the cage of the blood Demon, when the enemy has come to the front of less than three meters, the crazy girl suddenly opened his mouth, excitedly shouted: “Ha – Human Race!! I want to crush Your flesh and bones Oh! !”

The red light curtain spreads rapidly around Viska, and Esper suppresses Force Field without any suspense to cover the whole body. This is not the first time that it has been used to destroy Atlantis. The interferometer can remove all the Esper mastered by Human Race from the level of the law, and lose the gravitational vector manipulation. The white-haired boy only has a low-pitched curse, and the body pauses in the air like a rocket that runs out of fuel. A moment, and then quickly fell, but this is not over, in a party that is arrogant and open, it shows a more strange scene.

With the squeaky sound of oh, just like the scenes of the strange floating cannons, the sky is quickly covered with a circle of ripples, but this time things are more terrible than those of the floating cannons. thing.

Nuclear bomb silo, a nuclear bomb silo that covers the sky!

However, after a short period of horror, one side passed quickly and calmed down. He suddenly found that his situation was not as bad as he initially thought.

I was blinded by the endless and nightmare attack of the other party. It seems that, in addition to the red ray that can disable its ability, this “Monster” attack technique is not surprising. And that kind of red light should not be able to produce effects remotely…

Nuclear bombs, even nuclear bombs?

For a party to pass, even a nuclear bomb can’t hurt it. It was just scared by the little ghost who suddenly summoned n turrets at the beginning. Now calm down, the white-haired teenager suddenly feels that he seems to Still mastering the method of victory.

Although he and the other party close combat will be suppressed by the red light curtain, but the remote combat, the other party can not help themselves.

In fact, there are countless ways for Viska to kill a party. The space deletion of a large scale can take only three seconds to destroy. Even if the space itself disappears, the “vector” attached to the space can no longer be discussed. However, Viska chose to use such overwhelming artillery to bomb the other side. This choice is undoubtedly a bit stupid, but now Viska is just a crazy beast, and the wisdom of the battle has all given way to a pure desire to destroy.

“Enough! Despicable Human Race, I am fed up with such a boring game!”

Accompanied by such a sudden calming sound, the overwhelming artillery bombing suddenly stopped, and one side lifted the heads strangely, but the roar of the next second resounding the sky made his face change, even the confidence that had just surged was Extreme horror was overwhelmed.

“Go to death! Let’s die with the full Human Race! Just like the stupid Atlantis civilization, let’s kneel down, beg for mercy, then turn it into ashes!!”

Floating in the air The “nuclear bomb” launching well that protruded out of the launch trembled collectively. The top cover was dark red and bloody, and then slowly opened, revealing the warhead inside.

“I want to end it all!! I want to destroy the ecosystem of your entire planet! Can you not reflect the attack?! Then wait for hunger after the entire Earth extinction! idiot!! Fragile carbon- Based living thing! In the face of the great 7535, it’s gone!”

“zaccis-drexint! Psionic Radiation Bomb!”

Monster, madman, madman Oh!

In order to eliminate a person, the method she chose turned out to be destroying the global creatures to starve each other! ? What kind of madman Oh!

It has always been passed by someone who is so called by others, and there is even a time to describe others with such a name.

From the very beginning, I wonder if there is such a metamorphic possibility in Academy City. How can Human Race master such incredible things, now everything is clear, pointing to a more horrible reality: what you are facing, right and wrong The power of Human Race.

Despite being the darkest aspect of this Academy City, although he has always regarded himself as the incarnation of Demon who should be feared and hated by everyone, one party has never thought about it, and he really has a day to fight Demon.

How do you anger this Demon disguised as Human Race?

When the overwhelming “nuclear bomb” is about to be launched and travels to every corner of the whole world, one side feels that his brain is particularly clear.

“Cut… the replica is coming again… Is this going to be a positive challenge and then kill me with pain?”

When I saw Misaka Younger Sister’s standing in front of me, I said so, and I didn’t care about Little Girl standing next to the replica. At that time, I also didn’t expect, the little devil who was neglected by myself would actually It is such a terrible “thing”.

“You, take back the words just now, otherwise, die.”

As early as I heard this sentence, I should have noticed that the other’s is not right, but the habit I have developed has made myself a fatal mistake.

“If you don’t want to die, go to the side, or you will become a piece with this useless copy!”

Then, the other party launched the attack without warning.

After all, one party is only a Student. Even if he is stronger and his character is distorted, he has to face a crazy Empire General as a Student. This contrast is too sloppy.

“Distribute the space interference network, For the Empire, to prevent the physicalization of the silo!!”

While the chaos in the middle of the road was waiting for the Human Race to be destroyed by itself, a sophisticated and decisive female voice suddenly rang behind him.

Looking back in surprise, I saw that it was not the expected garrison or other support forces of the Academy City, but more…Monster.

The mechanical scorpions of dozens of half-human and half-beasts.

The upper body is a short vest that exposes the image of the beautiful woman of the Battle Armor, while the lower body is a strange black mechanical structure that looks like the Sci-Fi product of Human Race and the scorpion stitched through a shoddy surgical operation. The mech creatures are arranged in two rows of neat arrays, and the shoulders are against the rocket launcher, aiming at the “nuclear bombs” in the sky that have been slowly and urgently poked out of the silo.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!” A series of muffled sounds, dozens of bright white light balls spurted out from those rocket launchers, and then opened in the sky into a huge volume of giant nets, launched by giant nets The wells swayed a few times like the reflection in the water, and then slowly returned to their respective Space Crack.

Thankfully, the nephews finally arrived before Viska caused more damage. If they came late, the gangs would only have time to draw an exclamation mark for Human Race history.

“I don’t like long-range firepower,” Vega muttered in a depressed voice, and the long knife in his hand slammed into the air. “The armor is a fighter, not a gunman…”

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