Xiling Empire Chapter 379

The 377th chapter boarding and random entry

Water is Venice, the miracle capital created by Human Race, a place that embodies countless wisdom and culture, a pearl on the canal, where there is a genius-created opera house… oh, that is Sydney, There is a miracle in the history of architecture, Eiffel Tower… oh, that is French, the famous Parthenon… cough cough, in short, Venice is a place for old cattle b, because third year in high school If you can fill in this word, then the liberal arts synthesis will be over…

“Hey! A’Jun, there are really canals everywhere. You said how to open Carrefour in this place?”

Needless to say, the way of thinking is so maverick and full of energy, it is undoubtedly from the mouth of the Qianqian, the first time to come to Venice, a city with a unique style, this vitality cell is added. 3 is fully responsive.

In contrast, the little Pandora is much more clever, little brat and Viska alone lollipop at this moment is busy with my side, saying that they really have this kind of comparison necessary?

“Taro, can you see it?”

I was sure that after I was completely hopeless, I was able to move my eyes to Lin Xue, and the Roman Orthodox guys did not take the initiative to show up. Only this mobile radar can work.

A luxurious long skirt with a wide white visor, walking on the street next to the Venetian canal, is as elegant as Ojou-sama, which is occasionally out of the heart. Lin Xue is always in front of outsiders. I paid attention to my image. When I heard my question, our noble Ojou-sama just licked the eyes and then gently smashed it in. “There are obvious energy fluctuations everywhere, I have already marked them all.” If Sylvia is not in their hands, the three-seat satellite cannon will be able to fix the most powerful war weapon created by the Roman Orthodox Church.”

This girl has a net idea.

According to the information provided by Lola, the best launch time of the Adriatic Sea Queen has been determined to be four days later, and considering the maximum moving speed of the old antiques and its maximum range, Rome Church wants to successfully destroy the Academy City. To get the entire Queen fleet into the open sea today or tomorrow night, the time is quite urgent, but that’s not a problem. Xiling people are quite good at blitzkrieg. We have to worry about ensuring the safety of Sylvia. The enemy is unscrupulous. Especially when confronting “infidels.”

This is ridiculous. In front of the Lola, we used the identity of β€œAngel”, but in order to prevent the stimulating balance of this World’s subtle power, when we deal with Roman Orthodoxy, our gang of β€œAngel” will appear as a pagan. On this point, even the fox girl can only sigh.

So I don’t like Politics, or third year in high school. At that time, I was really over.

Although the main purpose of coming over was to deal with the monkeys of the Roman Orthodox Church, after all, it was hard to come to Venice. The Qianqian was a free-knowing master. In the end, our enemy investigations evolved into formal tourism, and Qianqian said that One sentence also has a special connotation: Academy City, there is no exotic atmosphere in the place, it is better to have a feeling of crossing the outside world in Venice to stroll!

So I just remembered that it was in the opposite world…

Unfortunately, because the Research Institute could not be left empty, but also pay attention to the movement of the Academy City, Onee-sama could not follow. Now, besides Qianqian and Young Lady Lin, there are Pandora and Viska. Small, four girls, two are children, the other two are big children, although it is called stay at home dad, but it is really not good to deal with children, this way, let a bunch of big and beautiful women almost tossing through the ε–½ directly .

Especially Qianqian, the little guy who grew up, actually grabbed sugar with Viska! At that time, I almost turned my head and went to Qingchi…

But there is still some good news. Although four of us are all road blind, but we are not in a dilemma because we can’t find the guide, Young Lady Lin, although I don’t want to admit it, but It’s really this gimmick that gave me a small surprise. This billion-dollar giant has traveled around World before the age of sixteen, because I went to study everywhere or simply said that my dad was thrown to school everywhere, her The history and humanities of various countries are rich in horrible knowledge, and Italy is one of the places where she stayed. At the same time, Lin Xue is like a real Venetian, explaining to us every meaningful one passing by. The building, more than a professional tour guide, led us to visit every attraction nearby. To be honest, when the elegant and noble temperament of Lin Xue was fluent in Italian and asked a local policeman, I also Really think…

Who is this hoe?

Cough cough, the impression changed.

“Say, gimmick, didn’t expect you still have time when you are crazy.”

Walking casually on the stone road along the coast, I suddenly said something, and then sighed: “But why can’t you be polite to me…”

You are smiling with a Passer-by A.

The other person was silent for less than two seconds, then muttered: “Because you are the root wood, smile at you and waste glucose!”

So I gave up Lin Xue’s ability to turn around in front of me.

“Brother, brother!” Two consecutive sign-style calls, Viska gently licking my clothes at the back, “Viska is bored!”

Also, for this little brat, except for lollipop, there is nothing left in the Human Race civilization, so she took the water city attraction on this road and she is equivalent to digesting half a catty of sugar…

“Go to Gondola!”

Lin Xue immediately pointed to a Venice-specific canoe that had just arrived on the small pier.

β€œThe real Venice is on the water. If you don’t have a gondola, you can’t count the water!”

Listening to the experts – I always thought that the boat was a mobile stall for buying food…

Under the leadership of Lin Xue, the infinite Savior traveled almost half of the water city, and even the sigh bridge that was not on the tour route ran for a round, just like Lin. According to Xue, the real Venice is on the water. Only by visiting the whole Venice from the river channel that criss-crosses like a spider web, you can have a clear understanding of this world-famous water park, which once made the entire Roman Orthodox Church. The powerful city where the behemoths are all taboos still has a glory of the past, and Lin Xue talks about the historic traces of the passing of the ancient wharf on the gondolas of the brisk form. The main canal, which was annihilated under the bridge, became the old church in the Grand Place. She said that the Venice guy who gave us the boat was amazed. After the evening landing, the unlucky child ran and found the boat. His history teacher at Middle School made up the class…

Then we scorned this mischievous Ojou-sama together – she just turned the database all over the place!

“Okay, relaxed, energetic,” Qianqian relaxed and relaxed on the small bridge in the sunset. The day’s excursion is to let the superwoman relax. “Following Prepare for the right thing, A’Jun, can you just deal with their flagship for a while?”

I am white, this one who finally thinks about the business is crazy: “Do you think you can leave a few mouths after your ability is launched?”

Then Qianqian is paralyzed.

During the tour of the city, Lin Xue has marked every Magic unit within a few thousand kilometers with its super-formidable bio-radar and future vision that ignores any disturbances. More than 100 battleships of the Queen fleet are in our The small map is shiny, this is the benefit of opening the perspective. We can design each damage when the enemy is still busy with the hidden action. Now, except for the specific position of Silvia, Lin Xue can’t observe it. The every move of the Roman Orthodox Church is under our supervision.

The information of Lola is quite accurate. The activities of the Roman Orthodox Church seem to be in the middle of the night tonight, because some of the extraordinary things have already begun to act under the distant high seas.

And we were in the unobtrusive corner of the corner, and opened the camouflage Force Field waiting for the night to come.

The sky is gradually dimmed, the tourists and residents around have disappeared, and the faint voice from far away has finally disappeared. The night in Venice is quieter than we thought. This water city famous for tourism has no The nights that match this era are unexpected to me – of course, it is also possible that Roman Orthodox people have adopted some kind of “small means”. After all, they are going to open an aircraft carrier formation under the eyes of the Venetian. of……

At about 10:30 in the evening, when Qianqian had been rushing to scratch her head and holding my neck and playing, they finally had a movement.

A large range of energy fields swept across the Pandora’s inductive radar, and all of the living thing’s reaction intensity decreased by two energy levels.

“This is something that can be plunged into a state of slowness and mental state.” Alaya’s voice is remembered in my mind. This Angel has almost regarded my spiritual sea as her home these days. “Elder Brother Monarch! They are coming!”

Just as the Alaya voice fell, I heard the strange commotion in the widest canal in front.


The sound of hard object friction is getting stronger and stronger, and the calm water in the canal fluctuates wildly. Then, the white enemy battleship finally comes out with the majestic momentum!

It is the most classic sailing warship in the Middle Ages, but it is made entirely of ice. It is crystal-like and gorgeous like a mountain-like ice sculpture. It is atmospheric and exquisite. Even every rivet, the knot of each cable is carved out by ice. The most vivid details, it is like putting a coming from a medieval warship to Magic, transforming it into a giant ice, watching the enormous ice warship change through the canal, I I really lamented that the Roman Orthodox Church had been so painful since the Middle Ages…

Do you need so many rivets on a whole piece of ice? ! That thing, what are you nailed, bastard!

β€œWow Oh~~” Qianqian whispered and said, β€œA’Jun, how do you say that this thing is hidden under the canal? Ah? Magic is really interesting, I have to learn Magic!”

I rolled my eyes: “You will give Mage a way to live, Superman!”

When the ice battleship finally floated out of the water, Lin Xue immediately pulled my sleeve and said, “I will protect me for a while.”

“You don’t want to go up? The radar station is still on the front line?”

Lin Xue silenced and said, “Occasionally I want to fight for myself.”

“You are a fighting strength. Only the guys of 5 can’t go up,” I refused without hesitation. “Which Prophet is on the battlefield! You are honest and Viska is not allowed to move!”

Lin Xue stunned, and then whispered in a strange tone: “You care… oh, well, this time, I will be connected with you at any time to ensure that the perspective will never fall.”

I don’t know if it is an illusion. Was this blush blushing?

“Viska, protect Lin Xue, stand by – don’t pout! Go back and buy sugar for you.”

Then my general was bought by candy…

Under the cover of Pandora’s camouflage Force Field, Qianqian and I followed easily behind the ice frigate. After it broke through the last stone bridge in the estuary and entered the high seas, the three of us fell without a hitch. On its deck.

Touching the crystal with crystal texture but crystal clear crystal, Qianqian slightly surprised.

These things don’t seem to be real ice.

Alaya is an expert in this field. She immediately saw the secret of the ice battleship: “These are just water in the form of ice. Using Magic’s power to directly add the attributes of ice to ‘sturdy, stable’. On the water, but ignoring the temperature difference, it creates a crystal that is extremely similar to ice but has the same temperature as ordinary river water. Therefore, the entire warship needs magic flow to ensure its shape. Although the design is rough, But cleverly extracted the magic from the ocean below, so it did not disintegrate.”

Magic This thing is really amazing, but it can still trample on the laws of physics – in other words, now this ice boat is kept under the magic, so the “ice cube” on it can maintain its shape stability?

In this case, no matter which of us, it seems to be able to complete this thing – although it can be easily eliminated without restraint.

Since the Romans had used some kind of technique to “hypnotize” Venice, even in the case of such an extraordinary movement, there was no disturbance in the city of Venice. The spectacular ice battleship quietly drove into the estuary under the impetus of magic. And then gradually away from the port of the city.

After a while, we felt that more energy fluctuations began to erupt in all directions. Because Alaya’s introduced, we already know that it is the special magic needed to make the ice warships stable. To be honest, this moment I am really Almost an impulse to destroy this fleet!

On the small map sent by Lin Xue, there are hundreds of flashing red dots, and more than one hundred ice-cast enormous battleships are coming out of our water. This scene is really spectacular!

It feels like it’s moving like a fish food in the pool of fish…

“The biggest battleship in front should be the flagship of the Queen Fleet,” Qianqian looked at the floating iceberg in the distance and put a hand on the pergola. “Under the big one, I can’t see a special place.”

Do you think there will be an aperture next to the flagship or a bubble next to it that says “boss”?

Just as we were calculating how close to the flagship was to be more convenient and fast, there was a sudden voice coming from behind, and about four or five people approaching the footsteps, immediately standing quietly after the spot, a few The Romans who wore full body priests and even their faces were completely covered by hoods came from behind the door.

However, due to the role of camouflage Force Field, they did not notice the intruders who were close at hand, but they gradually drifted away from their own conversations.

“A’Jun, A’Jun,” Qianqian is happy again. “This is really a little bit of the meaning of Metal Gear Solid! It’s fun!”

… How can this gimmick mentality be so unexpected?

After the routine patrolling of the Romans, we have encountered several patrols in succession. Although there is protection against the Force Field, it is a surprise to me to hit the enemy again and again. If there is no bug device, I and the Qianqian two rookies play the Metal Gear Solid, at this moment I am afraid that even the Vatican knows our movements…

“Oh, the literary works are really nonsense,” after bidding farewell to a group of patrols abc, I did not say with a good breath, “How can the protagonist above be able to meet the enemy for hundreds of meters?”

“They are hanging,” Lin Xue’s voice suddenly inserted in. “Wood, telling you a bad news, it seems that I have found another magical fluctuation is approaching you, and the number is still quite a lot.”

“Hey?” I was shocked. How come there is a truss?

Lin Xue’s voice sounds quite depressed: “Not an enemy, but people who are very depressed – they have to be worn, you can see it yourself.”

I also felt that some weird energy fluctuations are approaching, seemingly a magical atmosphere, but different from the several Magic factions that have been seen so far.

Not yet, I guessed that the water on the side of the ship had slammed loudly, and then a sharp figure leaped into the deck in the night, then silently fell not far away.

A man, wearing a very large t-shirt, is a style of casual trousers, earrings, messy hair, unremarkable eyes, and a copper-plated iron chain that opens out of the neckline, like the main squatting on the street corner radiator. β€”Oh, this place should be called bad. It’s such a man who looks like a bad young man. He jumped onto the deck of the ice battleship, and his shoulders were singularly strange. The blade was like a runaway flame in the hilt. Twisted weird weapon at the twist.

Amakusa cross martyrdom…

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