Xiling Empire Chapter 384

Is there a 384th chapter to order 3?

After acquiring Sylvia’s energy samples, Xiling Hosts simulated several external stimuli that allowed them to react violently. As I expected, the first one was the search engine. formula.

Astrology, search, tracking Magic, of course, also includes Lin Biaotou’s predictive ability, it seems that no matter what kind of energy is faced, whether it is Magic or superpower or even Lin Xue’s approximate pseudo-inverted causal inversion ability, As long as it is an external spy, it will cause Sylvia to inadvertently launch the talentability. Therefore, the astrology performed by the three Steyrs will be interrupted by the sudden burst of energy vacuum in the last step, and Lin Xue’s prophecy will never be able to. Casting on Sylvia – she saw it forever.

The second effective external stimulus is somewhat unexpected. It turns out to be a gain effect, such as holy light, living thing, various blessings, etc. These positive effects are applied to Sylvia. It will suddenly become an energy vacuum, and even the caster himself may be subject to backlash. If Silvia’s talent is to use the guarantee, this kind of reaction can be a bit strange.

However, after seeing this report, Onee-sama gave his own conjecture: it may be caused by the residual nature of the abyss energy. For Sylvia, who used to be Fallen Apostles, those things linked to divine energy Undoubtedly it is a great threat to the abyss energy of her with the body. It is reasonable to stop the entry of these things. Perhaps she can still avoid this defect by her own will when she is still Bellavilla, but now Laveraโ€™s soul has disappeared, and her talent naturally relies on instinct to play.

The third effective stimulus is described as somewhat ambiguous and is “involuntary release of self-energy dissipation.”

Say these scientists can’t use words that I can understand? You write this bunch of scientific terms is purely addictive, right?

Lin Xue took the shiny information screen for a few minutes and finally figured out the meaning of a lot of professional descriptions under the sentence. I immediately smugly smack with me: “That is to force borrowing from outside.” The power of Ervia is really stupid.”

I slammed on the guy’s head: “Explain clearly.”

Lin Xue organized the language and talked awkwardly: “In other words, if you want to use the power of Sylvia to do things and the borrowing process does not get the consent of Sylvia, the move will be considered a threat. , which triggers an energy vacuum, seems to be a similar situation when the researchers tried to copy the Sylvia’s ability, so I found this… Wood, what did you think of?”

“Aleister had a plan.”

I pointed my forehead with my finger and said so.

The identity of Silvia “Angel” was deliberately robbed by the Roman Orthodox Church. The original purpose was here.

Lin Xue puts the information screen in his hand and circles in the hall: “If Sylvia is taken away by Roman Orthodox as Angel, then the latter will no doubt try to gain her power and will It is used in the most important places, and the Roman Orthodox, who knows nothing about the real situation, will of course suffer disasters. I think the moment when the Adriatic Sea Queen is launched to the top, the core of the operation as the aiming device suddenly disappears. What is the result? The good situation is that the entire Queen fleet is falling apart. In a bad situation, I am afraid that the whole process will have a backlash. It is not impossible for the entire Magician to disappear. No matter where Sylvia is placed, ‘use’, at any time. She can only cause the collapse of the surgery, she can only bring disaster to the Roman Orthodox.”

I went on to say: “And the latter can only get rid of the teeth and swallow it in the stomach. When the use of Angel power is lost, I don’t believe that the Roman Orthodox people dare to say these words.”

“So why did Aleister give up this genius plan at the last minute?”

Lin Xue frowned and couldn’t understand.

“If we don’t participate, the Roman Orthodox may have been disabled by Sylvia now – even though our blending seems to have achieved this effect.”

“Yes, as you said,” I guessed something in my heart. “Our participation can also ruin the Roman Orthodox. This is equivalent to having achieved the original Aleister purpose, but the guy is at the same time province. He lost the ace of Silvia in his hand, the white wolf with empty gloves, he is greedy enough, and you believe it or not, the old guy is even counting on these uncontrollable ‘outsiders’ will not study When I was able, I died simply because of the sudden energy vacuum. Even if there was no accident, using this method to cause us trouble or to test our skills, that is what he is happy to see. Come, that guy is really a stone and two birds.”

Aleister, you are a good calculation, yes, if we are not Xiling Apostle, if we really don’t know about Sylvia and can’t analyze her skills, such an untimely bomb is enough for you to give We carry out “appropriate Warning”. I believe that even the sages of this World or level5 suddenly fall into an energy vacuum when their ability is launched to a critical moment, and they will definitely die forever. The more powerful the more, the more sophisticated they need. Manipulation, when Chernobyl seemed to be so finished… Hey, maybe itโ€™s not… How do I get to the nuclear power plant?

But now, the tragedy of the male student, your behavior is just to give us a big gift, I have to look at Aleister can bear a few days.

In order to test Aleister’s endurance, in the next few days we completely gave up the interference with the stagnation loop near the Research Institute, and then began various experiments on the power of Sylvia, anyway, the tears these days because of school matters But can’t come over, just put all the idle researchers into the study of the energy vacuum effect, it is necessary to mention the problem of Silvia’s intelligence – this gimmick even thought that we are doing it for her now. Normal medical checkup!

I feel that it will be psychologically stressful to lie to her!

“Silvia, how do you feel about the body today?”

On a sunny afternoon, walking along the lawn behind the Qianqian’s Research Institute, we met Sylvia, who was on the bench in the bask in the sun. The latter squinted at the eyes and heard the words turn around. Showing a warm smile: “Oh, I feel that the body is very good – life here is really reassuring – don’t worry about the cost of living…”

This is really a sad happiness index, idiot Fallen Apostles Student.

Looking at the off-line girl who is happy because she can eat rice, I still can’t believe that she used to be a sinister and sinister Fallen Apostles.

Now even Visa fully accepts the fact that the former “Bellavilla sister” has died. In addition to occasionally talking to the other party about irrelevant topics, Viska has never mentioned in front of Sylvia about Bellavi. Pulling things, this also made me relieved, it seems that Viska’s attachment to the past life is limited to a beautiful image in the mind. Now that everything has passed, she will let go.

“Although life here is very comfortable–” Sylvia, who was quiet for a while, suddenly spoke up and said slowly, “but never returning to the store… Will it cause trouble for everyone? I have not paid Last month’s rent…”

I want to be so harmonious with Fallen Apostles. How can I be so tired and tired?

“You can rest assured that we have already contacted the top of the Academy City,” Qianqian sat down next to each other. “Now you are temporarily named under our Research Institute, and we will be able to join us later.”

“Oh, I see.”

Hilvia suddenly realized that she was nodded and no longer spoken.

You at least give me a surprise, bastard! At least you should also be curious about what the next ordinary person should be named in order to be named under a research institution. Don’t take anything we say as a matter of course Idiot!

Say why do I have a sense of madness that is communicating with Alaya? Is the IQ of these two guys really on a horizontal line?

At this moment, a familiar and powerful footstep suddenly sounded behind me. I turned my head and Vega, wearing a Research Institute guard uniform, was coming to this side.

“Vega? What happened?”

I couldn’t help but strangely ask when I saw the face of Leng Yan’s sister.

Vega slammed me and Qianqian with a military salute, and then cast a hesitant sight on Sylvia. The latter opened up big and confused big eyes, airhead and weaponry.

I said the same thing to Qianqian: “Let’s just say, when she doesn’t exist.”

Sister Si immediately looked at Sylvia with sympathy and then loudly reported: “Report Senior Officer! Misaka clones accepted work nearing completion, and an unexpected situation occurred!”

โ€œHey?โ€ I and Uniqian once again said in unison.

“The number is Misaka -20001 individual. The last copy of the Misaka clone failed. The mission goal is now with the Human Race, which is known as a party, and refused our recycling!”

I looked at Qinqian with a big surprise: “How did the two of them meet? One party is not… relying on, miscalculated.”

We did stop the continuation of the Absolutely Sustainability Program, but the problem is that we didn’t stop the encounter with Misaka 20001 Oh!

fate? Or is it an arrangement for an old fox? No matter which one of them, the current situation is that everything is still developing according to the original story. One party, Lolicon succeeded in smashing Misaka Lolita, and a day between Lolicon and a Lolita is about to start, except for one party. Fortunately, the lucky ones have settled the virus in their minds quite well and avoided the loss of ability. Everything is inevitably carried out according to the script of an old fox.

This is not in my plan.

“Now the two have been together?”

I snorted and asked about my faint forehead.

My sister-in-law nodded: “At present, it seems that one party is taking care of the final work. The relationship between the two is quite close. This can be seen from the last work that directly rejected our recycling.”

When I heard Vega mention “recycling” for the second time, I immediately worried: “Is there any violent means?”

The other party shook his head quickly: “Of course not, everything follows your orders. Every Missaka sister is taken to Shadow City in a very good way, and they are arranged for the best life and appropriate entertainment. Finally The work is generally known through the Misaka network, so she has not shown resistance to our people, just not willing to leave the party.”

This is a bit too difficult to do. If you just take the more than 10,000 Missaka sisters to a city in this World, you can say something, but now we are sending them to the city of Shadow City. – Although it is only for them to experience life in batches, sooner or later they will let their sisters live there – this will signify, and the final must be taken along with us.

Misaka network is not Xiling Host. They don’t have the ability to play Bluetooth across the dimension. Once the entire Misaka network is moved to Shadow City, the final work in this World will be completely lost, and Aleister is definitely not. The philanthropist lost the value of the Misaka network. Even the artificial Angel would be stranded. What kind of position will the Misaka 20001 be placed in?

Just one side – well, I admit that he protects the mood of his last work and his strength, but what can be done with just one level5?

“Where are they now?”

Without further ado, I immediately stood up and asked.

Vega blinked, searched for relevant information from the information link, and reported a place name to me, but my sister suggested that I would send someone to pick them up to the Research Institute, which makes the initiative more secure. One thing, although I don’t care about such a thing, but looking at Qianqian, I also nodded and agreed.

“Who is there?” I asked, although I would use the information link, but the operation of that thing is really not suitable for my information. I used to share her vision with Shandora. I almost got it. World divided by a 360 degree panoramic view and time divided into thirty-two depths of field and thirty-seven perceptions.

“Story Commander Saten Ruiko can arrive in one minute and has already notified her.”

Hey, has that girl been pulled up by your military department?

When the command center issued the order, the tears were accompanied by Misaka Mikoto on a pedestrian street. Although it was a rest day, the identity of the disciplinary committee and the fantasy imperial incident just subsided, Shirai Kuroko and Uiharu Kazari I was busy assisting the security work in Academy City, and ended up with two equally boring Saten Ruiko and Misaka Mikoto.

“Ah, itโ€™s a leisurely afternoon…”

Saten Ruiko, who is always full of energy, does not care about the look of the sun. He lazily stretches out and comfortably sighs, while the other side of the violin is squirming and squirting. The sweat on his forehead said: “If you don’t have such a poisonous sun, you can… oh, miss the air conditioner in the bookstore…”

The tears are unnaturally screaming, no matter how you look at it, this kind of behavior in the audio-visual store to watch the tyrants and the air-conditioners should not belong to the Ojou-sama of the Tokiwadai?

“Speaking, didn’t expect to really get the Misaka Student out. The Ojou-sama in the impression should stay in the room and read the poetry practice flower arrangement and tea ceremony on such a rest day.”

“I also didn’t expect Commander, who was employed by the Dimensional Legion, would accompany me to watch the Overlord on the rest day…”

When I heard the joke of Meiqin, the tears immediately picked up: “This…just an accident…Ha Hey?”

“What a tear?”

Meiqin hurriedly asked, and the latter licked the eyes and said: “It really makes you curse, the task assigned by the superior.”

Itโ€™s easier to imagine a party than to imagine it. Although the other person seems to be a non-violent and uncooperative master, it seems that the last time Viskaโ€™s barrage and the mysterious and dangerous Empire soldier made him very impressed, so he saw that After the tears of the Empire Military Officer’s identity, the party accepted the latter’s request without any nonsense, and led the final work to the Research Institute.

The only surprise was that Misaka Mikoto came along โ€“ when we met in the underground area of โ€‹โ€‹the Research Institute, we saw this: Saten Ruiko, who was replaced by the Empire Army, was sitting in the middle of it. On one side, her side is full of impatience, while on the other side is a low head, Missaka Mikoto, a repressed atmosphere pervading the room, not far away is a strange strangely messing around Little Girl, Little Girl dressed in a white robe like a Researcher, looks like Misaka’s childhood. The small room makes the windy winds that they have made clear and clearly divided into temperate and subtropical zones.

“The brother of the boss!”

Seeing my appearance, the tears finally saw the savior, flying away from the two hostile people who were making low pressure, rushing here a few steps, reaching out –

Fortunately, I stopped her before the gimmick took out the Nazi military salute.

“Sit all sit,” I greeted everyone with a enthusiasm, and Saten Ruiko, who was planning to escape, was also on the sofa. “Since all come, you can talk about it.”

An elite nephew who was arranged here by Vega to serve us, put the coffee in front of us, but when the tears were next to each other, the other person looked at the silver-white Commander shirt and hesitated for a while, and finally took it out. A suspicious sealed metal cylinder: “Do you want to 3?”

Tears are horrified, and I am desperately waving: “No no no, I am still coffee…”

… I know that the Soldier trained by the nephew who lacks common sense is a virtue!

However, this unreliable scorpion soldier succeeded so that the tense atmosphere was relieved. Even Misakaโ€™s shoulders shook slightly. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I went straight to the subject: โ€œToday, let you come over, mainly In order to solve one thing: the absolute ability of the planned tail-end work, in other words, is the cloned sisters of Meiqin, how to deal with it.”

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