Xiling Empire Chapter 378

Chapter 378—The Action of the Roman Orthodox Church

When I came to the door of the conference room, I saw a horror scene in which a black suit uncle suddenly broke out and then deeply embedded in the wall.

But when my footsteps approached, the last second was still letting passers-by worry that he would have just hanged up and contributed to society. Carrow suddenly resurrected with blood, and he slammed his head from the wall. Pull out, and then in two seconds, sort out the black super uniform that you will never change, change the sunglasses that have become bones, and rush to a military salute.

“Head! Commander Carrow mission is complete! Come report!”

The mission is to complete your sister Oh! You are squatting at the entrance of the palace to let the watch go back to the country. Which task is finished Oh! You want to save the plane ticket and make it to me to throw people to the Vatican?

At the moment, I did not hesitate to rush to a sweeping leg – no sweeping, then another left hook – did not fly, the bastard is too resistant, not real kung fu is not enough, now squatting stepping , Shen Shen Dantian, an inch punch – did not go out, Carrow quickly bowed his head and apologized.

“Head, I admit that I accept the punishment!”

I almost sighed when I didn’t punch out, but what really made me angry was that this guy finally got it wrong?

“Hey, I shouldn’t smash the watch in front of the palace. But the broken place is a Roman, and I can’t sell it Oh! I don’t want to sneak two tables. I am really embarrassed to say that I am talking to a foreign city…” , head! You can’t use the ship weapon in the room!”

I can’t take it anymore! You look at me, I am always around you? ! Commander is not a dumping pirated disk, it is selling kebabs, or it is driving its own shop, and it’s all day long, it’s not enough to reveal the tears on my pot, and the trainers who have just trained are unclear. The difference between the vending machine and the Psionic supplement, the Angel IQ has not been on the average line, and there is a child at the family who just arrived at my waist!

There is also a host in the house who is going to conquer World! Pandora, don’t hide it! Have you been studying World Maps just now?

“Just confirming the geographical location of the action target,” the one-meter-two small general looked up at me stiffly. “The sporadic islands around Italy and the Human Race country are very complicated…”

The situation in Italy is complicated. You painted the lock line Oh for Mao over the Antarctic!

Hey, Italy?

For a moment, I seem to think of something, but the thoughts that flashed past are more difficult to grasp than time. Now, if you recall it, it seems that there is nothing left.

But it seems that God didn’t want me to be confused for too long. I didn’t take long to receive an unexpected invitation.

Coming from the old fox, Aleister The guy invited me to go to the tomb to tell him – anyway, I think that there is no difference between the ghost place and the ancient tomb.

After seeing the last time that I and Lin Xue suddenly disappeared from the room, Aleister even gave me Lolita, who was a guide, didn’t give a party. I just put a wait for you here. The attitude is extremely disrespectful – just in Carrow, I can lick a fire!

“Hey, old fox, meet again.”

After using the transmission equipment in the portable space to break the interference of the everything in the dead building inside and outside, I stood in front of a pipe and greeted each other carefree.

“It seems that your mood is not very good. Isn’t it time for my invitation to arrive?”

Aleister kept his zombie face in motion, and the low and peaceful voice came from all directions.

“It’s not a good time to invite your invitation, because I’ve never been used to being instructed.” I didn’t put a hand on the man in the tube, and then pulled out the Mazza as always, oh, it’s not Lin Xue. The second generation of the rich and the rich, and when the boss is always the same as the employee is not Yes?

“So, I hope that the news I bring to you will make you a little more happy.”

Aleister seemed to whisper a little, then said.

“Oh? ”

I frowned, not knowing what the old fox was playing.

“It should have been absolutely confidential to others in this city, but as a mysterious and powerful ‘outsider’, I think this kind of confidentiality from the very beginning should be meaningless…”

“Speak the key, or I will go directly to the next page… Hey, you can focus on it.”

Aleister paused and said after licking his nerves: “According to the news I learned recently, you seem to be looking for the whereabouts of a person?”

The atmosphere stiffened for a moment, then I stood up and went up two steps.

“You are spying on something you shouldn’t know, Human Race.”

Look at this sentence, more boss!

Aleister did not show any fluctuations in my ice-cold attitude, but slowly said: “It is just a matter of inadvertently knowing. I always have a lot of very wide channels of information. Those information is not necessarily here. It’s my will, all I have to say is that no matter why you care so much about a Human Race, I have good news – the whereabouts of the Human Race has been mastered by my channel.”

“I know,” said this, I swayed back to Mazar and sat down again, saying that after the last occupation of the dragon chair of Lin Biaotou, I was really a little yearning to say, if you want to let Bubbles give me a full Hardened gold, “Silvia should be near Italy now, the Roman Orthodox is transferring her, although the purpose is not clear, but I have always been ignorant of the guy who is not pleasing to the eye.”

“It seems that although it is an outsider, your intelligence gathering ability is quite powerful, but in addition, I should have something you are interested in here, for example – what is the Human Race you are in? Place, I am quite confident about this, I have the first-hand information.”

“Aleister, the great name of great, is now like a second-hand intelligence dealer, but you have succeeded – now you can say it.”

“Venice, the Roman Orthodox Church is there to prepare an attack for the Academy City – the information I can provide is nothing more than that, but it should be quite useful.”

It turned out that for a moment, the cause and effect of the matter will be clear.

“It seems that the Roman Orthodox Church is going to consider destroying the entire scientific side,” I smiled serenely. The idea that had flashed in my mind surfaced before. “Old fox, you counted us again, yes, If this is the case, we have to take the shot and get back the girl from the Roman Orthodox Church.”

At this point, everything seems to be clear. Since the last contact with Sylvia, Aleister used the latter as his own piece. Of course, the strange girl should belong to one of his hands before this, and this Once she was robbed, it should only allow him to implement his own plan. Perhaps we are looking for a certain movement in the Academy City that has made the old guy feel aware. Anyway, when she was robbed, the old fox felt that she was It seems to make us loose.

And this can only make me more disgusted with him.

The tragedy of Misaka’s sisters was entangled in the catastrophe of various disasters. Everything that Mushan Chunsheng experienced, even the recent outbreak of the fantasy masters, I am afraid that he is involved. He counts everyone and treats everyone as a person. What he can do, and this time, he not only counted us, but even the original innocent Sylvia as a one-off victim! ?

Maybe, you should find someone to wake him up…

But now, it is imperative to solve the problem of Sylvia.

Aleister smiled softly, and the tone was as calm as ever: “Please don’t be so impatient, this is just part of our original transaction, isn’t it? You will protect the safety of Academy City as a guarantee for living here, and this time. The incident should be a sudden situation, and the girl will be involved in it. I didn’t expect it. Because of the subtle relationship between the camps, I can’t directly use the power of Academy City to stop the Roman Orthodox. So, only I can turn to everyone who is a foreign aid.”

With a kind smile, I walked to the pipe man: “Yes, we will protect the safety of the Academy City. Even if the Roman Orthodox Church intends to destroy the Academy City with the Adriatic Sea Queen, we will get the antiques that were centuries old. But since everything is planned by you, even if Sylvia is just a bait, I will trouble you not to talk to me with such a false attitude. How?”

The other party was silent, then calmly said: “Sure enough, ‘outsiders’, you are not simple, but we are only trading, and without any infringement of interests, the unnecessary opposition can only let us weaken……”

“Of course, I won’t deal with you now,” I smiled kindly and snapped a finger. “I just told you one thing, the initiative, never in your hands.”

After saying this, I did not wait for his answer and disappeared into the room.

After ten minutes, the lights of the instruments that were extinguished in the room were restored one by one, and then a low, soft and singular sound was heard: “Aleister, I did not recommend that you ask for help from the foreigners in this way. .”

“Let you be jealous?” Aleister said lowly, no longer speaking.

In combination with the original plot, what the Roman Orthodox is going to do now is roughly guessable.

The action near Venice, the hidden Magic fluctuations, and the unusual gathering of the Romans, there is only one thing that needs such a big movement in that place, the Queen of the Adriatic Sea fleet.

It should have been the tragic fate of the youngsters. Now it is troublesome to get to us. Is it true that Lin Biaotou said that the fairness of World is that if you are unlucky, there must be someone in the World who can enjoy it. Are you happy?

The question is why my unlucky coefficient is more foul than the one on the top!

After returning to the Research Institute, we first sent away a few small female students who had already used this place as their entertainment center. Considering that they did not involve Saten Ruiko, although it was nominally Empire Commander, it was an accident. I can’t really let her get involved in it. After confirming that Mushan Chunsheng has become familiar with Xiling Host’s existence and is honestly staying in the underground information center, I called Qianqian to discuss them together.

“The Adriatic Sea Queen Fleet, or the Queen Fleet for short, is an old antique from centuries ago.” Qianqian, who was watching the anime with me, had a good understanding of the story. “That is not yet in Venice.” In the Roman Orthodox Church and even in opposition to it, in order to confront the powerful waters that have the Queen of the Adriatic Sea, the strategic weapons created by the Roman Orthodox Church, the entire fleet exists not only to meet the powerful sea power of Venice, at the same time Also to protect their mothership, the Adriatic Sea Queen, which is loaded with the most powerful deterrent magic created by the Roman Orthodox Church, dedicated to Venice’s large scale urban annihilation. And St. Peter’s Cross One of the ten spirits of the Holy Spirit proud of the Roman city. In two stages, the first stage will turn the whole city into ashes, and the second stage will destroy the people, objects and culture developed in this city… originally to prevent such The weapon fell into the enemy and was taken to deal with itself. The Roman Orthodox gave it the aiming lock equipment to make it Venice can only be used for launching attack, but the original story in …… “

Lin Xue took the slogan: “In the original plot, the Roman Orthodox Church used the engraved cross to lift the aim so that it can be used against any city, such as…Academy City.”

I shrugged: “We all know that the plot has disappeared, and the Amakusa cross martyrdom has not yet appeared. The nun, who was sacrificed, does not know where to make soy sauce.”

“This is a bad place,” Lin Xue licked his forehead, seemingly tired. “I just looked at the future and found one thing – the goal of the Roman Orthodox Church was not even visible to me. ”

Then we looked at her with horror.

“You don’t want to say… Sylvia is considered a sight?”

Very bad situation, Lin Xue’s prophecy seems to have never been misaligned.

God knows why the plot will go to this point, but now our priority is to stop the actions of the Roman Orthodox Church, whether they are about to destroy the Academy City, or that Sylvia is about to be sacrificed because of such boring forces. It is all we can’t tolerate.

Immediately I contacted the United Kingdom Puritan, the fox girl Lola, although a guy who is as jealous as Aleister, but at least she is loyal to us, to deal with Magician things, it is best to consult with experts, To be honest, I feel that Angel is not old and reliable.

Knowing the plans of the Roman Orthodox Church, together with the members of the cross and consistently stable, Lola could not help but say “the guys are really crazy”, even if it is against the scientific side, the United Kingdom Puritanism has never been so crazy. The idea, and the Roman Orthodox people are really doing it!

“Although it is the top secret information of the Roman Orthodox Church, I still know something about it.”

Like my guess, the fox girl is not ignorant of the Queen’s fleet in the Adriatic.

In the original story, even the accommodating female of Inticus can learn the knowledge of the Queen’s fleet in the Adriatic Sea, so as the Supreme power of the entire United Kingdom Puritan, Lola definitely knows more secret, and In the face of the “master messenger”, she certainly will not hide.

The roller on the video seems to be busy sorting out her super long hair that can be used to hang up and have a bow. She is playing with a delicate silver comb and slowly speaking to me. Not far behind, Alaya, who acts as a Light source and a background girl, looks at the comb that seems to be comfortable to use.

“About its basic situation, you seem to have already understood, then what is said now is its flagship. In order to prevent being destroyed by a blow, the flagship is constructed in a special block structure, each part of which is separate. Module, with independent magic structure, in other words, to destroy it unless it is a whole one-time bombing into a fragment, otherwise it will be quite troublesome, of course, I think this is not a problem for you, it may be troublesome At another point – the entire Adriatic Sea Queen is full of warnings, although it is a real old antique, but Magic’s things are often not worth a little because of the passage of time, those things Still useful today, the Roman Orthodox who is responsible for the command of the Queen fleet is Archbishop Piegio, a guy who seems to be devout and in fact unscrupulous. If he wants to eliminate the infidels, he dares to do anything. Even against Angel – as long as it is not registered by the Roman Orthodox Church.”

“In other words, he is likely to find a big attack after we sneak in, even at the hesitation of Sylvia, this thing seems that you can’t help.”

“I’m sorry, Angel,” said the fox, with a sly look, twisting the silver comb in her hand. “Although the excessive growth of Roman Orthodoxy may affect the safety of the Puritan in the United Kingdom, but from the cross. In the position of teaching, I can’t openly report to the Lord’s believer.”

“Oh, let the Lord handle it automatically,” he said, “I touched my chin and my eyebrows twitched slightly. “Lola, can you not torture the comb?”

You tortured the comb Alaya and yelled at me behind me, bastard! Is this hoe in the past few days still planning to change hair? How do you make up your own wings all day long? !

Laura: “…I will inform you of new information…”

After saying this, the face of the biggest bishop who couldn’t help but start to distort panicly turned off the video—I guess she went back to the Bible to rebuild the Lord’s reverence.

And we began to prepare for the trip to Italy – to replace the god of the girl who has retired from the position of the tragic emperor to solve the big troubles in the scientific side.

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