Xiling Empire Chapter 49

Chapter 49โ€”Alaya

Just then, a strange black car with no body logo slowly entered Nanfu Street. In the car, there were several men with a sullen look.

A person with a thin face suddenly broke the silence and said to a bald man sitting in front of him: “Hey, are we too sloppy this time? Anyway, there is a Princess there, there will be no What are the people who are less protected in the dark, what do we do once they are discovered by them?”

The hoarse voice of the bald man sounded: “The heart is relaxed, Ding Family has promised that the Princess who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth really drove all the security personnel, even those governments. The secretly arranged plainclothes bodyguards are not left. Now there is absolutely no place for the surroundings to save lives. Let’s be careful, who can find out who is the hand? Besides, even if they are found, we can use that. The stupid Great Young Master Liu is a ghost, and then there will be Ding Family’s forces to protect them, at most for a few years, we can be thousands of net worth!”

At this time, a triangle-eyed man sitting next to the bald head smiled and said: “Hey, itโ€™s true that the Princess is really a national fragrance. Anyway, there is no defender. We are doing this as soon as possible.”

“Don’t think about it!” The bald man whispered, “Old Dao, this is not a joke! Scaring Princess Ding Family can save you, if you do something you shouldn’t do, then Itโ€™s not the police, but the army!โ€

“Yes…” was drunk by the bald head, and Old Dao immediately lost his smile. “I am a problem with this person. Head, don’t take it seriously, I just said to play…”

“But–” The bald head turned and revealed a strange smile. “Princess, we can’t touch it. The kid can have a pretty sister. It’s also a famous beauty. When we get a few cool ones.” Hey!”

“I don’t have any interest in his sister,” said the thin-faced man, smirking. “I heard that the kid has a sister, only twelve or three years old, but a beautiful woman, and it is still a blind man, so don’t have a flavor Oh!”

The triangle-eyed man immediately whispered: “You have a hobby of playing this girl, but we are changing the taste, oh…”

The three people whispered and seemed to have begun to fantasize about some kind of unfavorable scenes that will happen soon.

I naturally won’t know what happened here, and now we are driving to the nearby unfinished area as fast as possible.

A white shadow wind generally crossed the unmanned street, but because of the role of a Force Field, such a high-speed driving did not bring a little sound, really like a Ghost car.

Stopped in a black car on the side of the road, a youngster smashed rub one’s eyes and said to the next son, “Young Master Liu, what kind of car was it? It didn’t sound so fast!”

Sitting next to him, it is Liu Zicai!

“Probably you have a look at it, really, a few of them can’t make it, even though it was sent by Ding Family, but my heart is always a bit of a slap in the face, I don’t know what happened… โ€

โ€œYoung Master Liu!โ€ A youngster sitting in the back seat suddenly screamed and scared Liu Zicai and another person.

“What are you doing! Crazy you!” Liu Zicai scolded.

The youngster screaming and shaking his hands, handed his mobile phone to Liu Zicai, and shuddered and said: “Young Master Liu, I just had nothing to do with my mobile phone, and the result…”

Liu Zicai took a look at the phone and immediately sucked it in a breath of cold air: the picture on the phone is just the gray car that has just passed, because this phone is very advanced, even at night and at the other speed. Soon, the picture taken was not very vague. He clearly saw that there was no one in the driver’s seat of the car!

I think that the car just opened a little sound, and the hair of Liu Zicai is erected!

“Young Master Liu, aren’t we going to hell?” The youngster who was photographing said palely.

“Don’t stop… don’t talk nonsense! It must be that your kid’s phone is too rubbish,” Liu Zicai said, throwing the phone to the other person as if he was holding something unclean. “Open… drive! This place is weird.” !”

At this point, we finally arrived at the location where Alaya sent the message.

The Imperial Garden is the original name of this complex. If it can be completed successfully, it will become the largest residential area in K City and Supreme. Unfortunately, the developers have been plagued by excessive disasters, drinking too dizzy and light at a party. -headed When the female toilet was accidentally slammed into the wall, it crashed into the wall and it was a car accident on the way to the hospital. This building became the largest unfinished building in K City.

We parked the car in a hidden place and walked into the dark building area.

There is no light here. Only the city lights reflected in the sky and the fireworks flashing from the surrounding area can make us barely look at the objects. Surroundings The rough concrete walls of the building and the criss-crossing bars on the top of the head make us feel like we are walking into it. A war-torn city ruins, because there is no light, the surrounding cement columns and steel mesh are almost integrated into the night, and the blurred black shadows are layered together, like ghosts of people choosing, this is also No wonder this place will send out so many ghost legends.

“Alaya, you can come out.” I said through a spiritual connection.

A gust of wind came from above, and then I saw the white light falling around, a warm and reassuring feeling filled with white light that was gradually lit up in my heart.

I lifted the head and was shocked.

A silver-haired golden pupil’s young girl is sitting on a concrete beam a dozen meters above the ground. She wears a white sleeveless dress dotted with tiny gold rims. The skirt reveals a pair of naked white feet. In the air, it was naughty and gently swaying. A strange white glow spread from the young girl, making the surrounding things 100 meters clear. In this halo, the face of the young girl could not be seen directly. But I can clearly “see” the other’s looks: clear and pure, pure and holy, just like the Goddess of Human World.

Behind the young girl, a pair of elegant white wings slowly open…

The dark night, ruins, Angel, constitutes a breathtaking picture.

“Angel!” I screamed.

Hearing my voice, the opposite Angel Young girl immediately showed a joyous smile, and the wings fluttered, and then vacated, and crossed a beautiful light arc in the sky, and then gracefully landed in front of me.

“Heaven A… Angel!” I don’t know what to do now. Alaya turned out to be Angel’s form. This is beyond my understanding of the ability, so that I can only point to the other side stuttering the word.

It is almost certain that in the distant past, Xiling Apostle must have been to Earth and ruled the World with God’s posture. Otherwise, how can Xiling Apostle match the legend of Human Race to this point? !

I also finally thought of what Pandora told me. Xiling Empire’s technology is not purely science and technology, but a powerful technology that combines magic and mysterious power, alchemy technology and science and technology. Now even Angel and science And technology is not likely to be the creatures on the top are appeared, I have no choice but to believe Pandora’s.

โ€œAre you surprised?โ€ Shandora’s voice made me look back at the right time. I turned my head and saw a mischievous smile on her face.

“You already know it? Why don’t you tell me early, so I have a mental preparation!”

“Isn’t that boring? After a lifetime with these carbon-based creatures, I was amazed at it, and now it’s your turn to be surprised~~”

…and this theory?

It seems that I donโ€™t think itโ€™s interesting to tease me. The style of Shandora is finally serious. She said, โ€œWell, let me tell you about the Xiling Apostle’s thing about Alaya now. As you know, Xiling Empire’s technology is Magic. Combined with science and technology, they can be roughly divided into two parts, one representing the mysterious and unknown Magic power, one representing the rational and known science and technology power, most of which are Xiling Apostle The product of the fusion of two forces, such as me, and the other part is the extreme manifestation of these two forces, and one of the extremes is the Little Girl in front of you, representing the mysterious and unknown Alaya, if I have not guessed wrong. Your other two World Arbitration Mechanisms should be pure science and technology power, and the other is fusion power – of course, this is just my guess, your connection with your own mother star is too weak, the real situation I also help Not your busy.”

At this time, Angel Alaya, who had been strangely looking at us, suddenly spoke up. This sound was completely out of the way that Human Race could make it, because it sounded with an ethereal vibrato, which sounded extraordinarily sweet and sacred: “Alaya Waiting for your order, Monarch.”

I noticed that Alaya seems to be different from other Xiling Apostles. Her name for me is not “Emperor” but Monarch, which makes me curious.

โ€œPersonal hobbies.โ€ When I heard my question, Shandora swayed his hand and said, โ€œFor us, the Authority level certification is the only credible thing. As for the title, it is more relaxed, as long as it is not too much. Can accept it, otherwise how can Pandora call your brother?”

It turns out that it seems that I still have some habits to measure these Xiling Apostles in the way of Human Race thinking.

Seeing that Alaya is still waiting for my instructions, I finally said my question: “Alaya, how come you suddenly came to Earth?”

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