Xiling Empire Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Arrangement

Although it is a rather unreliable bean, I have no doubt that the background behind the guy who can buy it with two lolipops is hard.

Well, two lollipop, looking at the Della in the palm of my hand, a lollipop, as a long knife, there is a slap in the face, and I am competing with God’s Domain. I have no idea in my heart…

“Della, have you finished?”

Remembering that this little thing told us that she was going back to God’s Domain to take the exam for the primary test of the egg pain. She thought that according to God Clan’s time concept, she had to wait a few months to come back, didn’t expect this It took only a few days for Della to finish the exam.

Della will do a gesture of gaining power, then put a lollipop back into his own dimension space, peeling open another sugar paper, and start to squat, while still vaguely answering: “Well. Ah, Della is finished!”

“It’s going well?”

Look at Della’s now energetic look. I guess she passed it in all likelihood. This is really a celebration. The little goddess Della at the end of the Wannian crane finally passed the exam once, saying that she would go back. Wouldn’t it be a good time to come to the world with a hundred-year-old weather?

Della happily looked up: “There was no Oh! Della written test, the admission ticket number was filled in wrong! So even if the experiment did not do it, come back early!”

Then I was shocked.

Holding the seemingly happy little things upside down and observing for a long time, but found no abnormalities – is Della too stupid?

Although the IQ of this little thing is quite worrying.

Nexte Onee-sama smiled softly and reminded: “A’Jun !Della will bite you Oh~~”

Della, who was carefully watched by the eyes under my eyes, once again blushes, immediately rushed up and hugged my nose and shouted: “I have been seen by you! Oh, Della will not marry!!”

… you let me see such a pet as a young girl, ah, bastard!

“Della, I said, are you okay? Your primary creation certificate seems to hang again…”

After hesitating for a long time, I still throw such doubts. According to previous experience, it seems that Della pays close attention to the primary creation certificate. Why is she not sad at this time?

Didn’t expect Della holding a sugar ball and don’t care about it: “Della is used to it! Even the tutoring before the exam is a habit to work hard! Father God told us that only the next time is meaningful. Father God is amazing! So Della just keep on taking the exam!”

…you guys will give me the next thing to the end of World!

Della licked the sugar ball and finally found a picture on the Hologram projection behind the queen. The strange strangely asked: “A’Jun, what are you doing Ah? Do you want to develop outer space? Della can help! Della’s Creativity… Della is amazing!”

“No, in fact, we are afraid of some trouble…”

At the moment, I tell Lin Shen about the things predicted by Lin Xue and the dilemma of our military power, but to be honest, this little thing has been competing with my lollipop from beginning to end, she can help What are you doing on the two, and think about it… can such a small thing really solve a star quietly? Or is it that her face in God’s Domain is so powerful that she can call on the god of destruction?

“Oh… this is it…”

After listening to my description, Della sat cross-legged on my hand and said with a finger.

“It’s really a bit of a hassle. To detonate a giant star so close to a fragile galaxies and not to trigger a slam of the nearby Stars, Della remembers that there is such an argument in the early days of God’s Go Clan’s A’Jun, you wait a moment, ha!!”

Della greeted him, then slammed it on the table, opened his own portable space and began to churn around from the inside. After a while, the conference table in front of me was ridiculously ridiculous. Things are full.

Colorful candy paper – this is collected by Della, various brands of lollipop – this same, small and cute tea set tableware cups with washware – this is Della’s daily necessities, looks like a toy comb, mirror, clothes, Hey, there are things that look like underwear – what if you don’t know what to do?

In addition to these miniature daily necessities, there are a lot of things that make me think about it, such as the unknown crystals that emit mysterious luster. Is this the nine-level sacred magic core in the legend? There is also a granulated substance in a small bottle that is dark in color. Is it the refining of the dragon’s bones? and also……

“A’Jun A’Jun, look at this, these are the glass beads and sesame from the Astila-10086 World. They are like the things on the Earth? Della is a collector… …”

Forget it, I know that there are not things in this book…

The small and delicate Della simply jumped into the garbage mountain, and began to churn in it, and all kinds of more far-sighted things spurted out from the inside. I couldn’t imagine how the goddess usually took care of their lives. ——When she became a World Guardian and at least reached the lower level of the Lord God, she also had to have two personal Angels? Is Lilina in one and a half hanging really good?

“Ah, here it is!”

Della finally found what she was looking for. It was a mysterious book with a luxurious cover and a colorful cover. Each one was thick enough and the size was enough to make it the best weapon for the street dry shelves. Four or five Della add up so high, and our little goddess stand at the foot of Shushan and struggle to lean on the small head, one by one to distinguish the characters on the spine.

“The 133 Generation World Administration System Common Skills One Hundred Questions”, this is not, “On the Law of Stability and Writing”, this is not, “Why Divine Artifact wants to shine – the little common sense you don’t know”, 咦? Della Have you borrowed this book from the library? The stupid lizard that was confined for the last time because he still has one more book is really pitiful… ah, this is this! Save the World of Magic Magic! There are tips for dealing with collapsed stars!”

I cover my face, I cried, I sighed and sighed back and overturned more than 30 circles of tears, orz, bastard!

The god of the gods holds the coming from God’s Domain, which allows any mortal god to be willing to pay a glance at all the living things. The whole person is squatting on the paper and then lifting the head. Come: “Della has a way!”

“This is a very effective way to document the remote world of the ownerless, using a complex rule to invade World’s management terminals, and then bypassing the identity authentication system to directly modify World’s stars and expansion rates. Della can delete the entire out-of-control star! But this method can only be used once, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage to the integrity of World law, because Della is absolutely not repaired. The law of the broken, so Della can only handle the star for you, and other things will be hard for you…”

“This is already very strong…”

I felt a lot of emotions, stretched out a finger and gently stroked it on some of my self-blaming Della’s small heads, and then exchanged a line of sight with Qianqian and Onee-sama, which had evolved into the same demise: absolutely Get God Clan, they are gm…

This is equivalent to solving more than half of the problem, the entire removal of the star (say that this operation is really no problem?), the big bang and the gravitational tide will naturally be impossible to talk about, Della will be at the same time will and Everything about that star has been removed, including the impact it has caused by Force Field. According to God’s adult, those things are called subfolders… cough cough, anyway, what we are dealing with now is the runaway planet and the meteorite bombing. The problem, and these two points, seems to have to use the Empire fleet.

Now we set out to arrange, first of all, to tell Tavel to build a star gun in the shortest time – this thing is powerful, but in fact is a rather tasteless thing, the biggest feature of the star gun is that it is slow to start, it is very difficult Movable and easy to destroy, in a real Star Wars, a giant mothership is often enough to sweep the entire defense force of the entire planet, and it is completely unnecessary to use a comet gun to blow the entire planet into a fragment. In many cases, the Stars are a deterrent and not a real weapon, so even Pandora has never placed such a big man in the shadow base production schedule. This time I estimate Xiling Hosts and Tavel’s research. The team has to work overtime for a while.

The second step is to let Shandora begin to lead the formation of a full-planet defense fleet, which is sufficient to build a huge energy shield outside the Earth’s orbit and to sustain tens of thousands of or more smalls in three days. Planet bombing, after a period of time development, shadow space and its subordinate shipyard we have accumulated a considerable number of similar ships, now Shandora’s mission is to send people all to install high-power energy shield generator And, before the fragments enter the universe, let them all in place. According to Lin Xue’s prophecy, the small planet group will jump directly to the periphery of Earth. Unless the defense front is established in advance, we can’t intercept them.

Then it is our side.

I know that the Empire fleet is infinitely powerful. There is no suspense in killing a small planet. But the key to the problem is that in Lin Xue’s prophecy, there will be several Stars fragments in the whole interception process. If the following is a full armed forces Xiling The colonial star said that the group of ground-based air defense firepower and fast-reaction forces are absolutely not afraid of the two small planet collisions, but now we are protecting a fairly fragile primary civilization planet – anyway, I don’t think Human Race is proud of it. The Marines can get a small planet that weighed millions of tons and hit at 30,000 miles per hour.

Let Lin Xue predict where the possible impact points are, and then let the earthling organization take refuge. This seems to be more troublesome than the domestic violent soldiers. If so, how much I hope this work can be given to…

“Senior Officer! Please let me be abrupt, but please bear your obligations!”

Ok, okay, little nephew, I know that almost none of them are executives, but… I am not Oh!

The busy and busy arrangement, Lin Xue came to me in the evening of the next day: “I have seen the most likely impact points. We are lucky, all will fall to the sea, but one of them is closer to Europe, maybe It will cause tsunami and dramatic atmospheric changes, while the other is close to Japan, but it does not directly hit it. It still only needs to cope with the tsunami. What is worse is that I also saw a small planet going straight to the South Pole – Earth’s ecosystem will be spoiled.”

“Should we have extra spaceship to intercept?” I heard that it was just a small planet, and I didn’t care too much. It was a disaster for Human Race, but for Xiling Apostle, I am afraid that a frigate would be a casual ship. Can be hit, the speed of the Xiling battleship weapon system is notoriously fast.

“Of course there are extra spaceships,” Lin Xue blinked. “Even if you send a high-level Xiling Apostle, you can get a small planet without armor and counterattack, but you don’t think you should make this World.” Are the indigenous people working hard?”

I rolled my eyes: “Do you want to make a big movie?”

Lin Xue said: “Don’t you think you are creating epic?”

Onee-sama didn’t know when I was listening. At this moment, I smiled and walked forward: “A’Jun, Lin Xue’s means that it is best to let Human Race participate in this anti-doom action, if An Alien civilization to drop out from the sky is not a good thing to do everything directly. Earth Race must fight together to protect your home, even if it is just a hand, so that a civilization will not lose its development momentum or even fall into a situation. Malformation develops.”

At the beginning, I still felt that Onee-sama said that it was very ambiguous. As a result, I looked up and saw a smirk from the other side of the mouth: she was stunned again, and 80% wanted to see the earthling’s hustle and bustle. Earthling, although not an Earth, why can my sister still have a good peace of mind?

But even so, I admit that their arguments have some truth, just rely on the power of Human Race to intercept the small planet… Does the success rate really exist?

Still forget… that kind of thing can only be yy in Hollywood, I decided to ignore the whimsical decisions of Onee-sama and Lin Xue.

Organizing Human Race evacuation, this is not something we can do – of course, the premise is not to use the military driving out, it is the right way to hand over such troublesome things to the local government. We have a pretty good candidate in Europe: Free Coolie Rolla And the fox female under the A, B, D, she has a very good relationship with the Queen of the United Kingdom and also has a very strong influence on the Politics, more importantly, she listened to us.

In order to ensure the effect of flickering, I sent out the only Angel, Alaya. Although it is a small confused egg, this girl is an indispensable part of all kinds of miracles. The only problem I encountered was how to make Alaya smooth. I found Lola’s palace – she didn’t know the road, and she couldn’t find it even if she knew the way.

In the end, I could only prepare a stealth shuttle to go in person, because I have good reason to believe that this idiot would mess up everything that we confess to her.

I have been immersed in the starting point and in various fantasy movies for many years. I am quite aware of what elements are needed for a successful miracle, such as dusk or night, such as a young girl who prays alone, such as to drop out from the sky, mysterious voice. The distant hymns, the grand call of the grandmother across the river – that is your prayer time is too long.

Located in the heart of United Kingdom London, one of the key areas of the Qingism in the United Kingdom, this is the home of the largest bishop, Rolla Stewart.

Luxury and even extravagant homes, especially when comparing this place with the dormitory of the necessary evil church, I understand why the dormitory area that mentions the necessary evil when chatting occasionally will be depressed.

As a devout believer, at this moment, Lola is in the private prayer room of her home, carrying out daily routine prayers and meditations. The religious rituals of the cross are complex and demanding, even the more liberal United Kingdom Puritan never. Any neglect at this point, not to mention some very tiny, even ordinary people can not remember the points, in the orthodox cross believer prayer will also put it in a very important position, and therefore, Every day, Rolla spends the most time in addition to tossing that long blond hair, and is talking to God in prayer.

Well, in fact, as the biggest bishop, combing his hair every day longer than the prayer time is already full of spit. Although Lola explained to me that she also incorporates certain religious rituals in her hair every day, I still can’t understanding……

Bright candlelight, sacred paintings on the walls, high stained glass windows, and carpets and other decorations full of symbolic meanings, Rolla’s private prayer room is also called luxury, but in addition to these may have other deep meanings. In addition to religious items, there seems to be no simple arrogance in this room. Or if the religious people are mild paranoia, if I don’t say anything else, I will give the wall a drinking fountain…

It is estimated that Rolla will not let.

“Alaya, remember the lines?”

Keeping camouflaged with Force Field, I finally confirmed with Angel sister, who will be in the role of Zealot.

Alaya scratched her hair and slammed her wings: “Elder Brother Monarch, rest assured! I wrote a small note!”

… I nodded with tears and watched the idiot go down.

The prayer room, which was filled with bright candlelight, suddenly dimmed. Some kind of “performance” that was not understood by mortals slowly expanded, and the candlestick was still burning, but the light above it seemed to be shrinking and could not be conveyed. .

The Lola in prayer was awakened, staring at the candlestick in an abnormal state, and the moonlight outside was sprinkled through the stained glass window, projecting a mottled light curtain in the prayer room.

“Light…worse in what…”

Lola whispered to herself, slowly stood up and sorted out the long skirt.

“If it weren’t for Satan’s minions, it would be a more pure and holy light.”

As if to verify Lola’s guess, the moonlight projected from the window suddenly brightened, and even completely violated the common sense of physics, neglecting the filter effect of the stained glass window, turning into a simple pale golden halo as it began to flow on the ground. .

Pure and holy The moment the energy appeared, Lola suddenly reacted, holding his hands on his chest and kneeling down devoutly.

Alaya once again eye-catching out – even though the gimmick was accidentally let the wings touch the burning candle, but fortunately Lola didn’t see…

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