Xiling Empire Chapter 375

The 377th chapter of the scientist Kung Fu

I suddenly found out that, unconsciously, my hopeful leisurely holiday had already vanished.

Saten Ruiko tune…cough cough,ability gives the plan, Misaka’s sister salvation plan, fantasy sacred event, Sylvia’s disappearance… Someone seems to have the tragedy halo of Innate, at the same time that comes to this World I have attracted all sorts of troublesome and troublesome time to myself. Correspondingly, after I sent a few Xiling agents to monitor it, I found out that it should be the protagonist of various troubles. The teenager has now lived a happy life with his silver-haired white robe and small pets. This fully proves that…

“The tragedy in World is limited. When you are unlucky, other people will become happy, so wood, you should meet the next challenge with a compassionate heart – bring the soy sauce. โ€

I nod, handing soy sauce… soy sauce your sister Oh! Your outlook on life needs to be corrected!

“I am quite skeptical that I have brought you such a troublesome polymer to cause such a series of troubles to happen to myself.” I silently watched Young Lady Lin playing the crab with Viska in no time, and seriously lamented. “In a sense, you can get me more trouble than the younger ones.”

Young Lady Lin, who was eating, gave me a glance, then quickly took the last ball in front of me and said, “Do you still have a face? It seems that the guy who actually took your sister in a series of incidents is right. What?”

โ€œHa Hey? Is that true?โ€

“And the only one that has nothing to do with the sister has been pushed to the sister I just got to solve…”

I am defeated…

For Lin Xue’s, my heart is to be full of refutation, but the 10,000 culture tanks prepared for the sisters in Shadow City have made me speechless. To be honest, 10,000 sisters… last time When I watched the video with Bubbles, my eyes changed, and the suspicious things like “The child and her dad need humanistic care” made me feel a cold sweat.

“Saten Ruiko’s current ability, it should not be a problem to deal with that fantasy beast, and that is her own request. I can understand this idea a little bit…”

Of course, Qianqian wouldnโ€™t really think about Lin Xueโ€™s thinking about whether her boyfriend is a sister-in-law. She is thinking about something else.

“I used to suffer because of my powerlessness, so now I want to prove myself that the self that has power is no longer a drag on my friends. Saten Ruikoโ€™s current thinking is not necessarily correct, but it must be respected. This kind of thinking went to the mother to receive the overdose of radiation…”

The gimmick also dared to say that it was said that she and her sister fainted in the mother nest and almost did not scare me out of the myocardial infarction.

However, as Qianqian said, Saten Ruiko wants to rely on his own strength to help his companions solve the fantasy hand event to prove their worth, even though this has an unreasonable hierarchy of Academy City, it is also worthy of respect. Choosing, with the absolute control of the Storm Commander, even if she doesn’t know what kind of fantasy beast she will face, I don’t think there will be any big troubles.

Well, theoretically is like this… I think it’s better to be prepared for the emergency plan. To be honest, I can’t believe it for myself.

After the real behind-the-scenes black hand was found, the girls of the 177 branch of the Wind Disciplinary Committee felt incredibly unbelievable.

Mushan Chunsheng, although a bit strange and off-line, but has always been very approachable, and the researcher who has made great achievements in research, would be the maker and spreader of fantasy masters?

But despite the incredible facts, the facts cannot be denied.

After discovering that the Student’s brainwaves in the coma have partially overlapped, by searching the brainwaves of this variation, the only name that landed in the library is Mushan Chunsheng.

“Mushan Teacher… would be the culprit of all this?!”

Looking at the people appearing on the display screen, not only Misaka Mikoto exclaimed, but even the solid, calm, and beautiful, has a surprised look.

โ€œAim spreads Force Field…โ€ Shirai Kuroko whispered the term. When a clue appears, a series of events gradually become clear. If the main direction of Mushan Chunshengโ€™s research is the application of aim diffusion Ocean Field, then All the students who have used the Fantasy Hand will be at the same time and seem to be in a coma.

“In other words, use aim to spread Force Field to act as a network cable, and then use your own brainwaves as a network protocol to build a parallel computing system for tens of thousands of brains…” as a member of several people in the computer level Supreme Super After understanding this point, Uiharu Kazari immediately figured out the principle of the entire Fantasy Handcart network. “In this case, you can get amazing computational ability… even enough to match the computational ability of the treemap designer!”

โ€œBut what does it mean to do this?!โ€ Misaka Mikoto asked inexplicably. โ€œIs it possible that Mushan Chunsheng is just a researcher who has not been able to develop it? The computing power of these abilityrs is for her…โ€

“No matter what her goal is, we must stop her immediately!”

Shirai Kuroko decisively interrupted Misaka Mikoto’s words and then turned his head to Gufa Meiwei: “Can the solid-prepared seniors ask for support from the Guard?”

Although together with the Guard as one of the security agencies of the entire Academy City, the members of the Disciplinary Committee are still Students, although they have a variety of capabilities to match the regular army, in this task of armed forces arrest, the discipline committee Still have to turn to the garrison with regular military power for help.

Mushan Chunsheng may not have thought of his identity so quickly that he was recognized by several small female students. It may be that she had already expected this moment and there was no fear. Almost immediately, the Guard accepted the request for assistance from Gufa. A few minutes later, Uiharu Kazari found the trail of Mushan Chunsheng through the surveillance system of Academy City.

A blue Lamborghini sports car, because few people in the Academy City opened such a car, and once seen the time to help Mushan Chunsheng find a parking lot, Misaka Mikoto recognized it in a flash.

“Huang Quanchuan Teacher! has found the movement of the target!”

Uiharu Kazari immediately contacted Huang Quanchuan, who is the captain of the garrison in the region, and quickly reported the information he had.

“It’s a blue sports car, on the third road behind you! It will leave the main road in about fifteen minutes!”

“If the guards with the guards are out, the problem should be solved soon…”

Seeing that the guarded armed forces personnel had gradually blocked the entrance and exit of the third road, Misaka Mikoto patted the chest and said with a sigh of relief.

Those dancers who have received formal military training and are equipped with firearms and warning robots, if the opponent is just a Researcher, can she catch her in a moment? Then… ask her why she is doing this, why use the innocent Student.

Misaka Mikoto thought so, but Saten Ruiko behind her gradually frowned.

A sentence echoed in her heart, although I still don’t understand the meaning of the sentence, but instinctively feel that it is what the president’s brother is reminding himself:

“Scientists will be martial arts, and rogue can’t stop it.”

This sentence must have any deep meaning! !

Then Saten Ruiko knows what the deep meaning of this sentence is.

The guards who went to arrest Mushan Chunsheng were all knocked down in one face!

Ability, Mu Shan Chunsheng turned out to be a capability? !

Looking at the screenshots uploaded from the screen, the office of the Discipline Committee branch suddenly fell silent.

“How come… Mushan Chunsheng, isn’t she an ordinary Researcher? And there is no record in the library that the other has received the capability development…”

Uiharu Kazari quickly rummaged through the information on the computer and muttered in disbelief.

“Hey! Onee-sama, you are -“

Shirai Kuroko suddenly interrupted Uiharu’s surprise. She looked up and saw that Misaka Mikoto was holding her arm tightly by her Lily school girl, but still kept sprinting outward.

“Of course, to stop Mushan Chunsheng Oh!” Misaka Mikoto said of course.

โ€œOnee-sama is too impulsive,โ€ Shirai Kuroko said with a helpless face. โ€œThis kind of thing is of course due to our members of the discipline committee!โ€

“But…” Misaka Mikoto just spoke up, and the solid Megumi behind it has stood up: “Although I don’t want to be involved in the general public, if you can help Misaka Mikoto as a superpower, then of course it would be better – Sunspots are now an emergency, and do you think that it is better to go out and perform tasks with your current body state, especially against such a capability?”

Gufa Meiwei said, turning the LCD screen on the table, the picture displayed above is the scene of the members of the garrison who lost in the endless success of Mushan Chunsheng.

“Final predecessors!”

The secret that he had been keeping in front of Onee-sama was not hesitate to say it. Shirai immediately yelled out nervously, but then he was bounced on the door by Meiqin: “The sunspot, you think you are Can the injury really pass me?”

In the attack of the ability that broke out in the past few days, as the strongest capability of the 177 branch fighting strength, Shirai Kuroko almost took on nearly 80% of the attacking tasks, even with the level ability of level4. The wounded in action in the mission is also inevitable. Until now, the injury on her body has not healed.

โ€œYou should find a time to look at the Research Institute, at least their body repair technology is still very reliable.โ€

Almost without hesitation, Misaka Mikoto sold a soy sauce research institute.

Watching the solid law Meiwei to increase the amount by hand: “I always think that the Research Institute you said is an incredible place… looks like everything from superpower development to psychological counseling to intractable diseases…”

“I also undertake to save the world and protect peace…” The tears secretly added in my heart.

“In short, let me go out this time,” after dismissing the reluctant mind of the school girl, Misaka Mikoto said confidently, “The black son, you will be my logistical support with Uiharu this time, in the branch. Waiting for my good news! Even if Mushan Chunsheng is amazing, I am a super-electromagnetic gun Oh!”

“And me! I am also with Missaka sister!”

Saten Ruiko’s voice suddenly came in.

“Tears? You…” Misaka Mikoto just wanted to say that people without fighting strength should stay in the branch, but suddenly remembered the fact that the close friend in front of him is already level3’s ability, and could not help but stunned.

“My ability is very suitable for combat support!” The tears said hotly at the same time, at the same time, the heart that feared the world is not chaotic, and the blood of the crowd is soaring. “So be sure to bring me!”

“Ah,” Misaka Mikoto nodded a little and he nodded. “Almost forgot, tears are now the only ones of the ability.”

Next to a road that had been completely collapsed due to the outbreak of capability, a signal car with a special sign of the Wind Disciplinary Committee slammed shut, and three small figures came down from above.

Misaka Mikoto, Saten Ruiko, and one person is Uiharu Kazari with no fighting strength.

The flowerpot woman who did not have fighting strength should stay in the branch as a backup, but considering that if the original sample of Fantasy Hand can be won from Mushan Chunsheng, it must be processed in the first time. Uiharu Kazari, who is good at computer, also Followed.

“Uiharu, you will stay in the signal car for a while,” Misaka Mikoto hurriedly confessed. “So important research materials, Mushan will be brought to the body, and when we grab the hand, it will look at you!”


The girl wearing a wreath is nodded, and then she turns her worried eyes into tears: “Saten-san, you must be careful Oh!”

“Reassuring and peace of mind, although not yet skilled, but I am already the level3’s ability after all, self-protection is no problem Oh.”

Although the Guards have been completely destroyed by Mushan Chunsheng, the blocking of those armed forces has had a certain effect. When Meiqin arrived, the female Researcher with thick black circles had not had time to leave the scene.

“It’s here!”

When the young girl surrounded by lightning suddenly appeared in front of herself and shouted out loudly to himself, Mu Shan Chunsheng just sneered with disdain.

“Hey, are you coming to stop me?”

Misaka Mikoto’s arm was entwined with electro-optic light, but did not immediately launch the attack, and quietly looked at the woman in front of him.

“Why are you doing this? Why use those innocent students!”

Mu Shan Chunsheng was silent for three seconds, then whispered: “Because I have something to do…”

“Can you stop me? As soon as you can, you can end, and everyone will awakening, no one will be hurt…”

“Just kidding!” Misaka Mikoto exclaimed angrily. “No one is hurt?! You are — already tens of thousands of innocent people have been involved in Oh!”


A burst of the air blew, the bright white lightning gun suddenly broke out from the front of the Meiqin, and then crossed the distance of tens of meters for a moment, hitting the standing wooden mountain spring.

But the tens of thousands of volts that have never been adversely affected have lost their effect this time. Mu Shan Chunsheng just seems to arbitrarily put his hand in front of him, and the glare of the lightning gun is like a bump on the invisible barrier.

Using the ability to manipulate air to form a vacuum capacitor barrier in front of the body, and then using humid air to form a lightning-like needle-like diffuser channel in front of the barrier to disperse the unrecoverable high-voltage electricity into the earth and the surrounding atmosphere, only level3 Ability , you can offset the electric shock of level5 once – although that is not the full strength of Misaka Mikoto.

This fully proves that it is quite a terrible thing for scientists to martial arts.

The failure of the first attack did not scare Misaka Mikoto. She quickly used the electromagnetic effect to pull herself to a street lamp not far away, and then took out a game token.

Super-electromagnetic gun, this famous attack is actually very simple. Using the effect of the magnet to accelerate in the magnetic field, with a hundred thousand volts current that can be precisely controlled by itself, a series of acceleration “coils” will be produced, which will be made of metal. The coin is fired as a projectile at supersonic speed, and the coin itself will continue to melt and evaporate during the flight. The resulting magnetic trajectory will guide the remaining power to produce a second stage attack in the form of a plasma jet, although due to the melting of the coin, The super-electromagnetic gun’s attack range is only 50 meters, but within the 50 meter range, even the main battle tank will be easily penetrated.

It is a pity that Mushan Chunsheng does not have a single ability.

Just in the moment when the “super-electromagnetic gun” was about to be launched, Mushan Chunsheng suddenly disappeared into the field of vision of Meiqin.

“Space transfer!” Meiqin just had such an exclamation, and felt the feet swaying violently.

The asphaltene pavement was like melting, and it began to roll over, and the streetlights under her feet quickly tilted.

After again using the electromagnetic effect to transfer herself to the cement pier not far away and with the magnetic field tightly adsorbing the steel bars inside the pier, she finally got out of the trap temporarily, but her own enemy never appeared in front of herself.

Just then, another voice suddenly sounded on the battlefield: “The enemy of the Legion!”

It was Saten Ruiko’s voice. After seeing her friends in a hard fight, she finally stopped thinking about confidentiality, but directly on Commander’s ability.

A large piece of information to scan instantly covered the entire battlefield, and then using the invisibility of the shape and ready to launch a sneak attack, Mu Shan Chunsheng suddenly appeared in front of the Meiqin, while her head was suspended with a strange mark, it seems to be aiming Box, but with unrecognized symbols.


Meiqin screamed in a strange way, and this situation seems to be different from the Superpower of Academy City.

โ€œThere is no time to explain!โ€ tears shouted far away. โ€œHey now attack her! The duration of this ability is limited!โ€

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