Xiling Empire Chapter 39

Chapter 39—Lying and Spiritual Control

I almost forgot, this young girl who always shows me a happy smirk is not a normal girl, but a conqueror who can lead thousands of horses sweeping countless Worlds, even if it is in a temporary period of war, but when When she was angry, she was still a female emperor.

A burst of momentum broke out from Shandora, and the three dudes who were the target of this momentum even couldn’t help but be able to resist two steps. They were surprised to find that this last second was a gentle and lovely girl. Now it’s like an emperor who doesn’t dare to look straight, a terrible momentum that they have never experienced before, even let them have the urge to turn around and escape – perhaps the momentum of the superiors they have seen, but a royal who has experienced countless battles The murderous aura that they carry is something they can never experience.

At this moment, I finally remembered why a few people in front of me were so familiar–I did see them. Not long ago, these same people were bullying a male student at our school at the school gate. It was also at that time, my first time. Successful and Xiling Origin Star launched a cross-space fire support. After that incident, many strange phenomenon enthusiasts and experts from various fields came to visit the site. The reason why the ground will suddenly melt people is to be full. Of various sayings, many of them can be directly made into a movie on the Kyles Kana Xiaojin people with a little improvement, but unfortunately, to the last few experts: “In fact, this is a normal nature. Phenomenon. “Let the public’s enthusiasm for discovery is like hot milk poured into the snow, the whole event has gradually subsided, and I naturally gradually forget the few minor characters of the day.

Seeing that Shandora was cold with a face ready to kill, I sneaked into the other’s arm and whispered, “You are not going to have a Human Race extermination campaign?”

“Reassured,” Shandora replied. “I know the size, you used to accompany your girlfriend.”

“Well, don’t make too much noise.”

I walked over to Qianqian, patted her shoulder comfortably, then touched Pandora’s little head and said with approval: “little brat, doing a good job”

Pandora immediately closed his eyes and looked like a face. Shandora’s voice sounded in my mind: “What an Empire General has become like you, is there a military temperament now?”

I didn’t respond to Shandora’s grievances – as an Empire Emperor who fought all year round, how could she understand the essence of Loli’s…cough cough…

“A’Jun,” Qianqian suddenly whispered. “The thing that melted on the ground at the school gate that day was whether it was you…”

“What do you say?” I said with a smile.

Qianqian suddenly said sourly: “That is called Shandora’s girl, what is going on?”

“…about her identity, it is very complicated. I can only promise you that her relationship with me is definitely not what you think. There is a special connection between this girl and me, which leads her to like it very much. And I got together, but this connection is actually more similar… How to say it should be the kind of connection between Lily and me.”

“Lily and you?” Qianqian asked in surprise.

“Approximate to telepathy.” Pandora’s voice suddenly sounded in Qianqian’s heart, which made Qianqian startled, but immediately Qinqian remembered the identity of the other “Esper”, so he tried to answer in his heart: “telepathy? Really?”

“This is the case, although the reason is not clear, but Elder Sister Shandora can indeed generate telepathy with us.”

“You say ‘we’? Can she produce telepathy between the three of you?”

“Not necessarily three people, because my brother and I can feel vaguely that there are people who can resonance with us in more distant places, but the only people who are currently the most sensitive to us are Elder Sister Shandora. So Elder Sister Qianqian doesn’t have to doubt the relationship between Elder Sister Shandora and his brother. They just look intimate because of telepathy. This relationship is the same as that between my brother and me.”

“It turned out to be like this…” Qianqian finally breathed a sigh of relief and looked a lot.

“Brother, I will help you to lie round.” Pandora’s voice sounded in my mind.

I have been listening to the Pandora and Qianqian spiritual connections. At this moment, I can’t help but wonder: “…didn’t expect that you are lying so high, who learns?”

“Based on the carbon-based biological thinking and the comprehensive analysis of the Human Race language, the above information is the best solution…” Pandora’s unique answer reappears, but at the end, she added: “ Don’t worry about my brother, I will never lie to my brother.”

It feels like Pandora is more and more like a normal Human Race Little Girl. This is really a good thing, of course, if she doesn’t want to learn bad.

The above dialogue seems to have been going on for a long time, but since most of them are instantaneous conversations through spiritual connections, it only took a few seconds after Qianqian explained the Shandora’s problem here.

At this point, Shandora finally regained his mental pressure, and the few scorpions finally recovered from the terrible murderous aura. They were surprised to look at the cold and proud blond young girl in front of him, but they didn’t know for a while. What to do.

Finally, the leading minor character student seemed to have the courage to see that he tried to fix his mind, and then stepped forward, “plop” slammed on the ground.

what? What is this development? Could it be that this kid was scared by Shandora and couldn’t stand? Or is this another conquered Queen?

Ok, I admit, the second reason is just to be nonsense…

Not just me, the surrounding peoples are involuntarily making a whisper and being overwhelmed by this sudden change.

“Young Master Liu!” has been following the two minor character characters behind the minor character wealthy family and the class slightly stunned, and then hurriedly exclaimed, ready to go forward and help the boss on the ground.

Now I finally know that the guy who has long been called the minor character is surnamed Liu.

Two minor characters walked up and down the class, then reached out…

“pā pā”, two loud slaps!

“Oh! ”

“Young Master Liu!” two followers at the same time gave an exclamation, then looked at the hand that was still shaking with incredulous eyes. “Young Master Liu, we…”

“You two…” Young Master Liu, who was still on the ground, finally reacted to what had happened. He immediately snarled loudly, “Do you believe that Lao Tzu will let you die tomorrow!”

The two follow-up classes have now completely lost their squares. They heard the threat of Young Master Liu’s sinister threats. “Young Master Liu, we really don’t know what happened, suddenly…”

“pā pā !” “pā pā pā !” “pā pā pā !”

In the puzzling eyes of everybody, the two followers sighed with a snot in the nose and the young Master Liu who was lying on the ground apologized and fanned the cheeks of the latter. What is even more strange is that he was beaten. The man, though not yelling at the threat of swearing, but there is no meaning of dodging at all – instead of not hiding, he instead lifts his face up, as if to make it easier for the two who beat him to get started. !

I quite strangely looked up at Shandora and saw the latter showing me a naughty smile.

It turned out that this girl is in the ghost!

“A’Jun,” Qianqian suddenly pulled my clothes at the back, “what’s going on? How do they fight themselves?”

I replied with a low voice: “This is Shandora’s superpower, crowd mental crontol.”

“Ah–” Qianqian immediately whispered, “There is such a capability… This is too…somewhat scared…”

Indeed, mental control is absolutely unjustability for Human Race, but unfortunately, apart from this explanation, I really don’t know how to explain the current situation to Qianqian.

At this moment, I saw that there was already a Teacher coming over not far away – it seems that the Teacher here has been afraid to show up because of the identity of the troublemaker. Now that the situation is developing in a bad direction, they are finally unable to hold it. .

This can’t blame them. After all, this is a very realistic society. If they want to survive, they must do so.

Secretly, the Empire Commander, who was disguised as a school worker in the vicinity, gave orders to help them deal with the aftermath, and then shouted to Shandora: “Go, Shandora, nothing to look at, a few of them. The spirit does not seem to be normal.”

Shandora promised, and happily came over and walked with us together. Behind us, the slap of “pā pā” was still coming…

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