Xiling Empire Chapter 411

The 411th chapter

Yamato cannon!

It is a plasma cannon that can shake the shield of the Protos battleship. The most powerful ship-borne weapon made by Human Race. If it is hit by the thing, I am afraid that even the leader Apostle like Pandora will inevitably be injured. The little brat is Strong, but still not up to the extent that King Kong is not bad?

But Pandora seems to have found nothing, letting the dangerous light beam gradually charge to the limit, I don’t believe that hundreds of detection systems that are open at any time in her will not scan such powerful energy fluctuations, this gimmick will not be Is the blood too boiling and the enemy is so light?

Or is it that she has her own plans?

Despite some anxiety in my heart, I still haven’t made a reminder. Pandora is a guy who often gets a lot of blood, but she can walk to the Empire General step by step, certainly not a complete fierce fly?

And looking at Sivis, who is next to Pandora’s adjutant, looks calm and self-satisfied. I also let go of my heart.

At this point, the enemy’s two warships finally completed the recharge, and the thick beam surged from the muzzle of the Dahe gun, and instantly crossed the distance of thousands of kilometers between it and the target. Smell the Pandora in front of you.

From the enemy’s communication channel, there was a shout of earth-shattering cheers – they even forgot the enemy and the big troops did not appear, and now it is enough to destroy this horrible Little Girl to celebrate these unfortunate Human Race Soldier It is.

Pandora turned his head and then suddenly opened his mouth, as if screaming hard, the entire upper body tilted slightly forward.

Of course, there is no possibility of sound transmission in the vacuum, but although I can’t hear any sound, I recognize what the action of this sign is.

Loli Lion Roar… Of course, there is also it called Helium Flash.

A five-meter radius, the red energy array emerges instantly in the void, and then emits a violent dark red beam from its front. The violent flash suddenly smashes the countless titanium dog eyes, and then The unfilled economy of Helium Flash hit the enviroment plasma torrent of two large and cannons.

With a stalemate of less than a second, the Psionic torrent from the leader-level Apostle and the plasma gun from the Human Race are more powerful.

The seemingly violent energy torrents of the latter were completely canceled without any suspense, and then the lightness of the slightly faint Helium Flash hit one of the two sneak attacking warships.

It was another series of explosions. The captain of the warship ship probably didn’t even have time to release the next order and then turned it into a fireworks between the universes.

The other warship was able to survive Pandora’s Helium Flash because of its partial position, but it only survived for a few seconds. The four-seat gun controlled by Viska appeared directly on the other’s space by Space jump. The ship was empty, releasing a gray light beam with strong puncture capability at the same time, and swiftly circled the enemy.

The entire warship ship was neatly turned into five segments.

There is no doubt that such a confrontation is more impactful – was Pandora still demonstrating?

Guild Wars, or unilateral crushing, until now, half of the fleet brought by Denton has been buried in the storm of Psionic weapon, and the remaining defeats are also devastated, the armor of the whole body is broken, not even knowing Can they safely drive back to their base camp, as for the fragile Vikings and the like – in the face of motorized floating guns that specifically restrained such units, they have been wiped out.

“Pandora, Viska, can come back.”

I felt that the timing was almost the same. I interrupted the personal performance of the two little madmen directly through the spiritual connection. The criss-crossing beams on the star port track disappeared instantly, leaving only a group of broken Human Race battleships swaying with smoke.

Pandora and Viska at the same time disappeared into the other’s radar. They have now returned to the command room of General City through Space Jump. Now they are busy showing their outstanding achievements in front of me. Both little girls have faces on their faces. Exciting light, it is obvious that at least in the future, the most dangerous gunpowder barrel in the emperor’s *** can be a little quiet for a few days.

And the hundreds of floating turrets are still on the battlefield, flying vertically and horizontally under the action of their respective squadrons, which will be arranged in the “s” type, and will be arranged in the “b” type…

“Take the communication over.”

I told you that the call request from the other party has been tossed for several minutes.

“Well, I think you should be able to be awake now, Human Race Commander.”

On the Hologram projection, General Denton, who was previously pretentious, is now quite embarrassed.

The mighty federal uniform was full of messy traces. The original Captain’s cap on the head didn’t know where it was. It must have been that the white officer had rolled the floor with his Soldier when the battleship was attacked. I didn’t know where the black smudge came from, and the bright red blood ran down from the forehead, making his face look gloomy and embarrassing.

Although under my instigation, Pandora and Viska did not destroy the other’s flagship, but you have to count on the two already busy little rabbits. It is impossible to do nothing against the enemy. Danden is in the flagship for n consecutive times. Passed by Pandora’s attack, now it’s just barely keeping it out of disintegration. Rocking in it for so long, Denton’s styling is naturally beyond my expectations.

I was beaten by the two Little Girl in less than an hour. The expression on the face of Human Race Commander on the Hologram projection was even awkward. I didn’t wait for the other person to answer, but waved impatiently: “You can go, go back and report your Mengsk Emperor. The only purpose of my Xiling Empire is to destroy the Zerg, not to protect Human Race. If you are not interested – extinction of a race and extinction of two races for us That is the difference between one shot and two shots.”

After saying this, I also turned off the communicator directly, regardless of the eyes of the other party.

At this same time, the gravitational trap that has always shrouded in the star port of the black egg star is also closed. The federal fleet has long lost the courage to fight, and suddenly found its own super-light engine to resume its power. After almost a second of hesitation, he left the scorpion and left the extremely dangerous planet.

“How? An absolute victory.”

I went back and shook my hand in front of Renault’s eyes, and said after the other party returned.

Renault opened his mouth, but he didn’t know where to start. Then his gaze fell to Pandora, who was standing beside me quietly, and was busy with Little Bubbles (saying how the little girl swayed into the command room) ??) Visa, who was superior to the height to gain a sense of superiority, suddenly fell off his shoulder.

“Well, I don’t comment – what do you want now? The coordinate of the Zombie mother star Char? I can give you the powerful Savior.”

He has been completely convinced by our strength, and is so powerful that it can be a single person against the fleet’s personal strength, this fabulous power can not be ignored by anyone.

What I am saying is that Denton seriously underestimated the power of Xiling Empire’s, and Renault seriously overestimated us – he estimated that Pandora and Viska are just the children in our race, they can have this power, so Directly labeling each of the Xiling people with Ultraman, and then put forward a beautiful idea of ​​directly sweeping the Char star. He never imagined that the appearance of only two short winter melons, Lolita’s Pandora and Viska, is our top d***. Just now we are purely taking advantage of the absolute superiority of quality to give the arrogant messenger of the *** the United States.

“It’s definitely not a good idea to attack Char now,” I did not hesitate to reject Renault’s proposal, and it is estimated that he only talked about it. I really want to let a group of sinister Empire soldiers go to take his former girlfriend, now The Zerg leader, Queen, sweeps the slag, and this guy will not be called the Queen of the interstellar tour. “We are still shallow, and the number of Zerg is an enormous problem, as long as they have a little residue, All our efforts will be in vain, and the fertility of these guys is too strong.”

Renault couldn’t help but pout, his eyes gazing at the camps that were playing “reproduction” outside. It was obvious that our “breeding power” was not weak.

“Mengsk is a must-see,” Renault suddenly reminded. “I don’t know why he sent a guy who is such a bad thing today, but you have beaten his army to almost all the army. The latter will definitely be with you.” Take revenge.”

“Is it going?” I don’t believe it very much. “With the power of the ***, there is no way to compete with the Xiling Empire. Mengsk knows this very well.”

Renault shook his head: “You don’t know much about that person. He is not only obedient, but also suspicious, and has a strong sense of crisis. Denton’s failure is too bizarre. Mengsk will believe that it is still unknown, and even if it is noodles. Compared to his powerful and numerous enemies, the guy has to learn from the continuous encounter, Mengsk is a pure speculator – because he was in the hands of Protos God Clan, and even ‘God Clan ‘Dare dare to use, even dare to form an alliance with the Zerg, you can’t imagine how big his courage is, and more importantly, the last one. Your appearance seriously threatens his rule, and you don’t have any qualified rulers. I will allow such dangerous and uncontrollable forces in my own territory. Today is not so much a slogan. In fact, I am afraid that there is also the meaning of temptation. Even if the two sides have a little friction, he is estimated to push the responsibility to Denton’s blunder. – But it seems that he really sent a fool, that guy has made everything irreparable, because …… “

“So Mengsk’s next move can’t be avoided,” I shrugged, and then showed a surprised expression. “I thought your brain had already drowned in high concentrations of vodka.”

Renault, who was still talking about it, immediately opened his mouth and then scratched his hair without care.

Establish enough war factories, accumulate a large number of troops and then launch an attack on the nearest Zerg planet, gradually attracting the other’s ruler – the attention of the blade Queen, and then find a way to transfer the latter, the invasion of the latter’s soul by Shandora, using the blade Queen’s absolute control over the entire Zerg to destroy the entire Zerg, this simple and straightforward plan is my strategy, but didn’t expect a fool like Mengsk in the middle, maybe we have to change the course of action a little.

After all, it is a race that can carry out Star Wars. The three forces in this star area have some ace strength at the bottom of the box. Even the weakest Human Race here, they have to fight against us and I am afraid it will cause headaches. a bit.

After ordering Sivis to issue a notice to the other six legions, and to list the *** as a potential hostile force, Shandor and I began to study the star map, which was judged by Renault’s power changes and zerg movements in the entire star area in the past decade. The future trend, well, I admit, in fact, it is Shandora that is responsible for research. I am just a background of spectator like Qianqian…

The Stars high temperature and energy storm formed by eop-03 has gradually calmed down. Although we can still see the scorched black red in the sky through the energy barrier above the military city, the distant fire pillars and magma from time to time still rise. The silvery earth’s edge at our feet still shows a semi-melting shape, and the whole black egg star may now be the red egg star everywhere in the process of crustal remodeling, but…

The scene of such an earth-shattering is also called “the planet has gradually returned to calm”? Bubbles, give me a good check on my logic module, bastard!

Well, back to the beginning of the topic, the high temperature of Stars formed by eop-03 has gradually arrived… calm, we sent hundreds of contingent, with nearly a thousand builders going to the entire planet, divided into three hundred In the region, building ground-based artillery around the clock, Linina uses her own power and the World Tree seeds obtained from Della to construct a spore plant that can survive in such a terrible heat and has an extremely strong structure, using their high-speed breeding ability. The all-terrain plant system of the ennormous is built. It is said that after two weeks, the whole black egg star will be covered by an unprecedented huge vine. If it succeeds, it will become another powerful weapon to eliminate the Zerg: this thing The living thing is stronger than the Zerg, and the only nutrients they need to survive are the magma, which is the flesh of the Zerg.

Planting such seeds on the purified Zerg planet can fundamentally eliminate the possibility of the resurrection of the Zerg, and at the same time, the planets that are devastated by the Zerg and the burning of the war can be restored in a very short time.

And better, after everything is done, only Lilina will be ordered, these plants will be automatically extinct, which is the best weapon of biological warfare.

Leaving the surface, on the star port track is our second layer of offensive and defensive systems. The enorous laser cannon and the Violent Psionic Spire on the track platform are like flies… oh, anyway, it is layered around our planet. Bubbles personally redesigned and modified, range and rate of fire have been improved at least twice, the goal of the potentially violent little otaku girl is that even if you pass an Ultraman half a year away, we can give it to the black egg star. The guns are down, and I am not willing to comment on this ambition.

Our planetary defense system is working in an orderly and orderly manner, but didn’t expect that the enemy’s appearance will be so sudden, even if our ground-based air defense firepower network has not completed one-third of the situation, those guys will Entered the warning range.

Something that didn’t expect in advance, it’s a worm that’s overwhelming…

It should have long been thought that Mengsk is best at killing people with this knife, but the equipment he used to summon the worms should have been finished. The Zerg is now controlled by the blade Queen, how can these bugs be Mengsk gave me a greeting? Or, because the extinction of the Zerg on the black egg star has already triggered the counterattack of these war creatures, their arrival has nothing to do with Mengsk?

“Where did they come from?”

Looking at the scalp and numb little red dot on the radar, I imagine the overwhelming armyworms, reptiles, worms, arthropods… vomiting… the sights that rushed toward us, always hating bugs Onee-sama’s face was green, and while holding my wrist hard, I whispered and whispered.

If these things are really summoned, then you must be unlucky.

My heart sighed silently. I opened the information screen in front of me and immediately showed a complicated star map.

“It should be from here, hidden behind a small planet belt. There is a dim star here. The gravitational measurement calculates that there may be a planet equal to Earth’s triple mass. The bugs come from here, their speed. It’s really exaggerating, using the physical strength to get there from such a short time, is the 3 flowing in the blood vessels?”

“Even if you don’t count those cannon fogs, the number is at least one billion,” Shandora’s tone was unabashedly amazed. “Their number is really abnormal, no wonder that it can occupy so many planets without any science and technology civilization. Most of the types of civilization are not their opponents.

Sivis frowned, and it seemed that the sudden attack on 100 million swarms was quite trouble: “These enemies will enter our air defense warning zone three days later, but the latest batch of railguns of Emperor *** will take four days. The deployment is in place. We are too shallow on this planet, and we don’t even have a complete defense system. If even the railgun can’t completely cover it, the pressure of the shield fleet will be quite enrmous in the face of 100 million insects.”

“Against the day from three days?” Qianqian finally found a place where he could help, or blend, and immediately came together happily. “Give it to me, the bugs are far enough away from us. There is a lot of room for buffering. I can slowly speed up the flow of time on this planet and slow down the timeline of the bugs. It is not a problem to squeeze out the day from three days!”

Really didn’t expect, Qianqian’s power has been so powerful to this point? Can it even affect the passage of time of the entire planet to some extent?

Shandora stood up and turned to look at the Empire Commanders who were issuing a series of instructions in the control hall below, orderly and orderly: “Now we have mastered the initiative of time. From now on, the planet enters a state of war, all Psionic reactions The furnace enters full power output, the defense forces are lifted off, and the outer track defense platform is entered. The shield fleet is positioned outside the atmosphere to establish a temporary planetary barrier. The number of enemies is huge, but the emperor will surely win!”

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