Xiling Empire Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Unlucky Criminals

“Alaya, how come you suddenly came to Earth?” After finally recovering from the impact of an opponent, Angel, my first question was to ask why the other person came to this World. From the description of Shandora’s, I can know that World Arbitration Mechanism It is quite important for a Xiling Origin Star. In general, these super-consciousness will not leave the mother star.

“Alaya has remote control of Xiling Origin Star’s ability, so I can leave mother star at will. Considering the difficulty in connecting Monarch and mother star, Alaya decided to come to Earth and use it as a signal base station to enhance the relationship between Monarch and mother star. Connection, Machine No. 2 and Machine No. 3 have agreed to this proposal, so Alaya has the opportunity to come to this World.”

“This way…” I am nodded, it seems that this Xiling Apostle is self-proclaimed, but they are thinking for me after all, I am also embarrassed to blame them, just one after another to so many people who are a headache, It really makes me very difficult…

“Alaya,” I looked at the enormous wings of the other side of the swing. “Can your wings be closed?”

“Put it up?” Alaya looked at me questioningly. She didn’t seem to understand the meaning of what I asked. But she didn’t think much, but chose to obey my orders. A pair of elegant white wings instantly turned into a skylight. The feathers gradually dissipated in the air, but in the next second they returned to Alaya’s.

“Can’t take it up…” Alaya replied honestly.

Shandora pointed his lower lip with his index finger and analyzed: “It seems to be a special model, there is no second camouflage function…”

Why do I feel that Shandora’s words sound so strange?

“What should I do? She can’t come out to see people Oh like this!” I said with a headache, with an Angel and an unidentified illuminator on the street, I just thought it would be quite unreliable. .

“That wouldn’t come out to see people.” Shandora shrugged and said easily. “Invisible Force Field is quite simple for Xiling Apostle. Her pure energy model allows me to hide. In the sync space, let her stay invisible after the big deal.”

“How about it!” I immediately objected. “This is too unfair to her!”

When I heard my words, Shandora looked at me with a slightly surprised look, then nodded appreciatively and said, “Really didn’t expect, you are better than I thought, but you can rest assured that this girl is right. And carbon-based biological communication will never care. For Xiling Apostle, only the spiritual connection is the real communication. I believe that this girl cares if she can stay with you, as far as other people know. I don’t know if her existence has anything to her. If you are afraid of her loneliness, let’s have her chat with you when no one is there.”

I turned my head to Alaya and asked tentatively: “Is that okay?”

The latter nodded lightly, then the body gradually became transparent until it completely disappeared into the air, but I can clearly sense that the Angel girl is now flying very close to us.

“Okay!” Shandora stretched out a long stretch. “Recycling is completed smoothly. Start with a little angel. It’s not too late. Let’s go back first. By the way, plan a good trip. ……”

“The hostile target is close to my sister…” Pandora suddenly said with a very mechanical sound.

I was shocked: “What?”

Pandora still said in a mechanized voice: “EX-35th Xiling Observer reports that there is a hostile target close to Elder Sister Chen Qian, enemy Threat Level: Zero… error, reanalyzed according to the protected person’s body quality, enemy threat level ……very high!”

Suddenly the news made me squat for a second or two, but fortunately, dealing with various abnormal creatures and abnormal things for a long time made my nerves multiply, I immediately calmed down, since Pandora set up in advance. Xiling observers to protect Elder Sister’s security, then a few small characters with a threat level of zero for Pandora are not worth a fear, but I am curious as to who is willing to hit Elder Sister’s idea, saying that we don’t usually Who has been provoked?

“Pandora, who is the nearest Xiling Apostle to my sister?”

Pandora’s eyes tweeted blue light and replied: “It has been connected, Pandora Regiment Commando Commander Aikma is on standby.”

I immediately thought of the unlucky one that was sent to the trunk and was picked up for a night’s burr.

“Let him bring the enemy over – remember, catch the living!”

In a dark alley, Chen Qian was nervously watching the three suspicious men in front of him.

“Miss, we have already said, we are Chen Jun’s friends, why don’t you believe it?” The triangle-eyed man on the left said a smile that he thought he was kind, but unfortunately this false smile could not cover it. The evil and cruelty in his eyes, Chen Qian is blame if he believes him.

“A’Jun When did you have these friends?” Chen Qian forced himself to suppress the fear in his heart, but the slight trembling voice revealed the tension in her heart. The three people in front of him were obviously not good people. They looked for themselves. The younger brother is more likely to be the so-called old-fashioned, and absolutely cannot let them find a younger brother.

However, her own situation is even worse. It was originally a very remote and dark alley. It was late at night. It was impossible for anyone to pass through here. K City’s management of firecrackers was loose. At this moment, it was everywhere. The sound of firecrackers that celebrated the New Year, even if she shouted for help, was greatly likely to be covered up by the sounds of surroundings. Think of this, Chen Qian could not help but feel desperate.

Just now, she saw from the look of the sinister triangle-eyed man a kind of thing that she couldn’t linger, desire, that is naked and undisguised desire, just like to directly penetrate her The clothes saw the inside, which made Chen Qian more worried about his situation. When compared to this, she was more worried about the safety of another person…

At this time, the head-headed bald man seemed to have no patience and Chen Qian honed. He waved his hand violently and said with a hoarse voice: “I don’t talk nonsense with you. I understand that you told me that your baby brother has provoked him. He definitely does not. The person who should be provoked, now that person wants his life, a few of our brothers are coming for this matter. If you know each other, tell us where he is now, and then let us have a few cool things. We will naturally let you live a path, otherwise, uh… we don’t mind getting cool first, then we can find a way to find something useful to us from your mouth…”

The words of the bald man made Chen Qian fall into the ice, and her most worrying thing finally happened.

Looking at the three smirking men constantly walking into themselves, Chen Qian felt a tremor in his body. She understood that according to her own strength, she was not the opponent of several people in front of her. At this moment, she thought of death, only then, she In order to keep their innocence, they can’t know where their younger brother is.

So, Chen Qian closed his eyes and prepared to wait for the next second to hit the concrete wall next to him.

But just as she closed her eyes at the same time, an earth-shattering horror suddenly sounded, scaring her into a shackle.

This miserable, it seems that the bald man just sent out.

Chen Qian carefully opened the eyes, and saw that the bald-headed man who had just been murderous had fallen painfully on the ground, screaming fiercely as if his nerves were experiencing a strong electric shock.

Behind the bald head, standing with a burly man with a blank face and full beard, Chen Qian vaguely remembers that the other person seems to be a security guard at a nearby hotel.

At this time, the two accomplices of the bald man finally reacted, and they spontaneously screamed and screamed, then turned and slammed into the burly man who suddenly appeared.

Two horrible sounds, the triangle eyes and the thin-faced man have been held in the air by the other side, and their hands are hanging down weakly. At that moment, their arm bones have been completely shattered.

It didn’t seem to be finished. The strange man put two stunned guys face down on the ground, and another circle of smashed bald heads, drained the three people, and then extended their thumbs. Pressed on one of the man’s back necks, the latter struggled to get up, but his poor muscles that rely on oxidation to provide energy simply couldn’t break away from Xiling Apostle’s suppression, with a chilling heartbreaking Called, the burly man pressed the blue light of the thumb at the back of the opponent’s neck, and then the latter completely lost consciousness.

Going out to the stunned bald head, the rest of the awake people saw this strange scene, and they were already scared, but they did not wait for him to react. It was already their turn…

After doing all this, the burly man stood up and bowed respectfully to Chen Qian, who had been scared. Then he seemed to completely ignore the gravity of Earth and easily dragged three comatose people to shoulders. On the top, there are a few meters high roof!

Chen Qian had a soft leg and finally fell to the ground.

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