Xiling Empire Chapter 390

Chapter 390

“Lights, the lights are brighter!”

“The scorpion over there! You stand back – I know you will want to be closer to Emperor, but you have blocked his position!”

“Vega, have you seen Carrow? Have you gone to the defense fleet to stand by? Well, I just saw that the fortune teller at the door thought it was him… Wait, Academy City is not fortune-telling? Bring the bastard back to me! He must have been trained by Carrow!”

“Audio, who is responsible for the sound?”

Looking at the busy scene in the big conference room and Lin Xue, who is happily engaged in the middle of everybody, I feel that the moment I push the door in, it seems to have entered another dimension.

“Lin Shutou! Do you really want to shoot Independence Day? Hey – what is this enormous military emblem on the back wall?”

I finally got a chance, and I quickly rushed to ask Lin Xue to kneel down from the sofa.

Lin Xue’s face with an excited blush, swinging in front of me: “Haha, wood, today you are going to announce the Oh to the heads of the world’s major countries as Alien Emperor! Of course, be prepared! Feed over there. Over there, lift the Hologram projector and we will have an Earth projection at this location…”

Looking at Lin Xue, I’m screaming away, I’m a little confused, is the protagonist today me? Why is this girl looking more excited than me?

“A’Jun A’Jun! You are still stupid to do what Oh! Come and change your clothes Oh!”

Qianqian’s voice suddenly awakened me from the gods, and I discovered that she was busy adding chaos – I said that this kind of chaotic opportunity may have lost the energetic master of Qianqian!

Almost in dizziness, I have been replaced by Qianqian with a huge complex royal dress that I have never worn since I saw it. Xiling Empire’s efficient thoughts seem to infiltrate each of them. Roots, but their absolute class system has also spawned a lot of things that seem to be quite troublesome for me. In addition to those dedicated to the various arms that I can’t do now, there are also such dresses. Up…

Although it looks gorgeous, but I really want to wear it myself, my day’s work will be arranged like this: morning, wear clothes, then immediately undress, go to bed – the sky is already dark.

I really don’t know how Qianqian put these things on me in a short time.

“Packaging my boyfriend in the shortest time is a compulsory homework for a good girlfriend!” Qianqian took me to me, and then pushed me to the mirror. “A’Jun, see how? A’Jun Sure enough, the most handsome!”

I looked at myself in the mirror, silver-and-white complex robes with gorgeous golden stripes, sashes and medals with complex meanings and absolutely no mistakes, and the large blue crystal cross mark on behalf of the Empire Supreme. The lapel, and the silver-white coat of cloak that is said to be resistant to nuclear explosion but in my opinion, is a beautiful pattern, and with other kinds of pieces and pieces of the waist and looks like a super Long command knife, this set down…

“How can a piece of clothing make the wood look like a star pirate…”

For the first time in my life, Lin Xue said that it was quite correct… and it was still used to describe myself.

“No… I think it looks good…”

Qianqian muttered incredulously, and Lin Xue sighed in the sky: “When this wood is wearing a big vest, you say so – is it that when you have a bad look in your eyes?”

At the moment, I put a bunch of decorations in the same body as the noveau riche, and then put the commanding knife that walks the heel of the heel to the side, leaving only the one that looks quite prestige but more importantly, I am rooted. The shirt and cloak that can’t be removed, said: “That’s fine. Anyway, even if you throw an amoeba to the gang, the heads of the countries who want to see Alien will not be surprised.”

Then I started the Supreme video conference on the podium that Lin Xue arranged on the same post as the Star Trek style.

It’s a serious exchange between the Alien Empire Chief of state and the Human Race ruler, but in fact, this is just a walk show that Rolla has to prove to be true. My own mission. That is to say it with a speech – talking about the speech, this situation is reversed, because it is not far from me, the fool Angel Alaya is holding an enormous white sign, I am going to read Speech…

I forgot my last night…

“…under the guidance of faith, we are here, I am very happy to find you in the Universe, now I will confirm to you…”

After reading this speech in accordance with the text, my work is completed. The rest is that Rolla uses her influence to promote the evacuation of the people in those cities, and there are already amateurs and local governments on the Japanese side. Responsible, the problem is not big, here is very fortunate – if there is a Japanese island as a meat shield, the tsunami shock wave may have to rush directly to China Continent, I am quite satisfied with this…

As for the remaining meteorite that will hit near Antarctica, I finally decided to let Human Race mix well, although Lin Xue said it makes sense, but to be honest, with the current science and technology strength of Human Race, To intercept an outer space, the sacrifice of the meteor is too big, and the success rate is almost nonsense. In order to save trouble, I arranged a fleet of interceptors ready to stand near Antarctica, leaving two meteorites on the high seas. Give the Human Race civilization a little bit of infancy.

Shandora’s joint fleet has begun to take shape in orbit around Earth. In fact, she has already prepared more ships, but sending them here requires a cumbersome step because of the large scale gravitational interference. Not every large warship is suitable for anti-gravity engines, so the position of each warship needs to be precisely set, and it must be arranged in strict to near-critical order. These huge guys are near Earth. Formed a precise three-dimensional gravitational structure field, balancing each other’s gravitational forces to prevent indelible damage to the fragile Earth due to the movement of the joint fleet. At the same time, be careful to put some unlucky satellites. Collided into fragments – their size is not as big as a fly in front of the huge Empire warship, and as more and more warships enter the star port orbit through Space Jump, the energy barrier is also in the acceleration phase, powerful The energy field is enveloped in the on the Earth, but we can’t destroy Human R. Ace The modern communication network that has been established for decades, how to make those fragile “original devices” persist in this situation in the case of strong energy radiation has become a problem. Aleister has played a role in this hard work. Human Race started with Alien. The Empire teamed up to protect themselves from the modern communications network that is hard to build under ever-increasing space energy radiation. At least, the human race’s panic is over.

In this respect, it can be seen that Shandora’s is experienced. It seems that she not only engaged in war of aggression, but also has a good set of appeasement: she sent a large number of Xiling fighters to help these people build with Sci-Fi. Temporary communication beacons, invisibly, made the general public begin to accept the existence of Alien – from simple fear to curiosity and friendliness.

In Academy City, it’s all more harmonious—the scorpions are now starting to go shopping in armor shackles, which was originally caused by a blind Commander who has been unable to understand the situation, but after the first panic, Their more and more frequent appearances have had unexpected effects: Shirai and Uiharu finally do not have to work overtime.

“I found out after the contact that it was not that terrible. The Academy’s Students accepted the ability but it was quite strong…”

Shirai Kuroko, who came to play, lowered his head and studied a psp with Hologram projection function, and then suddenly strangely got together, and the small head was between me and the drawing on the table.

“What is this? Is it like an enorous gyro?”

I pushed the latter away, nodded said: “It’s quite like it. This thing is called a star gun. We used to blow up the Iron Earth.”

Shirai Kuroko didn’t say anything yet, Uiharu and Meiqin ran away in the distance: “Hey – really fake? So powerful?”

“Of course it is true, and it is a genius initiative.”

Even I have to praise Tavel’s super genius’s ability, and actually created a comet gun in such a short time.

In her words, it was found that a fairly natural pure weapon core, plus sights and cannons, could be used directly – the respectable Empire Researcher found two neutron stars…

The theory is quite complicated. After the brief description, two stars close to each other, twin brothers, come to the end of their living thing, and at the same time collapse into two high-speed rotating neutron stars, which are composed after they have swallowed their respective planets. The base friend duo…cough cough is the Twin Stars system. Two neutron stars that surround each other constantly release strong gamma rays. Then, because of the existence of the gravitational trap, these rays are focused to form a powerful gamma ray gun. It is equivalent to the eye of a storm with nearly infinite and unstable energy in the center of these two new stars. After reasonable external energy stimulation, these gamma rays can be madly ejected to form the most powerful among the universes. Natural laser, this super pistol can even vaporize Earth in an instant – this is actually the principle of a conventional star gun, but the most time-consuming and powerful star-rated double-oscillation gamma source in the comet gun is replaced. It has become a naturally formed neutron star.

Very crazy stuff, earthling I’m afraid to just fantasize, but it’s the core of the star guns by Xiling scientists. For Tavel, which has restored the SuperSpace-Time Management Center, two neutron stars, tens of thousands of light years away. Just like at the door, she has sent a large number of Empire soldiers and a Xiling Host to go there, for the two good friends who are pistols in space… cough cough, install the aiming equipment and control system, then use an artificial The manufactured space collapses the entire twin Stars into an unprecedented enemy cannon, plus a muzzle that can be used for superSpace-Time energy travel, and the neutron star comet gun in another universe will be enough Launch a destructive attack on any planet in any Space-Time.

When I got the information about this thing, I was scared to tell the truth.

Looks like the Xiling Empire’s scientists have a low limit…

“This… I don’t understand it at all…” Misaka Mikoto flipped through the drawings on the electronic screen and sweated.

“Crap, this one of the smallest parts is enough to enhance Human Race science and technology for a hundred years.”

I am going to be grabbed back by the electronic screen of Meiqin’s current tossing down the machine, and my mind is imagining…

From now on, my brother will be able to strike the comet…

The mental power control of the 可 can start the Xiling device across the space without any process! And according to Tavel’s calculations, under my mental power control, the recharge time of the Iridium can even be shortened by 30% – equivalent to the power of thirteen full-speed mother-class Psionic wells.

However, I also know that this thing is just refreshing. The fastest time to recharge for up to three days is still second. What’s more, I want to eat the fried star…

A few days later, the last special shield defensive ship was finally put in place on the Earth synchronous track. Human Race also bid farewell to the last rays of the coming from the sun. The sky was completely replaced by an orange red, and the long dusk also indicated that The first impact will come soon.

The Research Institute’s conference room has been converted into a temporary ground command center. Sivis from Shadow City is standing next to the projector to report the situation to us: “All the fleets are in place and the energy system is working well. The gravitationally adjusted warship is on standby on the star port orbit. It should be able to repair the crustal resonance event caused by gravitational fluctuations in the shortest time. From the ground to the innermost layer of the line of defense, we have set up an eleven-layer gravitational trap generator, which can effectively prevent The incoming small planet jumped directly behind our line of defense.”

“Which recycling is the fragment?”

I asked, if you can’t catch the fragment in the first place, everything is useless. ,

“Emperor Shandora is responsible for the recycling of the fragment. Her spirit will be diffused throughout the Earth and Moon by the Human Race brain and the entire Xiling Apostle on the Earth. Space Twin and her together, no matter where the fragment appears, we can be the first time. Control it.”

With very careful arrangements, I have no opinion.

After the day when the energy shield covering the entire Earth was launched, the first impact was as predicted by Lin Xue, and the millisecond was coming.

Sure enough, it jumped directly near Earth—a small planet with a diameter of half a kilometer suddenly appeared in the Arctic, then slammed into the sturdy fleet shield with a 30,000-mile speed that didn’t know where it was accumulated. .

Of course, it only splashed a small amount of energy and then was broken into a fragment by the nearest assault ship, and then absorbed by the shield itself.

If you leave an endless meteor fragment in outer space, it would almost completely kill the human race of Human Race.

The first impact is the start signal. When the alarm sounds, countless small planets also complete their long Space-Time jumps, like the angry bee colony, appearing near Earth in the air, and then start bombing this unlucky Blue water drops.

The enormous meteorites, each one is enough to make the Human Race civilization draw an exclamation mark, they rushed to the huge heavy light blue energy shield on Earth’s outer layer, and then smashed into a bunch of fragments on the shield, or before The assault ships and individual fighters that were traversed by the verticals exploded into the Universe fireworks, but they were without fear and hesitation. They still slammed into our defense lines. In the countless small planet collisions, the planet shields suddenly appeared innumerable. Oh, even the entire Earth figure is fluctuating.

On the ground, everything that happens in space is not completely unprovoked: bright spots begin to burst frequently, which is the light of the main gun when the mother ship meets the giant meteorite. The faint circular shock wave flashes from time to time. That was the shock that the small planet crashed on the planet shield. It was originally doubtful about the arrival of “Alien”. Even before yesterday, several national governments that promoted the “individual threat theory” were still at this moment. Suddenly, I closed my mouth, and the storm-like bombing of the entire Alien fleet’s small planet belt was like a crazy slap in the face of the politicians’ cheeks, regardless of whether the disaster Human Race could survive, anyway, some people’s Politics Career is definitely not safe.

Until then, earthling was completely convinced of the doomsday of Warning, but because of the vaccination in advance, the scale of the large scale did not break out, the government began to appease the people with a good road, and with a lot of loopholes in our view Even whimsical adjectives explain how indestructible Alien’s energy shields are, and a variety of experts and scholars have sprung up and sprung on television to express their insights and research on this Alien science and technology. Even a few small research groups were appearing overnight, claiming that they had begun trying to replicate these science and technology years ago – I have good reason to believe that these whimsical experts are definitely not able to mix under the bridge Only committed to scientific research…

It is worth mentioning here that less than two hours after the launch of the small planet, the South Korean side issued an official statement claiming that these powerful Alien friends are actually allies they had established diplomatically a hundred years ago, and South Korea. I also had the technology of interstellar communication as early as that time. This time the reinforcements were completely summoned by the Earth compatriots. The entire Human Race should remember such outstanding contributions…

Anyway, after a few minutes, I issued a statement announcing that I began to consider evacuating the interception fleet over South Korea – even though that force did not exist from the very beginning.

Like this, Earth under the catastrophe has a lot of interesting things…

Of course, there are also many discordant things happening, as described by Shandora’s famous saying: the fickle carbon-based creatures are not trustworthy, the shortness and fragility of the living thing makes their will complex and changeable, even though I I was ridiculed by the group, but I admit that this argument is quite reasonable.

There have been riots in some places, and the rumors of the wind are the most suitable poisonous weeds in this highly stressed situation. The Alien fleet is seriously damaged, the Earth shield is about to collapse, and some even preach that it is Alien’s. Conspiracy, this kind of saying does not know when to start quietly, and then a sudden riot in a small part of the area.

Although I don’t care about these boring remarks, it will naturally feel uncomfortable after these things happen. The local government is still smart, and this kind of incident has been suppressed with the thunder. In fact, as soon as the impact began, governments have already reached Unknown consensus: Under the biggest crisis, the human rights bill is temporarily frozen, and those who are still stupidly choosing to attract attention at this time are acquainted with what is official violence.

And we also issued a statement at the same time, as follows:

In response to the request of Human Race to leave our home immediately, in accordance with the Starcraft Convention, we have begun to prepare for the return of the Planet Shield…

You see, in this sentence, those who promote Alien conspiracy theories were killed by their neighbors the next day…

On the second day of the impact, the number of small planets reached the Supreme peak, and the combined fleet began to accept the bullets from the Coming from Universe. The ethereal meteorites are not just as simple as the stones. They all contain a lot of abyss energy, the planet shield. The degree of loss suddenly surges because the damage suddenly exceeds the supplement. The heat sink of each mothership is emitting hot white light, and half of the shield generators are exploding with an overload of sparks, watching tons of Psionic crystals scrapped. Into the shiny glass slag, I am distressed to die…

I and Qianqian took the shuttle to the flagship of the combined fleet near the moon. At this critical moment, it seems that it is not appropriate to stay in the safe on the Earth. It is the qualified Chief of state that should be done in front of the line. The thing, of course, Qianqian, watching the space fireworks excited to jump up and down the crazy head is purely because of boredom before coming to join in the fun, and I…

Ok, actually, I also came to join in the fun because I felt very bored… But before we came over, two people came to the flagship, one was prepared for tons of explosives to prepare to fight stars in space. Loli Pandora There is also a Linda Prophet who wants to experience a space war. Obviously, this is a big beauty… It’s also because of boredom to join in the fun, you don’t expect our gang to have a sincere heart.

As for Onee-sama and Viska, they want to stare at Aleister, who is honest and stays on the ground. Although the latter is a war-maniac like Pandora, she is not interested in the small planet that the bombing will not resist, while the former is more I didn’t like the space war, so I volunteered to take up the duties of staying behind.

The flagship is a specially designed “Empire Admiral” class spaceship, shaped like an orenomous cross that floats vertically in the universe. The firepower is not strong and the speed is not fast, but the Defense Ability and information processing capability are shocking, typical. The front line command, the four frigate formations on it, also made up for the lack of the big cross’s fighting strength. From the design point of view, it belongs to the kind of large-scale warships that are quite satisfactory, but it is quite suitable for this kind of battlefield without any accidents. I mean that compared with the enemies who are annihilating, it is no surprise to meet the small planet.

Now we are in the center of the mothership. There is a thousand-square-meter open Gennacu, which allows the entire frigate to pass through a rectangular window with an extremely thin energy barrier. The Universe is really a fireworks… cough cough, I mean a good place to observe the battlefield.

“A’Jun A’Jun! Look over there!”

Qianqian squats on the energy barrier on the window and dances to me to point out the outside scene. Through the observation window here, we can clearly see the dazzling light balls that are constantly erupting in faraway places. Of course, Occasionally there will be a meteorite fragment around us, and then become a large piece of space junk on the smashing energy shield.

Spectacular! Should a man’s romance be an endless star?

However, the next second Qinqian burst out of a sentence almost did not let me die: “A’Jun, how much electricity do you say this second?”

Baby, what do you say happy?

At this time, the familiar footsteps suddenly sounded from behind us. I turned my head and saw that Shandora appeared at the entrance to Gnaku.

“Shandora, really want to… Hey!”

The blond young girl, when she saw me, turned into a gorgeous lightning bolt and rushed at at least seventeen times the speed of sound.

It’s a long-lost Shandora Human World cannon Oh!

I didn’t even have the chance to dodge. I’ve been so sighed by Shandora and flew from Qianqian without any hindrance. Then there’s no suspense to hit the layer just to isolate outer space. A thin barrier of radiation, flying to the endless stars…

I shouldn’t have sighed about the romance of a man just now!

I can knock my boyfriend out of outer space, and Shandora is really the best.

Rotating the whole body joint that had begun to deform, I held down the Shandora’s head, which was constantly licking on my chest, and held the latter’s face.

At this moment, you should send a deep kiss for a long time to reunite – in this vast Universe starry sky, the background is the flash of the battleship and the artillery explosion, the beautiful Queen condenses all his thoughts in a kiss, two figures Forgotten time and battlefield, eternal embrace of together – this scene will give me a piece of background music to send Kyles card can give you a small gold man back.

What a romantic scene – if I can really be romantic.

Just finished the affectionate confrontation, before I even had time to kiss, I felt that something suddenly rushed over, and then… the two Empire Chief of state were hit by a passing meteorite…

“Live it! Who will let you both kiss in outer space, be smashed by meteors!”

Qianqian looked at me lying on the deck cramps, the tone was sour.

. . . If you don’t say that a good child can’t learn TV, you can’t see how many bullets in the rain in the rain. I’m flying with the stone in the empty space with Shandora…

“A’Jun, are you okay?”

Shandora’s face was worried, and he said beside me, although it was flying together, it seems that the Shandora is relatively high-proof, and there is no space dust on the skull.

Qianqian smirked on the ground, smirking at someone who was carrying a corpse, and smirked: “This pervert is of course fine. I saw the meteorite early, and deliberately gave it a speed reduction… cough cough, A’Jun… ”

“It’s okay, isn’t it just letting the meteor smash it down?” I rolled up blankly, waving at the Empire of the four surroundings, proving that their Chief of state was safe and innocent, and said that the stone was The only way to free the protagonist, now it seems… his mother’s rock is no use Oh!

“Shandora, how is the situation now?”

After I moved my muscles and confirmed that several major joints had recovered, I turned my head and asked.

“It’s all under control,” Shandora waved, and the air immediately emerged as a Hologram projection of the entire land-month defense system. “Although the strength of the planet shield has begun to decline, it seems that it will last for four or five days. No problem, but unfortunately Tavel can’t recover the real Stars defense Force Field, using the battleship’s energy shield to build the planet shield, the waste is still too serious – say, the situation on the ground?”

At the moment, I have roughly said the status quo of the ground. In fact, the situation is not bad. There is no panic and no riots. Under the high-pressure policy of the government and the religious influence of Lola, earthling has not killed itself.

“That way, it seems that Human Race has some merits,” Shandora nodded slightly. “As a primary civilization, it is already possible to face this kind of situation. People in Europe and Japan. Already evacuated?”

“Well, in fact, when the Empire fleet first appeared, their government had already responded. Whether the reason for the evacuation really followed our warnings, they were evacuated anyway.”

I said, I moved my eyes to the exit of Gnaku, where the special effects blockbuster of the meteorite bombing of the planet shield was still in progress, and a team of newly-built assault ships were taking off from the landing and landing platform below Gnaku. Leave this mothership.

Shandora’s voice rang next to it: “It’s best to let the Human Race look at the images of this scene, even if they are too busy to help, at least they can be quiet.”

“It’s a good idea to increase the level of friendship.”

I am nodded, telling people to send video information of several motherships to Aleister, who has now become a semi-forced employee and is a colleague with Lola.

“A’Jun, I think it’s a bit strange.”

Shandora didn’t know what he was thinking. At this moment, he suddenly frowned. There seemed to be some worry in his speech. “Our fleet is very energetic, and the interception force even exceeds 30% of the demand. According to Bubbles’ calculation, Under such a defense system, it is impossible to have a net of fish falling into the Earth. Is the future that Lin Xue sees a problem?”

Shandora’s words gave me a glimpse, and this doubt made me care a little, even though Lin Xue predicted that there are three meteorites that have escaped our interception on the Earth, but…

A fleet that can intercept all tens of thousands of small planets, will you really miss two or three inconspicuous meteorites?

“But Lin Xue’s prophecy should not be a problem,” I thought, I still shook my head and said, “So far, all the small planet hits are not in her calculations?”

“Maybe I have to worry about it.”

Shandora sighed and then suddenly took a very interesting tone.

“Speaking, did you find the Fallen Apostles that ambushed us at Azeroth? What about Bella?”

“Bellavilla, but now she is called Sylvia,” remembered the off-line girl who was enjoying the white rice life in the Research Institute. I don’t know what to look like, shrugging and saying, “Mermon is all lost. Even the soul has become another person. Now she thinks she is an orphan who grew up in Academy City, and her character… Alaya’s off-line and dull plus Little Bubbles’ ignorance and IQ, I think that guy is It was blown up when I evacuated Azeroth.”

Shandora’s expression was a bit stiff, and then said with sympathy: “It’s unlucky – but we still have to be careful with her, even if she has lost the memory, she must be closely monitored.”

I am nodded, this does not remind me of Shandora.

At this moment, a violent white light suddenly broke out in the distance, and even Gennaku was turned into a pale one.

I and Qianqian looked at each other, and Shandora sighed: “…Pandora, she led the confidant to intercept the small planet this morning… The hoe threw energy around in space to destroy the bomb, just a few The bomb is at the same time. The energy generated by the explosion.”

I listened, full of black lines, I already knew that the girl would not be safe in advance.

The core area of ​​this mothership has a rather special place, which is completely different from the alloy corridor of the ice-cold Sci-Fi. The green vines and the dark brown ancient wood are intertwined together, forming a virgin forest. The deep cave, hung on the vine-woven walls, is a tender green bud that emits soft light, replacing the in-house lights that have been completely covered by these plants. This dense “forest corner” suddenly appears high. In the spaceship of science and technology, it is a rather weird sense of violation, but walking in it, you will feel involuntarily, even the strange feeling will gradually disappear into the shadowless.

Here is Della’s palace – the original words of the little things are like this.

The Della, who was responsible for resolving the runaway star, came here just before the mothership was in place, even earlier than Pandora, who was in a hurry to release the nitroglycerin. She swayed to occupy the core of the flagship, and then I started my own mysterious ceremony. I don’t know how this ritual process happened. Anyway, the day after it started, these weird plants ruled the entire section.

No wonder that small things have to choose to release their power in outer space. This is already the weakest place in the living thing. It will happen so much if she is on the Earth…

We don’t have to think about the problem of forest reduction, but the trouble is to figure out how to get the city of Human Race from the dense virgin forest.

The power of God is really incomprehensible.

I took such a sigh and walked aimlessly in the “forest”. I just wanted to walk around at will, but didn’t expect to be close to where Della was working. This should also be her strength. The result of the formation – the incompatibility effect of all individuals with living thing.

These vines did not grow from a certain place, and then covered the alloy walls of the corridor, but the surrounding alloy walls themselves became plants.

This was a shocking discovery after the strange strangely went to open a green vine – the other half of the thing was completely metal!

It was all caused by the thoughts emanating from Della’s unconsciousness, and her subconscious thoughts were unconditionally carried out by the minerals of these cold in manners.

According to the timeline that Lin Xue gave us, the appearance of the runaway star should be around 4 pm tomorrow. It should be Della’s busy time studying her pile of research notes. It is estimated that the little things are not available for dinner.

Thinking like this, I turned around and prepared to leave.

In the corner of the corner of the eye, there seems to be something flashing past.

“Who?!” I turned quickly, but found that there was nothing in the front, still a deep “forest corridor”, except for the green fluorescence that floated from the surrounding walls from time to time, there was no activity. .

But that should have been an illusion just now.

I tried hard to recall the flashing picture. It seemed to be a girl who was almost as tall as Qianqian. I ran from behind my back and looked like a hurry. I certainly didn’t see her appearance. The only thing I could remember was The green dress on the other side is left behind – but the problem is that this place is full of green, God knows, I don’t really see it.

“Central computer, who has been to scan to me in the past thirty seconds?”

When the voice fell, a mechanical sound immediately echoed in the air within two meters of my side: “Report your majesty, the information you specified was not retrieved.”

Strange, is it my own illusion? I just saw a girl in a long skirt running over.

Forget it, it may be an illusion. After all, I have lost my way in the battleship for two hours… cough cough, I mean, the tour lasted for two hours, and now it may be a bit hungry.

“Central computer, give me the nearest road to the officer’s rest area.”

In the end, it seems that I still need to help the central computer. I hope that at this moment Lin Xue, the guy is not exactly online.

As it turned out, I was still blindly optimistic. Just in the moment when my voice fell, Lin Xue’s screaming laughter rang through my mind: “Ah Haha! Wood, you really got lost Oh! You are all It has been around for more than two hours!”

My liver trembled: “You don’t always stare at me all the time?”

I knew that Lin Xue wouldn’t let go of any chance to spit me out… I’m saying that she’s really bored, right? Track my location on monitoring for two hours in a row? When I was named after the ants in the alley, I was not so bored.

“Who… whoever has enough to keep watching you is such a piece of wood Oh! You will come to this lady immediately! We see something very interesting!”

Listening to Lin Xue’s tone, how come it is strange?

I was a little confused, but I rushed to the officer’s rest area.

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