Xiling Empire Chapter 45

Forty-fifth chapter desperate Loli kick

Seeing the pig’s head in front of me staring at myself with the eyes of the wife and the enemy, I can’t help but feel completely puzzled. It seems that I have never provoked this guy.

Shandora is faster than I understand: “At the moment when two Great Beauty are standing by you, you become a male enemy.”

This gimmick is really terrible for the understanding and learning ability of Human Race World.

Qianqian suddenly showed a provocative smile to the opposite head of the pig, then turned and hugged my arm.

Liu Zicai’s face was green at once.

Shandora quite strangely, look at Qianqian holding me, and then I hugged my other arm.

Qianqian’s face is green at once…

Pandora suddenly found that his usual two arms were taken over by others, so he licked his mouth, stepped back, and slammed it up and hung it around my neck.

My face is green all at once…

During the evolution of the face of several of us, the people of the surrounding people also experienced an earthquake. Since Shandora showed her identity and smashed the earthquake, she became the focus of the audience, up to the government officials. The average waiter, including a few who looked far away from this side, kept focusing on Shandora on Carrow’s city management. Now the irritating Her Highness the Princess suddenly came out like this…

Ah, goodbye, my calm life, although I have already said goodbye to you once a month ago.

To my surprise, Liu Zicai just slammed me for a while, then turned and walked away, although I can see that he is to be full of hatred, but this guy can restrain himself so muchโ€” – It seems that this Young Master Liu is not so incurable, he can still distinguish things.

โ€œCarbon-based creatures are really interesting,โ€ Shandora’s voice sounded in my mind.

I have given up on the fact that these stubborn Xiling Apostles recognize that I am also a carbon-based creature.

โ€œA’Jun,โ€ Qianqian said suddenly and happily. โ€œLet’s go dancing!โ€

“Dancing?” I was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, dance, the second half of this banquet was originally an open-air dance Oh!”

I looked at Shandora with a gaze, and the latter immediately narrowed his neck: “Don’t look at me, the second half of the banquet is not arranged by me.”

At this moment Someone has started looking for a partner in the surroundings. It seems that many people know the specific arrangements of the banquet. They all bring their own partners, but even if you donโ€™t know, itโ€™s okay. Itโ€™s everywhere in all kinds of social occasions. People, looking for a partner, don’t bother with them, but because of the existence of Princess Shandora’s, most of the men’s goals on the scene are concentrated on someone.

A graceful noble son wearing a pure white tailcoat came over and glanced at the Shandor gentleman: “The beautiful and noble Her Highness the Princess, I wonder if I can have a chance to dance with you?”

Shandora instantly switches the posture of Princess and proposes a skirt. “I feel very honored with your invitation, but unfortunately, I already have a partner.”

Noble son turned his gaze to me, with a hint of disdain in his eyes: “Her Highness the Princess, is the partner you mean this gentleman? I am taking the liberty to ask, this gentleman from the very beginning I am very close to you, I don’t know what his identity is? Can anyone prove his credibility? Under the chairman of Ding Clan International Trade, Ding Bai is also the organizer of this banquet, so Her Highness the Princess is here. Security issues must be questioned!”

Itโ€™s a sinister word!

This rhetoric can be described as justified. It is an understatement that has become a dangerous person who is close to Princess with a bad heart, and you are still very difficult to refute. People also said that he is the organizer of the banquet. I am concerned about the safety of Princess in a diligent manner, and my identity may not be so intimate with Princess anyway. In a word, he is a strong defender of Princess, and I Itโ€™s a mixed-race kid who wants to eat swan meat. Maybe Iโ€™m still a dangerous person who is speculative!

Now I have thought of the identity of the youngster in front of this name, Ding Clan International Trade, which is an international trading company that has recently become popular. Its rise to be full of incomprehensible places, because this company is No one has ever heard of it before, but almost overnight it has become the largest company in China. No one knows how it developed, and Ding Bai, the chairman of this company, is to be full of Mysterious, XrimX is the Supreme leader of Ding Clan International Trade. When everyone doubts its ability, he proves his value to the world with his excellent leadership and business vision. This person and his Like Ding Clan International Trade, it suddenly rises and then releases a dazzling glow that people can’t look straightforward.

Itโ€™s a big man โ€“ maybe… In the eyes of Shandora, I donโ€™t know if heโ€™s a living thing individual who can barely communicate.

Shandora patiently waited for the other person to finish the conversation and then politely smiled: “In other words, Mr. Ding is suspicious of my friend’s identity problem and you want to know the relationship between me and him?”

“Please forgive me for taking the liberty,” Ding Bai said slightly. “But it is also to fulfill the obligations of the host. After all, although this is a party open to everyone, no one in this area can come in, even if it is A friend of Her Highness the Princess, we also need to confirm the other’s identity.”

Although Shandora has always had a decent smile, I can feel it through a heterosexual connection. She is very angry now.

I have never seen Shandora look angry. When she is in front of me, she will always be a silly happy wild girl, but I suspect that once she is angry, the consequences will be quite terrible. Pandora has mentioned to me:

“…In the wrath of Emperor Shandora, all the civilization of the 24th heavenly region is extinct…”

Although the current Shandora is not the tyrant who was scattered around and destroyed, I have every reason to believe that she is now more than enough to launch a wrath to engage in a natural disaster.

Just as I was about to appease Shandora’s emotions, Pandora, who had never been open, suddenly stepped forward and came to Ding Bai.

Until at this moment, Ding Bai suddenly found that there was such a cute little angel on the scene – although the little angel expression was coldly indifferent, it did not affect Pandora’s cute appearance.

“Hello, cute Little Sister…” Ding Bai reveals his most recognizable smile and bends down to Little Girl in front of him.

“Don’t say bad things about your brother!” A little childish voice rang, then Pandora flashed a quick kick…

… Which bastard teaches little brat this trick? !

Along with the fierce misery of Ding Bai, all the men present were collectively in a cold war โ€“ it was too embarrassing.

The Pandora kick also allowed Shandora’s anger to calm down. She also freely analyzed the mental connection to me: “The fairly effective attack method accurately grasps the weakness of male carbon-based creatures and causes maximum damage with minimal force. And it won’t be deadly, you have a very good general.”

Which general have you seen specifically playing on the battlefield? !

Ding Bai’s misery quickly attracted the attention of others. Several staff members quickly ran over and saw Ding Bai, who was huddled on the ground, and quickly stepped forward to help. The latter immediately shouted: “Don’t move, then Itโ€™s broken…”

“Her Highness the Princess,” a sturdy man like a soldier came to Shandora and said, “I am very sorry for the disturbance you have caused, but can you please explain what happened here?”

โ€œOf course,โ€ Shandora said with a slight smile. It seems that she is in a very good mood. โ€œThe Mr. Ding asked me some things just now. Some of these things involve the private affairs of the Riesca royal family, and he is still trying to find out. The social situation and personnel of Riesca’s royal family members, we suspect that he is spying on the Royal Supreme secret through me, so my friend has quickly subdued him and lost his mobility. If we have acted wrongly, please understand. After all, this matter involves our national security and royal dignity…”

Shandora, I adore you, I admire you very much! You can dare to arbitrarily buckle in such an exaggerated big hat. From the point of viciousness, you have become become god!

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