Xiling Empire Chapter 368

The 368th chapter slow half-shoot guy

“Transaction?” I heard the vocabulary that Aleister said. I feel a little funny. “You can even say that we don’t know anything about it. Just rashly put forward two words for trading. Back to 10,000 steps, you I don’t even know what I have to qualify for trading with us, and… shouldn’t your trust be so cheap?”

“Of course, my understanding of you is still quite limited, but in most cases, the transaction does not necessarily need to be based on absolute understanding. Is it true that the transaction is established as long as there is a need for interest, and as an ‘outsider’ ‘Do you think that it is a good thing to get a stable home in this World?”

“You wait, I am a little confused,” I knocked on my head, feeling awkward about Aleister’s criss-cross way of thinking. “Looks like we had an illegal blast on your ground before? Now you are actually Selling my real estate to me? Are we running off?”

“This is part of the transaction – although it has not caused irreparable casualties, but such an event is not something that can be solved in three or two sentences. As the victim, I think I should at least qualify for some gifts. ?”

Feel… It’s really a loss, you dare to say it, if it’s not for us to stop in time, at this moment, you’re afraid that it’s been evaporated by an outer space Helium Flash…

However, this time it was not to tear the face with the other party. Before I had enjoyed enough leisure holidays, I did not intend to deal with this embarrassing old fox, and regardless of the cause, Viska bombarded the city of others for venting anger. The fact that Aleister seems to have seen that we are not going to make a real damage to this Academy City, so that we can ask for such a “claim” without fear. As a Chic of state, I can’t succumb to it.

“Well, you talk about your requirements,” Lin Xue said lazily, boring, very boring. “But correspondingly, we will also present our own conditions.”

I heard that Lin Xue suddenly said that I wanted to say something again. I immediately chose to shut up: the purpose of bringing this gimmick is like this, leading Propheet to play negotiations, from the very beginning, signify the absolute advantage, even It’s an elusive guy like Aleister. He can’t escape his fate. Yes, since Lin Xue is so open, it proves that such a choice is most beneficial to us.

“My request is very simple,” Aleister seems to have expected that we will promise to trade. “It is to protect the city when necessary. Although I don’t know the power of these ‘outsiders’, but it’s completely destroyed. The area seems to be not a difficult thing.”

“You are not nonsense, we are here to protect the Academy City, of course, at least to sleep.”

“Then this is a happy situation, isn’t it?”

In other words, this pipe man, just want to determine our “harmless”? If you don’t say that I don’t like to communicate with the conspirators, they will not straighten out the words at all, and the contents of the lyrics must be said to be nineeen and eighteen.

I stood up and made a summary: “Then let’s get it. First of all, we will not harm the interests of this Academy City, and we will have no interest in interfering with what you have to do. Secondly, I hope that you don’t bother us. As you can see, our strength is not weak, and as an outsider, we have a lot of things that you can’t understand. In order to feel a sense of crisis, you can fight for World’s doomsday. That is what you said, when this Academy City is seriously threatened, maybe we will help, even if the rent is temporarily there, oh, of course, in order to make you feel at ease, I have a little thing. As a meeting.”

Saying, I took out a crystal sheet with a faint blue light, and just in the moment when the crystal sheet appeared, all kinds of instruments around it also gave off a strange tweet, and then many instruments were completely Quiet.

“You shouldn’t rush to analyze this thing.”

I said innocently.

“What is that? I can’t analyze its structure and composition at all, but it seems to contain a fairly extraordinary energy.”

Aleister’s voice is full of curiosity, although the IQ-200 guy has long guessed what we call “outsiders”, but I really see something that looks like “outside the material”, the other party still shows the enormous Curiosity.

“A certain energy source outside of Coming from World is the most common thing for us – be careful, it is dangerous.”

I threw the crystal flakes at Aleister, but the crystal hovered in the air magically.

“The sum of the power generation of all the power stations in Japan in one year, or melting Mount Fuji three times, of course, may also let you cross the space of the Lord God. If you don’t believe it, you can take a hammer and slap it, so that you are satisfied.”

“This…not a gift.”

After a full silence for ten seconds, Aleister slowly opened his mouth, and the voice seemed to be no longer the beginning.

“Of course, this thing may also lead to the end of World, you can study it, any breakthroughs you get from it will be enough to make Academy City never have to worry about its own science and technology dominance, but if you are not smart enough or lucky enough, then we Just look at earthling and put fireworks on each other.”

Lin Xue also helped me: “It’s a good thing, then, will you accept it?”

“Why not?”

Aleister’s answer is nothing to our surprise. For this crazy guy, since it can make plans to stop the entire World Magic activity, accepting a copy from the “outsiders” may make the Human Race soaring. The gift of World’s doomsday is not too difficult to choose.

“That thing belongs to you now, smart person, but before sending this crystal, I have a small condition for you – absolute ability plan, I think you should also get some information, among us Someone is out of control because of this plan, for the safety of Academy City…”

“The plan is not determined by my own will.”

Just halfway through Aleister’s words, I waved and interrupted: “The rest is your own business. Although it is now in the Academy City, we don’t need to stand for the ‘outsiders’. Any Human Race side, do you understand?”

After a few seconds of silence, the other’s answer came from the air: “So, it seems that I have to choose to compromise, the guest.”

I smiled and relaxed the control of the Psionic crystal fragment, and suddenly reminded: “It is best not to give Aiwass too much hope, for this knowledge outside of World, an Angel born in World. Not how strong you are.”

After saying this, I didn’t wait for the leader, Little Girl, to appear, and Lin Xue and I suddenly disappeared into the room.

“What about the foreigners…” A low, soft voice suddenly sounded in the darkness of the room, followed by a low sigh.

“Aiwass,” Aleister uttered the identity of the voice master. “Why would you advise me to do everything possible to compromise with these outsiders? Just because they are coming from outside?”

“What do you think about this crystal?”

The “Angel”, known as Aiwass, did not answer Aleister’s question positively, but instead pointed out the piece of crystal that was used as a “gift” but was in fact likely to cause the entire Human Race.

“It contains the energy of the enormous, but it seems to be a bit exaggerated.”

“Overstated?” Aiwass seems to have brought a little ridicule. “This is just a fragment, the fragment of the energy used by the ‘foreign people’. For them, such things are even just garbage.”

Then there is a long silence in the air.

“What are their purposes, Aiwass, you should know their identity, then why did they come to this World?”

“They haven’t seen it for a long time…and they haven’t given gifts to mortals for a long time…”

Without answering Aleister’s question, Aiwass just sighed so much, and then disappeared into the room, leaving only an ethereal saying: “Don’t touch anything that a foreigner gives you, this is my advice – even You have ‘Angel’ and don’t provoke them.”

And at the same time, big stuffy cans… Anyway, I used this name. In a small commercial street near the big stuffing can, Prophet and Chief of state are shopping.

“Shantou, how come you suddenly think about shopping?”

“Well, it’s hard to come out.” Lin Xue slammed his hand and patted the window between the windows. He couldn’t see the meaning of buying anything, but looking at the expression on her face, it looks like the mood of this guy. It’s pretty good.

“But to speak, wood, is it really the right decision to hand the crystal to the Human Race researcher? The powerful energy source seems to be a good thing, but as Shandora said, it is handed over to the ignorant state. Human Race, all that can be brought is the end of Oh!”

“Of course, if Aleister really wants to study the mystery of that crystal, whether he can research the results, it will be quite dangerous, so the crystal I handed him has been passive.”

“Ha?” Lin Xue looked at me with a sigh of relief.

“He can’t study anything, the crystal is already in self-crashing state, and its stored Psionic will completely dissipate in the next month, and any analysis of it will lead to the accelerated completion of this process, Aleister It will be found that it is indeed a magical substance that Human Race can’t understand, but even if he exhausts the power of the entire Academy City, he can’t find the mystery.”

“…you are really bad at home… then you must give him a piece of crystal, not just to play with each other?”

“Of course not. That thing will distract Aleister and will disturb his thinking. Although he used to be a powerful Mage, he is an avid researcher. He will definitely study the mystery in the crystal, even if he can only get one. It’s not very interesting to pile up useless powders, and a piece of crystal that is enough to melt the power of the city is itself a deterrent. I believe Aleister will be more cautious about us after learning about the power of the crystal. One point, then I can have a lot less trouble… Of course, the main reason is that I am playing the old fox.”

After listening to these words, Lin Xue looked at me up and down, and then said in amazement: “Wood! You become smart! What are you doing bad things in the past few days Oh!”


Hand knife attack!

Can this girl not give me normal orientation?

“Yes to the wood, you said why the Aleister would talk so well Ah?” Walked, and finally Lin Xue suddenly remembered something, suddenly jumped to me and raised a finger. In front of me, the whole person is swaying without a stable condition. “The old fox is so determined, even if we want to let those who suddenly appear in Academy City be a hitter, he will definitely set up a series of sets, I don’t want to understand. And don’t you think that his mind is too broad? We are suspicious…”

“Don’t shake it,” I swayed for a minute with Young Lady Lin, and then decisively pressed down the money that didn’t have everyone’s temperament. “Isn’t you saying that you are not Prophet? You don’t have to look at it yourself?”

“Are you stupid or fake?” Lin Xue gave me an extraordinary eye and continued to shake. “Time, history, future, this is something quite sophisticated, and compared to existing and deterministic.” Time and history, the future is more fragile, and too much spying on things that don’t exist will lead to World’s self-protection. In other words, the future that could be seen is confused, I don’t want to use it. Excessive eyes lead to blurred vision, can reason as far as possible without prophecy, understand?”


I seem to understand the nod, and the mysterious knowledge about the future is really the first time I heard about it.

“Of course, the more important reason is that this Ojou-sama feels that it is too boring to look at the future…”

This sentence you can brush your own screen in your mind!

“Speaking of this, there are things like shopping street in such a core area. The design of Academy City is really weird.”

There’s nowhere to go around, I’m quite strangely saying, in my mind, like this kind of zone that can be classified as a restricted area, the pure civilian zone like shopping street doesn’t seem to be there?

“The city center is not a no-man’s land. There are staff members and they are not allowed to enter and exit. Of course, there will be such a shopping street, but it is basically a storefront directly under the Academy City…. Hey? There is also a jewelry store?” Lin Xue said, suddenly he was surprised. “Even if shopping street was set up to make the staff convenient, there are shops like jewelry stores…this is a bit not Is it necessary?”

I followed Lin Xue’s gaze. There was a small shop in the front 20 meters. The door was full of gold glittering characters: Xiaoxi jewelry store.

In the brain, I immediately crossed a strange woman who was a silver-haired slow three-shot, and the advertising card she designed without the address and contact number…

“Wood, do you know this store? Oh, it’s not the first time to come to this place. Have you been here last time? Give Qianqian them a gift?”

“No, it happened that the store clerk in this store advertised on the street outside, and the result was the first time I came over.”

“Let’s see it in the past, let’s have a fate with this store.”

Lin Xue said, I didn’t ask for my opinion and I picked up my arm and went to the coldly clear store.

With a crisp and pleasant wind ringtone, a soft, more important slow ~~~ slow female voice sounds beside us: “Welcome -“

This way of speaking, which makes people feel like a lunar walk, is still too special.

“Ah–the one who met at the street last time–there was a guest at the end–it seems that the advertisements have finally worked.”

I started advertising a few days ago and now that someone has entered the store, you don’t realize anything at all! ?

“Wood, is Alaya’s sister a Human Race?”

Lin Xue suddenly came over and whispered in my ear.

“This gentleman – do you want to buy a gift for your girlfriend?”

Seeing that Lin Xue was squatting on the side of my ear, the female clerk who was always slow and half-shot was finally half-timed at the moment, and suddenly she uttered such a shocking sentence.

I was busy talking to me about the silver-haired woman in front of Alaya Elder Sister’s Lin Xue. The next second was exclaimed: “Hello!?!?”

“Don’t stop yelling Oh on my ear!”

“Wood…wood…wood wood! You…you…there is no! The natural one over there, the rice can be said indiscriminately, the words can’t be messed up… eat Oh!”

Hey, Shantou, are you too overreacting? Although I was shocked by the amazing words of this clerk at the beginning, now I was scared by you Oh!

“Ah? Is it still not sure?” The female clerk who was stunned for a while, then still couldn’t figure out the situation and said slowly, “So come to choose a gift of confession – please go here – ”

Is your thinking independent of the main material plane?

Pretty and silently watching this seemingly brainless silver-haired woman picking up the goods for us, even Lin Xue in the madness is gradually quieted down by petrochemicals.

“It seems to be unintentional,” Lin Xue said in a low voice. “Also, you don’t have this IQ at all in this wood…”


“Nothing – now your task is to pick a gift for Miss Ben to plead guilty, um, sin!”

“What do you think of this pendant? It represents a sincere heart…”

Lin Xue’s voice just fell, the slow-working clerk took a delicate little box to the counter. The small box contained a simple but delicate heart-shaped crystal pendant, although it could not see the texture, but it did not Exudes a pleasing shine.

“Well, pretty is beautiful, but…” To my surprise, Lin Xue didn’t seem to be interested in such a beautiful little pendant, but reached out and pulled another mysterious light from his collar. Green Six-pointed star crystal pendant, “I have this, so I don’t want the item to fall.”

“Hey? You still have this thing?”

I was surprised to ask, it seems that this was originally bought for her in the opposite world, didn’t expect she is still wearing it.

“It’s more difficult to extort something from your wood. How can it be saved? This is the fruit of victory.”

“So what about this bracelet? It fits the temperament of Miss…”

The female clerk said slowly, taking out a silver-white bracelet from the counter. It is still a simple but exquisite design style. It is unobtrusive, but there is a hint of luxury and free and easy. If Lin Xue really has any temperament, perhaps Just like this bracelet, it is the kind of luxury, restrained, simple, Elf, but there is a kind of temperament from the inside out – I actually found the derogatory words from Lin Xue.

“This is a good fit for you,” watching Lin Xue put the bracelet on his wrist and stroke it back and forth. I had to admire the slow half-shooting clerk next to it. “It’s all.”

Apparently, Lin Xue was quite happy with the gift – she was very rare and smiled at me, revealing the kind of eight teeth.

“Ah, all at this moment–” After the payment was settled, the female clerk glanced at the wall clock on the wall and suddenly said with amazement, “There is no guest for a long time, the biological clock can not be adjusted at once – two Would you like to leave a cup of coffee and leave?”

“Hey, we still…” I just wanted to refusal, and the silver-haired female clerk had left to the side and went to the store door and put on the “resting” sign. : “What kind of coffee should I want? – Ah, I bought it yesterday…”

This girl… Is her thinking circuit really in a different space? !

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