Xiling Empire Chapter 369

Chapter 369 has no past

In the corner of shopping street, in a jewelry store that has been rarely visited by customers since its opening, the two Empire leaders who are occupied with nothing and the slow-moving woman named Silvia are enjoying leisurely after the afternoon work. Coffee time.

In front of this girl with silver-yellow hair, always with a harmless smile of humans and animals, and whose brains are always half a beat slower than Real World, named Silvia Lustein O’Sullier, an image that sounds like her The name of the aristocratic wind, which is completely inconsistent, makes people wonder whether this is a country that has lived in the palace. The Princess has gone to the private sector to experience life. Of course, this is impossible. She only needs a store for rent. City welfare protection, from the opening of the business to the present, the store manager and the only clerk of the small jewelry store did not meet several times. The low level of businessability and poverty can even open the flower shop but need other Empire Military Officers. Twin sisters who are taking turns to help each other.

To be honest, although a bit rude, but with her slow temper and almost independent of the real space, the off-line brain can live to the point where she has not been starved to death. I should say that the welfare system of Academy City makes people feel shocked. ?

“There are usually no guests here—” Sylvia slowly sipped the coffee in her hand and sewed her eyes. “So it will be very quiet now—”

“Oh… is it…”

I braved the cold sweat on my forehead and promised that I could calmly face the current situation of bleak management. This is a very amazing creature.

It is a miracle to say that she can make the jewelry store open.

“Ahla – Speaking, are you also a Student here?” Sylvia gently blew into the cup and then strangely lifted the head. “It doesn’t look like it.”

“Oh, we work in a Research Institute,” Lin Xue nodded, half-truly, wondering, “Yes, you should be a foreigner? Silvia, what’s the name? It sounds like a United Kingdom person, but it looks like your face is like Easterner, a mixed-race?”

Silvia shook her head gently: “No?~ I don’t know where I was born. Oh~~ It seems like an orphan adopted by Academy City a long time ago…”

The silver-haired woman said without hesitation, as if time could never be applied to her. Lin Xue and I immediately put on a more comfortable sitting position: Listen to Sylvia and you have to have a life mentality. , will not be exhausted.

“From a long time ago, I lived here~~ I grew up in an orphan hospital. It seems to be adopted by a couple of Researcher~~ But to be honest, I don’t remember much… …because those memories have disappeared… It seems that from a very young age, there was a tumor in my head. Although it was not fatal, it made it difficult for me to remember things and my concentration could not concentrate… It’s regular amnesia… and it takes a long time to learn. Even if you learn it, it’s as clumsy as it is now. Although Mom and Dad are Researcher, the tumor is very special, and even the Research Institute’s equipment can’t do anything. …… After my father and mother died, because they made a great contribution to Academy City, I was taken care of by the board… You see, I am very clumsy, it’s hard to live alone, even now Trying to open a small shop, but it seems to have failed… Right, still have a cup?”

Silvia spoke with a quiet smile, then stood up and took the coffee cup in front of me without waiting for the answer, but I was already surprised by her actions.

“And then? Is that tumor still there?”

Lin Xue asked with some concern, and I also erected my ears. If, as Sylvia said, recurrent memory loss even reached the point where I didn’t know where I lived yesterday, she was completely It is a disabled person who can’t do it in an independent life! Although there is the care of the leadership of the Academy City, but this girl is still not easy to live…

If it is the “living thing” of the bt level, it is certainly not a problem to treat Sylvia’s brain tumor.

But it seems that our concern is superfluous. Sylvia smiled faintly and shook her head slowly: “There is no need to worry… Academy City’s science and technology is developing very fast… a few months ago, because of mom and dad The relationship has been taking care of my research institute, and I have received treatment, so what is the tumor, there is no more… Although there is no memory for the past, I can only rely on those diaries and photos. It’s very frustrating to make a guess, but it will get better soon…”

Is it, then now you are just habitually slow – talk slowly?

Because I was so sleepy when I listened to this slow girl, I still had the energy to vomit. Is it true that the virus will invade my brain cells?

Everyone has a story. After listening to this ordinary and awkward girl telling about her past, I suddenly came up with such feelings, and then – time is not early.

“Already at this moment, if you don’t go back to your family, you will worry.”

Lin Xue glanced at the setting sun that had sunk outside, and took the coffee out of the cup and stood up.

“Thank you for your hospitality, we will come often in the future.”

Why didn’t you be so polite when this girl was to me!

“Well, then goodbye–” Sylvia stood at the door of the store and smiled at us and said, “There is a chance to come -“

“It’s a very interesting girl.”

While waiting for the tram, Lin Xue suddenly whispered a whisper, and the slightly lifted eyes reflected the bright future of the distant sunset.

“Although there is deep darkness, there seems to be a warm place in Academy City,” I nodded, and I was inexplicably happy. “It’s just a long time to talk to the girl. It looks like it will follow soon. In a strange state of slowness, now I have to brush my mind in my mind for a long time to pick up the words.”

Although this is said, but there seems to be a very peaceful atmosphere around that Sylvia, as if the last piece of this increasingly tense city has the pure land of leisurely afternoon sun, although only the second The meeting, but it can make people feel like a relaxed feeling with the old friends after dinner, now such people are rare, it is precisely because of this, a short time to get along, I and Lin Xue and Sylvia It has become a friend.

“There are no people in the past…?…”

Lin Xue suddenly sat down on the railing behind him, tilting the whole body backwards, stretching his muscles with the balance of the difficulty factor 9.9, and lamenting the past time of Silvia’s constant memory loss.

“And, wood, you know?”

Lin Xue opened his eyes and lifted his right hand with the bracelet, slamming against the setting sun, and clenching it hard.

“She has no future…”

After a few seconds, I finally reacted.

“What?! Shantou, you said she has no future?”

Prophet adults waved their hands and scorned: “The reaction is really slow, and the door is quite big.”

“cough cough…you are a dead girl…you can’t see the future of Sylvia?”

“Not invisible,” Lin Xue shook his head and continued to study the bracelet in his hand. “For me, even the invisible future, there should be a chaos, but in that Sylvia. On the body, what I saw was a blank, nothing, even chaos.”

“Why don’t you say that early?”

“Is there a difference between saying it and saying it now?” Lin Xue snorted. “Is it difficult to get a slice of research now?”

“It’s also,” I am nodded. There are too many strange things on this World. It’s hard to understand the existence of Lin Xue. But… Hey? A human race that even Lin Xue can’t see. Will she be the Angel that the cross is looking for?

However, this idea just came out, I was vetoed by myself – it seems that these days is really a little nervous by the peek-a-bogg Angel, although the girl is a bit special, but my energy-sensitivity It’s still impossible to travel, and Sylvia’s body has no trace of different energy fluctuations. It’s all a normal Human Race, and the “Angel” creature, even if they pretend to be a Human Race, There may be no energy fluctuations, and even this person who dares to call himself a master of energy can’t do it.

“It’s a mysterious person,” I said with a sigh of relief. “There are so many unknown things in World.”

“What’s wrong, wood, suddenly the philosopher gets up? Was it crossed?”

You will not allow me to sigh about life, right? How do you say that you are in front of the Empire Chief of state, Chief of state? A dog breeder who is mixed with you, third year in high school, bastard!

The heart just protested so much, waiting for n long tram finally arrived.

Due to the long distance, after we returned to the Research Institute, the sky was completely darkened. Viska was very consuming in the previous violent incident because of her mental out of control. At this moment, she was screaming at the restaurant table, and her sister wanted her. I went back to the room to go to sleep, but this girl insisted on waiting for me to come back. The result was simply falling asleep at the table. To be honest, this kind of story like a daughter who was late to father and tired of falling asleep was really tearful. under……

Pandora bites the lollipop and sits next to Viska. The eyes look at her sister without hesitation. When she knows that the incident has passed, she almost did not directly lead the “absolutely capable” plan. All the relevant personnel were slaughtered, and the loss of Onee-sama blocked the Academy City in time.

“A’Jun! You can count it back!”

With such a cheer, Qianqian has been thrown into my arms like a light butterfly, gently embracing the soft body in my arms, my heart is moved.

Just going out for a while, is it so worried? Stupid girl, not a dangerous place…

“I can finally have a meal! My sister said that I have to wait for you to come back to eat…”

Putting down my girlfriend in the arms, I met the setting sun and burst into tears.

“The tears have already gone back?”

I didn’t find a young girl wandering around the Research Institute, I asked casually.

“Oh, go back, come over tomorrow to hold the ceremony.”

I am rushing to the table, my footsteps are stiff, then I turn my head and stunned: “Glory? Is that what?”

Qianqian pointed to Pandora’s direction: “I didn’t know about it before, or Pandora told me that tears have already been recognized by a part of Empire Military Personnel and reached the standard of becoming a formal Commander: undergoing basic Commander training. The course, with at least the strength of the primary Commander, responded to Empire’s call to participate in a real battle and lead Soldier to victory or complete the task, and the Soldier led by himself acknowledged and contributed to Empire – these conditions have been met by Saten Ruiko, especially She led a group of Soldier to successfully confront a leader-level officer, and even if it was placed in Xiling Apostle’s Commander, it would be an outstanding record. If you can get rid of so many cheating points, why should you let Saten Ruiko Become a registered Commander, one is Pandora’s suggestion from the perspective of ‘Empire Army’, and the other is to protect her. The sudden mastery of this power is not necessarily a good thing for tears. For the Empire Military Personnel, emergency Even if war can be considered a matter of course is not it? Of course, what military power is necessary in addition to the guards can not give her ……. “

After listening to Qianqian’s explanation, I have been silent for a long time.

To drop out from the sky’s super-ability, once the training is completed, you can play boxing against the battled Empire Military Officer. The first time you participated in the actual battle, the boss is still a severely weakened semi-disabled version, and there are still A group of bronze Saint Seiya with the name of Soldier helped, and after the mission was completed, a group of great powers would be awarded a medal.

Saten Ruiko won’t be transformed from which corner?

I was deeply impressed by the experience of Say Ruiko’s young girl. I still listened carefully to what Qianqian told me about the ceremony, because she said a sentence: “I don’t know, ask your sister to go. .”

…I didn’t ask anyway.

In addition to our family, there is one more person at this evening’s table: that is the clone who was rescued by us, Misaka 10031.

Although it is already possible to determine that the “absoluteability plan” is about to end, Missaka’s sister is now safe, but since the rescue came back, we have not sent her back to the research base, plus sister and Qianqian are sisters. The unfortunate encounter was moved by the chaos. As a result, the Missaka sister named Misaka 10031 was unceremoniously classified as the property of the Xiling Research Institute, and according to Qianqian’s, I have to finish it in the next few days. The remaining 10,000 Younger Sister’s are handed over…

Because it is a tool for trial production, Misaka’s sisters are all forced to shorten the growth cycle and rely on learning equipment to unify the personality, which leads to their life expectancy is much shorter than the average person, even the average person’s four In one of the original “scripts”, these sisters accepted the body adjustment after everything was solved by the upper class, thus restoring most of the Human Race life, but from a sociological point of view, Xiling science and Technology is definitely more reliable than the technology of Academy City. Since it is decided to intervene in this matter, it is better for Missaka sisters to accept our treatment – provided that those who are not reliable are not encouraged by a little madman. I really set up a cloned Armored Vehicle Regiment.

Although it is known as a Research Institute, it is still a place where a boring family is idle and has nothing to do with it. In addition to the atmosphere of a bit of research when tears come every day, this place is simply treated as a home. At this moment, we can see that Qianqian’s foresight is clear. Although the craftsmanship of this girl is in a grade with me, the integrated kitchen she brought is a good solution to the problem of her sister’s unfamiliar kitchen utensils. Xiling Research Institute The table time has always made Misaka Mikoto curious – she has never seen a research institute whose work meal will be as happy as a meal at home.

In the past, just as an experimental tool, every day to eat with other “tools” together, completely in accordance with the exact calculation of the way and the amount of food to eat, so the atmosphere of a family to eat together is definitely the first time to feel it?

Looking at the eyes of Misaka 10031, which may be a little nervous, I couldn’t help but look around. I thought so.

“Okay, the dishes are good,” Onee-sama finally put the last dish on the table and then stood at the table and said with a strong attitude, “Go wash your hands – A’Jun, too Go! Little girls are more conscious than you.”

Then the Empire Chief of state led a bunch of Loli to go to the kitchen to line up and wash their hands…

“Misaka 10031… is this name?”

I turned to look at the Missaka sister who was washing her hands carefully. The latter followed the lifts the head and couldn’t see any expression in the big eyes.

“How do you feel now? Is the weak sensor already eliminated?”

“Everything is normal, it is a very magical medical technology. I am very grateful for your help. Misaka 10031 is amazed at the amazing technology that he has healed in one day and thanked his savior.”

“Oh, that’s good…”

It’s still very troublesome to communicate with Missaka’s sister, because you have to add a language translation mechanism instead of analyzing their expressions…

Onee-sama’s craftsmanship is unquestionable. The most obvious example is that Pandora will fight Viska for a braised pork rib on the table for a long time. Even Missaka 10031, which has no emotional fluctuations when talking, tastes Onee-sama. After the dish, I immediately grew up with my eyes, and then began to wind up the clouds. I really don’t know if she could suddenly be inspired by the small Ghost outside the houseability specification.

When I was eating, I also talked about the experience of meeting Aleister today. I was a bit strangely indulgent towards the other party, even the rashly proposed “transaction”. Even the thoughtful Onee-sama felt incomprehensible. But in any case, this is no harm to us. Aleister’s meaning is obvious. If we don’t tear down the Academy City and help protect the city if necessary, what are we suspicious outsiders doing here? He doesn’t interfere too much, as for conspiracy or something – then don’t worry.

Sylvia, who has no past and no future, I am very interested in, even though Lin Xue judges that the other party cannot be Angel, but this does not stop the imagination of the two girls. At the beginning of the dinner, Sylvia’s identity was an ordinary orphan raised by the Academy City. When we finished eating, the other party had soon become the Great Principle Golden Immortal, which is worth the loss. Fast, I want my sister to go over two more dishes. I guess the topic is related to the common point between the knife Queen and Faschi…

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