Xiling Empire Chapter 394

Chapter 349: Sudden Crisis

Until the evening of the day, we still had no way of dealing with Sylvia.

Even before she knew that she had denied her root cause, even the mysterious master Alaya could only temporarily slow down her body. The root cause was in Sylvia, but the latter now has no signs of awakening.

“A’Jun… Is it just like watching her disappear a little bit?”

Onee-sama has a sad expression on her face. Looking at the opposite light and shadow through the transparent observation corridor outside the study, Alaya turns herself into an energy form and Sylvia overlap together, in this way delays the latter. Death, but through the records of the instrument, the energy in Sylvia is still being released.

And next to Sylvia, a petite girl is sitting there motionless, as if she is watching a sculpture of her, it is Viska, even if she knows that she is not the “Bellavilla sister” she once had, small Girl also puts a lot of his feelings on the other side.

“I don’t like to think about things in a pessimistic direction,” I shook my head. “But the situation is really not optimistic…”

“If at the last minute, I will live with Time Stop,” Qianqian hesitated. “That can at least get some time.”

“But the energy vacuum that she bursts from time to time is likely to get you backlash.” I shook my head and denied the Qianqian adventure, although it is not clear whether Sylvia’s ability for Time Stop will be able to break out. But I can’t let Qianqian take the risk.

However, looking at the whole gradually turned into the scattered light spots in the air, Sylvia, the expression on my face is still more and more gloomy.

Although I have just known each other for a long time, even though Bellavilla was our deadly enemy, Sylvia is now a friend of all of us. This simple and stupid girl even won Pandora’s, so she looked at her. Step by step into death, let us feel particularly depressed.

Bastard! what on earth is it? Can’t you have a clearer clue? !

In my heart, I punched the window sill of the observation hall and ignited a layer of shackles on the protective barrier.

Just then, Pandora’s spiritual connection suddenly passed.

“Brother, I found those missing scuttles!”

Pandora’s voice reminds me of my thoughts, and I remember another bad thing: we have several gravitational interceptors lost in the atmosphere!

It seems that Pandora is not only going to intercept the meteorites that might break into the atmosphere, but also searching for those missing warships by the way?

“How are those ships?”

“They all sank in the adjacent waters, but the warship itself was intact, and the officers and men in the ship resumed contact with us. Some Soldier reported that the ship was falling because of sudden loss of energy.”

“Suddenly lose energy?”

Something in my heart flashed and I asked immediately.

Pandora shared a report with me: “This is the record at the time. The main energy in the battleship suddenly disappeared due to inexplicable reasons. Even Psionic is no exception. After using the last backup energy in the engine to land safely on the sea, all The battleship, including the mothership, sank into the seabed… Brother?”

“Oh, nothing, since the warships have not been damaged, let them return to their original cruising position as soon as possible, and you should be careful, and report the accident first.”

I hung up the connection and my face was faint.

The energy suddenly disappears – this is not the first appearanced.

I took the information from Pandora seriously… well, just look at the beginning seriously, as for why I didn’t read the descriptive content behind… You know, I don’t explain.

The time when the energy vacuum occurred was exactly the time when Sylvia was in a coma, and the time for the communication to recover from the crash was exactly the same as Alaya’s time to use his energy to suppress Sylvia. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

I told my sister about the information I got, and compared with us, her prudence and analytical ability were much stronger.

“Sylvia’s coma led to her ability to go away, or was it because her ability to run away caused the current coma?”

After listening to what I told, Onee-sama’s face was also dignified.

“Or worse: Sylvia is about to become an abyss. Does Alaya have such a conjecture? If Sylvia represents Xiling Apostle’s Psionic and the psionics are all dissipated, the part that her with the body is transformed by the abyss will suddenly burst out. Sometimes she might even become an abyss channel!”

“No wonder all this has been outside Lin Xue’s prophecy.” I said, recalling Lin Xue complaining that the future I saw was full of blank pieces.

Qianqian was quietly listening from beginning to end, and suddenly broke the silence at the moment: “Even though, I don’t believe this is Sylvia’s will.”

“Of course,” I gently stroked Qianqian’s hair. “Bellavilla is dead, Sylvia is our friend, not to mention – even Fallen Apostles, in order to destroy some of our spaceships, we must get ourselves thoroughly. The risk of dissipating, this behavior is too brainy, and I now suspect that all this is a conspiracy.”

“Conspiracy, yes, it’s a conspiracy,” the sister knocked on the window sill, her mouth slightly tilted up. “A’Jun, the Bubbles found something interesting in the “Bookstore” network at Academy City…”

Aleister ? The old fox is making a ghost?

It doesn’t seem to be completely unimaginable, but I still feel quite wrong.

Regardless of how he moved his hands on a Xiling Apostle, after all, Sylvia has basically no self-protection ability except for the special structure of the body. I am curious that the old fox really thought that with such a small means Threatening the entire huge fleet of space?

And there is one more doubt. Our arrival is absolutely sudden. Aleister can’t have the same predictive ability as Lin Xue. Even if Chu Xuan crosses it ten times and eight times, he can work out for us in such a short time. Conspiracy? He couldn’t understand the existence of the ultra-living thing of “Xiling Apostle”, not to mention that he had tried to return Sylvia many times before. If the latter is really designed by the old fox to fight against our weapons, he should be tempted. We left Sylvia to be right.

And using a “missing Apostle” to create a special weapon that can fight against the Empire fleet, I don’t think earthling can do this.

However, despite all these doubts, all the arrows point to one point: Aleister and Sylvia’s coma, and our battleship fall have an inescapable relationship.

“Give me a contact with Aleister.”

I took a deep breath and told Vega, who was not far away.

“In addition, the Patt team quickly controlled the entire Academy City’s high-level power, letting the space battleship over Tokyo fall into the attack range, and began to try to invade the “book library” of the Academy City, but all this must be carried out under covert state, understand? ?”

Vega immediately returns to a standard military salute: “Long live Big Empire!! Senior Officer!!”

Still the image of the man hanging the pipe, Aleister appeared on the Hologram projection without any new intentions, and this time I was too lazy to reverse the image.

“I don’t know what you are asking? Boss?”

Aleister is still the kind of weird voice that is not male or female, and it sounds like a tone… It looks like a little empty feeling.

“You really don’t know why I am looking for you?”

Although my heart was strange, I still had a face and asked gloomyly.

Aleister’s voice still sounds unhurried: “Your mood doesn’t seem to be very good. Is it dissatisfied with my work?”

This guy, stupid? Still really unaware?

At this moment I seem to understand the benefits of facial paralysis. Just like chatting on qq, the other party can never see the clues of any lies from your expression.

“Your work is done well. The situation along the coast of Japan is quite stable. The cities that were destroyed by the tsunami have indeed completed the evacuation of the whole people… But you know that I am not talking about this.”

In the face of my repeated suggestion, Aleister still made a puzzled statement: “I don’t know if it is a cultural difference, I can’t seem to understand what you mean.”

I am confused. In front of this guy, is he really ignorant? Still still loading garlic? If it is the latter, it doesn’t look like it.

“About Sylvia -” I paused and tapped the table with my fingers. “I want to know how many secrets you have hidden – don’t fool me with your orphan theory.”

This time Aleister was silent. After nearly ten seconds, I slowly opened my mouth: “I thought that the power of the foreigners is enough to see everything. After the development of the science and technology, there will still be things that cannot be achieved… No Wrong, Sylvia is not really an orphan adopted by Academy City. In fact, she appears in this city as abrupt as you are, and even I can’t find her clues. So, is she your lost compatriot?”

“You can say that – don’t open the subject and continue.”

“Well, as you wish – the arrival of the girl caused my curiosity, so I did some research on her – please rest assured that she did not suffer any harm during this process because her existence is too special I want to admit that the girl used to be a very important part of one of my plans, her special ability, and the amazing energy contained in the body, which is quite valuable to me, too. So I always wanted to get her back from your hands, but other than that, I can swear that my plan didn’t start at all.”

I looked gloomy and stared at the other’s eyes, trying to find signs of his lying, but unfortunately, this jealous guy was always calm.

And what he confessed sounds very frank – in fact, I don’t always think that an earthling can create a conspiracy after facing the overwhelming space fleet, even if that person is an old fox like Aleister.

Seeing the faint expression on my face, Aleister finally strangely asked: “What happened to the powerful foreigners?”

I lowered my eyes and glanced at the image in front of the upper part of the light, but did not answer, but directly cut off the connection.

“Vega, what did you find?”

I asked with a spiritual connection.

“Reporting Senior Officer! Aleister and its ancillary information channel did not find abnormal data, he did not have extra action.”

“Let the hosts continue to monitor, maybe he just has no action for a while…”

I haven’t finished yet, and another spiritual connection suddenly came in. It was Qianqian’s voice: “A’Jun A’Jun! Sylvia started out of control!”

The wind rushed to the third lab. What I saw was an enormous white light that filled nearly one-third of the entire laboratory. Alaya’s breath was mixed, but it was gradually being excluded. The various barrier systems used to deter Sylvia’s energy dissipation madly sounded an alarm, indicating that the entire energy suppression Force Field is on the verge.

“What happened? How suddenly got out of control?”

Qianqian grabbed my hand anxiously and said quickly: “Everything was fine, but suddenly a strange electromagnetic wave invaded from the outside. The research room did not set up filtering of the low-level energy of electromagnetic waves. The result was didn’ T expect Sylvia is out of control, and now her energy is collapsing, and even her own form can’t be maintained!”

“Alaya! Can you hear it? How is your situation now?”

Feeling the turbulent energy of the enormous light group and the faint scent of Alaya, I was also worried about Angel Younger Sister’s situation.

“Elder Brother Monarch… I am fine…” Alaya’s voice sounded like an inorganic tremor because of the conversion to pure energy. “But I am going to suppress Sylvia, just now.” In her deep subconscious, she found some very bad hints. Once she completely lost her reason… the consequences would be quite serious Oh!”

“Hint?” I cried out in surprise. “What hint?”

“It is against our attack – Elder Brother Monarch. Once Silvia is completely dissipated, all the Xiling warships on the Earth will be instantly enveloped by energy, and the shields outside the atmosphere will disappear! ”

Alaya’s sentence was sent through the public channel, so not only did I fall in a breath of cold air, but even Qianqian and my sister sent out an exclamation.

“Let all the Xiling warships in the entire land-month system fall?” Qianqian said incredulously. “Is this possible? Is this powerful attack?”

“Of course, it’s possible, Senior Officer!” Vega didn’t know when she came in. “According to our analysis of the Sylvia energy sample, she was at least a general, and maybe even an Emperor-class Xiling Apostle. The transformation of the abyss energy made her stronger. Although she has lost the ability to control this power, Sylvia’s with the body still retains this energy. If it is released at the cost of burning living thing, an Emperor The volition of Fallen Apostles is absolutely capable of covering the entire planet and even wider, and her ability is still so special…”

I noticed that Vega has switched to a combat stance, and there is a faint plasma under the sturdy carapace of the lower body – armor storage, which is a performance of high security.

“Vega, what’s the matter? Isn’t it going to let you see Aleister?”

Sister Sister will use a military salute: “Report Senior Officer! The situation is very suspicious now. Aleister is obviously not the manipulator of all. Time is not enough. We are slowly investigating. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, I hope that several Senior Officers will immediately Withdrew from the planet, the armored squad will be responsible for staying here, and wait until the energy vacuum stops before continuing to investigate…”

“Investigate a fart!” I couldn’t help but knock on the brain of this dead-hearted steel scorpion – well, I can’t reach it. “When Sylvia is dead, the entire Human Race is dead!” Investigate your sister Oh! ”

“I am very sorry, Senior Officer, but this is the best choice!”

Vega said in no way.

I know that the nephew in front of me is really for us. Sylvia’s self-destruction is inevitable. At that time, in addition to the special Xiling units, 99% of the Empire warships will fall due to the disappearance of Psionic. Don’t say that after the bombing of the small planet bombing due to the disappearance of the shield, the huge spaceship is enough to break the earth’s crust into space dust.

The Empire fleet will suffer a lot, and the Human Race will die in an instant, including more friends who have already poured out my feelings, tears, Meiqin, and even less savvy Steyr and the gods… even me Can they save all of them and what will they feel after their homes are destroyed by my incompetence?

“Can’t retreat!” I stared at Vega sternly. “Empire has never retreated!”

This sentence was said when Pandora was telling me “One Thousand and One 仗” in my arms.

But it is obvious that this sentence was very stupid when I heard it, but I was greatly moved by the sister-in-law. She honoured a military salute and said loudly: “Listen to your orders! Senior Officer! Long live the Empire! Long live the victory! !”

After Vega’s top wind sent out half a mile of blood, I almost got excited, but finally turned my head calmly and said to Alaya: “Alaya, how long can it last? Is there any feasible way?” ”

Angel Younger Sister’s sounds a bit tired, but it’s still mental: “Elder Brother Monarch, I can suppress it for about thirty minutes without accident, as for the way… although I have one, it is dangerous to implement.”

“What is the way?” I am happy, as long as I can solve the current crisis, a little bit of danger is nothing.

“Wake up Sylvia!” Alaya said firmly. “Revitalizing her soul and rebuilding her self-recognition may interrupt her collapse.”

“So, is it dangerous?” I don’t have any more feelings about Alaya’s approach as a Magic layman. The only thing I care about is what Alaya said is “very dangerous.”

“Awkening may not be only Sylvia…” Alaya hesitated, but still said, “Bellavilla’s soul fragment has not disappeared…”

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