Xiling Empire Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Identity


Sylvia was steadily caught, and I was stunned by the stunned Piaggio in front of him.

Once again, thank Qianqian for thinking about the steering wheel.


Piagio has almost bitten his lips, and his most powerful attire has been neutralized by Qianqian’s time for the dust of history, and several Romans of the surroundings are obviously not our opponents, when they can finally threaten us. After the hostages were rescued, the arrogant priest suddenly discovered that the desperate situation had arrived so quickly.

“The pagan monkey! Give Angel to us, maybe the Lord can forgive your sins!”

The magnificently dressed priest pinched the finger joints and said to us that they were gnashing their teeth.

“Do you speak on behalf of the Lord? Who do you think you are? Why do you claim to be God?”

“Nonsense! How can you distort the faith of a devout believer,” Piaggio yelled in a hurry. For an avid believer, such an attack is often fatal than any public opinion pressure, and then he suddenly catches When we arrived at the straw of life, we showed a distorted smile to us. “Well, the pagan monkeys, I admit that you have the upper hand now, but do you think you really won?!”

โ€œThink about where it is! Here is the Adriatic Sea Queen! There is a huge fleet of 100 frigates by its side! You are very strong, but do you think you can fight such a huge army? As long as you Dare to act rashly, even if the entire warship is buried, I will go with you!”

I raised an eyebrow: “didn’t expect you are still a master who is not afraid of death.”

“It is the greatest wish of my followers to sacrifice this body to carry forward the glory of the Lord.”

Piaggio put his hands on his chest and said sincerely after a cross.

“Unfortunately I am not going to give you a chance to teach.”

When the voice fell, the whole room suddenly trembled a little, and then accompanied by the rumbling sound of the rumbling sound, the enrmous ice cubes that formed the room collapsed in an instant, turned into a diffuse splash of water, but they were all opened by us. The energy barrier is blocked.

Silvia is already in our hands, what scruples are there?

“This is… you turned out to be…” Piaggio was panicked, and the sights turned out to be the deck of a horse and the sea under the night sky, and the battleship of ice that was surrounded by layers of layers – the entire Yadri The upper deck area of โ€‹โ€‹the Yahai Queen has been completely restored to water due to the interruption of magic. At this moment, just like the turbulence in the flood, the original lower deck area is washed away. Well, it is now the upper deck area.

“Look, there is your fleet, I admit, they are quite spectacular…”

Carefully holding Sylvia, my vacant hand arbitrarily pointed at the frigate surrounded by all sides, who had discovered the anomaly here, gradually turning the bow and turning their weapons to this side.

“A wicked pagan…”

Piaggio got out of his arms and found a small card with Rune, with a crazy smile on his face.

“I admit defeat, you really obstructed the great purification ritual of the Roman Orthodox Church, but you can’t run it today! The Queen fleet will completely bury you and this flagship! attack!”

I thought you were going to yell at me and I was looking forward to it for a long time.

“Queen Fleet?” I snapped a finger. “It seems like there is no boat here…”

The invisible mental power swept across the sea, eroding every corner of every ice warship without any hindrance, and then completely freezing the Magic energy that maintained their frozen state.

The scene of this scene is spectacular and short-lived. Perhaps the Human Race, which has witnessed all of this, will never forget this. The Roman Empire is the strongest weapon built a few centuries ago. The huge Queen fleet is here for history. Hundreds of ice warships lost their energy in the same time at the same time, with the body emitting a whistling roar like a tumultuous thunder, and then under the weight of their own, a moment like a fish tank filled with water It bursts like a burst of white sparkling flowers.

The waters of the enormous waters roared, and hundreds of tons of ice battleships at the same time disintegrated, and in this still quiet sea, the huge waves of the sky were lifted, if not for me to evacuate the riots in the sea in time. The stream kinetic energy, I am afraid that only the fiercely turbulent sea water is enough to kill all the Romans.

In the remnant of the corner of the eye, the Acacia cross-cultivator also floated to the surface at the moment and began to rescue the Romans who fell into the water. I hope that the ropes they brought will be enough. Saving these Romans is not a save, sometimes A group of prisoners will be more deadly blows against hostile forces than any attack. After this battle, should the Roman Orthodox people be honest?

I took a clap and awakened Piagio, who was already in dementia, and said, “I know that these are precious cultural treasures, but they hinder the city, and destroying it should not cause any trouble to your sect? โ€

“You…you…” Magnificently dressed middle-aged priest trembled and pointed back and forth one step at a time. “You are the devil! You are definitely the devil from hell! The glory of the Lord will surely… Oh!”

The white figure that just rushed out was the Pandora that had already been swaying for a long time.

Even with my eyesight, I just saw that Pandora had knocked a punch on every joint under the opponent’s body. In the crackling sound of the ring, Piaggio seemed to be stuck in the scorpion. The ducks usually rolled their eyes and screamed, then they flew out across the blood.

After doing all this, Lolita, who had eased the violence factor with a slight relief, came back with a fist and muttered: “Who told you to say bad things about your brother…”

As for the Romans who had been playing the soy sauce for a long time from the very beginning, they have now consciously squatted on the ground to form an oval shape, which is more formal than the puppet army in the old movie.

The air in the ear, a strong figure jumped on the flagship deck, panting the palace to slap his burning stick… cough cough, the flame-shaped sword appeared around us, then glanced at us with Monster’s gaze several.

“Although the Pope constantly emphasizes to you the power of you, but didn’t expect… Can the reliability of Academy City achieve this level?”

I looked back at the poorly dressed acting pope and shrugged and said: “We are not the reliability of the Academy City, just to save a friend before coming, the crack should know this… she did not give anything What do you say?”

There is something wrong with Jian Gongโ€™s face: “This… well, is this girl your friend?”

I looked at Sylvia, who might be in a short period of time, and the role of Magic is still in a coma, nodded: “Well, Roman Orthodox is not sensible, I came to do it for the sky – just like this, left The finishing touches are handed over to you, and we have to go back with our partners.”

Jian Gongโ€™s expression was stiff, and he looked around the sea with ice floes and at least four-digit drowning people, then slammed and slammed it.

Close to a small hotel in the harbour, we found Lin Xue and Viska, who had settled down. When we were busy fighting to destroy the enemy ship, the two had already played more than an hour of poker in the small hotel. Of course, I have good reason to believe that Lin Xue is bullying her sister with her own ability. Little Viska rushed out to meet us with a small piece of Indian clothing.

“Welcome to the big heroes,” Young Lady Lin grabbed a lot of playing cards and lollipop who had been abducted from Viska. There was no positive shape. “Hey? What happened to Silvia?”

I put the stunned silver-haired girl on the bed and carefully laid her down, and then said with a sigh of relief: “It may be that the Roman Orthodox people gave her a hypnosis like Magic, and Alaya said that it is fine. I woke up after a while.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Lin Xue also sighed, and Qianqian gently bent down and carefully lifted the silver hair in front of Sylvia’s forehead.

Viska just cleaned up his little papers with the help of Pandora’s. At this moment, he also strangely got together. Although I heard it many times, in fact, it is now her first time to see this. We are so motivated by the Human Race girl that Sylvia’s information is not shared with the Empire database because it is not a special goal worthy of attention.

The little girl of the meerkat walked to the bed and just glanced at it and suddenly became stiff.


I immediately felt the abnormal situation of my sister, and asked with concern, but the latter seemed to be completely unheard of, still standing beside Sylvia, stiff, and then she subconsciously reached out and caught I lived in my clothes corner, I can feel that Viska’s little hand is shaking.

The room was quiet at once, and everyoneโ€™s attention was drawn to Viska, who was suddenly behaving abnormally. For a long time, the latter finally hesitated to slowly open:


We look at each other in dismay, Viska knows her?

No, right, the girl in front should be called Sylvia, who is that Bellavilla? Does Visa have someone she knows in her madness?


Just as we were puzzled, Pandora suddenly whispered, and then some of the information that had been forgotten by us was re-appeared in our minds with the help of Pandora’s.

Bellavilla – Fallen Apostles Bellavilla!

That was one of the three Fallen Apostles leaders who plotted to destroy Azeroth World when Azeroth World fought against the Fallen Alliance. We had one of them at the time and eventually wiped out each other, but the other two never showed up, and at the end Azeroth was evacuated under our noses, and one of the two evacuated was called “the honest man Okam” by Viska, and the other name was Bellavilla!

“Viska, are you sure?”

Knowing that this matter is of great importance, even Lin Xue is suddenly serious, and Pandora is instantly replaced with combat equipment. If the other party is really the leader of Fallen Apostles, I am afraid that the whole Venice will be turned into a piece in her hand in the next moment. Fire Sea – For this little girl, as long as it is to destroy the abyss, how many people are buried is worthwhile.

Viska had recovered a little calm at this point, but still clutching my cloak, she went back again, took a look at Sylvia’s looks, and placed a finger on the other’s forehead. Immediately I felt a strange feeling swept across the room.

Energy vacuum – In addition to our inherent mental power, all the energy in this room disappeared in the first moment, even Pandora’s body involuntarily stiffened, this feeling I have had Once, the first time I met with Steyr, they tried to use astrology to find Angel’s whereabouts. At the time, a similar energy vacuum occurred. In other words, the strange phenomenon at that time was also because of The power of Ervia?

I feel that my brain is a bit confusing. A lot of clues that seem to have been clear from the fog are entangled with each other. It is obviously something that can be guessed, but it is more and more confused.

Viska definitely nodded: “Yes, this energy is only available to Bellabella’s sister! And she… there is Bellavera Elder Sister’s feeling…”

And listening to Viska’s tone, when she worked for Fallen Apostles, the relationship with this “Bellavilla sister” does not seem ordinary?

Fortunately, the warmth of Visa’s tone, Pandora did not have the first time to smash the silver-haired girl lying on the bed into a slag, knowing that Pandora calmed down very little.

“Hey… the head is so dizzy~~~~”

While we were talking, Silvia’s sleepy Magic finally lost its effect, and the silver-haired girl frowned slightly, ambiguously swearing, and then seemed to feel the strangeness of the surroundings, body Slightly shrinking, slowly opened the eyes.

“Oh…” Sylvia yelled at the eyes in confusion, then fixed her gaze on Lin Xue and me, who had a side, and showed a brilliant smile. “Ah… is Mr. Chen Jun – And your girlfriend, ah, we met again… oh… is it already dark? Why am I lying in bed…”

Itโ€™s still a slow tone, a way for people to talk anxiously, and always use the speed of thinking with Real World on two timeliness. When Silvia wakes up, I think that is hiding in the conspiracy. The Bella Vista shadow suddenly broke apart.

and many more! Don’t close your eyes again! ! Explain to me! That girlfriend, why are you so impressed Oh! Do you think that this crazy girl who is now in the middle of me is probably my girlfriend? Hey Hey hey ! Qianqian Qianqian Don’t bite Oh! Lost blood, really bloody Oh!

Sylvia’s brainless words made us suddenly fall into the chaos of the moment, especially me – I am going to let the two crazy girls go through!

Fighting between Superman, it is all directly under the hand, Qianqian are biting down my aorta.

“What is it? It was a misunderstanding.”

When all the dust settled, Qianqian spit out his tongue and said embarrassedly, while carefully helping me smooth the tooth prints, I protested with Lin Xue with anger and anger: “I said you crazy, at this moment you Don’t help explain why you follow Oh!?”

Lin Xue had a blush that had not yet receded on his face, and he slammed his mouth: “Hey… I didn’t explain it for you.”

“Ah La – Chen Jun is really living in happiness…”

Sylvia looked at our daily farce in confusion, and suddenly smiled and said something.

Which of your eyes saw a nearly dangerous guy showing a happy smile Ah? Just now I almost heard the dear grandmother calling out on the other side of the river, bastard!

“Sister Bellavilla!”

Viska screamed gently, letting the silver-haired young girl on the bed strangely turn his face: “Are you calling me?”

“Sister Bellavilla! You don’t know me? 7535, it was Oh who you have been taking care of me!”

Viska’s face with a confused expression hurriedly reminded the girl in front of her identity, but from the more confused expression on Sylvia’s face, the latter had no corresponding impression.

“Sorry, you may have admit the wrong person–” Sylvia shook her head slowly, revealing a curative smile. “My name is Sylvia, the orphan adopted by Academy City since childhood, although there is no past. Memory, but I have a full set of ID Cards… In addition, I have a small jewelry store in Academy City – Little Sister. If you have time, you can check it out…”

Pandora suddenly silently stepped forward, then reached out and grabbed Sylvia’s arm. The visible light blue halo swept along the wrist of the latter to her body, but the party was only curious. The expression looked at this scene and there was no fear at all.

To scan is completed, Pandora tells us the results of her inspection through the spiritual connection: “High-purity energy transfer thing, there is a very obvious Xiling science and technology trace, although there are quite a lot of modifications, but still A large number of Xiling Apostle’s features have been retained, and the abyss energy residue has not been found in the body. It is suspected that it has been assimilated to itself like Elder Sister Shandora. The exception is that except for such a body, the target individual does not have any Xiling Apostle’s identification information at all. There are no specific energy fluctuations, and if she doesn’t go deep to scan, her external performance is exactly the same as the normal Human Race. I was cheated at the beginning.”

Xiling Apostle ……

I was fixedly looking at Silvia, who was introducing her shop to Viska with a gentle smile. Is this dull and clumsy guy in front of him a Xiling Apostle?

Moreover, has it once made us big, and ambushed each of our Fallen Apostles leaders in succession?

what on earth is it!

“That, Sylvia,” Qianqian carefully passed over. “You really don’t know this little girl?”

Viska also immediately joined in and swayed in front of Sylvia.

“I don’t know it–” Sylvia shook her head. “Ah, are you friends I met before I received my last surgery? So are you kidding me? Oh, sorry, I really don’t think about it.” Itโ€™s up… ah, yes, here is it, why am I here? I remember, I seem to be called out by someone I donโ€™t know, and then…โ€

Silver-haired’s girl is still repetitively saying, the slow look, but let my heart sink down, seemingly thought that the simplest fragment recycling task has become more complicated.

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