Xiling Empire Chapter 52

Chapter 52 I am a big boss

Shandora’s horror image and Abyss power produced an enormous effect. The three men who used to face each other in front of the scene now collectively fell to the ground, and a stench of odor came from them.

How do you say that Shandora’s image really plays a role in urging people to urinate…

Seeing that the three people in front of me are already going to be scared, I pulled the corner of Shandora’s skirt in the air and said, “Calm down, the spirit of Human Race is very fragile.”

Shandora seems to have noticed that the three nicknacks in front of him are already scared by themselves. She is nodded and slowly falls back to the ground, but does not completely recover her abyss shape. Although the shape of the body has returned to normal, the black flame still remains. Surrounded by her right half.

Coldly snorted, Shandora turned his head and said impatiently: “If the neurological research for Human Race is not completed, I will read their memory directly!”

I turned to the bald man who had just recovered a little strength and said, “So, start with the name, what is your name?”

At this moment, the bald man has completely characterized the three people in front of him in order to mix into the strange race in the Human Race. Although he is a Human Race, he knows that he should now clench his teeth, and death can not make these non-Human Race succeed, but the Other’s powerful power makes his meager Human Race justice collapse in less than a second, and the female Demon just mentioned what memory is not to say, they have a way to know their secrets, since anyway Unable to resist, it is better to take the initiative to speak out to avoid the pain of the flesh – he thought of a lot of reasons for excusing himself, and finally the heart of the self-esteem of Human Race was completely killed.

I saw the bald head swallowing water, carefully glanced at Shandora, surrounded by black flames, and replied: “My name is Liu Meng, everyone calls me Liu Guangtou, this is Old Dao, and that is the hedgehog.”

β€œOld Dao? Hedgehog?” I came to the interest. β€œIs this all nicknames? What is their real name?”

“This… I don’t know…” The bald head replied honestly.

I was shocked: “You don’t know? Are they not yours?”

At this time, the triangle-eyed man known as Old Dao saw that Liu Guangtou had already said so many, for fear that he would say less or say that late would make the big man in front of him unhappy, and rushed and replied: “This It is the rule of our organization. Everyone can only call this title in the organization. You can’t reveal your name. I just knew that the name of the head is Liu Meng, and my name…”

“I have no interest in your name,” I said, “I think what organization you just mentioned, it seems that you still have a little bit of it?”

“This…” Old Dao hesitated. Although he did not dare to defy the big men in front of him, the confidential training and cruel education he had experienced in the organization for many years made him hesitate to tell the secrets of the organization.

“We are an Assassins’ Guild!” Because the time to join the organization is not long, the hedgehog did not see too many examples of being executed because of violations of organizational discipline, so he did not have so many concerns, so he simply went The answer, “Our organization is called Blood Edge!”

This fully proves that in many cases, the contribution of the loyal warriors can not stop the betrayal of a traitor, and the sinister traitor is too lethal.

“Blood Edge,” I was nodded, and I really heard some very interesting news. “So who sent you?”

The three killers looked at each other and then replied in unison: “Liu Zicai !”

β€œWho is Liu Zicai?” I turned to Pandora. β€œHow do you feel that the name sounds familiar?”

There was a cold sweat in the hearts of the three killers. When they received the task, they thought that the goal was just a small person. Even if he killed him, Great Young Master Liu and Ding Family would soon forget him. The result is now The situation is just the opposite. People are a great big man. The so-called Great Young Master Liu is not even worth remembering, so it seems that even the Ding Family who is the god of the gods may not be able to get these few. The eyes of the Great God – after all, the Ding Family is bigger, it is also in the category of Human Race. It doesn’t make much sense in front of such a bunch of aliens with unknown origins. Look at the troops just like the future Corps… Three people stunned in one heart: Did these three people merge into Human Race to conquer Earth?

In some respects, the associations generated by these three people are still partially in line with the facts. The ultimate goal of my life is one meter and two. The ultimate goal of life is to open up a new frontier for Empire, and the blond hair standing on my other side. The Queen/Little Girl symbiosis is a female tyrant who is temporarily in a war allergic period. As the only stable pacifist among the three, I am under a lot of pressure…

According to the principle of minority obeying the majority, my peaceful singer can be directly ignored, so it is true that we are a criminal gang that conquers World.

Pandora seems to have no surprises about my forgetfulness. In fact, since she knew the little brat, she has never had the expression of “accident”. She only saw her stick out her white little hand, pointing at the ground in front of her, immediately Youngster’s Hologram image appears out of thin air, a synthetic female voice explains: “Liu Zicai, K City real estate giant Liu Chensheng’s son, 1991 7 month 3 day 22 point 15 points 34 seconds out of the mother, in the Human Race society has a certain position, Born arrogant, romantic, there are some social idlers in the lower jaw and a small number of aristocratic children attached to the Liu family. The analysis strength is zero, the threat to us is zero, the target value is zero, and the comprehensive analysis is freely revokable. The lower primary Artificial Intelligence living thing, recommended as a target for recruit training…”

Oh, this evaluation is too bad!

The three unfortunate killers were smashed by this synthetic female voice. The Great Young Master Liu, who had a certain amount of weight in the society, was so serious that even the aliens who had no idea what it came from were even a creature that could be evaluated. Not to mention, which made their self-esteem as Human Race once again severely impacted, but fortunately these guys are shameless and selfish, facing the circumstance of countless semi-mechanical fighters who wisely chose silence.

I expressed a serious protest to Shandora through the spiritual connection. Although this sloppy evaluation needs to be temporarily compiled, is this thing too ridiculous?

After the synthetic female voice stopped, Liu Zicai’s Hologram projection faded, and a lot of small handwriting appeared in the air, which is a more detailed introduction to this Great Young Master Liu, even when Liu Zicai first wetbed. The exact amount of urine is there. I really don’t know if it is true or false. If it is true, I can only say that Xiling science and technology is too speechless in most cases.

Now I still have some doubts, because I am confident that the secret of Xiling Empire’s cannot be revealed, so it is impossible for someone to specifically deal with me. To take a step back, even if it is leaked, it is impossible for me to confront me. At first glance, the small role of the underlying members of Assassins’ Guild, at least the cannon fodders like the Marine Corps plus a bloody protagonist like Rambo? What kind of ribs does this Liu Zicai actually have to hire a killer to find me? Still a little tired of my sister?

“Why did Liu Zicai want you to deal with me?” I asked my doubts.

“Because…” Liu Guangtou hesitated, and the reason for the original reason was that the other’s identity turned upside down, “because Liu Zicai thinks you robbed his woman…”

The three of us stunned, and then Shandora took the belly, and Pandora and I looked at each other inexplicably.

β€œYou mean Qianqian?” I feel very inexplicable. Qianqian is my girlfriend, and Liu Zicai is too self-feeling?

Liu Guangtou nodded, then hesitantly looked at Shandora, who was rolling in the black flame. He was humble and cautious: “In fact, there is this lady…”

“Hey–” Black flames skyrocketed.

I looked at Shandora with a playful look, and laughed: “It seems that the courage of Liu Zicai is really not small.”

Shandora snorted, then sneaked my itch at the place I couldn’t see.

I feel a strange feeling in the swing of Shandora’s spirit.

“That’s a stupid guy,” I sneaked Shandora’s unwise hand and said to the three shivering killers in front of me. “A Xiling emperor, a Xiling Empress, he dared to touch it!”

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