Xiling Empire Chapter 376

The 376th chapter of the Kung Fu is high and afraid of the cannon

Although I don’t understand why the tears suddenly appear such a strange ability, Meiqin still temporarily put this doubt in my heart, and then launched an attack on Mushan Chunsheng in front of him.

Still a powerful lightning gun, although knowing that the other’s space shift is quite difficult, but before there is no better way to prevent the other party from using the ability, the US can only use the fastest skills to exchange and space transfer cooling. The advantage of time, this tactic is generally called cd stream… Oh, this is not here.

“This move is useless.”

Mushan Chunsheng shook his head boring, then launched the space transfer again, and instantly disappeared in front of Meiqin.

Together with the disappearance of the gun of lightning from the Meiqin.


Just to have such an exclamation, Mu Shan Chunsheng met the lightning attack with cross-space navigation capability, although she used the vacuum barrier to break the lightning at the last minute, but she was shocked. A cold sweat.

“This tag?!”

In an instant, I think of the reason for this abnormal situation. Mushan Chunsheng immediately lifts the head, then waved his hand to try to get rid of the suspicious lock icon on the head, but then the attack came to let her stop her action.

The battle is still going on.

Saten Ruiko did not continue to launch his own conferive defying ability, because she received an instruction to coming from the upper network: it detected unstable fluctuations in the fantasy cyber network, saved power, and prepared to respond to emergencies.

With the help of the loss of tears, the time of action of the “enemy of the Legion” also ended, and Misaka Mikoto immediately fell again.

With the super-computing power of the brain network, Mu Shan Chunsheng can say that at the same time has mastered the power of tens of thousands of ability people, although most of them are unability or low-ability, but the strong ones are not in decimals. Coupled with the qualitative change caused by the quantitative change, the current strength of Mushan Chunsheng is almost equivalent to a small army composed entirely of capability. The scenes of various kinds of ability at the same time are like a rippling, and correspondingly, the first time Misaka Mikoto, who encountered such an enemy, is getting worse.

Space transfer combined with quantum shifting, Mu Shan Chunsheng transferred a large number of aluminum products originally buried in the ground ruins to the side of the Meiqin, and then instantly transformed this overwhelming aluminum can into a dangerous bomb.


A series of explosions drowned Misaka Mikoto, and the scarred girl was smashed out by the shock wave of the explosion.

Although the strong electromagnetic field excludes the power of a part of the explosion, the shock wave still does not cause any harm to her.


Meiqin whispered, then suddenly opened his right hand.

The electromagnetic field spread quickly and spread to the ground, and then a large piece of black sand broke through the surface and gathered in her hands.

“Using the electromagnetic effect to control the underground iron sand to form a weapon?” The female Researcher in the white robe showed a slight expression of surprise. “The superpower of level5 is really not a fool, but what can such a thing do?”

Without paying any attention to the provocative words of the other party, Meiqin clenched the iron sand sword in his hand and then rushed forward with a momentum of nowhere.

“Through it, it’s useless.”

Mushan Chunsheng said disdainfully, then extended his right hand and formed a barrier composed of high-pressure wind in front of himself. Even the iron sand that was condensed by the strong magnetic field, in the face of the numerous air vortexes that are rotating at super high speed, I am afraid that it will be instantaneous. Broken?

But when Misaka Mikoto rushed to her, she saw a smile from the other side’s face after a trick.

The straight iron sand long sword was instantly disintegrated in midair, and then it was transformed into several black long whip. It bypassed the barrier composed of high-pressure wind from all sides and surrounded Mu Shan Chunsheng.

“The so-called ability is because it can be used flexibly to have the value of Oh!”

The young girl who controlled the power whispered, then suddenly shook his wrist, and the long whip formed by the iron sand quickly tightened, and the bright white electric light was then interwoven into a large electromagnetic net along these excellent conductors.

But at the same time that Meiqin thinks his attack is about to work, Mu Shan Chunsheng once again disappeared from her sight.

Space transmission !

“It seems that you can’t waste time here anymore,” Mushan Chunsheng suddenly appeared behind Meiqin, pointing his finger at the other’s neck. “Sorry, little girl, you are sleeping here for a while…”

“Storm interception!”

A sudden sound of clear drinking interrupted the movement of Mushan. In the corner of the corner of the eye, a silvery white light was approaching. She hadn’t seen what it was, and she had launched a space transmission and escaped this deadly blow. .

At this moment, Misaka Mikoto finally slowed down from the rigidity of the attack. She turned quickly and then exclaimed: “tears? You…”

The girl in front of him is Saten who should have been assisted and out of the battlefield, but the tears at the moment are completely different. The sailor suit as a school uniform is gone, but it looks like it It seems that the silver-white robes that appear in the movie or that cosplay lovers will collect, she still maintains a slashing posture, while in her hand, she holds a long knife with the same silver-white jersey.

After two seconds, Meiqin finally asked his question: “How fast are you changing clothes?!”

Tears: “…”

Should I consider this question now? !

“Misaka Sister, are you okay?”

Opened the desire of the spit in the heart, the tears clenched the commanding knife in his hand, while watching the distant and interesting looking at the wood mountain Chunsheng, while asking for time.

“Amount… well, it doesn’t matter.”

Meiqin feels a bit stunned, but now obviously not asking questions, she turned her attention to Mushan Chunsheng’s body, and the other party’s eyes at this moment are to be full of curiosity.

“The ability that I haven’t seen before,” Researcher’s face on White Robe has great interest in exploration. “No, it doesn’t seem to be a capability. Just came to me by space transmission and then slashed it? But in fact, According to the tree diagram designer’s calculus, in addition to the ability generated by the fantasy master network like me, multiple capability is impossible, and your power is very suspicious.”

“Yes,” said the tears, and then slowly stood up and handed the commanding knife to the left hand, and the right hand stretched out into the air. “Misaka Xuejie, can you keep it secret afterwards?”

Although she did not know what the other party meant, Meiqin immediately nodded, and then she was surprised to see that some metal structures were appearing out of the air in Saten Ruiko’s right hand.

An oversized black ornate pistol.


The tears immediately stepped forward on the right foot, slamming the black gun in the hand as if it were a straight stab in the fencing, and then pulling the trigger.

The front end of the “dead wood” burst out with a black red flame. After the spring of Mushan, a chaotic gray energy ball suddenly broke out. When the energy ball dissipated, only a hemispherical pit with a radius of several meters was left on the ground. The original reinforced concrete inside is like a piece of cream that has been dug up and only a neat cut.

Funeral, this is the Storm Commander’s few individual combat skills, using its own power to convert a bullet in the “dead wood” into a miniature space implosion bomb. The launch of this bullet will ignore the spatial between the target and the target. Distance and any physical obstacles, if not for the sake of the hands, now Mushan Chunsheng has already turned into a group of substances to be decomposed in the void.

The super weapon created by Xiling science and technology can not be confronted by ordinary ability.

“This…this is…”

In the face of this way of thinking beyond the cognition, Mu Shan Chunsheng is finally no longer indifferent, and Saten Ruiko will slightly pause the “dead wood” in his hand, click, a dim red crystal crystal will be retired from the gun Come out.

“Mushan Teacher, if you can, I hope you can give up resistance now, I don’t want to hurt you.”

The tears said this, and the command knife in the left hand was slightly waved. Under the action of the phase shifting blade, the air immediately appeared in the air to cut a few black spaces.

“What a joke!”

Unexpected by Saten, Mu Shan Chunsheng actually snarled hysterically.

“I have already reached this step, how can I give up? In order to save them… no matter who it is, it is impossible for me to give up, not to mention you, even if it is an enemy of the whole city, I am… Oh!”

The angry shouting stopped abruptly, and Mushan Chunsheng suddenly hugged his head and then made a painful cry.

“Hey, you… okay?”

Seeing the “enemy” in front of her eyes suddenly holding her head on the ground, Misaka Mikoto hesitated and spoke, but then, something “things” that emerged from behind the other side shocked her to speech.

The semi-transparent jelly-like substance emerges from the air behind the spring of Mushan, twisting like a strip of tentacles, entangled in the air together, and then converges into an expanding sphere, which is violently twisted and constantly emitted. The creepy sound gradually showed its shape.

A deformed baby, a deformed fetus with a sly expression formed by a translucent, inexplicable substance! !

This Monster floats in the air, the disturbing red giant eye unconsciously turbulent, just like the Human Race fetus entwined by several umbilical cords, seeing such a shocking scene, even the Academy City super-electromagnetic gun can not help but Exclaimed.

“What is this?!”

“Fantasy Network…” Mu Shan Chunsheng looked at the left eye, which was shocked by the ability to run away, and stood up and swayed. “Theway…the network has lost my control…”

“No!!” Meiqin exclaimed. “This kind of development, there is such a Monster, is this a low-cost and old-fashioned Sci-Fi movie?”

“The Legion Strike!”

Saten Ruiko suddenly stepped forward, and the black odd-shaped pistol burst into a bright spark, and with the ability-enhanced warhead flew out of the gun, the “fetus” that had already started moving in the air immediately exploded more than a dozen explosions. , tearing out a series of large hollows.

But in the next second, the voids that just appeared were repaired by the transparent material that appeared out of thin air, and even the Monster itself nearly doubled.

“It’s useless. It’s the whole of tens of thousands of Students’ consciousness. It’s impossible for this kind of attack to destroy it.” Mushan springly walked aside and then leaned on the cracked concrete pier. “Thousands of students who suffer from the discrimination of ability, their negative emotions have condensed to form this fantasy beast. Even if your eccentric power is stronger, can you erase the resentment of tens of thousands of students in a moment?”

Looking at the “fantasy beast” that is constantly expanding, even Saten Ruiko is in the midst of an uproar, her ability is mostly good at assisting, and its own atmate ability – just proved it has not been very good.

And look at the body that Monster has swelled. I am afraid that even the super-electromagnetic gun of Misaka Mikoto will be difficult to kill it.

“There must be any way!”

At this moment, the Meiqin did not give up the idea. She immediately ran to the side of Mushan and shook the shoulders of the latter.

“This is what you created, then you must have a way to deal with it?”

“This is a fantasy network… No, it’s something that the stunned Student created, not at all in my plan.”

Looking at the inner “fetus” that is constantly expanding and has begun to move in a certain direction, Mu Shan Chunsheng’s expression is confused.

“Crying fetus? This is the true portrayal of your heart, or the dark side of this Academy City.”

“Hey, now is not the time to say this!” After finishing this sentence, Meiqin also ignored the fact that Mu Shan Chunsheng, who seems to have given up, “I hope Oh, it only makes sense when I don’t give up!”

Taking out a game token, Misaka Mikoto shouted to the black hair young girl not far away: “Tears, can you strengthen my attack?”

“I will handle it!”

The tears were confidently nodded, and then the jump generator equipped with the robes themselves was teleported to the side of Meiqin, “Glory assault!”

Surprisingly watching the energy halo that suddenly appeared on the body, the beautiful piano said: “What is this?”

“You can double the directional damage by directional damage, and it will allow you to push your strength to the limit without any damage.”

“It seems that after this end, you really need to explain it to me.”

Meiqin said half-jokingly, then gently threw the token in his hand.


The enormous light beam pierced the air and hit the sinister Monster without any surprise.

Has it been eliminated?

If the combination of the Meiqin & Tears used this trick when Monster appeared, perhaps everything would really end so smoothly, but unfortunately, it seems that the appearance of the super-electromagnetic guns seems to be late.

The fantasy fan of the air has grown to a diameter of nearly 100 meters at this moment. It is the size of a floating mountain. Although the power of the super-electromagnetic gun is amazing, it belongs to the monolithic class of attack. In terms of radius, it can give at most Make a hole in the cotton candy.

It’s useless to make a hole bigger.

In the fierce shackles, the devastated fantasy beast violently tumbling, and then again full of blood on the spot resurrection and by the way a buff.

It is more powerful.

“Misaka Sister! Saten-san! Must stop it!”

“Uiharu?!” The tears turned back in surprise. “How come you? It’s dangerous!”

“Saten-san?” Seeing the young girl wearing a weird shirt in front of him, Uiharu Kazari stayed for a moment and then slammed his head. “Now I can’t manage so many, I must stop this thing, the direction it is going, Is the atomic force laboratory furnace of Academy City Oh! ”

“No way?!”

Misaka Mikoto shouted in surprise, but at the moment she couldn’t think of the way to destroy it.

I have missed the best time, and my physical strength is also very expensive in the battle with Mu Shan Chunsheng. Now I have to destroy it… but I can’t give up.

“Yes, the command center, I understand.”

At this moment, Saten Ruiko’s voice suddenly interrupted Meiqin’s next move. The latter suddenly looked back, but saw the black hair’s young girl slowly withdrawing the silver-white long knife, pointing farther and farther away. Fantasy beast.

On the blade, the blue and white energy sparks creak.

“Connect the command center, request to launch the code az-689…”

“Storm Commander hz-309, call fire support!”

White light, to drop out from the sky.

The roaring explosion shook the whole earth, and the power of this attack shocked countless forces crouching in Academy City, but that was not the thing that the three young girls here should care about.

Almost the glare of the human eye-catching hedgehog, just like the nuclear explosion in the legend, followed by the violent shock wave and the tremor of the whole earth, of course, the high temperature that swept through.

Saten Ruiko is obviously a rookie. She has never seen the description of the damage range of the Super Space-Time satellite fire support in the manual. Of course, this also refers to the “safety range” specified in the specification is based on the Xiling Apostle’s body quality. It must be related, but fortunately, at the last moment, Commander’s trait jersey still played a role. An enormous energy wall appeared in an instant, blocking all the impact and high temperature, and by the way, Mushan Chunsheng, who was also on the scene, survived.

“Good… great…”

Even Saten Ruiko, who launched the attack, saw such a large cry in front of the large-scale melt, and finally understood why it was not until the last command link that he allowed himself to use this size of attack, and it was continuous when it was launched. Certified three times to transmit passwords, the power of this…

If you convert to the Academy City calculation method, at least level5 or higher?

Fantasy beasts are of course also smouldering in this hit, no matter which part of its weakness, no matter which part of it is left now, and it will no longer have the opportunity to re-generate from the network: two minutes later, from The treatment program that Mushan Chunsheng got in his hands echoed in every corner of Academy City, a huge brain computing network, which collapsed at this moment.

However, it seems that another trouble has just begun. In just six seconds of Psionic shelling, I am afraid that some people will be busy in the next few days.

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