Xiling Empire Chapter 372

Chapter 372, Angel who was robbed

After two days on a calm day, the first Missaka sisters were finally sent to our Research Institute.

It was a truck carrying a container. The pass said “Research equipment transport” and was sent from the back door of the Research Institute. The driver who drove did not even know what it was transporting. After the “research equipment” was delivered to the destination and confirmed that we had unloaded the container, we left without saying a word.

“Living people.”

Onee-sama sighed with a sigh, then opened the door of the container.

With the metal hinged sound of “吱嘎”, the container was opened from the outside, and there were hundreds of identical appearances with the same size and uniform appearance. The height and weight of the uniform were not bad, even on the head. The Night Vision is also stuck in the same position as the girl. The hundreds of Missaka sisters are like dolls assembled from the production line. They are squeezed into large containers like goods, when the sealed door opens at the Same time, all the sisters of Misaka neatly moved their eyes to the direction of the bright light coming in, stared at the hundreds of puppets at the same time, and my heart squinted.

Being scared…

Under the command of Misaka 10031, more than 100 Missaka sisters walked out of the container and quickly stood in front of us in two rows according to the medical examination number.

“cough cough, first of all, welcome you to join… well, join us in this big family.”

According to the habit of being pushed up to give a speech, it is still unlucky. I think about it again and again. I decided to use “family” to describe the relationship between us. It is said that the scorpion is more itch than the debt, since I have received these experiences. Poor Misaka copy people, then they should treat them as their own sisters. Anyway, a bunch of sisters next to me are not bad for more than 10,000 people – saying that 10,000 people are still too exaggerated, bastard!

In the face of my opening remarks, more than one hundred Misaka sisters did not react at all. They just listened quietly and then waited for my next order.

Standby, accepting orders, executing, and dying, this has become part of their instinct.

Of course, in addition to Misaka 10031, which has been living with us for a few days, although the expression is the same as that of the other sisters, Misaka 10031 immediately took the lead and raised his head with a blank expression. I glanced at me: “Misaka are waiting for the order, otherwise they will not take any action, and Misaka 10031 sees the elder brother’s embarrassment and immediately explains it very well.”

I am even more embarrassed when you explain this.

“Well, then let’s do this first. You need to get acquainted with the environment, then adapt to our bio-repair bins, and let Misaka 10031 introduce you to more… No, disband!”

The Misaka sisters immediately changed the formation and then quietly left behind the Misaka 10031.

“It’s really stressful to talk to them.”

I said with a heartfelt sigh of relief.

Next to Lin Xue, take the words: “So let you go up and be a big man.”

The number of Misaka clones is more than 10,000. It is obviously impossible to receive them all at once. To be honest, at first Aleister even suspected that our small Research Institute could accommodate more than 10,000 clones. People live in it and they are not known to the outside world, but I have already told him that this matter can be solved by ourselves. He only uses his own power to send 10,000 Missaka sisters safely to the “Xiling Research Institute”. On the line, now more than 100 people are only the first batch. In addition to being the first attempt to hand over, they will also become the experimenters of the latest bio-repair bins. The remaining Missaka sisters will be followed in the next few days. It was delivered in batches and then transferred to the city of Shadow City.

This ice-cold World has never given the sisters a slight warmth, I would rather build a new paradise for them.

Even though the current environment of that paradise is a bit strange… I have to talk to Bubbles and watch the scenes of Shadow City after watching the anime.

“I don’t know if the old fox of Aleister will doubt the disappearance of more than 10,000 people out of thin air?”

I watched my sisters line up behind Misaka 10031 and disappeared at the underground entrance of the Research Institute. Onee-sama whispered next to me.

“And, I always feel that the sly guy’s reaction seems a bit strange. In the face of ‘foreign people’, his actions don’t seem like a suspicious leader.”

“Who knows… Oh? Sister, just the energy fluctuations…”

“energy fluctuations ?”

Onee-sama quite strangely licked eyes, “I didn’t feel Ah?”


Seeing my sister’s confusion, I also wondered if I had an illusion, but then another faint energy fluctuations came again, but it made me feel that I was not wrong.

It seems that the volatility is too weak and not something that Onee-sama is familiar with, so that only I am aware of it?

“I also noticed it…”

Just as I thought about it, Lin Xue said aside in a faint voice, almost forgot, except for my ability to perceive abnormal energy for reasons of stability, there is also a young thing called a scam. Girl Prophet is also a super-horizon radar.

“It’s the taste of this World Magic, not far from here.”

Lin Xue glanced at me with a curiosity on his face: “Oh? Is this World Magic? It’s a very strange way of running energy, there is no mental power involved, it’s what you call idolatry. Or the mythical legend gives the power to push the way the Magic elements work, wood, do you want to see?”

Near the pedestrian street in the seventh school district, in an unmanned alley, the ground is covered with blackened colors, and the walls are covered with criss-crossing high-temperature barbecue traces. There are several charred materials on the ground that are still slowly Blazing green smoke, constantly emitting a pungent, scorching smell, it is obvious that this has just experienced an instant high temperature.

Although the residual magical fluctuations are already quite weak, it is still possible to distinguish that this is the magician’s handwriting.

And one of them is quite familiar.

“Will Stewart’s magic is left behind,” after a slight sense of closed eyes, I easily identified the magic wave that was unique to an old cigarette that could send 30 cents of cigarettes in the wind. It seems that his opponent pays attention to the hidden whereabouts. Some kind of surgery that can greatly limit Magic’s volatility is always running in this alley. Otherwise, with the strength of the Stuart bishop level, fighting is more than that. It’s moving.”

“Is anyone injured?”

Qianqian frowned and said to me with a pungent smell in front of her nose.

“Your husband is a radar, not a gm, okay?”

Lin Xue hasn’t heard anything. She just closed her eyes and felt something in the air. Then she said affirmatively: “There are no injured, the two are only tentatively touching, the red-haired priest is chasing somebody. Goal, but the other side has no intention of fighting.”

“You can see what happened in the past now? Talents are all on?”

I noticed the bright glow of Lin Xue in the eyes, I couldn’t help but ask.

“Do you still dare to distort your way of thinking?” Lin Xue said with one expression, he said with a corner of his mouth. “In addition, I saw a place that happened in the past, which is my ability. First, is this much simpler than predictability?”

“Well, my Prophet is an adult, then your old man just saw that Steyr is chasing no one? Where else are they going now?”

“You wait,” Lin Xue said, closing his eyes again. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and shook his head. “The target you haven’t seen can’t be accurately probed. The resolution of the image is too low. ”

“Well… it should be the people of the Roman Orthodox Church… Who is there?”

Qianqian and Lin Xue followed me back and then looked back and saw the figure of the line in the alley. I was surprised to say: “What is the god?”

“Angel adults?”

It seems that the young girl who rushed in has always apparently did not expect that we will appear here, but also exclaimed.

The arrival of the splitting of the gods finally ended the delusion that we did not have much help. From the other side, I generally knew the passing of things.

Steyr is chasing, and it really is a Roman Orthodox.

“When you meet, you can play against it directly. Are the evil churches you need such a single cell without brain?”

After listening to the narration of the cleavage, I couldn’t help but sigh with such helplessness. I didn’t even figure out what the other party was doing. I even handed it over when I met. Now I let the other party run away. The necessary evil church is really worthy of United Kingdom The largest violent institution in Puritanism…

“I am very sorry about Angel, but the situation may be very urgent at the time. Steyr just sent me a Magic newsletter. I didn’t even start the attack when I arrived. He wouldn’t be so impulsive…”

“Well, I know that I know that the old smoker is a good young man who is calm and wise. I have already informed the people who have followed me. Then what have you discovered in the past few days? The Roman Orthodox people are here.” What plane?”

When it comes to business, the splitting expression is immediately serious: “They may have discovered the clue of the lost Angel, and it seems to be planning to use the power of Angel to deal with Academy City… No, it may be the entire scientific side.”

I took a look at Qianqian and then said in unison: “They are full!”

“I just don’t understand why the Roman Orthodox Church is so focused on the scientific side. Do they really think that science can be removed from World after it sprouts?”

“The opposition between science and religion comes from the very beginning,” Shen shook his head, although as a member of Magician, her judgment was much more impressive than many religious people. “Religion has shaped the people. A lofty idol, grazing the soul of believers with absolute faith, but the emergence of science has broken all of this. In science in the eyes, everything that religion insists on is negligently negated, even arrogantly trying to be mortal The body to reach the height of God, of course, can not be tolerated by religion, but despite the strong roots of religious power, science can be integrated into the ordinary people in the fastest speed and the most convenient way, until now, despite the Roman Orthodox Known to have two billion believer, but this two billion believer also enjoys the convenience brought by science. It can be said that the foundation of religious World has already been crumbling under the impact of scientific power. The action of Roman Orthodoxy can be said to be Fighting with faith, but using self-rescue to describe it is no problem… Of course, for the crazy believer, What is the reason, should it be meaningless from the beginning?”

Looking at the philosopher’s model, the creator of fire, I sincerely sigh: “I think you should be undercover on the scientific side.”

Deformation: “…I was only affected by the conversation you had with Angel a few days ago.”

At this time, the Xiling team that I sent to track any suspicious targets finally sent a reply, and a Xiling soldier found Steer’s trace on the edge of the Academy City.

On a concrete floor that was smashed by some kind of smashing, the red-haired priest had lost consciousness and fell to the ground, and the hard papers with Rune were scattered all over the place. Except for the broken cement blocks on the ground, the surroundings did not have a high temperature. Burnt traces.

In other words, Steyr did not even have time to send an attack, he was killed by the other side.


Seeing that his partner fell to the ground unidentifiedly, the split immediately rushed up, and he was relieved after confirming that the other party had no living thing.

“Avoiding the key, just losing consciousness, this old cigarette gun is really a big life,” Lin Xue quite professionally checked the other’s injury, “but at least six bones were cut, and there was severe internal bleeding.” – Wood, open the enchantment, put Alaya.”

Why do I feel that you just put Angel sister in a very subtle position?

Regardless of how strange Lin Xue’s said, I immediately activated the energy barrier, disturbed any possible snoops, and released Angel’s sister.

Under the impact of the holy light energy, even if the dead can be resurrected, Steyr naturally healed quickly, and the other side of the split is a bit strange: she is the first time she saw the Angel real shot, and before Several times, the feeling of being simply deterred by the power of holy light is different. This time, what she feels from this adult is the kind of peaceful and peaceful power that should truly belong to the kingdom of heaven. Under the soft white light of pure and holy, history Tyre’s scarred body quickly recovered its health at a visible rate, and even his blood and tattered clothes were magically repaired.

Alaya even cured the pneumonia of this old smoker… You did the extra thing, idiot!

“Steyr, how are you?”

When the red-haired priest woke up, the split immediately took a step forward and raised the other’s body.

“Abominable, being sneaked…” Steyr’s first sentence awake explained why he was so unlucky. “They dare to do such a special thing in Academy City, which is beyond my expectations.” ”

I handed Alaya, who was busy counting her feathers, back to the spirit sea and asked: “What is going on? What are the Roman Orthodox people doing?”

“They took Angel away.”

The Steyr language is amazing.

“Well, how many days have you come in, and now you have been robbed by the Roman Orthodox of hindsight?”

“I am very sorry about Angel,” facing my grievances, Split and Steyr immediately bowed their heads and apologized. “We are incompetent…”

“Forget it,” I can’t just reprimand the two Mage with such a false “Angel” name. “Unless Aleister brains, now the Roman Orthodox people should have left the Academy City, Steyr. Tell us about the other’s features, maybe my people can find them.”

“Well,” Steyr nodded. “The guy I found was a woman, dressed in a traditional white monastic uniform. The technique is good. I have been running away. I ambushed and sneaked me up to be a tall blond man. Wearing a very gorgeous white monastic uniform, the technique used is to use the air to produce an enormous hammer for attack. It is fast and powerful, and more you don’t know…”

I brushed the two images described by Steyr in my mind for a long time. After searching for no results, I asked: “Angel? Have you seen it?”

“Yes,” Steyr pulled out the cigarette as usual, igniting a spark from his fingers. “Being brought by the woman is a silver-haired young girl, but her situation is quite strange. It was like a frightened ordinary person. There was no Angel at all. Even from her body, I couldn’t feel the slightest strength. Even the nuns in the white robe did not show any respect for them. Right. The Angel did exactly what you said to be lost – her reaction seems to be slower than the average person…”

“Silver-haired girl?”

Let me see Lin Xue.

“Ordinary people who have no strength at all?”

Lin Xue also casts thoughtful attention on this side.

Then we said the same thing: “And it’s still a slow half shot!?”

“Oh…yes,” Steyr said hesitantly, sweeping his curious eyes on us. “Is that Angel?”

“didn’t expect ……” I just had to name a certain name, and then suddenly realized that the two people were in a state of being fooled, and immediately changed their way, “didn’t expect that guy would be so stupid… well, It’s her, we’ll take the time to find her, Steyr, let’s take a break. Holy light can fix your body, but living thing requires rest and recovery.”

“Well,” Stewart had to nod and agree with me, “I will return to our foothold to rest, and you will break your heart…”

“I will continue to track them.” Shen Li said with a firm tone.

“Then we will split the two ways, they should not run far,” I said, handing a small crystal to the crack, “I found the other’s trail to break it, and we immediately rushed.”

God cracked nodded, and quickly left the place after taking the crystal.

After Steyr left, I sighed with Lin Xue at the same time, and Qianqian felt it: “Really didn’t expect, that Angel turned out to be Sylvia – lost and lost.”

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