Xiling Empire Chapter 43

Chapter 43β€”Banquet (below)

If you think about it, the plan of Liu Zicai sounds whimsical, but it is still feasible.

First of all, Shandora is a banner of studying abroad. This signifies that her current status is not just an exotic Princess, but also an ordinary third year in high school Student. Experience life, really learn, this is all Signify She wants to lower her attitude and contact with the general public. In this case, the reverse Cinderella story may happen. Although the chance is very low, no normal man can resist the temptation of a genuine Princess. ?

Cough cough, this is a special case, from the very beginning, I will no longer consider the scope…

I and Qianqian looked around, only to notice that there were a lot of so-called young talents who had elegant oil-faced appearances. These people seemed to eagerly talk to each other and competed in the competition intentionally or unintentionally. Needless to say, they also directed at that. A little bit of the opportunity to go to the sky, take a step back, even if you can’t really fly with Princess, and a beautiful exotic young girl to a love also earned Yes?

Looking back and forth, Qianqian and I suddenly felt that the luck of the young Master Liu was too bad. Why didn’t you go to find Shandora’s trouble? Now it is like a pig head. Don’t say it is a country’s Princess. I am afraid it is ordinary. Girl Seeing this honor must be nausea first?

But then again, even if this guy is not smashed into a pig’s head, Shandora can’t possibly see him…

When Shandora released his news of studying in China, he only said that he would go to school in K City. He did not say which school he was targeting. This seems to give the outside world a signal: K City’s largest aristocratic school is Canglan. Private High School, if a Princess wants to study in China, Canglan seems to be the only possible choice, so coming from Canglan’s sons have already become the future of Princess, and they have the absolute advantage in the secrets. .

“It’s a stupid carbon-based creature.” Shandora’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind, with undisguised contempt.

I said innocently: “Shandora, you are ridiculed…”

“It doesn’t make much sense to stay here.” I said, this place is full of smirk and smirk, and there are male peacocks everywhere. The environment is not in line with my appetite. Shandora really wants to stick to the end of the whole welcoming banquet – say, when will she be the real banquet host to appear?

Just as I was puzzled by the fact that Shandora had been in the crowd all the time, a handsome male voice suddenly sounded: “Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to take up a little precious time.”

As soon as I looked up, a tall, strong man was standing in the middle of the field, holding a microphone in his hand. I knew this person, the Xiling position that was rescued by me, the defensive-type heavy infantry, Carmen. It seems that he should not be a Ordinary Soldier, as you can see from Shandora at this time, he is at least a middle-level officer in Xiling.

No wonder he could hold the 49 Soldier in the Demon Beast for so long that day, a high-end Xiling Apostle has the ability to reverse the entire situation.

Now Carmen took off the heavy alloy Battle Armor, put on a black tailcoat, the pants were straight, the bow tie was meticulous, and the gentleman dressed, but with the tall figure and mighty face, he looked like a A special soldier bodyguard disguised as a housekeeper, how to look awkward.

Seeing that everyone has focused on themselves, Carmen satisfactorily nodded and said: “First of all, I am very happy to meet you at this feast and introduce myself. I am the host of this banquet, at the Same time is also the guard captain of Her Highness the Princess, and I will spend the rest of the time with you.

“I believe everyone must feel very strange now, why the banquet has been going on for so long without seeing the protagonist of this party – our Her Highness the Princess appears, here I will reveal a little secret, that is: In fact, Her Highness the Princess has come to this square! And she is hidden between you!”

As soon as this statement came out, the people of the surrounding people suddenly made a low-pitched discussion, and then they looked around at the foreign young girl to see if they could see a creature suspected of being a Princess. Of course, there are also many sights from Shandora. Sweeping, unfortunately, this wild scorpion, which is always in a state of hunger, has been thrown into a new round of food fighting. The hunger and ecstasy makes everyone look at the sights for the first time.

After Carmen waited for a little quieter, he continued: “Of course, since Her Highness the Princess wants to play this game with everyone, she must have a way to prevent herself from being so easily discovered, from now until the party enters the next one. Part of it takes about an hour, during which time Princess will not leave the square. Whether you can find Princess’s figure depends on everyone’s eyes and luck… Of course, no one can find the location of Princess even after the end of time. When the banquet enters the next link, Princess will show up, but by that time I am afraid there will be a lot of surprises…”

I really can’t see it. This looks like a soldier who is only suitable for a soldier. He has such a good eloquence. Shandora is really a tiger.

I haven’t waited for Carmen’s voice to fall. There are a few youngsters on the scene who are unable to hold the youngster. They ask aloud: “Would you have any reward if you found Princess?”

Seeing a few noveau riche-like guys’ rash moves, I secretly shook my head. This kind of person who couldn’t make a big deal at a glance was only suitable for paving the way for others in this situation.

Carmen just smiled a few words about the daredevil and said, “What kind of rewards do you want a few gentlemen to get?”

Carmen’s counter-question is really powerful. Under such circumstances, is it really necessary to ask what is not required?

A few young losers slammed down and Carmen smiled and raised the microphone: “Now, the game begins – you, your eyes, look for the Princess around you!”

As soon as the voice fell, the first few seconds of the eager conversations of the eager conversations lost the mask of smirk and began to look around for the mysterious Princess.

I looked at Shandora with a curious look, really didn’t expect she would be interested in doing this boring game with Human Race.

Shandora noticed my gaze, smiled and continued to fight with the cake in his hand. Qianqian slammed a small piece of pudding in his hand into my mouth and said, “That’s true, even if there is a reason.” Also, both of you are not bothering to look at me in front of me?”

There are quite a few foreign girls on the scene. Some of them are local expatriates who come to join in the fun, and more are Shandora’s entourage. Of course, there are many Xiling female soldiers disguised as ordinary people. Now they are surrounded by everyone. All the famous children, everyone has reached a consensus: as long as it is a foreign girl, it may be Princess!

In front of me, there is a blonde girl surrounded by several youngsters. These people make this girl overwhelmed, and finally can’t help but burst out. The opening is the authentic Beijing film: β€œWhat are you doing, I dyed hair? Also wrong Ah?”

This kind of scene is everywhere, which fully proves that dyeing hair will cause harm to both body and mind…

Since every foreign girl or suspected foreign girl on the scene has received attention, Shandora is no exception. I watched by her. In just a short while, there are no fewer than ten well-dressed male brothers playing cultural exchanges. The flag came over, but it was a shame that Shandora’s eating was exaggerated. Everyone who came to the close of the family was finally scared back.

“I said, you haven’t eaten Ah?” When Shandora swallowed a whole plate of chocolate cake in ten seconds, I couldn’t help but connect with the spirit.

Shandora’s voice sounded in my mind: “Don’t use the standards of carbon-based biology to measure Xiling Apostle’s meal…”

… It seems that the Xiling Apostle I know is only exaggerated for your meal?

“Right,” Shandora’s voice sounded in my mind. “Your cronies should be in this World too? Why didn’t I see them? Except for Pandora and Sivis, who was Teacher, I barely saw your men. ”

“This… In fact, I don’t like things that are everything in disorder, so I let my Commander go to find something I like.”

“Oh–” Shandora is clear, she still knows the character that I am afraid of trouble.

At this moment, the rest of my eyes suddenly saw a person who should never appear here.

A resolute and full of positive face, like a costume of the hacker Empire, and a black leather bag across the shoulder.

“Big Brother, do you want to make a plate?” The uncle in black asked everyone.

… Selling pirated discs can be sold to this place. Should I say that this guy is really talented? !

“What do you like…” Shandora sighed with sorrow.

I want to marry this guy!

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