Xiling Empire Chapter 51

Chapter 51 scares

When the bald men woke up, they found themselves lying in a strange big room. The walls, the ground and the roof of the room all showed a silver-white halo, as if it were made of certain alloy. There is no furniture in the room. There are only a few instruments in the corner that don’t know what it is. Some red crystals are embedded in the wall of the room. From these crystal surroundings, many red pipes like blood vessels are extended. Inside these red pipes, the strange light pulsates like a living thing.

“Head, where is this?” Old Dao sat up and found himself as if he had not been hurt. He looked around and felt completely puzzled by his current situation.

“Mom, how do you know,” the bald man vomited hard, then laboriously supported his body and acted with some stiff limbs. “How is this place so like in the movie…”

“Are we not caught by a crazy research organization?” The thin-faced man who was previously known as the hedgehog said restlessly.

“Go and go, yell at you!” The bald man slaps the hedgehog to the side, but even though he said so, the tension in his heart is not weaker than his two men. This slap is not a lesson. Small people, it is better to say that they are courageous.

Just then, a slight sliding sound came, and they saw that the originally integrated wall suddenly broke a gap and then slipped open on both sides, revealing a two-meter-wide entrance.

Along with a dense metal collision, the two teams dressed in the body of the Alloy Armor, the soldier’s seemingly armed weapon Soldier quickly ran into this spacious room, and then stood in neat rows, these Soldier equipped The alloy Battle Armor and the weird weapons in their hands allowed the bald three to think of the future warriors in Sci-Fi Film.

Just as they were in doubt, another footstep sounded and three people came in under the protection of the Soldiers.

Waiting for the walk, the bald head and other talents can see clearly. One of the three people who came in was their target for this trip. It was called Chen Jun’s youngster, and one of the remaining two was the recently-respected Riesca Princess. Shandora, the other is Little Girl, who looks like a cute 12-year-old, and it should be Chen Jun’s sister, Pan Lily.

They can’t think of the bald head, and they will actually meet each other in this situation. Now it seems that the burly man who had knocked down the power before him was sent by the other party, otherwise he could not explain that he was being Detained here to meet with each other.

But what are the three people in front of you? !

An ordinary youngster, a Lolita less than 14 years old, and a Princess who suddenly came to China, behind these three people, is a team of mysterious Heavy Armored Soldier.

Three men who have been licking blood on the edge of the knife for a long time have suddenly felt a sense of chill in the life and death. The various movie novels and TV dramas that they usually come into contact with are scrolling in their minds. Although these three big men seem to be fierce, they are killers. Their usual life is very boring, and boring always makes people do some inexplicable things, such as watching movies, such as watching movies, and watching movies, etc., so these three well-trained killers are actually Still a hidden Sci-Fi movie lover, the suspicious scene in front of it has reactivated the fantasy souls of several people. They have produced various associations in unison, and these associations point to a common possibility. It is that they are in front of a terrible shocking secret, and when this secret is made available to them, they will forever lose the opportunity to leave this place.

This is often the case in Hollywood.

At this moment, although the expression on my face is calm, I have not recovered from the shock.

Xiling Empire’s technical strength once again showed an incredible miracle in front of me.

Now we are in a place where is a military base built in a different space.

That’s right, it’s a different space, relying on the projection space created by Xiling Empire’s powerful space science and technology!

This space and Real World completely overlap together, accurately copying K City in Real World and a fairly large area around it. Except for a resident of Human Race, this is just another Real World. Of course, here and the genuine K City There are still some differences. At the very least, the emerging Xiling buildings that are everywhere in this Shadow City city are not what should exist in Real World…

Pandora is very obedient to my order. I didn’t build a Xiling Base Outpost on the Earth. She took a better approach and built this base in Earth’s overlapping space…

I have no intention of blaming her, because setting this base in an overlapping space does not have any impact on the existing Human Race society, as long as Pandora Regiment can stay honest in this shadow world, don’t go out and make trouble, I I am too lazy to control them, but I still have a little bit of worry, what if I have a Human Race accidentally mistakenly entered the copied shadow space? Isn’t it going to kill people?

If you do that, it will be too unharmonious…

β€œXiling Empire’s technology is absolutely reliable,” Shandora assured confidently at the time. β€œThe bridge that appears in the Human Race movie and walks down the street accidentally into a fake city will never appear in this place. .”

Ok, I just believe that Xiling Empire’s science and technology is good. Anyway, there have been no errors in these technologies so far.

I looked up and down the three men in front of the three strong calm, strange strangely asked: “Why are you trying to hurt my sister?”

The bald man is snorted disdainfully, then don’t look away.

They are not ordinary people!

This is my first conclusion. The general gangster should have been frightened when he saw this battle. Looking at the guy in front of him, although he is very nervous, he can ignore his current dangerous situation and keep secrets. It seems that The other party is not a bunch of temporary pervert, but a gang with a certain purpose.

“I don’t want to say?” I picked up the eyes slightly. These guys have been implanted with the nerve controller by Aikma. I don’t worry about what secrets they will reveal. Therefore, I decided to make a very interesting little game.

“Take them!” I waved and turned and walked out of the room. Several Soldiers approached the guns and pointed at the three men, keeping them behind.

As I saw more things beyond their imagination, the three men behind us were completely in shock.

They saw a team of heavy-armored Soldiers equipped with weird weapons, unheard-of-warming chariots, like mechanical warriors coming out of Sci-Fi Film, and warnings floating in the air, threatening snoring gun.

None of these things can be studied by the current Human Race!

In the end, when I came to the top of an enormous hall and saw the neat black-swamp-like half-man semi-mechanical army on the open space under the feet, the spirit of the bald head finally collapsed.

“You…you…what are you guys?!” The bald head could no longer restrain the fear inside, and screamed at the trembling fingers and pointed at my nose.

“Oh? You don’t know my identity?” I tried to squeeze my five senses into a standard insidious conqueror, but the secretly snickering Shandora blew me out. This is not a harmless face forever. There was such a difficult expression, so I simply gave up on this attempt and said with a slap in the face: “So who sent you?”

The formidable of these three men’s willpower is indeed beyond my expectation. I know that they have always maintained the most basic calmness, so I can conclude that they are not ordinary rogues, but they are instigated, but I am My sister never offended anyone, and it made me curious to send someone to deal with me and Elder Sister’s guy to be full of.

“You…what are you guys…” The bald head still pointed at my nose, as if I didn’t hear what I said.

At this time, a hoarse female voice with a chilling tremolo sounded: “Enough, these Human Races have no fun at all, I am tired of this boring game!”

The tyrannical black flames vacated, and Shandora has become the abyss of half-man and half-demon.


The three unlucky guys were suddenly affected by the strong spiritual erosion of the abyss, unable to softly fall to the ground, the only bald man who could still say the words pointed to Shandora in the air, stuttering, The beautiful and noble Princess suddenly turned into a Monster like Demon, which made the nerves that were already on the verge of collapse finally unbearable.

Shandora, you played too much!

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