Xiling Empire Chapter 440

The forty-fourth chapter disaster overture

We can imagine such a situation:

There is a point, we call it the information zero, or the hourglass vortex, whichever is called, this point has no entity, it is just an inconspicuous information section in the universe, and the information contained is even less than an atom. It cannot be observed by any conventional means.

And this humble little spot has a very scary property: it sucks all the information around, like a vacuum bottle that sucks in the outside air after it suddenly opens, but it is different from a vacuum bottle. The vacuum on this information cannot be filled with the same amount of information (the amount of information required to fill it is extremely scary), and the only information contained in the information zero is “zero”, which is an absolute information vacuum. No matter how much information is poured in, it will be swallowed up by this zero. It is a crazy formatting process, and everything that comes into contact with it is mercilessly cleared. For this zero point, “galaxies” and “time” It is the same, “water” and “shape” are the same, “born” is the same as “bigger”, as long as it exists in the universe, what can be retrieved by World’s information tree, it is all data, completely Equivalent data, in the view of information zero, a star is even less than a planet, because the composition of the star is more simple, it can be used more shallow White mathematical model to describe, that enormous mass and energy is nothing but a handful of a few attributes that make back a few more zeros it.

When this information zero is released, it forms an extraordinary vortex. The coverage of this vortex can easily cover the entire universe: because any World is an information whole, it seems that no matter how many hard disks are installed in the computer, it can create a Like all resource managers, this information zero can also expand its swallowing range to the whole World. It forms a vortex that will rob any information within the sphere of influence like a black hole, mass, volume, strength, position, space, History, concepts, memory… Everything you can think of, no matter which dimension they belong to, whether they are tangible or intangible, they are crushed into powder and thrown into the vortex center of the big meal, in this world All living things in this powerful formatting storm gradually become a illusory illusion, even the most sturdy neutron star, will become a void within a millisecond, in fact, in the face of this formatting storm, the structure is simple The neutron star is more fragile than a planet, it is not much It is good to be deleted, the information in front of the zero point, “hardness 1” hardness and “one trillion” only needs a delete.

What will happen to this in the end?

Universe, will be reborn.

The information zero is theoretically unable to be filled, but it is not incapable of being controlled by external information. Through external forces, this greedy zero can still be set to an upper limit. Once the information flowing into it reaches this upper limit, the information zero will turn from closed. To be open, the cruel and rigid “zero” will first become a “negative one” with meaning, and then after a moment that does not exist in time, “negative one” will become “positive one”, all information will be A reversal occurred and an information explosion occurred.

The previously absorbed information will be returned, and the formatted universe will be reassigned. This is a re-creation process, and all living things are born without errors – singularity.

When the information zero transitions from a zero state to a negative state, it is called a negative singularity, and when it starts to burst, it is called a singularity.

As we all know, one of the ways in which the universe was born was the singular explosion.

According to Xiling’s world outlook (which is almost the truth of Universe), information is real, the true form of World is endless data and attributes, and the existence of all living things depends on the form of information it publishes to the outside world. The theory and the “wave universe” that Human Race once envisioned have great similarities. The biggest similarity is that this theory defines the actual material between the universes as invisible, without substantial “information” or Carrying the “wave” of information, and the reason why Human Race can’t recognize this, because we ourselves are also composed of “information”, a level of creatures can not actively detect the truth of this level of World, the so-called Laoshan is In this case, only the Xiling people can understand the mystery of the law before they can create a law weapon like the information zero.

This obviously is the opposite of World’s rules and regulations. Naturally, only the World Arbitration Mechanism, which is used to adjust the rules of heaven defying, can be done by placing information zeros to make the entire universe low, and then re-giving it through the singular explosion. Universe assignment, this process is called “World Reactivation”, which belongs to the World Arbitration Mechanism’s ultimate defense against the doomsday. Of course, it can also be used as a means of attack. The small-scale use of this reactivation is mentioned by Pandora. “Hot Start”.

The hot start is not a information zero that needs to fill the information of the entire universe, but a black hole of information directly formed by the arbitration authority. This black hole is highly controllable and can complete part of the World in a relatively small range. The formatting, coupled with Della’s independence of the Keplud area from the existing World structure, ensures that the hot start does not pose any harm to the external normal World, and that the final information burst due to the relatively gentle and easy process control. It can also be adjusted to a large extent, and we can repurpose the Kepulu area in this process, at least to restore it by more than 80%, even including most of the Human Race and Pro. Toss has built a home through countless generations, which will allow those fugitives to quickly return to life after returning home. Well, of course, this restoration does not include the uncontrollable factor of living thing.

Della can get us a total of one month, and Qianqian has time-asymmetricized the area around the Black Sun through its own capacity. This time has been extended to one and a half months, during which time Alaya, Pandora and Gaia has enough time to turn herself into a glory form, launch World Arbitration, and we have to complete the evacuation of the entire Kyplu District aborigines as soon as possible – the soon-to-be-destroyed, but not the material level, Not even the destruction of the dimension level, but the law of the universe itself will be formatted, even the lower level of God Clan, in the face of this destruction can only survive the escape to God’s Domain.

At this moment, I still can’t be described as stupid.

Here is a space fortress system built on the basis of the small planet belt. Our army is temporarily stationed here. The Empire fleet has now left the black sun’s radiation range, leaving only two unmanned outposts. Responsible for monitoring the abyss aggregate that is not regularly erupted, and we have established a series of space anchors at this position about ten light from the black sun, which will open the space of the Space Crack as the Space-Time management center. I know that for a star that is about to explode, the ten-light time is not a safe distance, but according to Alaya’s, Gaia and mother star are in a “fit” state, and she must be a mother star even if it becomes an arbitration form. The satellite is fine. If we want to use her arbitration mode to reset the Kepluo area, we must make the mother star’s jumping point close to the center of the star area.

Unfortunately, in order to make the abyss energy infect the nearest galaxy for the first time, the black sun chosen by Occam is also in this place.

“This is the case. The final solution we have agreed to avoid the destruction of the Universe, but the Kepru Star area must be used as a flood discharge area.”

In the Crystal Tower of the General City, which re-expanded and covered almost a small planet, I told Zeratu, Renault, and Blade Queen about what was going to happen. These three people can be said to be the races of the Kepru Star District. Representatives, they are also the first among the local indigenous people to learn about this terrifying intelligence.

“Get ready to run, it’s almost finished.”

Lilina added a sentence to the side when the three men had not recovered from the shock, and the atmosphere that had been suppressed to the extreme was finally broken.

Renault suddenly stood up from his seat and opened his mouth, but he did not say anything.

“I know it’s hard to accept,” I waved, indicating that the uncle, who was recently trying to repair the relationship with his own blade, calmed down. “But it’s better than the end of the Universe, and I hope you understand. This is not a discussion, but a notice that the indigenous people of the entire Kepru area must make choices, and our final actions will not be postponed for any reason.”

“This is a nightmare,” Zerathu voices low, then slowly close the eyes. “Thank you for your efforts to save this area until now, but I think many people will not leave their homes.”

“Cut, unreasonable.”

Lilina said in a voice that seemed to be whispering to herself, and the result was smashed by me, and immediately screamed to find Onee-sama for love.

“It’s still a message, and it’s a good news. You may not have to leave for too long. Most people may return to their homes in their lifetime. Our World Arbitration Mechanism has a rapid reshaping of this galaxy. The ability, well, at least that would be a place close to your former home.”

This sentence silences the people present, yes, a place that is close to the homes of the past – it is a replica, and the Keplu Star area will be destroyed after a month and a half, after being recast by the information. Even if the degree of restoration is 80% or even 100%, it is just a replica, and the meaning of everything has changed. Perhaps in the Xiling people’s world outlook, this change does not make sense, but for the vulnerable Human Race and For the Protos who have deep feelings in their hometown, this is hard to accept.

At this point I did not choose to bully, this is their own home, they have the right to know all about it.

“Hurry up, only one and a half months, Protos’ space science and technology may allow them to evacuate the whole family, but for Human Race, this time is probably only enough for them to escape less than half, most of the Human Race Will die of ‘formatting’, and how many Human Race responses will be a problem after we issue Warning, James? Renault, I hope that you can mobilize as many of your compatriots as possible.”

“I…do my best,” said Uncle Bear, who was indulged for a moment, and finally firmly nodded. “As a foreign race that has nothing to do with it, you can do this. I will not evade my responsibility.”

Not surprisingly, when Renault and his good friends left, the knife Queen stayed quietly and then broke the silence: “So, ‘we’ have been abandoned?”

I really think about the problem from the position of the Zerg. I am really curious about how the physiological change has caused her mind to change dramatically. Can this problem be thrown to Lilina to make the girl suffer from headaches for a long time?

“The purpose of our visit is to eliminate the Zerg,” I leaned back slightly and sat comfortably on the large seat. “There is no place in the new World. The Empire fleet will arrange space probes to block the entire Kepru Star. District, every escape spaceship must be inspected, Zerg? Even a cell would want to escape.”

In the face of such a cold answer, there is no unexpected expression on the face of the blade Queen, or the answer is well known. The purpose of the Empire Army was to eliminate the Zerg, and the destruction of the Kepru Star area will make this process even more Early completion, Xiling people have no reason to help the Zerg in this last day.

In fact, we are going to make up for it again…

But even though the expression was unmoved, the Queen of the blade had a slight glimmer of light across the line, and eventually it sighed into a calm sigh: “When fate comes, I will accept it with pleasure, then when are you going to execute me?”

At this moment I also felt that the fire was almost the same, only smiled and said: “How does the Zerg have something to do with you? Do you think you are like them?”

The eyes of the blade Queen are suddenly big, and I started to summon: “Lilina!”

The pseudo-Loli goddess officer who was thrown aside by me just seemed to be hiding in a space gap and ready to respond to the call of the summoned beast. He held this thick album “唰” and immediately reached the front of the blade Queen. Propaganda happily:

“In the name of goddess! Goddess of Life teaches a new business that rewards consumers now! Cosmetics, body, body sculpting, breast enhancement! Physical ordering, replacement, evolution, sanctification! Soul repair, spiritual unlocking, living thing Copying resurrection form With a minimum of 50% change, new and existing customers can enjoy membership treatment when ordering a full set of services at one time. VIP users can enjoy free treatments with more than three packages. You are not interested in this? Then look at this book— – Minimum 30% off bloodline, Vampire lineage and nightingale bloodline bundled one plus one package, you can also enjoy the first three levels of gene locks…诶, etc. Don’t be too busy shaking your head! Want to become god? Say no? I also wholesale all kinds of exercises, goddess is on! This is out of print! Just take a few children, change the new body, and then practice I recommend these few secrets to you, Haoyue Heaven defying is not a problem Oh! And it’s safe and risk-free. You think about how many Thunder’s hapless dying passes outside. Now you have a little money… I told you, don’t believe it. I also passed through my sisters, wow! That’s not a crime for people, but now? Look at you, developed! Oh, the chief priest of Goddess of Life, the chief priest, do you know? This is the child! I also serve as the heresy judge of the goddess teaching, the battle knight, the great pope! Is this for you? It is a new body! Come here, this place, sign a word, or not The fingerprints are also made, I told you, after the village did not have this shop, it is difficult to buy the returning grass is to return to the grass, the world is not heaven defying, you still figure… Hey! Boss, let me say Finish……”

In the end, Lilina, who was holding a bunch of propaganda albums and selling for a long time, flew out along the parabola. This girl continued to follow the Carrow old ball to study piracy! !

“That’s it, we can undertake the race change and the body recovery task here. You can start now without any comments. After the completion, we can help you get rid of acne or acne. This is the contract, do you sign a word?”

As I pushed a piece of paper to Kerrigan, the knife Queen, who had just passed through the misty sea of ​​Yunshan, replied unknowingly: “Hey… just throwing the child out from you. Is it because she robbed your business?”


In any case, the process is quite smooth, although I found that the face of Queen is very distorted when facing this choice, but I think she will be glad to choose the wise when she restores her identity. Survival is the instinct of every living thing, and the knife Queen is no exception. The current situation is that if she still stubbornly maintains her identity as a Zerg, she can only be formatted with her own “family”.

Although Kerrigan has been turned into a Zerg, she still has her own sense of freedom, so she will not choose to go with the Zerg. In this case, even if she is reluctant, she will make a wise choice. .

And at the same time, an information broadcast facing the entire Kepru area is also centered on each of the planetary battleships distributed in the universe.

At this moment, with the destruction of the Kings-class annihilation ship, the “revelation” power that has permeated the entire star area has also ended. The families that have suddenly waking up from the madness are in great confusion and panic. The confusion is Because I don’t know why my thoughts will suddenly be out of my control, and the panic is – I have no idea to provoke an unprecedentedly powerful alien, even many people can see the night sky as if they are looking up at night. The moon’s general planet forforts (these fortresses open the gravitational isolation unit without attacking, so they don’t interfere with the orbit of nearby planets), and the psychological pressure is imaginable.

At this time, with their sobriety, the Empire Army also stopped military operations, and began to broadcast the news that the Keplu Star area is about to be destroyed, as well as the revamped version of the “revelation” and the “abyss” infection. At the end of the wide-ranging at the same time, it brought even greater fear.

The largest race escape from the Kepru Star District since the birth of the living thing is about to kick off.

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