Xiling Empire Chapter 383

The 383th chapter of the suspected Sylvia

The night was deep, and Sylvia, who had just been rescued and whose power of Magic had not been exhausted, rested early, and we did not sleep at all, gathering in the room.

“Viska, what kind of person is Bellavilla?”

This is the issue that I am most concerned about now. A series of evidence seems to point to the fact that the identity of Sylvia is the former Fallen Apostles Bellavilla, not only Visa proves this, but even Pandora’s to scan The system reveals the identity of the girl’s non-Human Race. Now we are one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe and even the whole void when we go out and turn left five meters, even though the other’s fighting strength may not even 5. Arrived.

Viska nestled in my arms, slumbering in a meal, and Pandora, who was on the other side of the door, was yawning from time to time. Onee-sama’s education was fruitful, and now Viska is fixed at night. At the point of time, you can get out of your nose if you go to bed.

“Sister Bellavilla…is a very good person…”

Even though she was half-sleeping, Viska answered my question instinctively, but the voice sounded vague.

“When Viska was just taken over by Fallen Apostles, it was Bellabella’s sister who took care of me… She said that as long as Viska listened to her instructions, she could… she could stay…”

“anything else ?”

Such a vague answer simply cannot infer anything, just “receive”? When Fallen Apostles made Viska a cannon fodder, it was also called to take in?

Viska comfortably arched, and then said: “Sister Bellavilla gave me something to do, she said that I am useful… She confessed my value… Oh, I have been with the sister of Bellavilla, She takes care of me… well, take care of me…”

Having said that, Viska’s voice gradually went down. After a few seconds, the little brat sounded evenly, and Pandora, not far away, sighed softly and walked over and put his sister on the bed.

Leave us look at each other in dismay.

“Lin Xue, what do you think?”

I know that this kind of thing that needs to spend the intestines is not suitable for analysis by Qianqian. I will focus on Linda Prophet who is playing nails.

“There is no reference value,” Ojou-sama shook his head. “It sounds like Viska’s subjective feeling, and it’s the feeling of her mental abnormality. Did she have a normal concept of world outlook and enemies? Unknown, the gentle sister in her memory is probably even made by herself.”

I have a cold sweat: “Isn’t it going to be so serious?”

Lin Xue came over with a blank eye: “I learned a few days of psychology with Lilina a while ago.”


Lin Xue continued to analyze: “And what can you analyze from Viska’s account? The ‘Bellavilla’s sister’ obviously used Visa as a tool of her own. What did she pay? Just agree. The value of Viska as a ‘tool’, so that Viska is dead, we all know how vulnerable Visa was at the time, such a reason is enough to flicker that the girl does not know the southeast and northwest, anyway, I do not believe that Fallen Apostles can There is a role like a living Lei Feng – of course, now that nothing is worth mentioning, Bellavilla is finished, the rest is a slow half-shoot of Sylvia, and she does not know if she can Controlling the reliability, I finally know why I can’t see her future, energy vacuum, her anti-magic coefficient is probably reaching the level of magic.”

“But her physical defense is similar to zero.”

I smiled and comforted Young Lady Lin, who was restrained because of her ability, Sylvia – or Bella Vera, her typical energy-to-substance Xiling Apostle, just like Alaya, energy resistance Heaven defying, but physical combatability, well, can almost beat the Bubbles.

“A’Jun, what’s next? What do you plan to do with Bellavilla?”

Qianqian looked at my eyes with some entanglement and saw that she was also somewhat contradictory.

“Take it back first, a former Fallen Apostles. There are a lot of secrets on her. It’s something that is quite valuable to us. And now it seems that Bellavilla’s will has disappeared for some reason, for that has disappeared. The identity of killing an innocent person who is ignorant of everything, I am afraid you are not willing?”

Qianqian showed a sigh of relief, obviously, although Bellavilla is an enemy, she still has a lot of good feelings for this Sylvia.

“Okay, the discussion is over, go back to sleep.”

Lin Xue took a clap and reminded us of the passage of time, then pulled my arm and went out.

“In the middle of the night, you are a big man who stays in the girl’s room. It’s not awkward… Going away…”

I can’t let me protest. Within ten seconds, Young Lady Lin has pushed me out of the door.

Standing outside the door, I shrugged and shrugged at Lin Xue, who smiled and smiled. “You are a girl…”

“Wood,” Lin Xue, who was just happy, suddenly showed me a sigh of expression. “I said, would you like the white-haired girl inside?”

I immediately panicked: “Shantou, what did you eat at night?!”

“Tell you something right!” Lin Xue raised his fist and greeted him, but he even let it go at the last minute. “I found that you care about Sylvia. Of course, I also admit that I have The identity of Fallen Apostles, I am also very fond of Sylvia’s current personality.”

I immediately waved my hand: “Don’t think about my Ojou-sama, you all admit that Sylvia’s character is very close. I care about her for this reason. You don’t think of the current Sylvia. Is it like a sister who needs sympathy and care?”

Lin Xue thought, then nodded: “Really, you really need a normal soft girl.”

…Do you dare to make your thinking process open?

After talking to Lin Xue, I went back to my room. I don’t know if Qianqian’s heartless hoe can sleep peacefully. Anyway, I am a little insomnia.

Regarding the identity of Sylvia, I feel that I can’t ask anything from Viska’s mouth. The latter used to live in Suizhong. Even if I have a close relationship with Bellavilla, I don’t think she can be right at the time. The situation has a clear and correct impression, as Lin Xue said, the once amiable Sylvia, may even be just a reverie in Viska’s mind.

The second point is that Silvia is in the current state, with Xiling Apostle’s body and a small amount of talent, but the memory is completely lost. She even thinks of herself as an orphan who grew up in Academy City. I can’t believe that she is evacuating Azeroth World. What happened afterwards, what kind of situation can make a powerful Fallen Apostles become like this.

What role did Aleister play during this period? There is no doubt that Sylvia’s “adoption” experience is completely false. She only has a few months of memory. That is the time after she came to this World. Everything before will naturally be in Academy City. An old fox is arbitrarily fabricated, and Aleister can’t find the girl’s anomaly. So what is he planning? First, let Sylvia be robbed by the Roman Orthodox Church, and then use this as a trick to let us get involved in the confrontation between the Academy City and the Roman Orthodox, the pipe man, how much secret he hides…

Various speculations in my mind were broadcasted, and I didn’t know how long it took before I fell asleep.

I was awake – this was a pretty tearful thing that happened the next morning.

When I suddenly woke up from the bad dreamland crushed by the mammoth, I felt that my body was pressed with a fragrant soft body. Well, I admit that I produced a high-definition association of 20g at this moment, but I finally looked down. Unsurprisingly, Lolita, wearing a cartoon pajamas, slept in a dark, confused face.

Feeling the shaking of the body, Viska arched twice, then slowly opened the eyes, and the red cat licked into a happy arc in the face of me: “Brother brother! Good morning!”

… well, at least this time, she is only one, if it is possible that Little Bubbles will be mixed in as usual…

“Elder Brother Monarch, good morning…”

This is just fortunate, the soft voice next to me hardens me.

He turned his head and saw a beautiful picture of Angel, who was sitting on the bed with his sleepy eyes. The silver hair was plated with a brilliant glow in the golden sunshine of the morning. The beautiful face of young girl is a bit confusing because of the drowsiness that has not completely dissipated. The more cute, soft white gauze has been crippled by the unconscious master. 1080p’s high-definition picture is looming, Alaya Lazily stretched out, and muttered to me good morning, and got up to prepare for the routine two-wing expansion exercise every morning, then –

Plop fell to the sky – I pressed her wings.

“A… Alaya! How come you are here… wrong, how do you come out of my spiritual sea!?”

Alaya distressedly sorted out her baby feathers and replied succinctly: “It seems to fall out after falling asleep…”

After falling asleep, falling out of someone else’s mind? Don’t you think this process is a bit too smashing?

Can you say that I am sleeping with Angel sister for one night? Oh, yesterday, was it too sleepy because I slept too late? Why don’t you have a little impression?

“Elder Brother Monarch ?”

Alaya looked at me in confusion and suddenly changed her mind and put her wings in front of me: “The feathers behind are not enough. Elder Brother Monarch see if there is any messing up Ah?”

“Wait a minute, don’t say this, Alaya, what?…Last night… didn’t happen?”

Alaya’s expression is pure and confused – her expression is always confused.

Forget it, let Viska’s little girl cover it. I don’t think it can happen. I don’t think I have any expectations for this dull light source. Alaya, you should put the skirt together and study your own. Adding 14 to 13’s best wings is not enough? Don’t you know that young men at this time of the morning are the most unsuccessful?

On a rather confusing morning, when I was yawning at Viska and followed Alaya, who was busy sorting out clothes, coming out of the room, Lin Xue’s face on the face immediately distorted to the extreme. I think it’s in my heart now. Any thought of the brain to make up as long as you dare to come up with a book, my book is finished, to know that in this case, the big Prophet brain emerged in the mind of the mind is not afraid to see people.

You don’t want to think about what I do for a little girl one meter tall and a big hand that can turn into light at all. Well, there are still a lot of things that can actually be done.

At this time, people also came to wake up in a row. I still let the eye-catching Alaya recover its energy form, and re-hidden into her spiritual sea. Then she prepared to wash her face and wake up. Qianqian just yawned from the opposite room, Lin Xue Immediately went up and licked her arm: “诶Qianqian, Qianqian, this beast slept with Angel sister last night! The cute Alaya was stained…”

Qianqian carelessly nodded: “They have always been sleeping together Oh! Alaya and A’Jun are always fit.”

Lin Xue was in a moment of sorrow. Another old gentleman who had just come out of the room sighed that young is good and floated downstairs.

In the afternoon, we led Sylvia, who had recovered almost completely from Magic’s sequelae, and took the plane back to Academy City. Viska seemed to realize that she had been “a friendly and reliable Bellavilla sister”. I didn’t mention this topic along the way, but continued to stick to me, but from the depth of the little girl’s eyes, I could still read a little undetectable loss. Pandora naturally shared this feeling more clearly, along the way. For the first time, Visa was too sticky to me.

Back to Academy City The first thing we did was to conduct a comprehensive check for Sylvia. Of course, it was a regular physical examination. I found this girl to be a good deceit, basically let her die. Besides, anything that you said to her can not hesitate to listen to it. There is no way of thinking about it. This is related to her thinking ability of slow and half-shooting. Many things she has no time to think clearly is over… …

“It’s so good–” Even if it is exclaimed, Sylvia is still the kind of slow-looking look. “You said that you work at the Research Institute, didn’t expect to be a grown-up ……”

You really don’t have any feelings about the suspicious physical examination process you have experienced?

After temporarily setting up a room for Sylvia in the Research Institute, I asked her to rest safely here, and arranged for Vega and her elite nephews to guard themselves, no matter what Aleister’s plan was, I would never Allowing a former Fallen Apostles to re-enter uncontrolled, and at the Research Institute’s underground information center, three Xiling Hosts are processing the information we get.

“Speaking, why didn’t you see Mu Shan Chun Sheng?”

In addition to the three high-speed Xiling Hosts in the underground information center, I didn’t see the female Researcher who worked almost all nights, which made me a bit surprised.

A Xiling technician who is here to help Mushan replied: “She was in the third extended area and the children who just received it. Because the simulation experiment went quite smoothly, she is now more cheerful than the original, at least advise her. It’s a hundred times easier to leave work than it was at the beginning – it’s a very admirable Human Race, whether as a teacher or as a researcher.”

This Researcher’s tone is not appreciated, and I have a little interest: “A Xiling scientist would pay tribute to a scientist who was a primitive civilization?”

“There is nothing to do with the level of civilization. The true spirit of the researcher is the most precious. Her knowledge is really backward, but I admit that she is a good researcher. To be honest, the energy she has erupted far exceeds Human. The limit that Race can do, I even have to study this as a separate topic.”

Sure enough, it was the soldier brought out by Tavel.

“What happened to Silvia? Did you find out?”

I looked at the three Xiling Hosts in the crystal prisms that were closing their eyes, and asked faintly.

A lot of complicated data and graphics emerged in the surrounding air. The three hosts in parallel also opened their eyes with shimmering light. Researcher next to it reported: “The result of the scan to the target is quite clear. It was a Xiling Apostle that was undergoing an unknown energy transformation, but since its own identification code and various other specific imprints have disappeared, we are not sure which Xiling Apostle she belongs to, other than the other. The core has obviously suffered heavy losses, a lot of data is damaged or lost. We uploaded them all to the shadow base and the base in the month. Other Xiling Hosts are helping to analyze, hope to recover some things from it, but the chance is not big, we I am applying for the parent Xiling Host’s to use Authority. In addition, we have also conducted a simple test on the other’s ability form. Her power still seems to exist, but because the soul is dissipated and cannot be used autonomously, it can be confirmed that it is still active. The talent of all the energy inside is dissipated in itself At the time of a specific shock, it will be actively released. At present, apart from mental energy and void energy, it has not been found that it can immune the dissipated energy form, and the specific impact of this talent is also being tested. This is part of it. The data.”

Researcher said that a Hologram was sent from the air to me, detailing the external stimulus patterns that the host computer simulated that would enable Sylvia to launch an energy vacuum.

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