Xiling Empire Chapter 405

Chapter 405 burns and snatches

A bug, I know it sounds amazing, but in the vicinity of our comet gun energy coil, I really found a bug.

“It’s like a mechanic with a carbon-based skin. The living thing is terrible. The last cell in this body lasted for nearly thirty seconds under deadly Psionic radiation and completely lost its activity. I have never seen it. Through carbon-based living things, Innate has such a body quality.” This is Tavel’s original words.

Do you still remember the basic principles of the Star Wars?

This nonsense specification of external weapons, its main energy generator is two twin neutron stars near the tipping point, a pair of good friends who release gamma-ray bursts in the universe, they burst out in the dance of passion The horror of energy is imaginable, and this is just one of the initial energy sources of the ็‹™ๆ˜Ÿ็‚ฎ, not to mention that it is equipped with a large number of amplified equipment and a Psionic well with a total output sufficient to ignite a star. The gadget, even with the addition of numerous layers of sturdy barriers, the amount of energy it leaks from the core is enough to destroy any carbon-based creatures, not to mention the installation of the scorpion gun: that is outer space!

But in this environment, Tavel found a carbon-based bug outside the energy coil of the star gun!

As soon as I heard the news, my first reaction was that Tavel was joking, a bug that could swim in space and persist in the Psionic ray for half a minute. Do you think the bug is called Dragon Ao?

But soon I denied the doubts in my heart. To say who we are the most jokes, the first one is Tavel. As the Chief Researcher of Empire, Tavel’s rigor has almost reached a headache, involving Her own seriousness is even more exaggerated than the nephew Vega.

Knowing that things were embarrassing, we let Tavel send the bug she found to the shadow base scientific research center in the afternoon, and even she temporarily put down the research work at hand and came over to report to us personally. About the situation of this creature.

It is a weird living thing that looks like a magnified innumerable combination of ่œˆ่šฃ and to, the whole body is flat, up to two meters, and the body length is nearly seven meters. The whole body is deep purple brown. Sharp barbs, multiple rows of multi-footed arthropods, joints with sharp bones, the first half should be head, but there is no necessary mouthparts, only a pair of long More than two meters, covered with sharp jagged jaw-shaped cheeks, I can hurt the cramps of the person who is clipped by the shape of the skull, and the pliers on the big killer have been proved to contain at least ten A strong osmotic toxin that decomposes most carbon-based living thing cell walls.

The whole body is a weapon, the degree of armed forces is horrendous, and it doesn’t matter how powerful it is. It’s just like this, it’s just a slap in the crowd, it’s a sorrowful Oh!

“We found this thing when we checked the third decay coil of the Comet. It was completely dead at the time, but the recording device near the coil showed the time it was stuck there, thirty seconds, from the resistance to Psionic alone. In fact, this score is almost equivalent to an Elite Level Xiling soldier, with a carbon-based biological body to withstand that level of energy radiation, more than three seconds should be a miracle.”

Tavel’s tone of intense research with scientists seeing things that are incomprehensible, I believe that if you want to let your superiors first, then this living thing has become a slice in the lab. Sample.

“Is it okay to have a sole view of resistance to Psionic radiation?”

โ€œEmperor your majesty, you have been genetically reinforced, and your ability has determined that any harmful energy can’t do anything to you,โ€ Tavel pushed his glasses. โ€œBut this creature, it is I rely entirely on my own physical strength to achieve the miracle of living outside the energy coil for so long. I have never seen a similar situation. Although the carbon-based biological DNA is magical, there are inevitably a large number of loopholes in this sample. The gene is very unusual, it has not been traced by the day after tomorrow, but there is almost no genetic defect, this creature… is perfect…”

Listening to Tavel’s admiration, I can only look through the eyes: the aesthetics of scientists and average person really have an alien difference.

However, I also know that the “perfect” of the other side is genetically speaking. No matter how many things look like this, it can evolve itself to survive in space and even resist the 30-second specification. Psionic radiation, this is enough to make Tavel marvel.

“How is it mixed into the comet’s cannon?” This is a question I am curious about. It seems that the existence of this bug should be the reason why Tavel told me that the comet gun “has a small problem”, ” Did you check if the parts were clean when you installed them?”

โ€œI am very sorry, my your majesty,โ€ Tavel immediately showed a sly expression. โ€œBut the final step in the assembly of the Stars is to sink the whole into the preset space folds. This process will make the surroundings quite large. Space collapses, and there is a small chance that the material on the random coordinate within the light years will be transmitted to the vicinity of the collapse point. I am afraid that at that moment our to scan device has missed this thing, after all… such a low Living thing has always been set by us as a non-threat target.”

Ok, Tavel, congratulations, you succeeded to stun me with a bunch of professional terms.

Around this weird and curious guy turned to the circle, we each meditated, and Shandora was quite strangely smashed up and licked a cheek of a large bug.

Hey! Shantou, this can’t eat Oh!

Fortunately, my family’s Shandora’s recipe has not been so horrible, she just strangely observed the other party for a while, then suddenly lifts the head: “Tavel, does this thing have a nervous system?”

“Of course, my your majesty, its nervous system is perfect and efficient.”

“So, more complicated – does it have something to think about?”

Tavel hesitated, then pointed to the belly of the bug: “We found its nerve entanglement point at this location, where a large number of neurons tangled together, but we don’t know much about the artificial intelligence of carbon-based creatures. I am not sure if it is its thinking organ.”

“This way,” Shandora retired and bent his fingers against his chin. “Sure enough, as I guessed.”

“Shandora, what did you find?”

I saw the face of the other person looking thoughtful, not asking strange strangely.

“A’Jun, have you not found the irrational form of this thing?”

I shrugged: “In my opinion, there is no reasonable place for this guy.”

Shandora sighed and looked at the face that you were defeated. “Okay, I mean, although this thing is powerful, and it seems to have strong strength, it is physically impeccable, but as a Creature, its body structure is too deformed…”

“Having the nervous system and such a huge body shape, but without the ability to think, the body is the bone blade for attack, but there is no eating organ. I don’t believe that such a sly guy lives on photosynthesis – I It is suspected that it is only a one-off weapon that a race breeds for combat, so it can be used as long as it can be used. The survival ability is slag.”

Qianqian has been looking with interest at the enormous worm that was placed on the test bench. This girlโ€™s talented head has no concept of ordinary girl afraid of bugs. She is instilled in Shandora as a qualified creature. When the mouth was the important organ, Zhongqian suddenly stepped forward and then reached out to the carapace.

“The sand of time is going on and going… ah!”

“Hey!” I took Qianqian back, how is this curiosity so big!

However, Qianqian’s ability has already played a role at the moment, and the enrmous insect shell is quickly covered with a faint glow, and the deep purple-brown body surface gradually turns into purple, and it also appears more lustrous due to the huge amount Psionic radiated and twisted several dry limbs gradually filled up, restoring their original shape. With this series of changes, the body of the bug also trembled rapidly, with the body emitting a low friction sound.

“Warning!” Vega, who served as a guard, immediately took out a double knife and instantly became an armored scorpion. I was fortunate that the Pandora sisters were not here, or two little brat at this moment.

Everything was just a matter of seconds. Qianqian conveniently resurrected this enormous bug with time, the latter staggered and stood, then turned to us.

“Kara–” a burst of exoskeleton, the newly resurrected bug actually rushed to the side without hesitation, and the angry open cheeks flashed with poisonous green light, making people not Suspicion of the lethality of this thing.

The silver-white halo flashed, and the worms that came out of the air stunned in midair, and then slowly fell into the tens of meters in a range of tens of thousands of batches.

A group of Empire leaders armed with energy shields to withstand the bloody rain, a brutal onlooker of a stunned scorpion Commander.

โ€œI am very sorry, Senior Officer.โ€

Vega simply put the long knife away and apologized to us.

Can you fool this next time you are so disgusting! !

“Shandora, what’s wrong?”

I noticed that since the worm had just resurrected, Shandora had a rather dignified expression and couldn’t help but ask.

Shandora in the eyes, the golden halo circulates, and it takes a long time to regain the blue: “A very dangerous race, the will to be full of pure desire to destroy, the only meaning of its existence is to fight, destroy the enemy, and open up the interests for the entire race. For the evolution of the entire race, they attacked all the living things they could find without reason and choice, and worse, just now it has sent a distress signal to its own group… this species must be eliminated!”

There is no doubt that Shandora has just intercepted the desire to destroy this creature.

“If their race fighters are of this level, it’s a very easy war,” Vega simply commented on the enemy he had just killed. “The guy who has nothing but the living thing.”

Basically, we did not discuss it, and we decided to fight against this strange species.

Obviously, we don’t like bugs – even Qianqian, the guy who can treat caterpillars as pets is no exception.

So, my leisurely holiday is finished again? The star ring fragment has just been flattened, is the next one a universe alien?

Lilina didn’t know where she heard about the news that the emperor was about to declare war on a certain race. On that night, we found us who were dispatching troops at the Shadow City Command Center and handed us a green seed to us.

“This is the seed of World Tree’s seventh root, the sin of life,” Lilina said when she handed it over to us. It wasn’t like the guy who usually had the black belly. “Goddess can’t participate in this.” action.”

I puzzledly took over the seeds brought by Lilina. These green small particles are quite strange, as if they were not in essence. They are wrapped in layers of halo, and they feel like a warm light on the hands, but But with awesome weight, according to Alaya’s mysterious knowledge of me, this is the conceptualization of the legend: each one is enough for the most knowledgeable alchemy surgeon to exhaust his life energy may not be able to imitate half Come.

“What is this mean? Do you have to retake the little things?”

Lilina, who had just had a solemn expression, was in the next second, and he screamed and shouted: “Insult the goddess in front of the priest! You are too rude!”


โ€œThe race you want to attack is the aboriginal of this World,โ€ Lilina panting with rage said. โ€œItโ€™s the people of goddess adults, although they are indeed dangerous species, but as the management god of World, they are offensive Until the final dogma, the goddess adults can’t kill their own people. The seed is the only one she can drill, and it has to be handed over by my hand. In addition, as the chief priestess of Goddess of Life’s, I will also be the surveillance officer of this race war and you together, but don’t worry, I am helping fights – the goddess adults say they don’t know anything.”


Della, the guy has taken the hole of his own as a matter of course? God’s Domain Hurry and come back to the guy who is negligent!

After seeing the “Empire Admiral” in the parking space of the SuperSpace-Time dock, Lilina almost turned her neck off: “Hey… Boss! This is a spectacular thing! Is this a wall?”

Indeed, the giant warships of hundreds of kilometers, the words of ahead look like a wall: you can only see all the armor plates of it. I dare say that Lilina is spectacular, but she even has this thing. I donโ€™t know what shape it is.

With such a long accumulation, the number of our troops in fact has reached a heinous level. According to Pandora’s, it is possible to wage war at the same time on twenty planets with 3-class civilization of the galaxy and easily win. This huge fleet uses space technology to overlap each other in the other’s space folds, and even then they are enough to make the entire land-month system densely packed with Xiling’s big killer. This action can be said to be our violence. For the first time since the establishment of the gang, the Alien race was launched, and everyone, including me, was intrigued. As a result, the spring of the little brat of Pandora and Viska came.

In order not to cause fear of earthling, Tavel found a relatively stable small planet belt outside the solar system and established a temporary space transmission door. The entire Empire fleet took nearly three days to complete the transmission, and then according to Shandora’s suggestion, we were There are 20 experienced Xiling Hosts and three fast-expanding bases left here, with the cover of the small planet to expand the armament.

In order to eliminate a group of worms, Lilina named our action as the biggest expedition in the history of burning and looting gangs.

She is self-proclaimed as the horror demon king number two…

I think this girl is just too excited, just as excited as Qianqian, who is self-proclaimed as the horror demon king.

“The Empire fleet is assembled, and the first to seventh regiment command links pass the self-test. Please ask the Commander of the fleet to report the situation.”

The mechanically synthesized female voice resounded through every flagship of the huge fleet and the “Empire Admiral” bridge we were on, and a group of Empire leaders were in the mood.

โ€œFirst Regiment report! The fleet is all right! All battleships are ready to enter the Super Space-Time transition!โ€

“The Second Legion reports! The fleet is all right…”

“The Third Army Report!”

I am nodded: “All the troops set off!”

Next to Qianqian and Lilina, the pair of horror devils who finally stinked in the air immediately followed the fun: “Long live! Charge! Our slogan is to grab the grain and grab the money to grab the site!”

Following the Empire Fleet Command Link, which had not had time to close, the slogans of the two mad slogans spread throughout the entire regiment on the spot… What both of you made me feel Oh!

Along with the sensation of the Super Space-Time transition, the scene before us has changed dramatically.

In a strange area, the ship is surrounded by floating small planets. It is not a group of gray stones that are outside the solar system. It is a small planet with a lot of orange red luster. Looking at these things, I have no reason. Feel a familiarity.

Dare to directly set the coordinate of the Super Space-Time transition to the small planet group. It is estimated that Xiling people have the ability to do this?

Looking at Tintinโ€™s local meteorite group that hit the flagship shield, I tried to hypnotize myself. Itโ€™s absolutely impossible for Tavel to choose the wrong coordinate. The next second, our honest female scientist sent a message from the rear: I am very sorry, my my majesty, I just reversed the space coordinate recorded in the comet. I thought the fleet would appear outside the atmosphere of a certain planet. Didn’t expect that the bug actually lived in the small planet. of.”

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