Xiling Empire Chapter 367

After the 367th chapter

Qianqian after personality conversion, how to say it should be a state between abnormality and abnormality…

It seems that I can always produce some creepy thoughts without thinking and earnestly, and put them into practice with great interest.

Seeing the pupil who was tightened up by one side, I could only knock on Qianqian’s head and then comforted the party. “Don’t be afraid, she scares you. Our death sentence generally does not involve cooking…”

This time the other party is completely convinced that he is in the hands of a group of cannibals…

“You guys are really a husband and wife…” Lin Xue sighed and sighed in a strange tone. “I said you two, almost you got it.”

How do you say to this party? My feelings are very contradictory.

Kill it, but he made my baby sister angry – of course, it is impossible, Viska is not normal, you can prepare to destroy Human Race because of a sentence, but I am very rational, I have seen the original Quite clearly, the fierce teenager in front of him is not actually a wicked person, nor is it our enemy.

When I first saw the original, when the character first appeared, the first impression of him was a guy who used force for strength, was fierce and brutal and had no humanity, but in the end I learned that the real party is what it is. Look like.

I used to be an ordinary child, but also had a time like pure white paper, but because of the awakening, it reached the level5’s ability. It hurts countless innocents between the hands, so I don’t want to be in contact with people. It can be said that it has rejected the whole World and turned itself into a “thing” outside of World. It is thought that this will not harm anyone.

To be honest, I can’t even imagine such an idea.

The psychology of one party is not normal. I always think so, and even after I learned his true side, I still think that I have gained the power of terror from urinating, and all the ordinary people who are able to kill by hand are in the Continuous damage and hatred have grown to the present, to be honest, as a party of level5, the psychological metamorphosis level is less than level1. I am already amazed at cough cough…

Then, as the strongest of the Academy City, and become the level5’s perceived ability, he still faces endless challenges and endless damage.

If you become the ultimate powerhouse and become a presence that no one can dare to challenge, then everything should be over?

With such an idea, the party with some distorted personality has agreed to the plan to “upgrade” by slaughtering 20,000 Missaka sisters, and then…

No, then, the twisted journey of life, so far, he encountered a madman who is more distorted than himself.

Viska, this can smile and throw the whole piece of Continent into the magma, you can kill the violent madness of Atlantis civilization because of personal preference. On the road of madness, one side of the district is very easy to communicate… cough cough Sorry, thinking away It is.

The boy in front of me is not a bad person in nature, although he has done enough to be labeled as Demon, but think about the Emper soldiers who gathered around me…

Which hand’s life is below five digits?

Since even the last work can forgive the boy, I am too lazy to toss him.

“You don’t have any memory for today’s business, understand?”

“Look, you are going to let me go?”

One side of the face showed a slight unexpected expression, it seems that this murderous Empire soldier has such a benevolent Emperor and feels incredible.

“Of course, you can go, and then pack me up to pack up your own twisted life. To be honest, your popularity is still quite high – well, in short, you can go.”

One side frowned, and looked indefinitely to see that the surroundings had automatically let go of the scorpion Soldier, and then said evilly: “Your trust is really cheap, I do not guarantee my confidentiality.”

“Nothing,” I shrugged. “The only reason for keeping you secret is that I don’t want to be disturbed by my vacation, but it’s just a little more trouble for us to say it. Well, you have to The price paid is all the living thing on the planet under your feet – obviously, we are not on the side of any Earth creature.”

One side squeezed the fist, and the violent red eyes stared at me.

“I don’t care about this dirty World, but… it doesn’t seem to be good for you anyway. I don’t have any interest in what is a meta-invader.”

By virtue, you are different in dimension, your family is different!

After letting one party leave, I turned my head to another trouble that I needed to deal with.

Saten Ruiko looked at this side, and beside her was sixteen armored knives armed with knives, and surrounded by bomb slings that still smoked smoke. No matter how they look, this place is not suitable. Adults grow up healthily.

“Hey, tears.”

Lin Xue said with a heartless gesture, and said with a thumbs up: “Good job!”

“do not come!”

Seeing Lin Xue trying to get close, the tears immediately scared her shoulders and stepped back two steps. As a result, the armored scorpion that was next to the warning also followed, and the movement of the metal limbs of Kaka caused some young girls who were over-excited to scream again— I don’t know if the Storm Commander who commanded the battle was temporarily crossed.

“After calming down, I started to panic,” Qianqian sighed. “After all, it’s just a little girl.”

Just playing cs with dozens of mechanical dice and almost destroying Human Race civilization is also a little girl! ?

“armed forces are lifted!”

Vega screamed loudly that in a series of metal collisions, the scorpions had lifted their battle patterns, and the huge mechanical half-length also changed back to the normal human body, watching the smoldering mechanical beasts change again. Back to the familiar Researcher and Research Institute guards, tears stunned and then hesitated to me.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s safe,” I smiled and went to the tears, and then pressed it on her head as always. “The next thing is left to me.”


Saten Ruiko cried cautiously, and I shrugged it. “This is still the name. Anyway, you guessed that the identity of the director is deceptive, called the name, or his brother can do it – I Individuals tend to the latter.”

Lin Xue, whose hearing is close to infinity, decisively despised in the distance: “You are not saved by a dead sister.”

I turned back: “Prophet, who has been seriously derelict, gave me a face!”

As Viska has recovered and the strong energy field formed by Pandora has gradually disappeared, the Academy City garrison has begun to move closer to the area. In order to avoid trouble, we first returned to the Research Institute, and then, it was accidentally brought in. Saten Ruiko explained the situation.

“coming from different World?”

After listening to the interpretation of the chaotic version of Qianqian Lin Xue and the reaction of ten minutes, Saten Ruiko finally figured out the clue, and the nerve arc finally reacted after a hard battle.

I know that this time can’t let more than two women at the same time.

“Although it is very close to this Earth, it is different from World.” I said nodded.

“Very powerful Alien Empire?”

Saten Ruiko continues to screen the things that can be understood from the rush of the rushing mouth, and look at the expression on her face. It is obviously already believed in this thing. Anyway, if I meet on the road, I can summon. Loli of Yang Electronics broke the city gun and said that she would not believe that she was made in earth.

I pointed to the form that has been restored to a clever little girl, who is busy with Pandora than Visa, who is not strong enough… forget it, or don’t watch it.

“And then come to save the world by the way?”

We nod and nod.

“Besides the last one, the front seems to be quite normal.”

Saten Ruiko concludes this way.

Don’t say something so rude to Oh! Have you ever heard of loving Savior? !

Seeing that Saten Ruiko has calmed down, we know that the problem has almost been solved. Onee-sama brought the tea set up and said it to everyone: “In any case, the ‘fragment’ that might hit Earth is also us. Everything, in any case, must be solved personally, but now it seems that it seems to intrude on the lives of ordinary people, and it is also a matter of bringing you in. I am sorry.”

We didn’t notice that as the problem was explained a little bit, Saten Ruiko’s eyes were gradually shining until the last sentence of Onee-sama, the expression has changed from the initial horror to the excitement of the tears. I took my hands on the table, and the young girl exclaimed with excitement and amazement: “No, don’t be sorry at all, it’s amazing! You are from world. Save the earthling’s dimension living thing. This is a great setting Oh. !! And how can you say that you are coming in!! Can be part of such a legendary event, isn’t that exciting?”

We have no gods.

Even Onee-sama poured tea on other people’s clothes.

Waiting for me to change my clothes back… What if I am unlucky?

In short, when I came back with my clothes, I saw that I was talking to Qianqian and my sister about Star Wars and asked about the curious baby version of Saten Ruiko who traveled through World. The most difficult thing to understand on World is the woman. It… has nothing to do with age.

However, combined with the character of the tears in the original, she will have the performance of this curious little female student, it seems… probably… may it be reasonable?

“Hey, Director… Well, Chen Jun, okay? Is this my ability? Isn’t it superpower developed by Academy City? Is it Alien’s technology?”

Normal people at this moment at least worry about their own situation! You have been tested by a human being, and you are stupid!

This Saten Ruiko, why didn’t I find out that she still had such a headache?

But the headache is a headache. At least one thing I can rest assured: It seems that the tears are not afraid of us. The acceptability of this girl is really terrible, and looking at this excitement about the dimension living thing, she may be Captain crossed over.

After handing Saten Ruiko, who was already a little too excited, to the Qianqian, who also had the vitality of max talent, I took my sister outside and took the elevator down to the underground structure of the Research Institute.

In the spacious and tidy hall, a super-enomous machine with a shaped tank is hundreds of square meters. At the red entrance below it, the pulsating red light is gradually dimming, indicating that the entire treatment process has been Entered the end.

“Senior Officer !”

Seeing us coming, Vega, who was in charge of defending the work, immediately came forward and banged a military salute.

“Small nephew, this time it is really hard for you.”

Apostle, who led a group of combatants and leader, died for ten minutes. Although the opponent was just a shrinking general, the battle that Vega had carried out was enough to make her proud.

“Everything for the Empire!” Vega immediately replied powerfully, and the irony smell of the wind sent 20 meters.

“How is the situation with the child?”

“The body fix has been completed, and now the soul is being reinjected, ah, it’s done.”

The Vega voice just fell, and the huge “living thing” was issued with a “squeaky” sound, just like a microwave oven in my house.

“The treatment procedure is terminated and the first wake-up begins.”

This mechanical female voice is very Sci-Fi, just that movement is very crap.

The low humming sound inside the warehouse gradually quieted down, and the surging red energy was dissipated one by one, and the platform carrying the human body was slowly sent out.

Familiar short brown hair, exquisite face, summer uniforms on the long table, the only difference is that the other party is wearing a strange device like the Night Vision. This is the Missaka sister we saved.

Ok, in fact, this sister was injured by Viska.

At the end of the day, Viska did not protect the idea of ​​Missaka Younger Sister’s at all. The only reason for her anger was that the words of one party spurred the wounds in her heart. As for this Missaka sister, she has even forgotten this anecdote.

The crazy Viska started with an indistinguish attack. The goal of attack also includes the sister Missa who is close at hand. If it is not the last sensible to let her send the innocent people around, I am afraid that this Missaka sister is not only being floated. The cannon abrasion is so simple.

“how do you feel?”

My sister gently lifted up the sister of Misaka, who was just awakening, and asked with concern.

“Where is this? Is the trial over? Misaka 10031 asked some confusion.”

Despite the confusion in his mouth, Missaka’s sister still has a wooden expression, Pandora than Pandora.

“You have to rest here first, the trial is about to stop,” I licked the other’s head. “Well, it is estimated that the sisters will be taken over by us soon.”

“Are you a new instructor for the ‘Absoluteability Program’? Misaka 10031 asked indefinitely,” Missaka squinted at the eyes and shook her head. “But Misaka 10031 didn’t get such an order from the network, Misaka 10031 Added.”

The other’s question I can’t answer, of course, but it reminds me of a very important thing: “Sister, this Missaka sister, take care of it first, I have to meet the old fox.”

“Oh, come back early, I can’t kill him,” said my sister, nodded. The expression looks serious. “For A’Jun, what is this evening? Isn’t the tofu?”

I am tearful: “Sister, you cook first, I am going to destroy World…”

Don’t make a funny sister, I called Lin Xue, who was also bored and bored, to destroy World… cough cough, to find the old fox showdown.

Just as I guessed – well, in fact, as Lin Xue saw, Aleister had already expected us to come. Just after coming to the big jar with no window and no window, there was a black hair. The Little Girl appeared in front of us, then silently indicating that the owner was waiting.

Aleister is still the sorrowful shape, suspended in the tube under the head and feet, the green surgical gown fluttering in formalin, and the expression is as if I was in physics class.

“meet again.”

I didn’t say hello to each other, and then I pulled out as always – Mazza.

Next to Lin Xue, I glanced at me with a sneak peek, and then slammed a slamming sound, an extraordinary to a super-luxury seat that could be used as a single bed and with a thick red velvet cushion that resembled gold and crystal. To drop out from the sky.

Gorgeous Young Lady Lin sits gracefully on the enormous chair, leaning against the soft velvet cushions, smirking at me.

“Hey!” I jumped up from Mazar and slammed a hand knife on Lin Xue’s head. “Don’t figure out Oh! I am the boss, you are the follower!”

“It seems that I have been ignored.”

Until now, Aleister, who was neglected from the very beginning, finally slowly opened her mouth and sounded a little angry.

“It’s very calm,” Lin Xue hasn’t been able to squeeze me out of the chair many times, and finally chose to give up, and turned his attention to Aleister. “Well, do you like to turn around or get to the point? Anyway, we come over and claim Responsible for an event.”

“It seems that the incident that occurred on the fringe is really from your hands,” Aleister said faintly. “But your attitude does not seem to come to admit your mistake.”

Nonsense, if it’s not seen in our share, it’s just because of the accumulation of this guy from the original. At this moment, I have killed this pipe!

“Although it is one of our little madmen,” Lin Xue’s face certainly can’t have any confession. “But the cause of the incident is that you are… big words, don’t worry about trivial things. .”

“Little things?” Aleister repeated a low sentence, and Lin Xue followed the other’s tone and said: “But let me see you as an insecure factor – guess you can guess what you want Say what.”

“You are indeed a group of people that make me unable to see through,” Aleister whispered, and then threw a sentence that no one could have thought. “So, mysterious outsiders, how about making a deal?”

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