Xiling Empire Chapter 444

Chapter 464 Chapter Creation

The three enormous celestial fortress formed a gable-shaped array in space, gradually stopping the surrounding motion of mother star, but violating the common sense of physics (saying that they did not follow physical common sense from the very beginning?) Stop at the north pole of the mother star and slowly rotate around the mother star axis.

I would like to ask, Pandora is so dizzy around the axis of the earth in such a high place, but I still can’t say it in the end… The little girl will take my head and hit me.

“Our will govern all living things, and Empire’s power dominates void,” the arbitral body that has entered purely mechanistic thinking has repeatedly and brainstormed to broadcast such information to any frequency. “Universe will be reborn…”

“Is the arbitral organ still engaged in propaganda after the war?”

I quite strangely asked Shandora, who returned to me with a shiny little white tooth.

This gimmick means that at this historic moment when the World Arbitration Mechanism was launched, would I treat me as today’s dinner if I didn’t care?

“The hot start has started, the information black hole has been established, and the release will be confirmed. This order is irreversible after the start…”

“The delivery code confirms that the information black hole is completed, the process is irreversible, and the original glory guides us…”

The peaceful multi-synthesis sounds through the hall, and this little Universe cage begins to be destroyed.

“First of all, the quality is deprived, as well as gravity.”

Just like every time, Shandora is doing the knowledge for me at any time, so that I can understand what is happening now. As for Qianqian and Onee-sama, the same comes from Earth. The ignorant Human Race… The former’s thinking jump has allowed Shandora to completely abandon the possibility of communicating with it, while the latter is a gentle smile that makes Xiling Queen a goosebump of horror, except for me. Outside theoretically, Lilina, who should also accept these high-science and technology educations, is a believer who is a goddess adult. Except for the goddess teachings, he does not accept any person’s reasoning. The reason for such a formidable is out of the hell of the lecture, in other words, and ultimately Is it only unlucky to accept the knowledge of Shandora?

Well, although the cool and noble Xiling Queen in normally can be around, it is a good experience to introduce you to the little girl who looks very interesting to her, but…Shandora, these Knowledge is really too deep Oh! How can your boyfriend’s mortal brain understand the conceptual theory of information Universe Oh!!

But Shandora didn’t realize my resentment at all, or did this gimmick know that I didn’t catch a lot of bombing of these high science and technology terms, so I was so excited to see the depressed expression on my face? God knows, anyway, it seems that I have accidentally activated a dangerous switch in the brain of Shandora…

My high school teacher didn’t have much to say – oh, remember, my high school Teacher is Sivis.

“Now we can still see these Stars, but as we have seen, the tracks of these Stars have become quite abnormal… well, well, they are still now, we have deleted the ‘direction’ of this star zone, ‘Path’, “sports” and other information…”

Although there is no way to say a bunch of nouns to Shandora, I am getting caught up in the spectacle that is happening in front of me. It is absolutely impossible in the Universe: the operation of Stars has stopped.

Even without looking at the sea-like Hologram projections that monitor the entire star area, just a screen showing the current star port track shows the problem: there are just two rocks that are about to collide across the screen, but in the The moment they touched, the two were strangely still in the air, only a centimeter apart, but they could never hit the together—the two stones were bleak with the beam.

It seems to be the stillness of time, but it is more terrible than Time Stop: all the descriptive information about the movement has disappeared from this universe.

“Quality, gravity, movement, these three things are generally the first to be deleted by the hot start, which saves the entire universe as a complete and stable snapshot, so that we can restore everything in the end, if the order of deletion is wrong, Stars The location will be confusing, then we can only write the universe constants a little bit.”

As the movement disappears, what is dissipated from this space is the temperature of the celestial bodies.

Absolute zero?

No, absolute zero is also a kind of temperature. Even if the temperature is low, it can’t be said that there is no temperature. Now the situation in the Kepulu area is that the concept of “temperature” is gone.

I haven’t had time to think about what a World without temperature concept should look like. The information black hole finally started its collapse. The original deletion occurred every few minutes, and then it was speeded up to three seconds, then one second. This time, it is beyond the limit of the speed of Human Race thinking.

Hardness, density, volume, reflectivity, strong mutual force, weak mutual force, quantum effect, charge number, brightness, history, future, time before and after…

The amount of information needed to ensure that a substance exists in Real World is horrendous, even if it is an atom, and the information needed to fully describe it from every dimension is enough to mess up your family’s collection of more than 20,000. PC, even any network company that claims to be World’s top blade server, but now this huge amount of information is like a wasteland washed by the flood, is rapidly peeling off the foundation named World, an hour later The Universe in our eyes has turned into a two-dimensional snapshot, but after an hour and ten minutes, we have only a lot of abstract lines and clouds left.

Then there is a chaos.

Faster and faster, this 160,000-year-old universe is rapidly becoming a singularity. Eventually, when space and time are removed as the last two attributes, we become a void.

Here is where the universe was born: Endless Void.

The azure mother star is suspended in the void, using its own Force Field to force a space in which the space does not exist. To save energy, the Empire fleet has all entered the atmosphere of the mother star or Space pleats to avoid the erosion of void energy, except that only the World Arbitration Mechanism, which is still spinning slowly over the North Pole, emits a faint glow, giving the ice-cold a little bit of dead. pissed off.

“The trial is unstoppable.”

The brainwashing ternary compound sound is still echoing in the command hall. This time I believe, the trial is really unstoppable.

“Make a singularity.”

I simply ordered that now Pandora has become a purely logical machine, and only such simple and concise commands can be executed by Supreme.

“For your glory, Empire dominates the new life of the Universe.”

To be honest, I would like to see what a singularity looks like, what a singular explosion is, but unfortunately, that is impossible…

The singularity is invisible. It is a concept “point” that contains all the initial information and is in one-dimensional space but has quality. This infinitely large object can only be described by theory, and its explosion will not produce any common sense. The shock wave on the top, if it is said that the singular explosion is equivalent to void… it is like a moment when a u disk is inserted into the computer.

Lilina didn’t know when she wore a solemn pure and holy robes, using magic to float in the air of the command hall, with a soft and sacred glow on her face.

In our incomprehensible eyes, the pseudo Loli goddess officer slowly opened his hands, the sound was like Angel’s pure and holy majesty: “There is light…”

Then this guy was smashed down by my slippers.

Your family God has not spoken yet, bastard! You really won’t be judged by the heresy… Hey, it looks like this guy is calling himself to be a heresy referee…

“Ah!! Haha!! Awesome! Lilina is doing well! Della will have to see it again!”

I just vomited Lilina in the face of God’s face Genesis, God really came.

A cheerful and heartless voice sounded in the command hall, and then a green figure flashed across the air and slammed into my arms.

“A’Jun A’Jun !! Della is amazing! Genesis has half of Della’s credit! This way Della can add two points to the next test of the primary creation certificate! With these two points, Della is only seventy-eight. Divide! Della will definitely pass!!”

…Do you dare tell me what is the full score of your God’s Domain exam? For a long time, you have not passed the eighty-five idiots! !

“…A’Jun, can you explain who this girl is?”

I am about to torture the best result of Della’s re-testing hundreds of times. When it was over twenty, a murky voice suddenly came from behind, with a cold wind of minus thirty-eight degrees and a half.

I slowly turned my head, and looked at the Qianqian, who was covered in black mist, and Onee-sama with a suspicious smile, and a look of playfulness, scanning up and down God’s Shandora.

Then slowly twisting the head back, facing the pair of beautiful big eyes shining with emerald green light, the latter unconsciously buried the whole body in my arms, the touch from the inside of the arm is soft and incredible.

Della, enlarged version…

You are a little thing that kills people and doesn’t pay for their lives! Oh!

In order to explain the identity of this beautiful young girl who suddenly popped up, I missed the spectacular scene of the Universe explosion… Well, it is a strong flash anyway, I don’t care at all, well, absolutely don’t care… …

That is the big bang of the Universe! The Universe Big Bang Oh, which cannot be recorded by any science and technology because there is no logic of the law!

Through all the visible and invisible barriers, the initial flash of light shining into the command hall haunted us. Lilina floated again and repented, and opened her arms: “If there is… ah, the boss said that he is not allowed to hit his face! For Loli, I can live on this face!”

Forget it, I have no time to deal with this bad guy.

“Oh, I can grow up…”

Qianqian and Shandora, with their unclear expressions, glanced up and down Della, who still had no rebelliousness, and let the gods of God start to squat, and then the two girls looked at each other and said in unison: “There is a threat!”

Your brain has made up for Oh!

“Ah, A’Jun, Della forgot to cancel the form of God!”

Have you discovered it until now?

Young girl The form of Della suddenly changed back to the three-inch shape, and then fell lightly on top of my head, cheerfully greeted the Qianqian in front of them – this guy is heartless after Alaya and Sylvia I am stupid.

“Emorous threat,” looked at Della as a cover in the form of pets, sitting on my head in the same way, the two girls seem to suddenly think of something, and then brains up, “the threat of deep heart.”

Where did you see this three-inch Ding? Does this guy really have the brain structure necessary to carry out that complex thinking?

“In short, this is a misunderstanding…”

I reluctantly grabbed Della from my head, and the latter was stunned by my head and looked at the strangely.

“The flash of Genesis turned out to be Ah? Well, although the artificial singular explosion is not the same as the real Genesis, it’s really worth mentioning, A’Jun, Della will have to read it again! Della just didn’t remember live.”

You will make up for the end of time!

The Qianqian and Shandora, who have been transformed into the inferential emperor, are still replenishing their brains. There is a world-wide enormous gap in the mindset. The two men are now in the same voice as the soul: “And the goddess identity, the enemy Oh!”

“You two are finished!” I finally couldn’t help but give these two messy gimmies a burst of enthusiasm. Do you need to eat a pet’s vinegar?

Well, although I don’t feel amazing about Della in the form of young girl, the problem is that this energy-deficient idiot goddess has to keep three-inch tens of 99% of the time. How do you let me put this one? Three minutes of young girl as a normal girl

Fortunately, Qianqian and Shandora seem to have forgotten this very quickly, or Della’s style is too confusing, so that the two young girls turned their heads and forgot the existence of this enemy. When I reacted, Qianqian and Della were a big one. A couple of idiots have already smashed into Haha, and Shandora took me and said, “Okay, let’s see what happens.”

The pseudo-singular explosion has ended. Now we are to be full of a confused white mist: it seems to be nothing harmful, but in fact these white mists are most likely a space cloud with a temperature of 100 million. The internal reactions are even stronger than the stars. Under normal circumstances, they need hundreds of millions of years of evolution to simply differentiate the basic material at the beginning of the Universe, but under the intervention of a predetermined rule, this process Directly omitted, according to the information record we recorded earlier, the original information black hole has now become an information fountain, it will re-assign these white fog at a very fast speed, let them skip the long evolution, directly Become a replica of the Kepru Star District.

This process, which was deducted by the arbitral authority, took at least seventy years – just as the worst case we estimated at the time, the natives of Kepru would spend decades in exile in sinister outer space.

The rest of the matter is no longer required to participate in the World Arbitration Mechanism. After leaving only a few monitoring outposts, the Empire fleet is out of the “Kepro Universe” that is being born. The Pandora who just exited the big iron ball has also changed. Back in the Apostle form, but Gaia can’t walk with us: after discussion, we decided to let mother star stay in this nascent universe for a while, which not only monitors the birth of the new universe, but also collects a lot of valuable initial data. More importantly, the mother star is quite safe here. Anyway, it is already on the same plane. We have established a stable World Gate between us and mother star. It is also very easy to find Gaia.

World Arbitration Mechanism This time, it can be said that it is a forced start. In any case, it is an old system that has been sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years. Even if it is powerful again, it will be harmed by the work of Genesis. At least in the near future, we don’t expect to start this big killer again, so letting mother star find a safe and resource-rich galaxy to recuperate is the best way to strengthen the foundation strength, which is what we let Gaia leave. Another reason, compared to the desolate and remote solar system, the Kepru Star area is much better than the location and resources. Of course, the resources mentioned here are not conventional Universe deposits, but rather The “Kepro World” that was born in Universe is the weakening void radiation that fills space. These are more powerful and more safe than void. But Gaia can cultivate the harmony of heaven and man in this place. , absorbing the heavens and spirits waiting for the day to rise…

In order to further strengthen the safety of mother star in this universe, Lilina has also developed a jaw-dropping “Zealot Plan”, which will continue to be implemented in the next few decades, and the goal of this plan is now The original Kepru indigenous people who are in exile in the nearby space use the Goddess of Life’s beliefs and Della’s miraculous miracles, as well as precise guidance of the group’s psychological changes caused by the refugees’ decades of exile. Lilina, the strongest Zealot in history, will gradually establish an absolute theocratic system in this region, and the core of their belief is Xiling Apostle.

“Several decades of space exile will not necessarily kill the will of the Protos, but it will definitely change the Human Race. In the process, we will gradually become the gods in the minds of these fragile living things that have lost the spiritual pillar.” Lilina said with a fascinating smile on her face, “mother star will be the holy land of the god of the universe, and the future Kepru area will become a colony under the Empire of Empire, Human Race The power may not be strong, but if the mother star really encounters any danger, they can at least act as a buffer and alarm. It is safer than throwing the mother star on the edge of a gossip.”

In short, it is the process of turning the entire Kepru Star District into an Empire slave with a spiritual shackle.

To be honest, sometimes Lilina always gives me a chilling feeling, even though she knows she won’t be against us, but the things in her mind are really disturbing in most cases.

“Reassured, anyway, just let them help protect the mother star, but also give them a pillar in despair, although in the end this pillar will become a shackle, but if you want to get it, you have to pay, this is fair trade,” see me Lilina estimated that she used her “psychologist’s gaze like a torch” to guess what I was thinking. The face looked like a simple and lovely smile. “Boss, laugh one! We are going to follow The survivors of the Kepru Star District met, let them see you a stinky face but it would cause panic Oh~~”

Forget it, think so much, as Lilina said, this is a fair deal, Human Race needs to pay their loyalty to Empire, and Empire gives them a spiritual dependence.

The huge Empire fleet gradually approached a small galaxy that was far from the old Keploo, and Renault had already waited there.

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